Daddy-Daughter Dance

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“Jessica, come in here. Look what I found!”, my father called from the other room. He was going through photos in an attempt to put together a video collage for my upcoming wedding. At first he started it as a surprise but since he can’t do any major project like this on his own he enlisted me for his help. My Mom died 3 years ago. I’ve always been close to my Dad but since the death of my Mom I’ve felt closer to him than ever. My upcoming wedding was bittersweet — I love my fiance, Jason. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. But I feel I am somehow abandoning my Dad. I am his only child and it’s part of the reason I haven’t moved in with Jason yet.

My parents had me young — they were both 20 — I am now 25 and my Dad is a very handsome 45 year old man. He hasn’t started dating again, which makes me sad for him. Some woman is going to be very lucky to snatch him up!

“What did you find daddy?” I walked into the room and saw him hold a photo of the two of us at one of my elementary school “daddy /daughter” dances. He looked so handsome in his dark suit and, if I say so myself, I looked rather adorable in my pink knee length dress, white tights and black patent leather shoes. I was probably about 9 or 10.

My dad was wiping a tear from his eye as I walked into the room. I started laughing at how emotional he was Beşiktaş Escort becoming in his “old age”. “This is so going into the video montage” he said, “which reminds me, what song are we dancing to at your wedding?” The wedding was two months away – I was not yet ready to think about that. “What song do you think Dad?” “Well, your mom and I always sang you ‘Thank Heavens For Little Girls.'” “Dad, that song is so old and so tacky!” I replied. “I have an idea. Let’s recreate the scene in that pic. I am sure you still fit in your suit and I will go out and get a pink dress, white tights and patent leather shoes. We can dance to that song while we practice for the Daddy / Daughter Dance at my wedding.” His face lit up at the prospect of a “date” with his daughter. “When?” he asked. “Tomorrow night” I answered. My heart jumped a bit. I have always loved being my daddy’s little girl. I used to love sitting on his lap, kissing him and hugging him. I love his after shave. He was my first man after all. I love him!

My shopping trip was a success. I got my cute little dress, a little shorter than I had planned. I found the shoes without a problem. I couldn’t find nice white tights so I settled on a pair of white thigh highs, which I prefer anyway.

The dance night arrived. I got dressed in my room and met daddy downstairs. Beşiktaş Escort Bayan He looked so handsome and smelled amazing! He had a little corsage for me. I kissed him on the cheek. He opened a nice bottle of wine and had poured two glasses.

We sat on the sofa with our wine. He told me how cute I looked and I told him how handsome he looked. When I sat down my little dress went higher than I would have liked and it revealed the top of my thigh highs and showed some of my skin. I was going to fix it but I saw my dad looking. That did something to me I didn’t expect. My heart started pounding in my chest and my face got red. I loved my dad noticing me as a woman. “Why is your face all red honey, are you ok?” Dad asked. “I am fine, it’s the wine, I think. I can’t finish it on an empty stomach. Let me so put some cool water on my face.” I went to the bathroom to cool down. While in there I got an idea, a naughty idea. I took off my panties.

Upon returning the living room I said, “That’s better. No trying to get me drunk old man. I am not that kind of girl!” Dad Laughed, the music was playing and he invited me to dance. With his hand on my waist and our hands clasped we began to dance. We hadn’t danced in years. It felt so nice with him holding me and leading. We danced through the first song and didn’t Escort Beşiktaş stop as the song changed. There as a heat growing between us, I wasn’t sure if he felt it.

As the second song became the third we started to move closer. My heart started pounding again. Both of his hands ended up on my waist and my arms were around is shoulders as I rested my head on his chest. He started rubbing by back and kissing my forehead. I have never felt such peace and security. I also started to feel our lower bodies getting closer. I was getting warm and wet — I could feel him growing against me. This was so unexpected. I had two choices — I could pull away before we crossed a line or see how far it would go. Before I could make a decision I fest his hands go lower and then under my dress to my ass. “Daddy?” I said. He said nothing but continued to caress my ass with his strong hands. I felt a finger running along the crack and in between my legs. I was soaked. I looked up at him and our lips met in a kiss unlike any other I experienced in my life. I returned his kiss more passionately that I have ever kissed anyone — even Jason.

Daddy guided me to the sofa; he got on his knees in front of me proceeded to kiss his way up my legs. When he got to my wetness he let his tongue slide over my slit. I squealed like a little girl. He did things to me I never knew could be done. Within minutes my body was shaking in an uncontrollable orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over and through me.

When I calmed down we kissed again. “I love you daddy.” – “I love you too princess”. I had a feeling our dance was not over…. more to come.

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