Daughter in law

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Big Tits

Well here he was, Frank Smithers, 56, with a beer belly, going bald and widowed for 10 years. After his house was sold to pay gambling debts, he was forced to come and stay with his 28-year-old son and his daughter in law. He now had to spend a whole month with the young couple until he found an apartment.

He knocked on the front door and his 24 year old daughter in law Diane appeared, wearing a pair of red boxers and a blue tee shirt with only three buttons done up, showing her flat belly. Her straight honey blond hair hung down to her shoulders and her blue eyes stared at him.

“Frank, I thought you were coming over tomorrow, come in”, she said as she turned around giving Frank a great view of her ass.

At 5’7″, she was pure beauty. She was lightly tanned all over, and had the sweet, innocent, girl next-door look. She had the perfect figure any man would die to fuck.

“Mike’s at work, and should be home soon”

“I thought I’d catch the midday Friday bus”, Frank said while sitting down.

“That’s alright”, she replied while bending over to pick up a mug off the coffee table.

With only three buttons done up, this gave Frank a great view of her breast, which looked a perfect b-cup. Looking at this Frank got an instant hard on, and had to rearrange him self to hide his excitement. Diane sat down on the couch in front of Frank and crossed her legs, showing off her beautiful thighs. Her bellybutton was in full view as she started to ask Frank about his trip and how he was.

“Its been an exhausting trip”, Frank replied as his eyes roamed from head to toe at the beauty sitting in front of him.

It had been well over 5 years since Frank last had sex. After his wife died, Frank would go around hiring hookers. But soon his debts started to add up, and he could no longer afford it. Diane realized how much her shirt was exposing herself to her father in law, so she quickly did a couple more buttons up.

“I just have to go up and have a shower, and then I’ll get dinner ready. Make yourself at home”, she said while walking up the stairs.

Franks eyes followed her tight ass all the way up the stairs and he knew that he needed to have some form of release quickly. Just then the phone rang. Frank picked it up.


“Hi dad, is that you”, it was Mike.

“Yes mike”, Frank replied

“Dad, I’m afraid I have to go away for work and wont be back until Monday. There has been an emergency. I’m sorry about this but could you please tell Diane, I’m just about to get on the plane now. I’m sorry but I’ll call later on”. They both said good bye and hung up.

Frank decided to put his bags away. He walked up stairs, passing the main bedroom where he heard the shower running. There must have been a separate bathroom in their bedroom. Frank dropped his bags and slowly opened the bedroom door and walked in. On the bed were a pair of blue jeans, and a white cotton top. Frank picked up the top to find a white thong and matching white bra underneath. This was too much. He picked up the thong, unzipped his pants, and started to rub his prick with it. His heart rate increased knowing that his daughter in law was in the bathroom nextdoor while he was using her thong to release himself. He increased his pace as he tried to imagine what Diane would be like in bed, and how it would feel to have Diane bouncing up and down on his cock. Frank was close to cumming when he heard the shower turn off. Frank quickly dropped Mecidiyeköy Escort the clothes as they were and left the room. He closed the door leaving a small gap. Just as he was about to leave, Diane came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Frank could have cum just looking at her in only a towel, little did he know it was about to get better.

Diane unhooked the towel, letting it fall to the floor, not knowing that her horny father in law was watching her every move. With her back to the door, Frank got a perfect view of that wonderful ass he was staring at early. She then turned around showing her body in all its glory. Her pussy was very well trimmed showing very little hair and her breasts were firm and perfect, like he imagined. She began to dry her wet hair with her towel, which made her breasts jiggle slightly from side to side. Frank put one of his bags down and used his free hand to start stroking his cock again. Diane finished drying her hair, picked up her thong and bent over to put it on. In doing so, Frank got an even better look at her butt, and had he not been able to control himself, he could have stormed in right then and fucked her from behind. Her lighter colored butt hole looked very inviting as Frank thought to himself if she let his son put his prick in there. As she bent down to put her jeans on, gravity took effect on her breasts. This sight sent Frank over the edge, as he shot sperm all over the inside of his pants. Frank slowly picked up his things and quickly went into his room to change.

After dinner, they both went into the leaving room to sit down.

“Why dont we open up a bottle of wine. I was saving it for tonight with Mike but now since he wont be home till Monday, we might as well open it up”, Diane said walking over to the fridge.

“Great idea”, Frank replied looking at Diane bend over to get the wine out. As she then reached up to get two glasses out from the top shelf, her white top road up, giving a great view of her body. The top made her b-cup breast look bigger and her jeans were so tight showing off her figure. Frank couldn’t take it any more. He had to have her. His plan was to try and slowly seduce her by getting her drunk.

Two hours of talking and drinking passed as the Alcohol was starting to take its effect on Diane. Soon the topic turned to work and how Diane was under some stress lately.

“Why dont you come over here and I’ll give you a massage”, Frank replied. She reluctantly said yes and slowly walked over to Frank and lent up against him with her back as he started to work on her shoulders.

“Oohh, this feels so good already”, She moaned out.

Frank continued to massage her shoulders as the feeling of having Diane up against his body started to give him a hard on. Diane’s eyes were now closed as she started to really enjoy what Frank was doing to her shoulders. Her butt was now positioned on top of Frank’s crotch, Which made Frank fully erect.

“Oohh, I can’t believe how good this feels, you are really good Frank”.

“The pleasure is all mine”, Frank replied as he slowly started to grind his crouch into her ass.

Diane realized what was happening. She didn’t what Frank to get the wrong message as she loved her husband very much and would never cheat on him. And the thought of sleeping with her father in law disgusted her. She put both her hands on Frank’s legs as she tried to push her self off Frank’s crouch. In her lazy Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan state, this only caused her to move her ass up and down while using her hands to rub Franks thighs. All of a sudden she felt incredibly horny, and she wished Mike were here so she could make love to him. Frank knew he had her.

“This is starting to get uncomfortable for me, why dont we go up stairs”, Frank asked.

“Well all right, I haven’t felt this good in a while, but just for a little longer since I dont want to tire you”.

When they got into the bedroom, Frank told her to take off her top so he could rub some lotion onto her back. She agreed pulling she top over her head revealing her white bra which held her firm breast. Her arousal was showing with her erect nipples clearly pointing through the material. All Diane had on now was her bra and her tight jeans, which barely came up to her waist. Diane lied down on her stomach as Frank positioned himself on top of her ass.

“Its easier for me this may”, Frank said as he quickly took off his shirt and started to rub Diane’s lower back and waist. The alcohol had now taken full effect on Diane as she closed her eyes and started to drift off to sleep.

“Oohh Mike”, she moaned out.

Frank couldn’t believe it. Here he was, after going 5 years without sex, on top of his beautiful young daughter in law who thought he was her husband. He slowly took off his pants, and turned Diane over onto her back. Frank started to softly kiss her flat stomach as he slowly undid Diane’s jeans. Diane’s pussy was now starting to get wet as she dreamt Mike kissing her body. He carefully took off her jeans and started to kiss his way up her thighs. Once he reached her thong covered pussy, he inhaled her aroma, and then pulled the thin material to one side and kissed her pink pussy lips. Her pussy was wetter then Frank could have ever imagined. Diane moved one of her hands to caress her breast, as her other hand was stroking Franks hair.

“Oohh Mike”, she moaned as Frank now used his tongue to explore her vagina. His cock was about to explode as he started to kiss his way up her body.

“Don’t stop”, Diane whispered out.

He now moved his cock up and down her mound, teasing her. Only the thin white thong stopped it from entering her pussy. Frank pulled Diane’s thighs further apart, and then pushed the thong to one side as he placed the tip of his cock at her entrance. Slowly, inch by inch he pushed in his 10-inch cock as Diane again let out a soft moan. For so long he had waited for a hot fuck, and now he was all the way inside his beautiful daughter in law. He kissed her neck as he thrust in and out of her. He started to increase his speed, as he unclasped her bra from the front. Frank grabbed hold of both breasts and sucked on one nipple like a baby. This feeling suddenly brought Diane back to reality as she opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Her father in law was on top of her, thrusting in and out of her pussy at a steady rate, and worst of all, she was letting it happen.

Frank saw her eyes open up, so he grabbed hold of her legs and put them over his shoulders with her toes pointing straight up. He was now fucking her for all she was worth.

“oh no…stop…oh…god…we cant…pplleeaassee… ooohhh”, Diane yelled out. Her breasts were shaking like an earthquake as Frank was fucking her like an animal.

“Frank stop…its not right…oohh Escort Mecidiyeköy ggoodd”, Diane yelled helplessly. Frank slowed down as he lent in to kiss Diane’s lips. Diane’s knees were now on either side of her head as she found her self kissing Frank back. Something had taken over her. Their tongues were now exploring each other’s mouths as they made love. Frank again built up his speed and was in and out faster then befor as Diane dug her nails into his back. Frank rolled over and Diane was now upright, ridding Franks cock.

“oh god, your stretching me”, Diane said as she increased her pace.

“Your so tight, I bet Mike hardly fucks you”, he replied.

This was the tightest pussy Frank had ever fucked since he took his wife’s cherry. None of the hookers were as tight as Diane. He reached up and took hold of her beasts, squeezing them together as he sucked her nipples again.

“Please dont cum inside me…oohh…you cant cum inside”.

Diane was now humping Frank crazy. They continued like this until Frank sensed he was about to cum. He started to rub some cream in Diane’s butt hole. He then told her to get off and stay on her knees as he got behind her, with his cock aimed at her but hole.

“No, your too big, I’ve never done this, Please Frank no”, Diane pleaded while trying to get away.

But it was not enough for Frank. Holding onto her hips, with one big thrust he put all 10 inches inside Diane’s ass.

“oohh god”, Diane screamed as she held onto the wooden headboard with both hands.

Frank slowly pulled out and then thrust back in quickly. Her breasts hung free, shaking back and forth as Frank built up a steady rhythm.

“oohh fuck me you bastard”.

“I knew you would like this”, Frank replied as he increased his pace.

Diane couldn’t believe she was enjoying being fucked up the ass by her father in law.

“Harder”, she yelled as Frank grabbed hold of her breast and started to fuck her as hard as he could. He pulled her up close to him and sucked on her neck.

“I’m about to cum”, he yelled out.

“Wait for me, please”, she replied.

Frank used one of his hands to rub her pussy, and then he put two fingers in and started to finger fuck her pussy. Diane was screaming with ecstasy now as the phone started to ring. Diane dropped her head onto the pillow as Frank picked up the phone, with one hand still rubbing her pussy.

“Hello…mike…yeah she’s taking very good care of me…yeah I’ll get her, hold on, I think I can hear her cumming”, he said as he pressed hold so Mike couldn’t hear anything.

He could feel his fingers getting covered in Diane’s cum. With one final thrust he started to shoot his seed inside Diane’s ass. Load after load he shot inside Diane’s tight ass. They both collapsed onto the bed, Frank on Diane’s back. His cock still inside, one hand still slowly rubbing Diane’s sore pussy, while the other was lightly squeezing Her firm beast.

“Hi Mike”, Diane said picking up the phone. “No we haven’t done much…don’t worry about us, just please try to hurry back…I love you”.

She hung up and dropped the phone. They lay there for five minutes, frank still on top, both regaining their breath. Frank pulled out his cum covered fingers and put them in Diane’s mouth. She sucked them dry, and then got up.

“I think you should go”, she said with a tear in her eye. She staggered towards the bathroom. Her lovely honey blond hair in a complete mess. Frank could see his cum slowly running out of her ass, and down her thighs.

This is my very first story so please send me feed back. If you think i should stop writting, now is the time to tell me, otherwise it might be too late. Also tell me if i should write a second part to this story.

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