Daddy’s Little Valentine

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Hi, my name is Jessica, and I’m twenty two years old. I live at home with my father and two younger brothers. Mom died a few years back, and I know the boys (dad included) would have a tough time without a woman’s touch around the house.

But it wasn’t until Valentine’s day, last year, when I discovered just how much they really needed me. Dad would be working late, as usual, and the boys both had dates. After I enjoyed a nice bubble bath, I slipped my terry robe on and was in the kitchen putting dinner together when Mark walked in.

“I thought you had a date tonight.” he said as he sat down at the table.

“I thought so too, until he canceled. Said something about having to visit his grandmother, but I happened to be at the grocery store when I saw him and his “grandmother” picking out videos to watch. Funny how his granny looks to be about twenty years old.” I whined.

Mark left without a word, not even an “I’m sorry to hear” or anything. But he returned in a moment, and handed me a box.

“Here, these are for you.” he mumbled as he thrust the box of candy towards me.

“Oh! How sweet! Thank you! But aren’t these for your girlfriend?” I queried.

“I don’t have a girlfriend…at least not any more. Seems she has something against twenty year old guys who still live at home.”

“I’m so sorry! You deserve better anyway.” I gave him a quick hug as I set the box on the table. “Besides, didn’t you say she was just a tease anyway?” I remembered I was only wearing a short terry robe with nothing on underneath, so I turned back to the counter. “I can probably work two dinners out of this, if you’re interested.”

“Sure, if it’s not too much trouble.”

As we plopped down together on the couch, I flicked the TV on.

“Sorry Mark, all I rented was chick flicks. I was expecting to be alone tonight.”

“That’s OK. “You’ve got mail” is pretty good…for a chick flick.”

After about twenty minutes of Meg Ryan, Mark got up.

“Sorry sis, I’ve had enough of this. I’ll be in my room.”

Ten more minutes of Tom Hanks, and I found my mind wandering. It was upsetting that these guys on the screen had such a great relationship going, and I can’t even get laid. I noticed Mark left his drink on the coffee table, so I grabbed it and headed for his room, figuring he might get thirsty. As I pushed the door open, I found the room to be dark, except for the glow of the TV. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, and I quickly realized that he was watching a porn flick. My eyes searched for him, and saw him sitting on the floor, with his back to me, propped up against his bed. Apparently he didn’t know I was in the room, and obviously I wasn’t paying attention, because it was only when I flopped down next to him, that I noticed he was stroking his cock. He quickly covered up, and was so embarrassed, he couldn’t say anything. I was a bit shocked as well, but tried to make a recovery.

“Uh…you left you’re drink downstairs.” was all I could muster.

“Thanks” was his response.

“You know, what you were doing was perfectly natural.” I said as I patted his knee.

“Not when it’s in front of your sister.” he responded, still red faced.

“I don’t mind.” I have no idea where that came from. He looked at me with sadness in his eyes. I think it was the whole “being alone on Valentine’s Day” thing that got to me. My fingers slowly slid from his knee up the inside of his thigh to the pup tent that formed in his sweat pants.

“You’re right about Tammy, she was a tease.” he said, breaking the silence. “In fact, you’re doing more now than she ever did.” he said as he opened his legs up a bit more. I felt so sorry, and yet at the same time, felt it was my duty to take care of my younger brother.

“Well then, let’s do this right! Stand up!” I ordered. As he rose, I pulled the sweats down around his ankles. “Now lay back on the bed.” Laying my head on his Bakırköy Escort chest, I began to slowly stroke his penis. It has been so long since I touched another man, I didn’t feel like this was my brother. As thoughts flew through my head, I found myself inching closer and closer to his cock. Squeezing hard, a drop of fluid oozed out, and instinctively, I reached out and licked it off. The groan of approval was all the encouragement I needed.

I repositioned myself between his legs and began an all out assault with my tongue. I lapped and licked and sucked, and it became apparent this was his first oral experience. I knew he was about to cum, and I wanted it badly. I pumped furiously, and when the time was right, I sucked him hard and deep. His body came off the bed with each spasm, flooding my mouth with his warm salty cum. Looking up from between his thighs, I could see the sweat on his brow as he tried to catch his breath.

“Wow! That was incredible!” he finally managed between pants.

“Yeah, and now I’m going to tell dad!” We both turned towards the door where our nineteen year old brother, Billy, was standing, smiling.

“Hey! How long have you been spying on us?” Mark screamed.

“Long enough to know what you two were doing!”

“Besides, I thought you had a date, Mr. captain of the football team.” I piped in.

“I got dumped.” he said softly as he sat on the edge of the bed. “I mean, she was a bitch anyway, but to be dumped on Valentine’s day? That sucks!” Suddenly Billy was quiet, and obviously heart broken.

“Well, maybe we can cheer you up!” I offered, as I put my arm around his shoulders.

“Only if you’re going to do the same thing you did to Mark…I’m sorry, I didn’t really mean that. I was just jealous…and frustrated. I haven’t had a…you know…a real date in months.”

Now at this point, I really don’t know what came over me, but I stood up and pushed Billy onto his back. “So you want the same thing as Mark, huh?” I said as I tugged at the buttons on his Levis.

“No sis, I was just kidding!” he said, putting up a weak struggle.

“So are you saying you’re going to stop me if I try to suck on your cock?” I said with a devilish grin, rubbing his now growing erection. His only response was a groan as I fished his cock out of his boxers.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” I said as I quickly began to suckle on his throbbing member. With my head down and my butt up, my short robe began to ride up my waist, allowing a breeze to cool my overheated pussy. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mark move off the bed, and in seconds, I felt a wonderful tongue sliding up and down my crack. It moved from my chocolate starfish down to my dripping pussy and back, rapidly bringing me to a boil. Just as I trembled into a much needed orgasm, Billy shot his load into my waiting mouth. I sucked for all I was worth, swallowing every salty drop he could fire. I licked and sucked until he was somewhat limp, then remembered how late it was getting.

“Oh shit! We better clean up before dad gets home!” I said, knowing he could be here any minute.

“Too late.” I heard Mark say. It wasn’t what he said that bothered me. It was where his voice was coming from, and it wasn’t from between my legs. I slowly turned around to see who owned that exquisite tongue that was so expertly driving me nuts. He stopped long enough to speak.

“Honey, I wanted you ever since you hit puberty.” he said with his face covered in my juices.

“Oh daddy! Shut up and keep licking!” I yelled.

“So Jessica, what are you gonna give dad for Valentine’s day?” Billy asked with a grin.

“Anything…he…wants!” I panted between mini orgasms. I knew daddy hadn’t dated since mom died, and I already knew what he was going to get. Let’s face it, every good girl fantasizes about doing daddy, and I had done this countless times in my head.

“OK boys, Bakırköy Escort Bayan make room for daddy!” I said, ushering them off Mark’s bed. Pushing daddy back, I lifted his legs up and over so he was in the middle of the bed. I took his shoes and socks off, then started to unbuckle his belt when he spoke.

“Honey, you don’t have-” I put my finger to his lips and quickly whispered into his ear.

“Daddy, I’m going to suck your cock until you fill my mouth with cum, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” My mouth moved from his ear to his lips where I softly kissed him, slowly pushing my tongue out just enough to lick his lips. He answered me by opening his mouth and darting his tongue out to meet mine. That sweet tongue that just moments before was caressing my pussy was now sending chills up and down my spine. I unbuttoned his shirt and grazed my fingers across his hairy chest. There was no resistance as I unzipped his pants and pulled them from his legs. Looking down, I was awed at the sight of a man who filled the bed. Not just a man, but a hero, my hero, who held my hand for twenty two years. A man who lived his life to make mine better, even after losing his life partner. It is now time to give back some of that love, and what better day to start than Valentine’s day.

After folding his pants and laying them down, I crawled back onto the bed, pushing his legs apart as I neared the object of my worship. All three of them have the same shape and length cock, except daddy’s appeared to be thicker. In my typical heads down butt up position, I began running my tongue over the veiny surface. It grew very quickly, and was definitely thicker and longer than the boys’ when it reached full throb. His balls felt heavy in my hand, and his musky smell reminded me of his shirts that I would wear when he was at work. I loved his smell.

His cock definitely stretched my lips, but my mouth watered so much in anticipation of what was to come, it slid in and out with ease.

“Uh…honey, you better move your mouth!” he said reluctantly.

“Ungh?” was all I could get out.

“I’m about to burst, and I don’t want to drown you with this massive load I have been saving!” That is what he said, but all I heard was “Suck down my load of honey, Honey!”

“Cum in my mouth, daddy!” I said quickly. I used both hands, and sucked as hard as I could, swirling my tongue around the head at the same time. With a mighty grunt, he filled my mouth with one spurt. I quickly swallowed, but the cum was flowing as if it were coming from a garden hose. Even after six gulps, the cum pooled onto his belly.

“Oh man, I warned you!” he said with a grin.

“I made a mess all over you! I’m so sorry daddy!” I said, almost in tears.

“That’s OK!” he laughed, happy that so much stress has been relieved from his aching balls.

“No it’s not!” I said, as I began to lap up every drop of cum I could find. “I should have been able to swallow it all!” He moaned with each pass of my tongue. “I’m just going to have to keep trying until I get it right.” I said, shooting him a devilish grin.

I was so caught up in what I was doing, that I hadn’t even realized that Billy was licking and fingering my cunt. I did figure it out when that warm fuzzy feeling soon invaded my body, and I shuttered into another climax. I crawled up and straddled daddy, laying my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beat and his strong breaths as they slowed back to a normal pace. As I lay there, I felt his cock twinge between my thighs.

“Oh! Does daddy want to fuck his little girl?” I asked as I squirmed around on top of him. He didn’t answer, but the look in his eyes told me what I wanted to know. Reaching back, I hefted his cock, and aimed it towards my hole.

“Damn your tight!” he said as he tried to push that monster into me. With a little wiggling, we managed to get it most of the way in. Escort Bakırköy After some wild humping, he indicated that he wanted to be on top.

“I need to be able to pull out before I cum inside you.” he said as he began some long, slow strokes. I just nodded as he pistoned in and out of my near virginal pussy. I only had sex once, and it was only a blur. We were both drunk, I was surprised he was even able to put a condom on, much less find my pussy. But that was years ago, and long forgotten.

I was in one continuous orgasm, and didn’t want it to end, but I could tell daddy was getting close.

“Tell me when your close, and I’ll suck you off!” I whispered in his ear as I had both arms wrapped around his neck.

“In about ten seconds!” he groaned back. I quickly wrapped my long legs around his waist and held on tight. I wasn’t about to let go yet.

There was no way he could stop himself, and I could feel each spurt of cum as it hit the insides of my pussy. I held on until I could feel him soften. then slowly released my death grip on him.

I looked over to see both Mark and Billy standing there with erections in hand, not knowing exactly what to do.

As daddy rolled off me, I turned to Billy. “OK Billy, let’s see what you can do!” I spread my legs apart as Billy climbed up onto the bed. His cock disappeared into my sloppy pussy without much effort, and in ten minutes he was adding another load to my sperm filled womb. As he pulled out, a stream of cum trickled down my crack. I flipped over onto my knees, pointing my butt skyward, in an effort to not soak Mark’s bed.

“It might be sloppy, but your welcome to fuck me too, Mark!” I said as Mark surveyed the situation. He got on his knees behind me and pushed his cock into the cum. There was very little resistance, and it became apparent after a minute that this might not work. Animal instinct took over, and after a few thrusts, he pulled out and gently pushed towards my little pucker.

“Ohhh, not my butt!” I said, pulling away from him.

“Please sis! I’ll be careful!” he pleaded. “Just an inch, OK?” he asked as he rubbed the head of his cock around my butt.

“OK, just an inch, but if I say stop, you better stop!” I warned.

He pushed his cock into my pussy one last time, covering it in slimy cum, then hoisted it to my sphincter. We were so well lubricated, that his cock popped in with only a slight push. At first it was a bit uncomfortable, but Billy helped by fingering my pussy. Soon I was rocking back and forth on about two inches of rock hard cock, and actually liked the feeling of fullness.

But then Billy went and screwed things up. He found my clit, and rubbed it between his fingers. Normally this would set me off, but with this strange new intrusion, it tripled the sensations coursing through my body. Planting my hands firmly on the mattress, I thrust my body back, impaling myself on Mark’s wonderful cock. He grabbed my hips as I squeezed him tightly with my butt muscles. Between Billy’s fingers, Mark’s cock, and the way his balls softly slapped my pussy lips, I was going nuts. With teeth clenched, sweat dripping off my body, and my fingers digging into the bed, I came harder than I had ever cum before. Mark was just finishing as I was coming down from that wild ride. I could feel each shot of cum as he filled my bowels with pleasure juice.

Over the next week, I never bothered getting dressed, as the guys all took turns filling me with cum. My pussy throbbed, my ass hurt and my jaws ached, but you know, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

After dumping what felt like a quart of cum into my cunt, daddy turned to me.

“Boy, I’m glad you’re on the pill!” he said, laying on the carpet with a sore cock.

“Uh daddy, there’s something I should probably tell you…”

Well, it’s been several months since Valentine’s day, and a few things have changed. Daddy has a new wife, and they are expecting a child soon. Both Mark and Billy have a girlfriend, and they are in heaven with all the sex they have been getting. And me? I’m married to my hero, and we’re expecting a baby soon. Oh and I have two boyfriends on the side. You figure it out.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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