Danielle’s Friends , Family Ch. 06

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By the time Captain Ellis finished his shift, it was the next morning. He got home and let himself in his house quietly, figuring his wife and daughter might still be in bed. He was a little surprised to find his daughter up and in the kitchen, however, making breakfast.

“Hi daddy.” Tiffany said, bouncing over and pecking him on the cheek. Bouncing was right, he thought, watching his daughter’s huge tits move beneath her blouse. They were easily as big as the Kent woman’s and he thought about what she’d said, how she’d like to watch him fuck his daughter’s tits. “How was work?” she asked, returning to her breakfast cereal.

“Good.” He said, picturing Danielle Kent’s tits covered in his cum. “You’re up early.”

“Early shift.”

Ellis stepped over to the counter and made himself a coffee, watching Tiffany as he did. She was eighteen and had turned into an absolute stunner; good looks, blonde hair and a figure most men would die to get near. She was ready for her job in a restaurant/breakfast bar and wore black pumps, white knee high socks, a short plain skirt and that blouse that looked way too small for her bust. The buttons strained and he thought if she breathed in too quickly, they might just pop open.

“You know what?” he said, sitting at the table next to her. “I think it’s about time your boss got you a new blouse. That one looks a bit small.”

Tiffany Taksim Escort looked down at herself. “Or maybe my boobs are just a bit too big?” she said with a giggle.

“I’m not sure boobs could ever be too big.” Ellis said, grinning.

“You would say that. It’s obvious you’re a boob man, dad.” Tiffany said. “I mean mom’s got a hell of a rack on her.”

“Yes, she has.” Ellis agreed. “It’s probably the main reason I asked her out all those years ago. When I met her she was wearing a blouse just like yours . . . with the exception that her top three buttons were undone.”

Tiffany raised an eyebrow. “Like this?” she said, and undid the top three buttons. Her huge tits strained forward, pushed up by the bra she was wearing. Ellis stared at his daughters enormous cleavage and felt his dick getting hard. “What would mom think if she saw you staring at my boobs like that?” Tiffany asked.

“She’d wonder if you were just going to tease me or show me everything.” Ellis said.

Tiffany sat back in her chair and undid the remaining buttons, pulled her blouse open and, all the while watching her father’s face, pulled the cups of her bra down, finally revealing her tits to his gaze.

“Now what would mom think?” she asked.

“She’d remind you that I said everything.”

Not really believing his luck, Ellis watched his daughter spread her legs, lifting one foot up and resting it on Taksim Escort Bayan the seat. Tiffany reached down and grabbed the small thong that barely covered her pussy and pulled it to one side, running her fingers through her lips and then licking them clean.

“You know, we’re being really naughty, daddy.” Tiffany said, her fingers returning to her pussy and slipping inside. “But you’ve got me . . . mmm . . . so worked up . . . I just have to fuck myself.” Ellis watched her finger her sopping pussy with first two then three fingers. “If only . . . uhhhh . . . there was . . . a big, hard cock . . . doing this.”

Her father needed no further invitation and stood, undoing his trousers and boxers. Taking his big dick in hand, he knelt and with no subtlety, thrust his entire length into Tiffany’s cunt.

“Oh fuck yes!” Tiffany cried as her father fucked her, his cock sawing in and out of her tight pussy.

“You like that, baby?” he asked. “You like daddy’s cock in your cunt?”

“God yes!” his daughter moaned as he fucked her. He grabbed her huge tits and pinched her nipples as his cock ploughed in and out of her pussy. “I’ve wanted this . . . for so . . . fucking long, daddy.”

“All you had to do was ask, honey.” Ellis said. “If I’d known . . . you were this easy . . . I’d have fucked you . . . a long time ago.”

Tiffany reached down between them and grasped his slick cock as he Escort Taksim fucked her. “Mmm . . . my daddy’s big cock . . . fucking me . . . fucking me hard . . . and fast.” Her hand went lower and Ellis felt her slip a finger into her own asshole while he fucked her pussy.

“You like it in the ass, too, you slut?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Tiffany said, whimpering for a moment as her father pulled his dick from her pussy. He lowered it and pushed forward, slipping into her tight butt hole. “Oh God! Oh daddy . . . fuck my ass!” she moaned. Ellis pushed more of his cock into her ass, inch after inch sliding into her tight, hot butt. He briefly wondered whether his wife Lisa, Tiffany’s mother, could hear the noise they were making up stairs but there was no way he could stop himself right now. He fucked Tiffany’s ass as hard as he could, cramming as much of his cock inside her backdoor until he could feel his cum building.

“Are you a slut?” he asked his daughter.

“Yes, daddy . . . I love being a slut . . . a dirty whore.”

“Let’s find out . . . how dirty you are.” Ellis said before pulling his cock out of her ass. He stood up and thrust his cock into Tiffany’s mouth, grinning as she eagerly accepted it. She took hold of his dick and sucked and licked it hungrily, jacking on him as she felt his orgasm approach. He groaned as he shot spurt after spurt of jism into her mouth before she moved back and let him shoot another load over her face and tits, wanking his cock until he’d finished.

“Any time you want me, daddy, all you have to do is say.” Tiffany said.

“Just like your mother.” Ellis chuckled as he watched her scoop up his cum off her tits and lick her fingers clean.

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