Sandstorm and Mom

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The sky was dark and it looked as if it were about to burst open. Here on the desert we don’t have many storms but when we do they are fearsome. First the wind begins to blow. If your car is outside sometimes the wind blows the sand so hard it acts like a sand blaster, removing the paint right off the windward side. My Volvo was sitting out in the drive so I went out to pull it into the garage.

My nearest neighbor is a half a mile down the road. We have long streets out here. I like my privacy and the freedom to do as I wish outside without any one looking over a hedge or fence at me. I sometimes don’t wear a lot of clothing. Sometimes I don’t wear clothing at all. I find I like the feel of unrestricted of movement. So it was this morning. I had been up for about a hour and the car was still out from the night before. My son had driven it home late last night and left it in the driveway. Gordon was still asleep, he never seem to fine his way back to life till about noon.

So I did not feel uneasy about going outside in the buff to put the car away. I went into the garage and opened the door from the inside. Making a dash to the car I jumped in and pulled it into the garage. Hitting the control on the dash I listen for the garage door to start down. It did and then I heard another noise. It was heavy breathing and the sound of mumbling. Like someone talking in there sleep. I jerked my head around and there on the back seat was a young man asleep.

Two things caught my eye. First he was a large muscular boy totally naked of about eighteen. Second he was lying on his back and he had a full erection. I marveled at the size and thickness. I had seen a few gorgeous cocks in my time but this one was a beauty. Without thinking I turned and getting up on my knees I reached over the seat and took hold of this lovely thing. My fingers could hardly circle this monster of a cock. The head was even ankara escort large than the shaft. The head was a deep purple and it was very pointed kind of like a dog’s cock. I thought with a pointed head like that it would be like a spear going up one’s cunt. If it were coated with a goodly amount of K-Y jelly it would be a formidable weapon in one’s ass.

I had enjoyed my ass being fucked back in college, hell most of the girls preferred it that way so they would not get pregnant. I remember one very big guy that played on the football team. His cock was so long he could not get it all the way in. So many of the girls would just suck him off it was easier. Once at a party my best girl friend was in a room with him and I walked it. I had only heard of his cock and how large it was up till that moment.

But there was Sue, on her knees in front of him while he sat on the sofa. She looked as if her mouth would not even fit around his monster cock. He was a very nice and an easy going guy. Many of the big black guys were that way just really nice. So I stood there and watched as Sue took this cock down her throat. He saw me and waved me over. I went closer watching that long black cock going in Sue’s small white mouth. He said, ”Hi, Jill, would you like to help Sue out here. I hear you’re a great cocksucker. I liked his words and knelt down next to Sue.

For the next ten minutes Sue and I took turns jacking his cock off and sucking on the head. Then he jerked back shooting the largest amount of cum I had ever seen all over Sues face. I tried to cover the head with my mouth but all I got was another blast of cum all over my face. Sue caught the next spurt in her mouth and we started drinking his cum. I thought he would never stop. But it was OK, because I liked the way his cum tasted.

After he stopped cumming we licked his cock and each other faces clean. I wondered if this guy on the escort ankara back seat would cum a lot if I sucked him off. I felt his cock grow harder in my grasp. I was too far away to get y mouth on his cock or I would have done just that. I was horny, hot and had not sucker a long black cock for many years. Then I wondered why my son would have a naked black guy in our car. I left the garage and walked down the hall to his room.

The door was closed but not locked so opened it slowly and peeked in. My son was asleep with his head at the foot of his bed and there next to him was a naked girl. She was very thin with long legs and what I could see it looked as if she had large tits along with a nice round ass. Her head was resting on my son’s thigh and his now limp cock was inches from her mouth. One little cock sucking and they had fallen asleep. I walked over to get a closer look. I saw what looked like still wet cum dripping from her ass. Someone had fucked this young lady in the ass. I wondered if it had been the guy in the car. Oh, well I better let well enough alone and return to my room. But I did not do that I went back to the garage.

The sand storm was still raging out side and the garage was very noisy the door being metal the small rocks were hitting it making a lot of noise. I opened the back door and looked at him still asleep. Kneeling down I quickly took his hard cock into my mouth and started to slide my mouth up and down the shaft. God, that felt good a long hard cock in my mouth after all this time.

The taste was both that of dried cum and pussy juice. He had fucked before falling asleep. I worked my mouth up and down slowly savoring the taste and the feel. I thought he was going to wake but he did not. I felt his balls tighten up and I though he was going to cum. Just as I was about to take the head down my throat so his cum would flood my belly, I felt another cock ankara escort bayan press up tight to my ass. Two hands were holding my hips and pulling me back into a hard cock.

I did not want to turn around just then because he was about to cum so I said to myself’ “Fuck it I want this cock to cum in my mouth so the hell with who ever it is trying to get in my ass.” The pressure was getting greater as the cock on my ass pushed harder. I relaxed and the head slipped into my ass. I had not been ass fucked for years either. So here I was sucking on a wonderful long black cock that was about to cum down my throat and some one choose this moment to fuck me in the ass. Which felt pretty damn good too. The cock in my ass was not nearly as long or as thick as the one in my mouth Thank God for that. I felt the first spurt of cum burn its way down my gullet and was quickly followed by many more. This guy had a load of cum that would have filled a coffee cup.
Just then I felt a warm sensation fill my ass cavity. What a wonderful feeling that was. God, all mighty, hot cum flooding my ass hole. Oh my how long had it been. So long I had forgotten. But it felt so good I cum myself, I felt my own cum running down my leg. Sweet god, that felt good too. I let the soft cock slip from my mouth. I looked up to see a smiling face looking at me. I smiled back. Turning slowly I saw my son smiling at me also. His cock was just then pulling free of my ass hole. The guy on the back seat said, ”Wow, Howard is this your Mom, she is a great cocksucker.”

Howard said, “That is my Mom, One of the great cocksucker of all times and also one hell of a great ass fuck. I have fucked some fine ass in my time but her ass is the best.” Standing I walked out of the garage and went to my room. What on earth had mesmerized me to do such a thing. I guess I had just gone crazy for a minute. What had enchanted my son to fuck me in the ass. Why had I let him I knew it had to be him there was not one else around. What on earth would I ever say about this to him. What could he say to me. Would he want to do it again., would I let him. Now there is a question still unanswered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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