Dan’s Dilemma Ch. 03

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After Dan came all over my backside, we got ourselves back together and left to go to dinner. Although Dan had said I had a wet spot on my dress, it was not as noticeable as he thought, not that that would have made a difference to me. I was basking in the glow of a wonderfully strong orgasm and the knowledge of what Dan and I had done over the past two days.

As we walked from my office to his car I could feel the wetness on my bottom and lower back and between my legs. The feeling of Dan’s cum kept reminding me of why I was excited and I relived our adventure over and over. I felt a continuous sense of excitement as I walked. Dan seemed lost in is own world.

Dan held the door for me as I got into his car. This gave me another opportunity to show my legs to him. After all we had been through together, I know longer felt any need to be the least bit careful of what I was showing. I know he got quite an eyeful.

Once in the car, I unbuttoned my dress almost all the way to my waist and spread the two sides so my legs were exposed almost completely. Since Dan still had my panties, I did not show everything. I also unbuttoned two more buttons at the top, so the curves of the tops of my breasts and part of my lacy bra were visible.

By the way Dan kept looking at my legs in particular as he drove, I knew he enjoyed the view. I love showing him what he had admitted he had been fantasizing about for so long. In my current state, I really did not care who saw.

“Where do you want to go for dinner?,” Dan asked.

“I’d like to go somewhere fun,” I said, ” I am in the mood to have a good time and since it’s your last night in town I want you to have a good time too.”

“Well,” Dan said, blushing, “I think it’s pretty clear I’ve had a good time tonight whether the restaurant is fun or not.”

“The night is not over yet, Danny Boy,” I said with a smile.

I decided to go to a loud, fun restaurant ans told Dan to drive to a nearby town. The restaurant I chose was a sports bar that was a Hooter’s clone. I was sure Dan would enjoy watching the waitresses in their short shorts and pantyhose.

When we arrived at the restaurant, Dan’s expression showed a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. The hostess offered to seat us in a booth, but I pointed to a small high table towards the middle of the room and asked if we could sit there. She took us to that table.

“Is ths place okay?,” I asked, looking at Dan with what I hoped was an innocent look on my face.

“I guess you know me too well now,” he said with a grin.

Well,” I said, “you can look all you want, but my legs are the only ones you’ll be touching tonight.”

“Yours are the sexiest legs in here,” he said, “so that will be no problem at all.”

“Good answer,” I said with a laugh, “you just might have won a prize with that one.”

Dan held my chair as I placed my foot on the footrest and lifted myself to my seat. The act of seating myself caused my skirt to open to mid-thigh and I heard Dan give a small moan as he looked at me. I noticed a few other men looking my way as well.

Seated, I pulled Dan’s chair closer so he would be seated right next to me. When he was seated, I leaned over and held his arm and rested my head on his shoulder.

“I’ve have had a great time with you these last two days,” I said, “I feel so good that you were able to confide in me and the things that happened have gotten much more excited than I should be.”

I looked at him out of the corner of my eye as I mad the last comment. Dan was blushing again.

“I hope you aren’t feeling bad because of what happened,” Dan said.

“Absolutely not,” I said, “I have loved every minute of our time together. I really have just one regret.”

“What’s that?,” Dan asked.

Now it was my turn to blush.

“Nephew or no nephew,” I said, “I wish Etiler Escort I wasn’t married for a bit because I’d really would love to have that cock. I think I am going to be having fantasies of my own now.”

There, I’d said it. I had been thinking this for more than a day now and it finally was out in the open.

“Wow!,” Dan said, “No one has ever said anything like that to me before.”

“It’s the truth,” I said, “I wanted to make sure you knew how I felt.”

“That is quite a compliment,” Dan said, “especially coming from someone I’ve had fantasies about for most of my life.”

Just as Dan finished speaking, our waitress appeared. I noticed Dan couldn’t help looking closely at her. She had long blonde hair, a very pretty face, and she was wearing a tight top and high-cut short shorts. Her long legs glistened from the pantyhose she was wearing.

“She’s gorgeous,” I said, “and she dresses like she knew you were going to be here tonight.”

“She is pretty,” Dan agreed, “but she can’t hold a candle to you. The sexiest legs in here are next to me.”

Dan looked down where my dress was spread so my legs were on display.

“Even if you don’t mean it, you are sweet to say so,” I responded.

Still feeling excited and a bit reckless, I took Dan’s hand from the table and placed in on my thigh, about halfway between my knee and my hip. As he touched me, I heard a soft gasp escape from his lips. Almost unconsciously it seemed, he began moving his fingers softly along my thigh – up and down. Then it was my turn to gasp.

“Oh Dan,” I said, “I love your touch. Can you feel the damp spots you left on me?”

“Yes,” he said, “I love feeling them and remembering how they got there. I can’t imagine I ever came so much as I did tonight.”

“I hope you saved some for later,” I said with a smile.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I am sure I can produce more if you want it.”

“No doubt,” I said, “you must be in heaven, seeing all these young girls I their short shorts and pantyhose.”

“I am in heaven because I am with you, seeing you, and touching you,” he said, “and as far as I can tell, several other guys here have been distracted from looking at waitresses too.”

“Just be careful then,” I said, “remember that my panties are in your pocket and they probably shouldn’t see too much.”

“Don’t worry,” he said with an evil grin, “I can make sure they don’t see too much.”

At that, he slid his fingers to the top of my thigh and lightly touched me with only a thin layer of the pantyhose between his fingertips and my sex. I felt myself getting wetter.

“Oh God, Dan,” I said, “are you sure no one can see? I am close to having another orgasm.”

“My hand is blocking the view,” he said, “so all they can do is imagine. Plus, there’s a shadow under the table.”

I was amazed by how excited I was getting. I had participated in semi-public touching like this before, but it had always been my fingers touching guys through their slacks and trying to make them cum. Now the shoe was on the other foot – and I loved it.

“Dan,” I said softly, “I am right on the edge.”

“Good,” he said, “then lets go a little farther.”

Dan increased the pressure of his fingertip on my lips. As he did so, I could feel the pantyhose as well as his finger sliding into me. It was only his fingertip, but it was enough. All of a sudden, another orgasm shook me.

“Oh God, Dan!!,” I said, trying to stay quiet and keep myself under control.

Luckily, when I had my orgasm I squeezed my legs together. Although it pinned his fingers between my thighs, I did not expose myself.

It took me quite some time to calm down. I looked around the restaurant, and no one was pointing fingers or wearing shocked expressions. I hoped I had weathered the storm.

“Dan,” I said, “that Etiler Escort Bayan was amazing. You are building up a lot of brownie points.”

“Good,” was all he said.

“I was afraid I’d be like Meg Ryan in ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ except I would not have been faking it,” I said, laughing.

Luckily I didn’t hear anyone say “I’ll have whatever she’s having” like the character in the movie. Funny, though, at that point I really didn’t care.

Dinner was a blur after that. We ate, we talked. Dan caressed my pantyhose covered thighs. I am sure several other restaurant patrons saw more than they anticipated, but I did not care. I just wanted to spend a little more private time with Dan before he left.

Finally, we finished dinner and we were ready to leave. I told Dan to leave a generous tip because I am certain our waitress felt ignored. As I slid from the high stool, my skirt parted much more than I anticipated and I had no doubt that I gave quite a show.

“Dan,” I said, as we left the restaurant, “why don’t you stop by my house for a while? I think you have several brownie points to cash in.”

“That’s fine with me.” he said, “but don’t think you owe me anything. I have had the most wonderful time of my life since I’ve been here.”

“Let me be the judge of that,” I said with a smile.

As we walked from the restaurant, I reached down and undid a few more buttons on my dress. It was now unbuttoned to my waist. I was not sure if anyone noticed, but I really did not care at this point. As we approached Dan’s car, a breeze caught me and blew my skirt back, so I was completely exposed from the waist down with only my sheer to waist pantyhose covering me. I know Dan saw everything as I got into his car. I was glad.

As Dan started the car, I reached across and carefully lowered the zipper on his slacks. Reaching inside, I felt his cock – covered with what had been my pair of pantyhose. It started to grow as I touched it. I realized I was going farther then I should, though.

“Do you expect me to be able to drive while you’re doing that?,” Dan asked.

“I hoped you could,” I said, “but if you don’t think you can, at least let me take him out.”

I undid Dan’s belt and the button holding his slacks together and pulled his slacks apart so his pantyhose-covered cock was exposed. It continued to grow.

“Is that okay?,” I asked sweetly.

“Of course,” Dan said with a smile, “but don’t distract me too much.”

Dan wasn’t distracted too much to drive to my house. We made quite a couple, though. I was exposed to the waist with my dress pulled apart. Dan’s pantyhose covered cock was in full view with his slacks unzipped and pulled open. It was a good thing we were not stopped for some traffic violation.

Once we got to my house, Dan parked in the driveway and, before getting out, he zipped his slacks, which was very disappointing to me. He walked around the car and opened my door, but I took my time getting out. I sat with one leg in the car and one on the driveway so, with my dress apart, I was completely exposed to him. He seemed to enjoy the view. After a few minutes, I got out of the car and we went into the house.

“Okay, Danny Boy,” I said once we were in the living room, “it’s time to collect for all the brownie points you earned tonight.”

As I was talking, I removed my belt and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on my dress. Once it was all undone, I removed it and stood before Dan wearing just sheer to waist pantyhose and my lacy bra. While Dan watched, I undid the front clasp of my bra, and removed it as well.

I slowly walked up to Dan and began to unbutton his shirt. When that was done, I undid his cuffs and removed it. Then, I pulled up his t-shirt and removed that as well. I knelt in front of him and undid his belt for the second time that evening Escort Etiler and unzipped his slacks. At that point, they slid down his pantyhose covered legs. I removed his shoes and socks and then, getting him to lift one leg and then the other, completed the removal of his slacks.

Dan did not say a word as I undressed and then undressed him. He seemed almost in a daze. I took his hand and led him to the couch. I sat him down on one end and lifted his legs so they were on the couch. I then sat on the other end and turned to fact him so our legs were touching, with mine on top of his.

“I hope I am not being too forward,” I said, finally breaking the silence.

“Never,” was all Dan said in reply.

I slid down so my feet were able to caress his growing cock. Dan sat there with his eyes closed as I rubbed my nylon-covered feet along the length of his pantyhose-covered cock. Almost immediately upon being touched, he began to moan. I rubbed my feet along the full length of his beautiful now fully-engorged cock and squeezed his nylon-covered balls.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and I began to touch myself. The sight and feel of what I was doing was almost more than I could stand.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” Dan exclaimed as he squirmed under my massage, “I am going to cum!”

When I heard that, I began to touch myself even more. As Dan had done at the restaurant, my fingers were pushing the pantyhose between my lips and I brought myself to the brink.

“Oh God!,” Dan almost shouted.

I felt his cock harden even more as it began to throb and then shoot a stream of cum through his pantyhose onto his stomach and chest, and all over my feet. The feeling was more than I could take, and I had another orgasm, the strongest yet. My own pantyhose were soaked.

“Oh Dan!”, I said, “you are amazing. I love feeling you when you cum. You turn me on so much!”

“Thank you, baby,” he said, “you’re pretty hot yourself.”

We both started laughing. I couldn’t believe all that had happened since Dan came to visit.

“My God, Dan.” I said, “I can’t imagine what would have happened if you had waited any longer to tell me your fantasies.”

“I’d probably still be cumming,” he said with a laugh.

“Dan,” I said, “in all seriousness, I have never known anyone like you. I hope you know how much I’d love to feel your cock inside me or in my mouth, but I can’t do that.”

“I understand,” he said, “I don’t want to do anything you’ll regret. Besides, I will have even more fantasies to keep me going now.”

“I know I will have some fantasies of my own,” I said, “they will last me for quite a while.”

At that, I moved from my end of the couch to Dan’s end and threw myself on top of him. Our bare flesh came together, lubricated by Dan’s fresh cum. I squirmed around on top of him, spreading the liquid between us. My squirming brought our pantyhose-covered legs and other areas together. The feeling of rubbing against me had an almost immediate effect on Dan. I wondered how he could possibly get hard again after cumming so many times, but I wasn’t complaining. I loved the feel of his hard cock growing beneath me. I hoped he could feel my wetness on him.

“Dan,” I said, “as much as I hate to say it, I think it’s time for you to go. If we keep this up, I am not sure how long I can resist you.”

“I understand,” he said, “I told you I didn’t want you to do anything you’d regret.”

I rolled off of him, taking advantage of the movement to get at least a light touch of his cock. I decided that there was something I could do that I would not feel bad about, and I leaned over him and kissed his chest. As I did so, I ran my tongue over him and got a taste of his cum. That would have to last me.

As Dan sat up, I leaned over and removed the pantyhose I was wearing. I gave them to him and kissed him.

“These are for you,” I said, “I hope you enjoy them.”

Dan stood up and got dressed. I put my dress on again and walked him to the door. We hugged and said out goodbyes. Afer Dan left, I wondered if we would ever be able to recreate the passion we had felt.

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