Daddy’s Girl Falls in Love Ch. 01

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I laid in bed half asleep, half awake. Suddenly I could feel the presence of a person nearby. I didn’t wake up though, no matter what, I always felt safe in this house. I could feel an arm wrap around me tight, right under my breasts. A scratchy beard rubbed against my shoulder, then lips and then a soft kiss. The hand slid down then began to rub my inner thighs, as the lips placed more kisses. My body convulsed, forcing me to open my eyes. I giggled and turned to peck the lips of the intruder. Luckily it was just daddy. Daddy was just doing his normal waking-baby-up routine. He loved to cuddle and touch my soft, hairless skin. Ever since I dropped out of college I’ve been living with my dad and my half brother. Finn didn’t like daddy as much as I did, and he thought we spent too much time together, but I think he’s just jealous. Daddy pulled me over him and I straddle his waist, as we went over the days plan. Daddy was going to work a long shift today so he didn’t have to work tomorrow. Daddy said he was going to surprise me, tomorrow was Valentine’s Day after all. “I love you!” I giggled. He pulled me in, and his lips sucked and tickled my neck. It leaves a big red mark. Daddy said it’s how he let others know I was his little girl.

Daddy went to work while I stayed at home, wasting the day away waiting for daddy. At around 3:30 Finn came home. He had brought two friends over and ignored me. After an hour one of his friends, Nat, approached me. “Hey I was wondering if you could be the life guard while we swim.”

“Of course!” I rubbed his head. Finn rolled his eyes in the background while the other boy hid his laughing fit. We changed into our bathing suits. I wore a cute yellow bikini, and left my hair down. While the boys swam I read “Such a Pretty Girl”, a book I found in daddies library. I often glanced to make sure the boys weren’t fighting or drowning each other. Each time, I made I contact with Nat, while Finn avoided eye contact at all costs. “Man it sure is hot, hope I don’t get sunburned.” I exclaimed loudly. I pulled out a tube of sunscreen, and began lathering my legs. “Oh no I can’t reach! Can one of you boys put some sun tan lotion on my back?” Nat volunteered while Finn and his other friend continued to swim. I laid on my stomach and Nat rubbed some lotion through his hands then slowly massaged it into my skin. He was very gentle and curiously stopped when he got to my hips and thighs. “If the bikinis in the way you could slide it down a little” I teased. He blushed and finished Esenyurt Escort quickly. I ended up jumping into the pool and swimming for about an hour. I crawled out and reached for a towel.

“Hey jess.” Finn walked over. “Can Mathew and Nat sleep over.”

“I don’t care as long as I don’t have to cook.”

“Sweet lets play samurai slayer all night!” They ran inside, nat stared at my dripping, tight bikini, before running off and joining them.

I ran a bath and sat there completely submerged except for my head. After a few minutes of dozing off I decided it would be a good idea to actually get clean. I worked body wash through my hands and began to rub it over my shoulders and chest. I massaged my boobs and quickly moved on, I felt uncomfortable touching myself even though the slightest touch made me very hot. I dried myself then got into bed and waited for daddy to tuck me in before remembering he wasn’t coming home until late.

I restlessly slept through the morning expecting daddy to wake me up as usual but he didn’t. I crept out of bed and tip-toed passed Finns room. I was able to get a glimpse in. It was empty, they must’ve went to school. I crept into daddys room, he was rolled in his comforter. I crawled across his bed and laid down next to him and wrapped my arms around him. He stirred a bit then mumble something. “So hot..”

I cocked my head, “well that’s because, you’re wrapped in a thick blanket.” I unraveled and threw the comforter off of him. I looked down and saw daddy was completely naked. I shot back and covered my eyes. This woke Daddy up and he put his hand on my knee. “Sorry I didn’t wake you up today, princess.”

Still covering my eyes I replied. “It’s ok.”

“Oh baby girl don’t worry.” Daddy removed my hands “look, you know we’ve been living together for a while now and we’ve gotten really close” he sat up and pulled me closer. “I thought for Valentine’s Day I’d give you a present you’d never forget,” daddy took my hand “I wanted to deflower you.”

I quickly took away my hand “wha- I don’t know.”

“C’mon baby.” Daddy wrapped an arm around my waist and kissed me. I broke free and ran for the door. He jumped up and beat me there. He grabbed and tossed me onto the bed. “I was gonna go easy on you, but you know what I’m just going to have to assfuck you instead.” I backed up to the head board. He pulled my legs towards him to the edge of the bed. I tried to fight back but daddy grabbed my wrists with both hands Esenyurt Escort Bayan and lifted them over my head. With his free hand he began ripping my clothes off.

“Let me go! Please daddy!” He ignored my pleas. I was now fully naked. He dragged my arms behind my back and spread my legs wide open. His finger traced over my clit. A moan escaped my lips. Daddy spit and aggressively rubbed it in. I admit it felt really good; but I recollected myself and tried to wiggle out of his hold but he was too strong. Daddy shoved his face between my legs and licked me all over. He gnawed on my pink lips and sucked my pink mound, drinking the juices that leaked. My back arched and I moaned more and more. Daddys tongue thrust into my opening. He pulled my arms up over my body again and turned me on my side. He got behind and lifted my knee up to my chest. I kicked and pleaded with him. Daddy spread my cheeks. “No! Please stop! No!” And with that he forced his hard thick penis into my tight rear opening. I let out a loud scream, daddy shoved two fingers into my mouth to muzzle me. He thrust fast as tears ran down my face. “Oooohh!” I moaned “daddy ooh please!” Our hips moved in sync.

“Oh baby girl Ahh you ohhhh you don’t just taste good!” Daddy groaned. After minutes of non stop humping my body was temporarily paralyzed. The hand in my mouth slid down to my breast and he groped them. “Ahh” I bit my lip to stop the involuntary moans. Daddy pulled out his thick, moist dick. He gripped my ponytail and shoved himself into my mouth without warning. I could feel the tip at the back of my throat. Suddenly a warm, sticky substance began filing my mouth and throat. I began chocking.

“Drink it!” I did as I was told, I sucked clean every last drip. Daddy then tossed my limp body to the other side of the bed. Before falling asleep he whispered, “Maybe next time I can gently take your cherry.” I shivered and eventually blacked out.

It was very dark when I finally came to. I looked over to see daddy still naked and asleep. My body was still numb except for my ass, it was very sore. I threw on a robe and limped back to my room. On my way I ran into Finn holding a bowl of chips. “Woah what happened to you?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Ok?” He walked away then stopped in his tracks. “Hey I’m walking Mathew home later could you watch Nathan while I’m gone?”

“I didn’t even know they were still here. Uh sure I guess.”

“Cool.” Mathew gathered his stuff and I walked Escort Esenyurt them out.

I laid on Finns bed while Nat sat at the edge playing some video game in the dark. “Don’t you ever get tired of playing the same game over and over?”

He turned and stared at me, “What else could I do?”

“I don’t know, we could talk.”

He turned off the tv and sat near me. “What do we talk about?”

“How about why you need a life guard when you’re 18.”

“My parents worry too much, they think I’ll drown or something. You’re 21 and still live at home, why is that?”

I shrugged “I guess I always depended on my dad” I thought for a second “have you ever been in love?”

“I don’t know.”

“Me neither.”

He got up and flipped the light switch so that we could actually see. He finally got a good look at my mascara tear stained face. “Oh my god are you ok?” He ran to my side.

I offered a half smile. “Yeah, don’t worry about it.” He took my hand then noticed my bruised wrists from daddy squeezing too hard.

“Jessica this isn’t ok, what happened to you?”

“It’s grown up stuff you wouldn’t understand.”

He placed his hands on my shoulders. “Jessie, I know I’m just ‘one of your little brothers friends’, but I really care about you.” He stared deep into my eyes. I scooted closer, so my knees rested on his.

“Why?” I leaned in so the staring was more intense.

“Because,” he seemed to be lost in my eyes, I was lost in his. “Because I Iove you.” I blushed. “I’ve loved you since 7th grade. You’re the one-” before he could finish I leaned in and kissed him. He froze for a second but then kissed me back. I pushed him back and Climbed on top still kissing him. I initiated my tongue into the moment and we began making out. I could tell this was his first time but he caught on quick. He attempted to wrestle me to be on top but I had him pinned. Some steamy seconds later, I broke away.

“7th grade huh?” I began to undo the top buttons of his shirt.

“Yeah the first time we met.” I started kissing his neck down to his chest. “You had just gotten your license and it was raining” I sucked on his collarbone. He groaned “my parents were making me walk to school, to save money.”

I rubbed my nose on his jawline


“And you pulled over and took me to school, even though you were running late to your class.”

“Anyone would have.”

“Yet you were the only one.” I stopped and rested my head under his chin.

“I’m no hero.”

“Depends on the perspective.” He worked up the nerve and planted a soft kiss on my forehead. I could’ve fallen asleep right there, but I suspected Finns reaction would be less then happy. I stroked his chest until he finally dozed off, then went to my own room.

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