Darren’s Apartment Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Broken Shower

The fact that his sister, Jenna, had moved back to Boston gave Darren a constant feeling of anxiety. Although she was two years older than he, Jenna wasn’t what you would call reliable. She claimed to have secured a job as a Senior Architect for Lockwood, and that she only needed to crash at Darren’s apartment until she could get a place of her own.

Presuming she didn’t get fired or decide to hop to another city again, Darren stood a chance of having his apartment to himself again within a matter of a couple of weeks. He had worked hard to be able to afford such a nice place to live, and while he didn’t necessarily expect his sister to set the place on fire, he was more than a bit concerned that her belongings would spread like a virus through the place.

It was week four and, admittedly, she had been a lot better about things than he had expected she would be. She seemed to pitch in with dishwashing and vacuuming, and picked up after herself — well, at least as well as Darren ever did.

That night, they had both done their best to straighten up. Sandy, from apartment 192 was coming over to look at the shower. She wasn’t the landlord, but she was kind of like the landlord’s helper for the apartments on the 19th floor. She would assess any problems and put in any orders for maintenance.

Sandy had always been friendly to Darren, and he suspected she was kind of into him. It worked out well for Darren. It hadn’t ever taken more than a day to have anything fixed.

She would be up any minute, so Darren made sure to throw on a cleaner shirt. He made his way back to the living room to find Jenna wearing just a pair of panties and a black t-shirt.

“Jenna,” he said. “Come on. Sandy’s going to be here any minute.”

“I’m just waiting to get my pants out of the drier,” she replied. “Don’t get all uptight. I’m sure your neighbor has seen a woman in her panties before.”

She tugged at her t-shirt. “You remember this?”

Darren would probably never forget her t-shirt. Jenna had worn it the last time she was in Boston, six years ago. His anxiety came rushing back at him. The t-shirt was the centerpiece of an awkward moment in their history. Six years ago, in his old apartment, Jenna had walked in on Darren as he was jerking off to porn. As if that hadn’t been weird enough, she stayed, encouraging him to continue masturbating while she teased him. It wasn’t their finest moment. Darren was more than a little ashamed of himself for it.

Why on earth would she bring that up again?

“Yeah, great,” he said, dismissively. “Can you maybe go to your bedroom or something?”

The doorbell rang.

“Shit. Just go to your bedroom,” he said as he approached the door.

He opened the door. It was Sandy. “Hi Darren,” she said. “How long has the shower been acting up?”

Sandy had dark hair, a pleasant smile, and was overweight. She didn’t seem very confident, but she made it a point to talk to Darren whenever she could. They often shared the elevator in the mornings before work, and had even had lunch together a few times on the weekends.

“It just started this morning,” he answered her. “The knob for the hot water twisted off. I could probably fix it myself,” he said as he motioned for her to come inside.

“Not if you want to keep your security deposit,” she laughed.

“Hey. I can fix stuff,” he smiled.

“Sure you can,” said Sandy, “but why don’t we play by the landlord’s rules and you can use part of your security deposit to buy me lunch this w–“

She cut off her sentence and Darren felt his stomach drop. He turned around. Sure enough, not only was Jenna still in the room, but she was still pantless.

Jenna rushed to Darren’s side, grabbing onto his arm and pressing herself against him. “Aren’t you gonna introduce me?” she asked.

Darren didn’t know whether he was angry, amused or just plain confused. “Um… Sandy, Jenna. Jenna, Sandy,” he said. Sandy reluctantly extended her hand. Jenna leaned across Darren to shake it. Her breasts pressed against him.

Sandy’s eyes met Darren’s. “So, the shower then?” she said nervously. Jenna had purposefully made Sandy uncomfortable. What in the world was she thinking?

Darren walked with Sandy to the bathroom, being sure to shoot Jenna a dirty look over his shoulder while his neighbor wasn’t looking.

Sandy didn’t waste any time with small talk as she inspected the shower. “Yeah, it’s busted. I’ll get the maintenance crew up here in a couple days.”

“Couple days?” Darren protested. “That’s a–“

“Best I can do,” she cut him off. “There’s a backlog of repairs right now.” She walked out of the bathroom and showed herself to the door.

“Okay,” said Darren as he followed her. Avrupa Yakası Escort “Thanks for coming by so quickly,” he added.

“What are neighbors for?” said Sandy, coldly. “Jenna. Nice to meet you,” she half waved, walked out and closed the door.

Jenna leaned against the kitchen island that connected to the living room. “Nice girl,” she said.

“What the fuck was that all about?” Darren raised his voice.


“I told you to stay in your room.”

“Sorry,” she said. “I just wanted to meet your friend.”

“Well, you obviously made her uncomfortable,” said Darren, “and now we don’t have a shower for another couple of days.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Jenna smiled. “I think she’s into you, brother. Besides, if it does take a couple days, there’s a shower at work I can use,” she said, selfishly.

“What the fuck do I care?” said Darren. “Sandy left here upset, and it’s your fault.”

Jenna got a strange look on her face. “Oh,” she said. “I didn’t realize you were into her too.”

“She’s a friend.”

“Is she?”

“Jenna, just stop, okay? Can you at least admit that what you did was inappropriate?”

“Actually, I probably just did you a huge favor,” Jenna winked.

“Oh, this’ll be good. Go ahead, Jenna. Explain how you just did me a huge favor.”

“She has no idea that I’m your sister. She probably just thinks I’m some girl you’re banging.”

“Still not getting how that’s a favor.”

“Darren, you really don’t know anything about women, do you? Women want a man that other women want. Jealousy gets the juices flowing, you know?”

“You’re kidding,” said Darren. “First, she’s a friend. Second, you’re full of shit.”

“Then prove me wrong.”

“Oh yeah? How?”

“Knock on her door. Ask if you can use her shower. If she says no, she was offended. If she says yes, she’s turned on. You’ll be fucking before you’re done showering.”

“No fucking way… Really?”

“Thinking about it, aren’t you?” said Jenna. “I didn’t know you liked your women a little hefty.”

Darren shook his head, but he couldn’t help but smile a little. “I suppose I could get a guest pass and shower at the gym.”

“You won’t get laid doing that,” said Jenna.

“I don’t need to get laid. I need my shower fixed.”

“You need your pipes cleaned, Darren. Most nights the light is on in your room until late. I can only presume you’re hitting the porn really hard. Also, I’ve been here for almost a month and you haven’t brought one woman back here.”

“Probably because I’m afraid they’ll find my sister nuzzling up to me in her undies.”

“Oh please,” she said. “Knock on her door. She’s cute and, thanks to me, she’s hot for you right now.”

She gave him her best “I triple dog dare you” look that Darren remembered from childhood. He thought for a second, smiled, opened the door and walked out.

He wasn’t sure if he was more excited to prove his sister wrong or prove her right, but it still took him a few minutes to actually knock on Sandy’s door. He had no idea what he would say to her, and no ideas came. He would have to wing it.

He knocked and waited. Finally, Sandy unlocked the door and opened it. She didn’t say anything.

“Hi Sandy. Um… Listen. I’m sorry about all that. I… Well, I wonder if you can do me a favor,” he said.

“I can’t do anything about the maintenance schedule, Darren,” she replied.

“And that’s fine. That’s not a big deal. I’m just… I wonder if maybe I can grab a shower at your place.”

Sandy looked stunned. “I… I guess so. Sure,” she said, standing out of the way of the door to let Darren in. “Can’t you get a shower at your girlfriend’s place?”

“Listen, Sandy,” he replied. “I know how that looked, but Jenna isn’t my girlfriend.”

“Oh yeah?” Sandy asked incredulously. “Is she just the woman you’re sleeping with?”

“No. Of course not,” said Darren. “Jenna is–“

“Jenna is none of my business,” said Sandy. “Making sure your shower is fixed is my business. Don’t worry. I’ll do everything I can. I don’t expect anything out of you in return.”

“Am I missing something?” he asked.

“Darren, you really don’t know anything about women, do you?” she replied.

It was the second time he’d heard it in only a matter of minutes. Perhaps he really didn’t know anything about women, but he knew a jealous woman when he heard one.

“What am I supposed to know?”

“Forget it.”

“No. I’m not going to forget it. Are you jealous?”

Sandy looked uncomfortable again. “I’m not–. I don’t–,” she stumbled over her words.

“It’s okay, Sandy,” said Darren. “Believe it or not, I’m not completely clueless about women. I know you aren’t having lunch Avrupa Yakası Bayan with me on the weekends because you’re just trying to be a good neighbor.”

She seemed to relax a bit. “No. I guess not,” she said.

“So, you’re jealous then?” Darren asked again.

Sandy looked him in the eye, smiled and held her index finger and thumb close together in front of her face. “Maybe just a little,” she said.

“Well,” said Darren. “I want you to know, I’m glad you’re jealous. I’m sorry about Jenna. Sometimes she can be so–” He shook his head. “Listen. I’ll find somewhere else to shower. I don’t want to make you more uncomfortable today.”

Sandy grabbed his arm. There was a glint of excitement in her eyes. “Get in the shower, Darren, before I kick you out.” She pointed over her shoulder at the bathroom door.

He laughed. “Thanks,” he said.

He walked to the bathroom, closed the door, got the shower running, and stripped down. A pair of Sandy’s panties hung on an empty towel rack next to the sink. They were purple, satin, and big. Darren picked them up and held them out to look at them.

There were a lot of things he liked about Sandy but, while she was self conscious about being overweight, Darren was fine with it; more than fine. She was pleasant, had nice hair, lovely eyes and a cute face, but it was her body that intrigued him most. She had very big, heavy breasts, a tummy, wide hips and a big, round ass.

His dick started to get hard. If he didn’t put her panties back where he had found them, he would end up jerking off into them. He set them on the towel rack and climbed into the shower.

He cleaned his face, arms, legs and torso, but couldn’t stop himself from touching his cock. This was Sandy’s shower, and the fact that she was just outside was arousing enough. Also, Jenna would be able to hear the water running through the pipes in the walls, and that made him even more excited. He wondered if she had put her pants on yet.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. “Darren?” Sandy called.

“Yeah,” he called back.

“I realized I didn’t put any towels in there,” she said, open-endedly.

Darren’s mind wrestled with the situation for a few moments as his hand glided over his wet cock. “That’s fine,” he said. “Would you mind bringing one in?”

Was that a bit too aggressive? The shower glass was frosted, but she would be able to see the contour of his body if she chose to come in. Darren had to presume she would realize that and would only come in if she were okay with the situation.

The door opened. Sandy stepped into the bathroom, a towel in her hand.

“Um, Darren,” she said. “Where do you want me to put this?”

It was a delicate situation. He didn’t want to scare her away, but he also couldn’t ignore the possibility that she might want what he wanted at that moment. He went for it.

“You can give it to me,” he said as he slid the shower door open. He was exposed, naked and erect in front of Sandy.

Her eyes were wide. She looked over his body, down to his hard dick, and back up to his eyes. “You’re just going to stand there, naked?” she asked.

“You don’t have to just stand there and look,” Darren said.

“No. I guess I don’t,” said Sandy.

She stepped forward, fully clothed, into the shower and handed him the towel. The water soaked her shirt, which clung to her plump contours. Her chin lifted so that her face was near his. His lips were so close that he could feel the breath from hers.

He dropped the waterlogged towel, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. His fingers slid under her shirt to feel her skin. Her hands slid around on his back and over his ass. They explored, grabbed and groped as their tongues mingled in their kiss.

Sandy’s back met the tiles of the shower wall and Darren pressed against her. Her hand reached down, grabbing hold of his firm dick. She stroked his cock as their lips parted. “Now look what you’ve done,” she joked. “You’ve gotten me all wet.”

“I certainly hope so,” he smiled.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” she said in a raspy whisper.

Darren reached for the button of her pants. He crouched down as he worked the wet clothing down her legs and off of her ankles. It took so long that Sandy had already managed to unbutton her shirt by the time he was successful. Her shirt hung open, still clinging to her shoulders and arms. Her bra and panties were translucent from the water, and the wet, exposed flesh of her thighs and chubby belly glistened.

She unhooked her bra in the front and her massive tits fell free. Darren knelt. His hands slid under the back of her shirt and caressed her body as his lips met her right nipple. He licked it and sucked it between Escort Avrupa Yakası his lips. She ran her fingers through his wet hair as he switched to give her left nipple its due attention.

He continued to pleasure her nipples as her head fell back against the tile. She moaned her appreciation. “Fuck yes, Darren.”

His hands found the top of her panties and he worked them down over the swell of her ass. He pulled down until they were free of her hips and thighs as he kissed down her belly. She kicked the sopping wet panties off of her ankle and raised her left knee to drape it over Darren’s shoulder.

He pressed his index and middle finger to her clit and rubbed it. Sandy moaned. She could feel the heat of his breath on her pussy, then, finally, his lips. Darren licked and kissed her pussy, slick with a mixture of shower water and her own juices.

He tongued at her, savoring her taste while his hands cupped her plentiful ass cheeks and his fingers met in her crack. Sandy was getting weak from her pleasure. Her leg trembled even as she placed her hands on his shoulders for support. She climaxed, nearly falling over on Darren. “That was so intense”, she said, placing her other foot back on the floor and allowing him to stand.

She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body to his, and kissed him deeply and passionately. His cock, now harder than ever, pressed into her soft body.

She knelt, eagerly stroking him in front of her face. She caressed and petted it like a beloved prize. Then she kissed the end of his dick and slid it between her lips. “Oh Sandy,” said Darren. “Yes. Suck my cock. It feels so good.”

In long, hungry strokes, she slid her lips down and back up his shaft as he moaned. The slippery sounds of her blowjob echoed in the shower as his fingers traveled through her dark, wet hair.

He was so turned on. He backed away to let his engorged dick slip from between her lips. “Lay down,” he commanded.

Sandy smiled and got on her back on the tile floor of the shower. Her legs parted and Darren got to his knees to guide his cock into her pussy. He pushed into her and she cried out “Oh, fuck yes!”

He pushed in and out, fucking her wet pussy as his torso fell onto hers. He kissed her, feeling the pressure of her body against his. Her arms draped his neck as the shower echoed the sounds of their sex.

As he fucked, her passionate kiss went from tender to ferocious, mirroring her state of arousal, until she climaxed again.

“Oh, baby!” she cried. “Fuck me from behind, Darren. I want you to cum.”

He got back to his knees and she turned over onto all fours. He slid back into her. His hands roamed over her big fat ass that jiggled with each thrust. “Yes. Yes. Fuck me, Darren,” she called out. “Give me your big, hard cock.”

He was nearing climax. He plunged deep into her pussy while he watched her body move in waves. His balls began to tighten. “Oh yeah,” he said. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Fuck. Yes. Cum, baby,” she shouted. “Give it to me. I want it so bad.”

“Sandy, you’re so fucking sexy,” he said. He moaned and “Uuunnnnnhhhhh,” he shot his load in her pussy.

As he moved back into a sitting position, she moved with him, sitting up on his lap so that her back was against him. He kissed her shoulders and fondled her tits as he continued to rock in and out of her pussy.

Her body felt so good that he had a difficult time tearing himself away to dry off. Even after Darren had gotten dressed and Sandy had gotten into some dry clothes, they made out nearly all the way back to the door.

“I thought of something we can do after lunch this weekend,” said Darren.

“Mmm. So did I,” she agreed, “if we even make it to lunch.”

Darren smiled. “See you soon, then?”

“Only if you can sneak away from your girlfriend,” said Sandy. “Something tells me she’d be a little jealous if she found out we just fucked.”

Darren laughed. “I don’t think you have to worry about that. Jenna is the one who wanted me to do this.”

Sandy looked confused. “Oh, so you have one of those relationships?”

“Not exactly,” said Darren. “She’s my sister.”

“Uh, no she isn’t. She was, like, all over you.”

“That was her way of making you jealous so you’d want me more… or something.”

“Oh,” said Sandy. “Oh,” she repeated. “I guess it kind of worked then, huh?” She kissed him again. “I’m still going to keep my eye on that one,” she said.

He laughed it off, gave Sandy a farewell kiss and showed himself out.

Jenna was on the couch when Darren walked back into his own apartment. She still hadn’t put on any pants. “So?” she asked eagerly.

Darren nodded.

“Alright,” she congratulated, running up, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing against him.

She parted from him and headed toward the kitchen, shaking her ass back and forth as she walked. “I’m not going to ask,” she said.

“You’re not going to ask how it was?” Darren asked.

“I don’t need to,” said Jenna. She smiled and winked over her shoulder. “You’re still hard.”

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