Surprised to Know What Dad Liked

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It had been a four hour drive home but I’d left at five that morning. I was about to start my Junior year in University at the end of August but now I had a summer free at home.

The house was empty and it was a Thursday and Dad had told me he’d be at work and just to make myself comfortable. It was nice to have my run of the place. Mom had left us when I was only four years old and she’d remarried out of state. I’d been raised by Dad all those years and he acted as both parents to me. I didn’t hate Mom because I didn’t even know her but I did hate what she had done to Dad.

I fixed myself something to eat and then went into my bedroom and booted my computer. I would unpack, hang up and put away my stuff later because I just wanted to relax. Dad had put in a wireless Internet connection and I’d used it every time I came home so I had no trouble gaining access.

I read my email and sent some off to old friends and cousins then I logged into a site I’d always liked. If anyone knew I frequented the site they’d probably have changed their mind of me as a good girl. I’d talked with a lot of men and a few women each time I was home. I’d even published a few photos of myself after being very careful not to show anything that could be interpreted as pictures of me in real life unless of course someone had seen me naked before and compared them to what they could remember but that was an extremely unlikely occurrence.

About noon I climbed off the bed and fixed myself a sandwich. I ate it in the front room and then returned to my bedroom to find my computer didn’t work. It was a laptop and I’d left it on the bed where air couldn’t circulate around it. It had happened before and I could feel the heat that had built up and kicked myself then moved it to a night stand to cool. I was lucky before because someone had once told me that a laptop can frequently burn up that way and I was afraid.

I also had promised to log-in and meet a guy on the site at one o’clock and it was nearly one now.

I remembered my Dad’s laptop on the desk in his room and ran to log in there. I logged in just in time and talked to the guy for only fifteen minutes because I’d long ago set a time limit otherwise I might still be talking eight hours later.

I ran back to my room to find the name of a piece of software I had on my computer and to retrieve a large 16 Gbyte flash drive that I had plugged into the USB port of my computer.

When I was back at Dad’s computer I plugged the drive in and waited for the computer to recognize it then I opened Windows Explorer to find my application and a data file.

Then I noticed the organization of Dad’s computer as it came up on Windows Explorer and noticed some of Dad’s folders.

I was curious about the names on some of them and when I clicked them a group of photos opened up in large icons.

In a way I suppose that I was shocked because they were all of naked women that apparently Dad had downloaded from the Internet. There seemed something familiar about all of the women even though many were differing poses of each woman shown.

At the top of the listing was another folder with the nickname Dad had always used for me. I was still smiling at my new knowledge of what Dad apparently did sometimes when I clicked the folder with my name and a new set of photos came up. They were all of me and in some pictures I didn’t even know Dad had ever taken. As I scrolled through them they seemed to begin just after I was out of High School and continued right up to my last visit home.

As I scrolled through those icons I came to a group of about ten that made me blush. In them I was completely naked and some had been taken while I was in the bathroom preparing for or just leaving the shower. Others were taken in my bedroom as I prepared for bed and two even showed me Masturbating. I felt humiliated.

When had Dad taken them? How had he taken them? Why did he take them? It was then that I noticed what had been familiar about the other women in the previous folder. All of them looked somewhat like me in everything from hair color to makeup to dress and body type.

Now I was shocked. What kind of weird fantasies or perversions did Dad have of me?

I turned off the computer and left the room. When back on my bed I started to cry but after some time my mind focused on everything I’d discovered and I thought things through.

I had no idea how Dad had bayan escort taken the pictures although I sort of knew when some of them been taken so instead I concentrated on the why of his taking them.

My mind left thoughts of my pictures then and concentrated on the fact that the other women resembled me so closely. I finally decided that Dad either wanted to know how his daughter was maturing and if she was okay or he had what I thought of as an unnatural fondness of me.

I’d never really tried to hide my body from Dad even as a kid. When I started to mature he’d bought me some nighties to ‘Make me feel more like a Lady’ as I remembered. I loved them and even modeled them for him.

Often I would climb up or sit on his lap and watch television for a few minutes before I kissed him goodnight and went to bed. My old habit clung all the way to my last visit home for Spring Break at school. I liked sitting on Daddy’s lap and being hugged by him then kissed goodnight and I still felt good about it.

Is that where it started? Had Dad misunderstood? Dad had never touched me in anything but the way any father would hug or hold hands with his own daughter and there had never been any fondling or molesting in any way. Dad loved me as his daughter.

That is when I began remembering other things too. After High School I remember accidently seeing Dad in various forms of undress when I’d barged into his room with a question or something I had to tell him. I even remembered one night when his bedroom door was partially open. I’d been asleep in bed then woke up and had to use the bathroom. As I passed his bedroom door I saw Dad naked and he was aroused as he pulled his pajamas from under the pillow where I always placed them when I made his bed each morning through school.

Before that time I’d only learned a little about what boys or men looked like naked then one of my girlfriends had told me what happened when a boy liked a girl. That’s what I was seeing and I liked it although I didn’t know why he was aroused.

After that I talked with my girlfriend more about boys and their arousals. She had three brothers and a Dad and she’d seen them all naked. She’d even fooled around with a neighbor boy and learned first-hand what sex was.

As she described things I didn’t tell her that I’d seen my Dad that way and she’d thought I was just curious or maybe had a boyfriend and wanted to know what to do.

Now it was years later and I was home for the summer began thinking of my Dad in a sexual fashion for the first time.

I returned to his bedroom and computer then copied all of those photos onto my flash drive and explored his computer further. I found a folder of pictures labeled ‘Mine’ and opened it.

I saw what seemed hundreds of pictures Dad had taken of himself and he was naked in most of them and a large number of the naked ones showed him aroused or masturbating. Those pictures showed everything and I grew more fascinated and sexually aroused.

I copied that folder too to my flash drive then I found several Messenger programs I was already familiar with. When I opened those programs I found that Dad had set them so he didn’t have to enter a User name or password and the computer opened them automatically. I looked through his contact list and even found his User Name. I used his account to find his passwords and copied them onto my flash drive too. Next I went through his archives and read many of his sessions with different women.

The women all seemed to want Dad and to watch him naked and sometimes stroking or climaxing as they watched. A few apparently also posed naked for him and even sent him their photos and videos.

I paused and found where Dad had stored the videos then copied those too into my flash drive. I was learning a lot about my Dad and with that knowledge my body became increasingly aroused. In a folder under that folder he’d named ‘Mine’ I found videos he’d made of himself. Those too went on my flash drive and then I watched a few of them and learned why those women loved seeing my Dad. Dad did everything from stripping to dressing and showed every part of his body and apparently the way he treated himself while masturbating. I had to pause and relieve myself then and it took me a long time to clear some of it from my system as I climaxed deeper and more often than any previous time in my life.

I bayan escort gaziantep wasn’t blaming Dad now and after a few videos I wanted Dad to do those things for me and even more but I couldn’t mention these things to him could I? I couldn’t even tell him I’d found out.

With everything stored on my flash drive I shut down Dad’s computer and put everything back the way I’d found it then I closed his door and returned to my room.

I was on my bed still thinking and not certain where to put my flash drive but eventually I lifted my computer and found I was lucky because the computer had turned itself off but wasn’t totally fried from the heat. I decided to be a lot more careful then in how I treated it.

It was only four o’clock and Dad probably wouldn’t be home before seven. I wanted to fix him a good dinner but that could wait and I accessed his videos again on my own laptop.

I had two hours of intense fantasy as I watched all but the very last few of his videos and a few of those sent to him by women. I learned a lot of how these women acted naked and even tried to duplicate some of them. Those women did everything except have a man with them. They simulated oral sex with realistic toys and used them in the main way they’d been intended. They also spread their lips for him and played using their fingers. They went through various positions and seemed to climax in everything they showed. One woman actually used three toys. A realistic huge dildo very similar to my Dad’s appearance, and two different sized glass dildos and filled herself with them as she smiled into the camera and screamed with each orgasm.

I found his archive entry on her and read their exchanged messages. They were explicit with Dad’s words and direction and her own responses to his requests and how much she enjoyed showing it all to him. I found women’s phone numbers and addresses they’d sent him and these women were all over the country it seemed. He didn’t seem to have entered into conversations with any foreign women. I found three women with nearby addresses although fifty or sixty miles away and the messages seemed to indicate they’d even met someplace between our town and her’s. The subsequent message was thanking him for a great night and so it seemed that Dad really did enjoy his little fantasy in real life.

Dad was everything I remembered ever wanting in a boy but had never found and now I was privy to his secrets and after an hour it had me begin to think of him in a different way too.

I began preparing dinner for us at about five-thirty and then I had an idea. I showered and dressed in the tightest pair of low-cut jeans I own then added a shirt with no bra and the top buttons loose. I didn’t want it to look to obvious but I did want to know a lot more. I went barefoot and then was just finishing dinner when Dad came in the back door.

I pretended for a moment not to know he was there and then I turned toward him and opened my eyes wide as I called “Dad!” and ran to him.

I threw my arms around him and pulled him tighter than I usually did and made certain that my hips were pressing hard into his. As I looked up at him with my brightest smile and had to stretch upward to kiss his cheek my body slid upward too and I felt the rapid growth of it pressing against me.

He held me longer but I think he was embarrassed and afraid I felt his arousal. I pretended not to notice and hugged him back until finally he released me. As I stepped back I noticed both the bulge in his slacks but also his eyes staring into my cleavage. I was pleased.

I sent him in to change clothes and get ready for dinner and then sat next to him at the table as we ate.

After dinner he was still having trouble looking me in the eyes and it made me even fonder of him.

After dinner I did the dishes then went into the Living room where he sat on the couch. I sat next to him and then turned and leaned my back against him and felt my shirt open a bit more. I glanced down at it and was pleased at how much of my breasts were exposed to him from over and behind me.

I repeated much of it again and again for more than a week and then after dinner on a Friday night and after cleaning the kitchen I told Dad I needed a shower and was going to change.

After the shower I did what I’d been planning all day. I left my bra and panties off and pulled gaziantep escort my most transparent shorty nightgown over my head and slipped on a pair of heels then went out to sit next to Dad again. Dad stared long at me and I could tell he was more than a bit aroused again.

After a break between programs on the television Dad whispered “Don’t you think you should have worn something under that gown?”

I could feel his eager hardness against my back when I tilted my head back and looked up at him. “Why? This is the way I dress every night.” then moved as if I was trying to get comfortable.

“Dad do you have something in your pocket that’s stabbing me? I can feel it.” and then I moved again.

“Honey maybe you should sit up or turn around and face the other way.” he said with a red face.

“Oh! I know what it is Daddy. I didn’t think about it before but now I know what it is. Do you get this way often Daddy?” I said without getting up and then giggled.

“This isn’t something father and daughter should be talking about.” he said quietly.

“Why? I’ve been taught about sex since I was in Middle School here Daddy. We can talk about it. I know how boys and guys get around a girl. It’s natural and not something to be shy about.” I said and let him feel I was deliberately rubbing my back against it. “You shouldn’t have dressed this way and come out here.” he said and then I sat up, moved closer to him and turned to face him.

He couldn’t look at me and so I got his attention by reaching over and closing my hand over it. “What are you doing honey? You shouldn’t be doing that.” he said.

I smiled as I continued my tease then spoke “Daddy I’ve seen your computer and the pictures you have of me. I don’t know when you took naked pictures of me but it’s okay. I know too that you like girls that look a lot like me and have even been with a few of them. It’s okay because the Student Center at school gives us free pills and suggests we take them regularly to keep from getting pregnant in case we get involved with some guy. I take them and it isn’t like we can’t do it. I know we both want it and we don’t have to worry.” I said almost begging him. Then I reached for his hand and brought it to my breast.

It worked perfectly and in a few minutes we were undressed and doing it right there on the couch.

Daddy made me feel so good and so wanted for the first time in my life with a guy. I almost cried with pleasure when I felt him enter me and even thanked him and began telling him what it felt like. I wasn’t a virgin but I also had never been made to really feel like a woman so good ever. Daddy liked it each time he made me climax and it was a long time before I finally made him join me in one.

His hands felt good on me and he felt good in mine. When it finally ended and he had softened he was apologetic but I kissed and held him then thanked him as I told him how good it was. He was my Daddy but he was also my lover and I only wanted more.

He was sticky in my hands and so I retrieved a cloth then soaked it in hot water before I came back. While I was cleaning him he was suddenly hard again. This time I kissed it and it was so nice that I used my mouth around it and I learned why a woman likes to pleasure her man that way. I was surprised when he climaxed again and it began filling my mouth but he was moaning so loudly and so much into the moment that I couldn’t stop and disappoint him. I’d tasted a guy before but this was the first time I did more than taste it and when he was finished I still wanted more but I knew it would have to wait until later and I let Daddy rest.

Daddy was happy but still so embarrassed at what had happened. I undressed him and led him into his bedroom and then slipped off my gown and curled up tightly in his strong arms. He was exhausted I think because he fell asleep immediately and then I was awakened three times during the night by his hardness in my hand. I massaged it and one time more I used my mouth on it until he filled it again in his sleep. Saturday morning I woke early and explored him again until he woke and then he was embarrassed until I made him lie on his back while I climbed on top of him.

After a few minutes Daddy was into me again and couldn’t resist as he worked hard to pleasure me repeatedly.

I found a job the following week and Daddy and I were lovers all summer. I didn’t want to return to school and give up my every day lover but he made me go.

However now we are comfortable together and when I come home on holiday we always make up for our time apart.

I make him write me and tell me about and then send pictures of the Ladies he finds on the Internet. I still have my flash drive to keep me warm and remembering Daddy while I’m away.

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