Daddy’s Darlin’ Ch. 01

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When I was born, my father had been put in jail for armed robbery, and my mother, then 23, met my daddy, then 20, when I was only about 2. Though he wasn’t my ‘real’ father, I had always thought of him that way, and he was the only daddy I knew.

I was just about 12 when my mom walked out on daddy and me. She left one summer to go live in the city. Said she couldn’t handle living such a ‘small’ life. Daddy and I never heard from her again. I didn’t mind too much, my mom had always been depressed, and I loved my daddy.

We lived in a small ranch in Nebraska. Daddy raised and sold cattle. We had about 10 ranch hands that stayed at the ranch during the week, but other than that it was just me and daddy.

Daddy and I had always been close; he had taught me everything I knew. There wasn’t another school for about 20 miles, and instead of taking the long hot bus ride into town, I was home schooled. Occasionally we got together with some of the other kids on nearby ranches, but as I got older, I really just stayed at home.

The day before my 18th birthday, I was so excited. I would finally be an adult! Not that I thought too many things would change, but still, what a great age to be. That night, over dinner daddy seemed pretty excited also. Going on to all the men that worked for him how his pretty little girl would be a woman, and so on. I just sat there blushing, as I could feel constant eyes looking me over.

I was well-developed, even for my age. My hair was long, and red, my skin tan from spending so much time out on the ranch. My legs were strong from endless days of horseback riding. I’d inherited my large breasts from my mother, and I think my daddy had noticed. I thought about how lonely he must be out here all the time, but than my attention turned to the clock as my daddy told me it was past my bed time.

“But, dad!” I protested.

“No darlin’, you’re not 18 yet, and your bedtime is still 10 o’clock.”

“Okay daddy…” I sighed, and jumped up from the table and went to give him a kiss. “I love you daddy,” I said.

“I love you too, pumpkin” He said, and I walked up to my room. A couple minutes after I walked away, I heard the men laughing and hollering. I figured they were all just getting drunk, and went to bed.

Morning came, and I woke up with a start. It was already 9am! I know it was my birthday, and I was now 18, but daddy would not be happy that I had slept in so late. I ran in to the bathroom, and jumped in the shower. Wanting to be, and feel, nice and pretty for my 18th birthday, I made sure to clean myself up extra well. I shaved my legs, and my underarms, and then I shaved my pussy nice and clean. I had seen this in a porn movie I had stolen from one of the ranch hands once, and had tried it and liked it so, I always shaved there. I got out of the shower, and wrapped a towel around me and walked down the hall and into my room.

I opened my door, closed it Avcılar Escort behind me, turned around and saw my daddy sitting in the arm chair across from my bed. He almost seemed to be crying.
“What’s wrong daddy?” I asked

“Nothing darlin’… You’re daddy is just lonely.”

“I’m here for you daddy. Always”

He looked up, smiled at me and winked. “I know darlin’, I know.” “Happy birthday baby,” he continued.

I smiled at him, sat down on his lap and gave him a big hug. When I did, the towel opened a bit exposing the upper parts of my inner thighs. I didn’t think too much of, but got up and went over to my closet to pick out an outfit.

Daddy chimed in, “Before you get dressed darlin’ I have a little present for you, the first of many.”

“Oh really daddy, thank you!”

He pulled out a thin rectangular box from underneath the armchair. I quickly ripped off the wrapping paper, and pulled open the box to find a white cotton dress, and tiny white g-string panties. I looked up at my daddy and said thank you.

“The dress was your mother’s, it is yours now. The panties are just something pretty I picked up for you in town. Please, wear them today.”

I smiled, and said okay, slipped the dress on over my head, pulling it down over me before dropping my towel; my wet hair dropping down over my shoulders. I then picked up the g-string, and put them on. I felt so sexy. My breasts pressed against the thin cotton fabric making my nipples hard and quite visible. Daddy asked me to turn around so he could see how the dress looked. Standing in front of the window like I was, with the sun shining through made the fabric almost sheer.

Daddy smiled at me and said, “You look beautiful baby girl. It fits you just how it fit your mother.”

“Thank you, daddy” I said.

“Now, one more thing,” daddy said with a smile.

“What’s that daddy?”

“You’re birthday spanking. You have 18 coming.” I looked up at him with a bit of fright. “You can take it darlin’, I know you can.” He said a he stood up pulling off his belt. “Now, bed over the side of your bed there.” I did as he said. He walked over to me, and pushed my hair to the side so he could see my face. Daddy pulled up the back of my dress, exposing my bare ass cheeks, with just the thin back of the g-string barely visible. Daddy leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday baby, now be a good girl, and count ‘em out.”

Mere seconds after he stood back up I felt the first slap of Daddy’s belt on my ass. “OOOOWWWW….” I screamed. “One, daddy.” Again the belt, rained down on my already aching ass. “Two, Daddy,” I whimpered. He continued the spanking, and I continued counting ‘em out until we got to the 18th one. When I said, 18, daddy, he stopped, and told me to stay right there just like I was. Daddy went into my top dresser door, and got my lotion. He returned and sat beside me still bent over the side Avcılar Escort Bayan of my bed.

“You’re such a good girl darlin’,” Daddy said as he squeezed the cold white lotion out onto my bright red ass. It felt so good. I let out a bit of a moan as daddy was rubbing the lotion in causing him to pause for just a second before continuing. Daddy squeezed more lotion onto my tender ass, and some of it ran down between my cheeks, and onto the part of the panties covering my pussy. Daddy reached his hand down to wipe it up with his finger, and as he did, he stopped. Daddy felt around on the fabric of the panties before sliding a finger under them.

“My little girl shaves herself smooth, just like her mother.” I started having a funny feeling in me with daddy’s finger there, and I tried to pull away a little. Daddy put his hand on my back, and told me to stay right there, he would take good care of me, and that everything would be okay. Daddy then stood up behind me, and pulled the g-string down my legs, and to my ankles; leaving him face to face with my already wet pussy.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself darlin’, now you be a good girl, and daddy’s going to give you another present.” He put his hands up on my ass and squeezed my cheeks causing me to flinch. Daddy then pulled my ass cheeks apart, and slipped his tongue from my asshole to my wet snatch. I jumped, and moaned at the same time.

“Oh, daddy, I screamed.” My legs were now shaking. He pressed on further, sliding his tongue down around my clit and licking up into my hole. I tried to push away, scared at these things I was feeling for the first time.

“Be a good girl darlin’ and cooperate with your daddy, or you will get another spanking!”

“Yes, daddy, I’m just scared.”

“Its okay baby, I love you.” Daddy pushed his tongue up against my clit again and I quivered. “Does daddy’s tongue feel good in you darlin’?”

“Yes daddy” I moaned as I felt his fingers brush against my smooth pussy. Daddy’s tongue continued working furiously at my clit, as he slowly slid a finger into my pussy, just a few inches. He worked that finger back and forth a few times, before removing it and licking me all over. He moved his tongue up to my asshole, and pushed hard. It hurt a bit, but felt soft and wet. I moaned a bit louder, getting close to cumming. Daddy slid two of his fingers into my pussy, and pumped them in and out a few times before pressing another finger to my tight little ass. I screamed as daddy pushed his finger through the tight muscles of his ass before it slid in knuckle deep. The pain and pleasure scrambled and became grey, and my breathing grew heavy. His fingers still pushing at my pussy, daddy slid his finger in and out of my ass slowly at first, before picking up the pace to match his other fingers. Suddenly, I jumped and my body spasmed before I let out a loud moan, and came.

“Oh daddy, oh daddy…. It feels Escort Avcılar so good. Yes daddy, thank you daddy.” My words, loud but barely coherent. Daddy slid his fingers from my pussy, and kept sliding the other one in and out of my ass. He undid his jeans and slid his pants and boxers down to his knees revealing his huge cock. It was rock hard and must have been 8 inches long. I looked back at him in fear. Daddy grabbed his cock with his free hand, and pushed the tip up against my pussy, and pushed ever so slowly until just the tip was in.

“Now darlin’, I know this hurts a little, but you’re daddy’s good little girl, and you’re going to trust me. Daddy made you feel good, now you are going to make daddy feel good.” Sassy pressed his cock into me until he felt a bit of resistance. He held himself there, still working his finger in and out of my ass. He added a second finger to the mix, and my legs, already soaked with my own cum, started to shake more.

“Oh daddy, whatever you want daddy,” I moaned. He pulled his dick back out a bit, and then slammed the whole of it balls deep into me. “I screamed out loud, and daddy quickly pulled his fingers out of my ass, and wrapped his hand around my mouth.

“Not too loud darlin’.” I could smell myself on his hand, and he kept it there as he slid his dick in and out of me. All I could do was let out a muffled moan under his hand. He pumped my pussy faster and harder, and it felt like he was going to rip me open. It started to feel good, and I could feel myself close to cumming again, and I started pushing my ass back onto daddy’s cock. He moved his hand from my mouth, grabbed my lips and started fucking me harder. My breasts bounced roughly each time he slammed himself into me, and I felt my pussy would split open. Letting out another loud moan, the muscles in my pussy started contracting, as I was cumming again. When my moans quieted down, I could feel daddy’s cock pulsate in me before he let out a grunt, pulled it out of me, and shot his warm cum out onto my ass.

Daddy knelt there behind letting out some grunting noises, and heavy breathing before sitting beside me on the bed. He picked up my head and pressed his cock to my mouth.

“Be a good girl, and clean daddy off.” I parted my lips, and he slid his half hard dick into my mouth a few times as I flicked my tongue over it trying to get it clean. I could taste my own cum mixed with his, and it felt so great, to be so close to my daddy. When I was done, I looked up at him, and smiled. He told me to get up and sit back on his lap. I stood up, and my dress slid back down into place. My nipples still hard, I sat sown on daddy’s lap.

“Now darlin’, you made daddy a very happy man. I love you baby.”

“I love you too daddy, and thank you.”

Daddy smiled back at me, and I stood up to go to the bathroom and clean myself up. On the way out of my bedroom daddy patted my ass and said, “Get yourself cleaned up and come down to breakfast.” He stuffed the white g-string panties into his pocket. “Just wear that dress today you won’t be needing these panties. Daddy has many more surprises in store for you today.”

Excited, I said, “Thank you daddy!”

“You’re welcome, darlin’.”

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