Daddy’s Little Girl

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I swear I never meant for this to happen. I’m not that kind of guy. All I did was make some comments…

A bunch of guys from work and I take a trip once a year. Usually no place fancy, just a nice hotel somewhere to relax for a weekend and let loose. The first couple years, it was just me and four or five other guys from the office. But eventually there were more married guys in this group than there were singles, and so after a few years the wives and even kids came. As far as families go, I had the second oldest in the group. I’d been married for over twenty years, had five kids, and I was one of the few original members of the group who didn’t mind having the women and children around, even though I made it sound to the guys like I did.

In fact, I even had to beg my wife to come this year. Though even my youngest had just more or less outgrown wanting to come along, I still wanted to keep this a somewhat family tradition. My wife had other plans to be with her sister on the same weekend, but we made a deal that she would show up a day after me so we could be together.

Anyway, on this latest trip, the group of friends had grown to six, which included three newcomers. One guy–the guy with the family even older than mine–had opted not to go for the first time since the tradition began, and another regular had changed jobs. It made me feel older, especially since the three new guys were now the only single men left. Even though there were only two of us now with kids, the third regular was married.

Bringing the three younger guys–who were both in their upper twenties (the rest of us ranged from me, at 46, to 32)–turned out to be great boost for the rest of us. They reminded us of our own first year, when we had been so reckless and crude and, well, fun. One day into the trip, and I’d laughed harder than I had in years. I’d also drank more, though not enough to get stupid. It was turning out to be the best trip since it all began.

But on the second night, as the six of us guys sat at the near-empty pool playing poker and taking shots, something happened that would leave a mark not just on the trip, but two lives. The hotel was small, with just a dozen stories, but it did have an indoor pool that the rest of the building surrounded. Each room had a window looking out into the parking lot or whatever was outside, while the door sat on the pool side. Typical hotel that I’m sure most people have stayed in. Because we go on this trip during the off season, and we try to book on off days, it was very empty. I only knew of about a dozen other people in the whole place other than our group.

And a few of them were swimming in the pool not twenty feet from us. One of the new guys at our table, Burt, remarked about how attractive one of them was. Over the course of three or four hands of poker and endless shots of tequila, he kept going on and on about this beauty in the pool, getting more and more descriptive about what he wanted to do with her, and what he wanted her to do to him.

Sitting with my back to the pool, I had to turn all the way around for my own glimpse. I took a look and saw instantly what he was talking about; a petite blonde wearing a bikini with a nice little body on her. Not wanting my eyes to linger–this girl’s family was spread all about in the pool with her–I only gave myself time to admire her tight little ass. Never got to confirm Burt’s description of her breasts because she had her back to me through my whole glance.

Burt kept going on about this girl though, and even started calling over to her after a while, saying things like, “nice dive”, while hiding his flirting by showing interest in the other people at the pool, too, asking where they were from, things like that.

In my younger days, I would’ve been right there with him, but I’d changed, of course. And I still hadn’t heard from my wife, who was supposed to be arriving sometime soon. She was either going to have to call me or walk right up to me for the room key. I didn’t really want to be leering at some young blonde when she strolled up with her bags. So, though I laughed and enjoyed hearing about it, at first I kept my mouth shut and my eyes on the table.

But then my wife called. Said she was with Meg and Patty, the other guys’ wives, and that she’d come for the key later. Apparently she’d run into the wives as they were leaving for a movie in the multiplex down the block. She didn’t have time to even drop her bags off.

Though I take all the blame for what happened, I would’ve been fine if my wife hadn’t checked in with that phone call.

See, since I now knew my wife was busy and would be at least a couple hours, and she wouldn’t be sneaking up on me, I also knew I could let loose and let my mouth run. So even though I wasn’t watching the girl like the other guys, I chipped in my own filthy language, saying some things that were more alcohol than me, but enjoying it all the same. I gave some tips, shared bits of fantasies, and recalled Ataköy Escort my favorite carnal moments that I would love to live through again. Everyone else at the table joined in, and we all shared stories and laughs.

I wasn’t even aware how serious Burt’s flirting had become with the girl at the pool until he stood up and invited her over. I became very shy all of the sudden, because I was still sober enough to remember the things we’d all been talking about. I realized we were probably talking pretty loud, and this girl had probably heard more than we’d wanted. But the worst was when, bashfully, I got my first real, close-up look at the girl in the bikini as she came up from behind me to our table.

She didn’t even bother with a towel, so when I glanced over at her, she was not only still dripping wet, but covered by nothing more than that tiny bikini, which looked even smaller up close. She didn’t have a tiny body like I’d first thought when I saw her briefly from across the room, and I only say that because nowadays, tiny means you can count her ribs, which I couldn’t. But hers was a slender body with subtle hips and a fairly tight little tummy. Above, her breasts filled the bikini top perfectly, and they stood high and close together, making some deep cleavage that I had to pry my eyes from so that I could keep looking up, up…into the eyes of my very own daughter.

Hanna had gone through a lot of changes over the last year. A former fan of the goth look, not long after her 18th birthday she finally changed her long hair back to blonde, lost interest in the heavy black make-up, and took up interest in tanning her very pale skin. She was now the beauty I remembered from three or four years ago, though I certainly didn’t recall her having this amazing of a body. Her goth cloths had never showed much of her form, and now, seeing her in a bikini I didn’t even know she owned, gave me a good look at how much she’d filled out over the past year.

The guys who knew Hanna wouldn’t have recognized her because they always knew her as the goth child who spent these trips in the hotel room with a book. And I didn’t recognize her because of three reasons: one, Hanna had denied the original invitation, just like all the other kids had this year. Two, my wife never mentioned Hanna had come, or that she was staying behind instead of going along to the movies. And three, the last time I’d seen Hanna–and in fact, every day of her life—she’d had long hair. Hanna had never let her hair get shorter than a foot. But an historical haircut had apparently taken place since I left for this trip, because now it barely covered her neck.

I didn’t know what to say, but fortunately my silence wasn’t noticed by the others. The guys who had met Hanna before not only didn’t recognize her new look, but they were impaired by three hours of hard drinking. I crossed my fingers, hoping the secret was safe, but still wondering how to handle it. I couldn’t very well suddenly tell everyone this was my daughter. Not after the things they’d said. Not after the things I’d said.

The only other one who knew about this was, of course, Hanna. But she didn’t react as I would’ve imagined. I suspected she’d heard me say those dirty things about her, but hoped she knew I was only saying them because I thought she was someone else. If there was any doubt, I relied on my expression upon seeing her face to send that message of mistaken identity.

Well, maybe it was the liquor. Maybe I had gotten myself too worked up. Maybe I’ll never know. But whatever expression I did give apparently didn’t get my message across, because Hanna started flirting with the guys right in front of me, even to me! She pretended as if she didn’t know a one of us, even though she was acquainted with two, not to mention me. When Burt asked her to join us, she accepted and pulled up a chair, wearing nothing but that skimpy bikini and beads of water. But the real shocker was when she introduced herself as Kim.

As time passed, Hanna and I got better at pretending we were strangers. But that didn’t mean things were looking up. Though she did decline alcohol on the basis of being too young, Hanna did show her naughty side when, after Burt’s mouth kept running with filth, she eventually joined in, a point that culminated with this question, directed to me.

“I like your idea,” she said, referring to something I’d said, apparently too loudly, before I knew Hanna was the blonde. “Watching.”

She was referring to when I’d said I’d always wanted to watch a couple have sex, with their knowledge. Kind of a private sex show.

“Maybe we could arrange something,” she teased, talking to both me and Burt.

This seemed to have crossed a line. For one thing, it cemented the idea that ‘Kim’ was indeed interested in going back to Burt’s room. But it also made the married guys uncomfortable, if not jealous. Helping to break the tension, Patty had called in for the wies, saying the movie was out Ataköy Escort Bayan and that they were going to go to dinner. The married guys both took just minutes to decide they better get some food before they get sick, and they went off to meet them. The two single guys, sans Burt, went with them.

I know the guys all expected me, happily married with a family for so long, to go with them rather than accept this wild invitation. Whether it was my daughter or not, this was not something a guy was supposed to do behind his wife’s back. So I went with them, leaving Burt and my daughter alone at the pool.

The restaurant the girl’s were going to was just next door, so we walked. We were halfway across the parking lot when one of the forces battling inside my head finally declared itself victorious. I faked like I felt I was going to throw up, then told the guys that I’d had too much to drink, and that I was going to rest back in my room for a few and I’d catch up with them in time for dessert. I was on my way back to the hotel so fast that I didn’t even get a notion of whether or not they bought it.

In truth, as hammered as I was, I felt fine and knew exactly what I was doing. I couldn’t back down from my daughter’s dare. Till the day I die, I will blame what I did on alcohol, but I’ll always know I knew well enough to avoid this, if that was what I’d really wanted.

I was back fast, but not fast enough. Burt and Hanna were gone from the pool room. I went to Burt’s room. Knocked on the door. Burt opened it. He understood immediately (except for the daughter part of course). Always the devil’s advocate, I knew Burt would be excited to tempt me to the dark side for the evening and let me watch him fuck this cute stranger. It gave him a chance to show off, which he loved to do.

I looked past him, to Hanna, who was standing next to the bed, still wearing that bikini.

“Were you serious?” I asked, my mouth dry. “About wanting me to see you?”

“Only if you’re serious about wanting to watch,” she said with a smile.

I didn’t say anything. I just swallowed hard, then stepped into the room and let the door shut and lock behind me. Just like that, my whole body was shaking and I went into a cold sweat. I felt lightheaded from the danger, but I was also as excited as I’d ever been in my life. My heart pounded.

For a moment, Hanna acted as if I wasn’t even there. Like this was just a normal thing, and my presence wasn’t odd enough to warrant paying attention to. Burt was talking to me, then to her, back and forth, but I couldn’t tell you a thing he said. I was captivated with the sight of my sweet little girl and the knowledge of what I was about to watch her do.

She helped Burt throw the comforter and sheets off the bed so they had a big, clean white stage on which to perform. Still in her bathing suit and still drying only by air, it was evident that Hanna was getting chills, as her nipples made large lumps in her top. But she declined a towel or blanket. She said, and I quote, “I’ll be getting hot enough very soon”.

She looked at me after she said this. It was a knowing look, as if to communicate “You’re in for a real treat, Daddy”. This made me stumble a little for the support of the nearest wall. Until that moment, she’d pretended very well not to know me. To a certain point, she’d even convinced me that she was, in a matter of thinking, actually Kim tonight, and not my daughter. But that look had “Hanna” all over it, and she knew it. She wasn’t going to let me forget or pretend that she was somebody else.

“Why don’t you sit down?” Hanna asked me, using the same casual tone as if this were a normal thing for a dad and daughter to do. She’d used that some tone and voice when she asked me, just days ago, what we were having that night for dinner.

I found a chair facing the bed and sat down. My eyes never left Hanna. She climbed onto the bed and sat on the edge, facing me. Burt, wearing only his boxers, sat down beside her and put his arm around her, then moved in for a kiss. But Hanna dodged him and looked to me.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable?” she asked me. “I mean, I don’t mind if you want to jerk off while we do it. That would actually be pretty hot.”

It took me a couple seconds, but I eventually gave a response. “No, um, I’m…I’m okay.”

Hanna smiled and gave a little giggle. The same giggle I’d heard a thousand times, but not recently. And never inspired by something this unthinkable. She shrugged, turned to Burt, and they kissed.

It didn’t shock me as much as I thought it would to see my nearly nude daughter kiss my nearly nude co-worker. Of course, they were both in what amounted to swim suits, more or less, and they were just kissing. But soon they were really kissing. I could hear their lips smacking and sucking on each other. I could see Burt’s cheek puff out as my daughter swept her tongue across it inside his mouth. I heard both of them moaning and breathing.

Burt’s Escort Ataköy hand started on Hanna’s knee, then to her thigh, then up to her breast. He massaged her until she moaned and put her hand on his thigh. He stopped only long enough to slip his hand under her bikini and hold her soft, wet tit directly in his palm.

They continued to make out, and soon Burt moved his hand under the top to cup her other breast, pushing the bikini up in the process. From my point of view, my daughter’s right tit was in Burt’s hand, and her left tit was hidden behind his forearm, but I seen enough to get blood rushing through my body. Just a few feet away, my daughter was essentially topless, and I was going to see her naked breasts at any second.

Hanna broke the kiss and turned more toward Burt. He lowered his hand, giving me that first real look. Her tits were incredible. Not as big as her mother’s, but far more perfect and ripe, each topped with a fat, dark pink nipple and puffy areola.

Hanna pulled her bikini top off entirely and dropped it at my feet while instructing Burt to take off his boxers, which he did in a flash.

Burt made some joke or comment about me being the only guy he’d even shown his erection to, but all I really heard was my daughter, saying things as she stared between Burt’s legs.

“Oh, that’s really nice,” she said, as if she were commenting on a dress someone was showing her. “It’s pretty big. This is going to be fun. I love sucking cock.” She directed Burt back on the edge of the bed so that I could see his profile. Then she crawled between his legs and looked over to me.

“What do you think? What should I do?”

I didn’t want to speak. I didn’t even want to be there. I just wanted to see.

“Come on, man,” Burt teased. “Don’t leave me hanging like this!”

“I think you should suck it,” I said nervously.

“You’re the boss,” Hanna smiled, and at those words I about died in that chair. “You’re the boss” was Hanna’s thing to say. Whenever I’d tell her to do something, whether happy to oblige or pissed off, she’d respond with “You’re the boss”. She never said this to her mother. Only to me.

And then I watched my daughter dip down, open wide, and take Burt’s cock into her mouth. She bobbed on him, sucking hard enough to make the occasional slurping sounds, and salivating enough to get Burt’s whole length and even his balls glistening in the first minute. I was captivated by the sight of her lips rolling up and down his hard shaft, of her jaw working as she opened and closed for him. With her new short haircut, I always had a view of most of her face; my daughter’s face with a big hard dick in it.

Hanna would occasionally release Burt’s dick to lick him with just her tongue. When she did this she favored licking the right side of his cock because it allowed her to look past the dick and right at me. Once or twice, between the transitions from sucking to licking, she even gave me a warm smile.

When Burt’s panting and groaning had reached a peak level, Hanna stopped sucking him. She took his wet cock in her hand and stroked it fast as she looked up to him even though his eyes were shut and his head was thrown back with pleasure.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked. “Huh? Do you want to fuck me now?”

“Yes,” he grunted.

“No,” she said, giving me another smile as she released him from her grip. “I want to suck those big balls first.”

She sat back, and before she could get into position, Burt grabbed her gently and pulled her to him for an aggressive, hungry kiss. She kissed him back, and after a while even thrust her chest out. Whether he even knew this or not, I don’t know, but she got what she wanted, because suddenly Burt broke the kiss and moved his lips down to her breasts and sucked and licked them all over. Hanna clearly loved it, and arched her back even more as he continued. She grabbed his head and held Burt to her chest and was soon moaning with her eyes tightly closed.

I had a hand on my erection and absent-mindedly began to rub it through my pants as I watched Hanna react to Burt’s attention. I was so engrossed that I didn’t even notice when she had opened her eyes and trained them on me. But when we did at last make eye contact again, I was either too turned on or too frightened to look away. Hanna just gave that smile; the smile of a daughter to her dad, but tonight, also something much, much more.

“Okay,” she said, pushing Burt’s head back to signal that she’d had enough. She kissed him long enough to swirl her whole tongue through his whole mouth, then said, “How about a little 69?”

She guided Burt again, who, usually the more dominant kind of guy, was becoming putty in my daughter’s apparently expert hands. She laid on her back on the bed with her head hanging just of the foot so that she was facing me, though upside-down. Burt planted his feet on the floor, leaned over the foot of the bed, and laid his body over hers until he was, though I couldn’t see from my position, face to face with my daughter’s crotch. I saw her raise her legs, and I saw Burt slide her bikini bottoms up and off them. And then he dove back down and was instantly moaning, his sounds now muffled by Hanna’s pussy as he devoured it.

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