Hold My Hand

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I had driven about six hours to visit my best friend and her husband for about a week. Their apartment was nice and it was great to be out of the car finally. My friend and I were visiting when her husband and one of his friends came home. The friend’s name was Sam and he was attractive with short brown hair, a gorgeous smile with cute dimples, and deep brown eyes.

As we all ate dinner together I found out that Sam was in the Marines which explained his great physique. Since my friend and her husband both had to work the next day Sam asked what my plans were. “I don’t have any, just planning to relax during my vacation,” I told him. He asked if I wanted to hang out and find something to do. I figured why not hang out with a good looking man and possibly explore the city.

After dinner we all watched some television before my friend and husband headed to bed. Sam and I stayed up for a little bit longer, flirting with one another. Since my friends had just moved into the apartment there was only a couch to sit on in the living room. While everyone was still awake I had offered to sit on the floor near the end of couch so everyone else would have a place to sit. I still sat on the floor while Sam lay down on the couch with his head near mine. After a few hours of talking and flirting the day’s drive caught up to me and I was ready to head to bed. Sam planned on sleeping on the couch and as I moved to get up and head to my room I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

I got up after my friend and her husband had already left for work. As I passed through the hallway on my way to the bathroom for a shower I saw Sam lying on the couch, sleeping with a serene look across his face.

As I stood in the shower, letting the warm water run over me I thought I should shave my legs so I could wear my skirt today. I grabbed my razor out of my toiletry bag and quickly began. As I shaved I figured I might as well do my bikini area and carefully made sure to remove every hair. Getting out of the shower I looked around and realized I forgot to bring my clothes for the day in with me. I wrapped a towel around me and began my way back to my room.

As I exited the bathroom I could see Sam was awake, lying on his side with his head propped by his arm. He smiled and looked me up and down as I paused for a moment, blushing, before getting to my room. While I dressed I could hear Sam making his way to the bathroom and showering. I put on my light blue skirt that went to just below my knees, a white cotton t-shirt and my tan sandals.

I went to the kitchen and made toast and eggs for the two of us for breakfast. As I brought them to the table Sam entered the kitchen and told me to go ahead and sit down as he brought two glassed of orange juice over. We ate breakfast and discussed where to go for the day. Sam offered up the mall as we could wander around and it was a central location in case we decided to do something else.

At the mall we went into a few stores looking at clothes, suggesting clothes we thought the other would look good in. Sam found a pair of jeans he thought would look good on me and asked me to try them on.

I went into the dressing room as Sam waited while I quickly changed into the jeans. I went out to the sales floor where Sam was and watched as he looked me up and down and asked that I turn around. “Slower,” he said quietly. I don’t know what it was about his voice but I slowed down gaziantep escortları my turn. I turned my head to look at him, expecting him to be looking down towards my ass and long legs but instead it was like he was waiting for me to look at him as I immediately caught his eyes with mine. He slowly smile and said “you make those look great,” as I blushed.

I was getting ready to go back to the dressing room when I felt his hand on my wrist pulling my arm and turning my body to him. He drew me closer and looked in my eyes as I thought he would kiss me. He lips were almost touching mine when he moved his head so his lips were next to my ear. I could feel his warm breath on my neck and earlobe. He whispered “I want to have you.” My own breathing stopped for a second and I could feel my knees become wobbly. I felt his lips on my neck and all too quickly he pulled back and said “go change.” I stood there for a moment remembering where I was as the racks of clothes in front of me came into focus as Sam turned and walked over to the men’s clothes. I was grateful to put my skirt back on as it felt like someone had turned up the heat by about ten degrees.

After steadying myself in the dressing room for a moment I found Sam and we got a soda and sat on a bench in a busy area of the mall. We watched the people walking by and made up stories about their lives. I laid one of my hands between us on the bench and he placed his hand on mine, letting his thumb slide back and forth across my skin. Soon our fingers became intertwined as our flirting had continued. As we decided to leave I began to unlock my hand from his and he increased his grip and said, “Don’t let go. I want to see how long you can hold my hand.” He squeezed my hand for a moment while giving me a serious look before loosening his grip.

“Ok,” I said, “I bet I can hold on longer than you.”

We made our way out of the mall and to my car. As a natural step I began to let go of Sam’s hand in order to get in my car on the driver’s side and he said, “This is the only reminder you’ll get to not let go.” I quickly regained my grasp on his hand but had a puzzled look on my face as I tried to figure out how we were both going to get in the car. “Come on, you can figure it out.” he said.

“Ok, fine. I guess I’ll get in on the passenger side and move to the driver’s side,” I said. I opened the passenger door and sat on the seat, careful not to let go of his hand. I lifted my body, arching my back as I slide over the center console and gear shift and moved to the driver’s side pulling Sam slightly into the car.

As he sat down he said “I enjoyed the view as you stuck your tits out when you slide over.” Blushing, I fumbled to put the keys in the ignition and was glad I had an automatic to deal with. I was getting ready to turn the key when Sam reached over and pulled my face to his, kissing me hard and deep. He pulled back leaving me wanting more and said, “drive.”

“Where to?”

“The apartment,” he answered. Our friends would not be home for a few more hours yet so I was eager to return there to continue our game when he mentioned it.

As we drove I tried to concentrate on driving while I felt him watching me. He soon moved our intertwined hands to my leg and slowly began using my fingers with his to pull my skirt up bit by bit until it was mid-thigh. He caressed my inner thigh making me work harder and harder to pay attention to the road. I silently cursed each light that turned red in front of us wanting to be back at the apartment already. “Do you want me to touch higher,” he asked.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that.” he said.

I knew he had heard me and I wanted to call him on it but instead I just said “yes,” again a little bit louder. As soon as I said it he slid our hands under my skirt and brushed the line on my inner thigh where my panties began.

“Why are you so warm here,” he asked. I didn’t answer and he then demanded “tell me why you’re so warm here or I’ll move my hand lower.”

I shakily answered “because I want you.”

“Good girl,” was his reply. He slowly began sliding his thumb over the area my panties covered. I could feel my wetness spreading on my cotton panties.

We entered the parking area for the apartment and I felt Sam pull my skirt back down so we could exit the car. He led the way out of the car as I followed, once again arching my back as I slide to the passenger side, acutely more aware of my chest being displayed as he watched me. As I shut the car door he quickly pulled us up the couple of flights of stairs to the apartment. He quickly turned the key on the lock and opened the door and shoved me ahead of him as he removed the key from the lock.

I began towards my room and almost let go of Sam’s hand since he didn’t move. Before I could look to see what was going on he pulled me back and pushed me up against the closed door. He quickly pressed his body against mine covering my mouth with his. His tongue entered my mouth as I sucked greedily on it. He moved his mouth to my neck kissing and lightly biting causing me to moan and goose bumps to develop up and down my arms. His free arm wrapped around my waist as he slowly led us to the bedroom. In my ear he whispered “I want my cock in your mouth.”

I used my free hand to grasp his cock through his jeans, feeling it straining against the material. Teasing, I ran my fingernails over the rough fabric. I slowly worked my hand up to the button and tried to undo the stubborn fasten. I was getting frustrated with my failing since I only had one hand to use and felt Sam hold the opposite side of the fabric while I pulled the button through and then quickly moved to pull down the zipper. I shoved and tugged the jeans down to the ground and then his briefs as I lowered myself to my knees. As I wrapped my free hand around the base of his cock I looked up and watched Sam watching me while I slowly opened my mouth and guided his cock in. I slowly closed my eyes as I slid my head closer to him to take him deeper into my wet mouth. His freehand grabbed a handful of my hair and guided the rhythm of my mouth on his cock. I moaned around his cock as he sighed and his breathing became louder. He pulled me up again to him and said “you can let go of my hand now,” before kissing me.

I let go of his hand and quickly I felt his hands lifting my shirt and undoing my bra. His head dropped to my chest, licking and teasing before slowly sucking a nipple into his mouth. I pulled his head closer to me with one hand while running the other over his back. I feel a slight pain and look down to see my nipple pinched between Sam’s teeth. A moan left my mouth as I felt my pussy growing even wetter. While he continued to suck and bite my nipples I feel my skirt dropping from my body and then my panties. I lifted Sam’s shirt off and pressed my body against his.

We moved to the bed and lay down together on our sides continually kissing. Sam’s hands moved slowly down my body, teasing my sensitive nipples, tickling my stomach, and then slowly stroking the outside of my pussy. He gathered some of my wetness and brought it to my clit and slowly rubbed the sensitive area. I felt my clit quickly growing hard as I moaned into his mouth. Sam slowly increased his tempo and I felt warmth spreading all over my body. “I’m cumming,” I whispered as I ground my hips into his hand feeling even more wetness spreading over my pussy.

“What do you want,” he asked. I let out a slight moan. I felt a sharp pain and then warmth spreading across my butt checks as Sam spanked me and said “I asked what you wanted.”

“Your cock,” I answered, feeling his hand softly rubbing where he had just spanked me.

“Good. Where?”

“In my pussy,” I said moaning. Sam pushed me onto my back and moved his body over mine as I wrapped my legs around him automatically to pull him closer. His cock rubbed against my clit and felt like it was 20 degrees hotter than my body as “yesssss” hissed from mouth. He continued to rub his cock against my clit as I ran one hand over his back and the other through his hair.

I felt the need for release growing close and Sam sensed I was on the edge and said, “you going to cum for me?”

“God…..yessss,” I replied back digging my nails into his back. In the middle of my orgasm he slowly began sliding his cock into me until our hips met. My pussy squeezed his cock with the last of my orgasm subsiding. He pulled his cock almost all way out before sliding back in. With each withdrawal and thrust the head of his cock rubbed against my sensitive g-spot causing my pussy to grow tighter and tighter. Soon I was cumming again, my pussy pushing against his hard cock.

Sam leaned down and whispered in my ear “I want you to ride me,” and then rolled me over on top of him. I leaned my body up and began to rock my hips back and forth. “Mmmm, that’s good but I need you to turn around,” Sam said. I had never tried this position before but I didn’t want to disappoint him and quickly moved my body around and took his cock in my hand to guide it back to my waiting pussy. Sam pushed my body forward slightly as I steadied myself with my arms and lifted my hips before bringing them back down. Sam put his hands on my waist and guided the rhythm and said “I love watching my cock fuck your tight pussy.” I felt my pussy tighten even more as he said this. I felt one of his hands grab a fistful of my hair and pull my head back, arching my back and forcing my chest out. Sam demanded, “tell me you love my cock in your pussy.”

I moaned and quietly said, “I love it.”

My head was pulled back further as I almost lost my balance as Sam said “I can’t hear you and I don’t think you said what I wanted to hear.”

“Fuck yes, I love your cock in my pussy,” I said loud enough that I knew he heard.

He let go of my hair but almost just as quickly I felt him spank one ass check and then the other as he said half moaning, “keep fucking my cock”. I could feel his cock growing harder as it continued to rub my g-spot as I came again. “Fuck yeah, I’m coming” he said almost growling as I felt his cock jerking inside me and his hands guiding me at my waist. A few moments after I felt the last twitch of his cock he pulled me off of him and to his side. “Shit, that was fantastic,” Sam said brushing the hair out of my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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