At One with Nature

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Nothing like a nice hot shower to make you feel better. A shiver ran down my spine as I headed back to the tent, the cooler evening wind blowing against my neck. My long dark hair still damp. Clinging to my bare shoulders and neck. My bones feeling slightly less achey than half an hour ago.

I had been camping before, when I was younger, but not for a long time. I had enjoyed it back then. Now I was 18 though, and preferred my home comforts. Especially a bed that didn’t make you wake up wondering who had tried to break your neck and back in the middle of the night. That’s if you slept at all. I hadn’t got a lot of sleep last night, and that never helped my teenage mood swings.

It was spring. Early April. Nice during the day when the sun was out, but still cold at night. The evening air on my wet hair ruining the warmth the warm water had provided.

“Things I do for him,” I muttered. It was my dad’s fault I was here. He had sold me a fun, relaxing, and ‘at one with nature’ holiday. It’ll be adventurous, he had said. I had only done one night and had so far found it about as relaxing as shoving a crispy baguette up my ass. Not my idea of adventurous. I wanted sun, sea and, yes, sex. That was my idea of a holiday. None of those was out in force on this holiday, especially the latter with my dad around.

I know, I’m spoiled. I can’t help it. But I was actually here for my dad. The way his handsome brown eyes had lit when he had suggested it had made me buckle. He wanted to spend time together and I couldn’t refuse him. I loved him dearly. Maybe too dearly.

I’d like to say that it had been a while since he had featured in one of my fantasies, but it was only last night, whilst in my sleeping bag next to his, bringing myself to a silent orgasm as I listened to his breathing.

I shook my head. Now was not the time to get worked up again. I was nearing the tent, no sign of my dad. He must of headed off for a shower too.

I pulled back the tent flap and nearly had a heart attack as something flashed past me, sprinting out of the tent. I did an embarrassing squeal before I realised it was the little Jack Russell that belonged to the tent opposite, the owner’s shouts and my return causing it to run off. I entered the tent to see what it had been up to.

“You little bastard,” I shrieked. My sleeping bag had an obvious wet patch on it. I quickly scooped it up, trying not to put my hands in the dog piss and threw it out the tent.

If I was grumpy before it was nothing compared to my new mood. I looked over at the family, readying myself to go over and complain. Then realising there was no point, it wouldn’t stop my sleeping bag being covered in piss.

“Mother fuckers,” I growled.

“You okay?” dad asked. Making me jump.

“No I’m fucking not!” I said, spinning to face him. A few minutes later and I might have calmed, but right now my anger was raw. “That fucking dogs pissed all over my sleeping bag.” I raised my voice loud enough that the family could hear and they looked over sheepishly. “Now I’ve got nothing to sleep in. Fucking place.”

“Stop swearing,” dad said, looking around. “There’s kids around.” I gave him full on evils. Not understanding why he couldn’t understand my anger.

“I don’t care,” I said, lower but still angrily. “We could have gone to a nice hotel, instead I have to sleep in this plastic shit hole in a pissy sleeping bag.”

“Han, it’s fine. We’ll…….” He started.

“I knew I would regret this,” I said.

“It’ll be fine,” he said, quietly, hurt spreading across his face. I regretted my outburst, but was way too stubborn to apologise.

“I’m getting a coffee,” I said, as I stormed off. Luckily, the on-site pub had hot drinks. Without coffee I’d be more of a grumpy shit.

It took me a while of walking, well stomping, and the coffee to calm me down. I hated my spoilt brat moments. Luckily as I grew older they became less frequent.

I took a gulp of coffee, instantly regretting my choice of drink. One, it wasn’t alcohol, and two, I’d be up all night pissing. Not ideal when it was a long walk to the toilets.

My dad was in his camping chair when I got back. A glass of red wine in his hand and one for me poured and on the fold out table. He knew how to sweeten me up. Fuck it, I thought. If I was going to be cold, and up pissing all night, I might as well make it worth it. I was getting drunk.

He was wearing sunglasses and I couldn’t make out his eyes. I was imagining his eyes roaming over my body. The sun was still out and it was still warmish, apart from the occasional cold breeze. I was wearing my green Adidas football shorts and pink cropped vest top.

I liked my body and hoped he did too. My thin waist and flat stomach on show. My legs were a bit too skinny and my breasts were a bit small for my liking, but there was enough there for a handful.

I was sure I had caught him looking earlier when I was putting on my wetsuit over my bikini. It was probably my filthy imagination, but a porno girl can dream, right?

“I’m sorry for being a dick,” I said, as soon as I was close enough.

He smiled his usual heart melting smile. “It’s okay honey,” he said. “I’d be angry too if someone pissed on my bed.”

“You not into the kinky stuff then?” I joked. He laughed. Probably his relief at my better mood stopped him from commenting on an inappropriate joke. We didn’t normally hold back from each other though.

I sat next to him. Facing the tent opposite. I purposefully stared at the owners of the pissy dog. Had to make them feel a bit guilty, right?

We drank and laughed over the next few hours. I missed him more than anything since starting uni. I missed my friends of course, just not as much as I missed my dad. The evenings spent snuggled up against him watching Marvel, or Star Wars films, or whatever else we could find.

“You okay?” he said. Snapping me out of another day dream.

“Just tired,” I said. I wasn’t drunk but I was slightly light headed. “I might head off to bed.” I was cold too. The temperature had dropped dramatically. Even wearing my leggings and hoodie now, and also a fleece blanket over me, I was still shivering.

“I’m tired too,” he said. “Might as well call it a night.” He stood and wobbled a little.

“You okay there light weight?” I said. Laughing.

“Just my legs going to sleep,” he said. “Sat down too long.”

“Whatever,” I said, standing too. I did the same wobble and we both laughed.

We did the night time ritual of teeth and bodily functions and met back at the tent. He was already inside, a different t-shirt on and Darth Vader pyjama bottoms. The same that had elicited a comment from me on our first night. Not that mine were much sexier.

I had avengers ones and quite happily dropped my leggings to pull mine on.

“My eyes!” my dad cried. Faking a gagging noise. “Jesus honey, warn me before you do that.”

“You love it,” I joked. I left my pants on, every layer of clothes was going to help keep the cold out. Even with my sleeping bag…..

“Oh bollocks,” I mumbled. Remembering I didn’t have a sleeping bag.

“What’s up?” dad asked.

“My sleeping bag,” I said. “What am I going to do?” My voice broke. If I cried over a sleeping bag I’d be pretty pissed with myself. It was coming though.

“I have a cunning plan,” my dad said. Mimicking a character in some other show he used to make me watch.

I bit back the arsey reply. I didn’t really appreciate his humour at that second.

“What plan?” I asked.

“I’ll open up my sleeping bag and we’ll both get under it,” he said. “We’ll slide the single airbed up against the double and we’re all good. It’s only one night, tomorrow we’ll go get another one.”

“No way,” I said, quickly. I knew instantly that was a bad idea. It wasn’t that I was repulsed by snuggling up to him, it was shamefully the complete opposite. Obviously he took it the wrong way.

“I don’t think I smell that bad,” he said. I cocked my head. He obviously didn’t see any issue with us sleeping so close together. “We’re both adults.”

“That’s the problem,” I muttered. And I was a hormone rampant teenager. Next to the person I had wrongly had numerous fantasies about humping the life out of.

This was just like one of those fantasies too. Camping with him alone. Waking up in the middle of the night with him standing over me, his obvious arousal hard in his hand, a lustful craze in his eyes, the want oozing from….

“Han!” my dad said loudly. “Earth to Han.”

Fuck. “Sorry?” I said. Jesus, this wasn’t good. I was wet just thinking about the night ahead. I couldn’t think of an excuse though. Saying I wasn’t comfortable with us sleeping next to him implied that I didn’t trust him to keep his hands to himself. I knew he’d never do that, but me on the other hand….

“You can have the sleeping bag,” he said. “I’ll just wear lots of clothes……or we have towels.” He started rummaging around in the case.

“No, it’s fine,” I said. “You’re not sleeping under a towel.” I couldn’t see a way out. I smiled, reassuring him I was okay. I wasn’t. I was fucked. Or at least I wanted to be. That was the real problem.

I just stood there whilst he sorted the beds, wondering how the fuck I was going to get through the night without humping his leg.

We’ll be fully dressed, I thought. I was being an idiot. I knew that nothing would happen between us. He’d never touch me. He’d never break that trust between us. He was just too fucking perfect to touch his daughter. “Asshole,” I muttered. “Why can’t you be a pervert like me.” I laughed to myself. I think I needed help.

“What was that?” my dad said.

“Don’t worry,” I replied.

I fitted on his double airbed as well, so the single was just there in case I rolled over. It left just enough of a gap between us not to feel too weird. There was no way I was going to get some self loving tonight though. It was way too cosy. I’d porno have to sort myself out in the shower tomorrow. I couldn’t help it, I was constantly horny.

“Night honey,” my dad said.

“Night night,” I replied. I pulled the sleeping bag up to my chin, pulling it tight into me. It was way too cold. I didn’t have enough meat on me for natural insulation. I spent the majority of the winter shivering like those useless miniature dogs people carried around. Tonight was going to be no different, I just had to hope the wine would put me to sleep quickly.

It didn’t help. I lay there for what seemed like an eternity trying to sleep. Shivering my little tits off.

“It’s freezing,” I said, not sure if my dad was still awake. I shivered, my body vibrating. My teeth actually chattering like some old cartoon character.

“Snuggle in a bit,” dad said. I smiled that he was still awake. “It works for penguins.”

I didn’t move. I didn’t trust myself if I got too close to him.

“I’ll keep my hands to myself,” he said. “Stop being silly, you’ll freeze to death.”

He was right. I was way too cold, my teeth chattering. I didn’t care how weird it was. I shuffled backwards and pressed into him as he spooned me, his arm draping over me. It was too cosy and I didn’t think as I pushed my hips back into him, nestling in.

“Mmm,” I moaned, the warmth of his body already feeling better against me. “That’s better.” I heard him mumble in agreement.

He held me tightly as I regained control over my body, the shivering slowly subsiding as I warmed in my dad’s arms.

“Is that better honey?” dad whispered in my ear.

“A lot better,” I replied. “Thank you.” I wasn’t sure, but I thought I could feel him stiffening slightly against me, he pulled his pelvis back a bit. I blamed my filthy mind playing tricks on me. I moved my bum slightly against him again and definitely felt something going on down there.

“My pleasure,” he said, his voice breaking slightly. He cleared his throat. “Sorry I dragged you camping in April.”

“You should be sorry,” I said, softly. “If I lose my nipples to the cold I’ll never forgive you.” They were like fucking bullets. He laughed. I made a snuggly groan and pressed back into him again, this time definitely feeling him. Harder this time.

“Try and lie still honey,” he said.

“It just feels too cosy,” I said. I imagined his hard penis straining to get out to touch me, to enter me. I couldn’t stop myself. I pushed harder into him, nestling my bum into his groin, really feeling him between my bum cheeks.

“Honey you have to lie still,” he said. “Try and get some sleep.”

Fuck that, I thought. He was hard for me and I knew it. I didn’t know what it meant but it turned me on massively.

I started to slowly move, my hips starting to lightly gyrate against him. My bum pressing harder against him. Against what I thought was his need for me.

“Han…..we….” he tried to argue. “You have to lie still.”

“I can’t daddy,” I replied, almost moaning. I pushed my small bum hard into him, feeling it push the cotton of my pyjama bottoms into my bum crack, and further down between my legs, brushing where I wanted it most.

“Honey,” my dad moaned. I joined him. This time his grip on me tightened and his hand brushed the hair out of my face, his fingers running over my cheek and neck. I shivered in pleasure. I reached back and gripped his thick thigh, holding him as I ground back into him.

I continued rubbing myself against him as he ran a hand up over my flat stomach, then round to my ribs. Shit, this was really happening, I thought. The ache between my thighs grew rapidly.

I wanted the foreplay. I wanted his head between my legs. I wanted his cock deep down my throat. But I needed him inside me more. I needed to feel his excitement entering my tight pussy. I needed it now. I couldn’t risk him freaking out before I got what I needed.

I reached back, my hand running down between us. Feeling his body as I went. I squeezed him through his boxer shorts, wrapping my fingers around his hardness. I pulled his waistband down and maneuvered him out of his underwear. He groaned in my ear as I touched his bare skin. Freeing his cock then moving his length so it went between my legs, releasing him and pushing my boney hips backs into him.

“Oh daddy,” I groaned. He moaned with me.

He was between my thighs, rubbing against me through my pyjama bottoms, the fabric pressing inside me. My wetness soaking my crotch. The excitement and forbidden lust had me already close to the edge. I thought I was going to cum.

A hand slid up my tshirt and cupped a bare breast. He squeezed, pleasure rippling out from my head nipple. He found the other and explored my tits.

I started rocking my hips, feeling his hard thick shaft running between my desperate swollen pussy lips. My juices coating my pants to unbelievable levels.

I needed him in me. I didn’t care about the consequences. I wanted my dad inside türk porno me.

I reached down and yanked my bottoms and pants down around my thighs, my dad helped me. His hands ran over my bare hip and thigh. I moaned. I put my dad’s cock back between my legs, this time feeling it against my naked pussy.

“Honey, I…..” He started, never finishing as he moaned when I rocked my narrow hips back, squeezing his shaft between my thighs as my pussy lips spread around him. I was so wet I imagined my juices coating him. His hand slid up over my stomach and up my top, finding a breast again and squeezing.

I was moving again, wanking his thick shaft off with my thigh gap. Pulling forward as far as possible before pushing back. The tip threatened to slide into me.

“I want it in me daddy,” I groaned. “Please.” I pulled forward and felt the head press into me, stretching me slightly. I pushed back and stifled a scream as it stretched me open.

He was as lost as I was, no weak protest. I winced as his cock squeezed inside my young tight pussy. A brief stab of pain before he broke through. My pussy lips stretching around his shaft.

I pushed back whilst he moved his pelvis forward. He slid in deep, filling me and then holding it inside me. I felt him lean in, his hot breath on my ear.

“Is this what you thought of when you played with yourself this morning?” he whispered in my ear.

Oh shit, he had heard. I looked for an answer, but didn’t stand a chance.

I bit my lip hard as he pulled back and slid inside me again, trying desperately hard not to groan. I was fully aware we were in a flimsy tent.

“Fuck,” I gasped, as he pushed in further than before. He felt so big inside me, filling me perfectly. I pushed back into him, wanting him deep. I was close to cumming already. I had wanted this for so long.

I started rocking my bum back into him as he pushed into me. His cock burying itself deep inside me with each thrust.

“I did think of you daddy,” I moaned. “Your big hard cock inside, as I played with my wet pussy.” He moaned in my ear. I had no filter the best of times, I definitely didn’t have one with a dick buried inside me.

“Good girl,” he said. He pushed harder into me. I felt like almost passing out with pleasure. The amount of times I imagined him filling me.

He moved slowly inside me, every inch of him fuelling my desire. I was crazy with lust.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum,” I moaned. “Keep going daddy.”

His arm wrapped round my neck and his hand went over my mouth. I was being too loud. Tough shit, I thought, it wasn’t my fault.

I hadn’t noticed his other hand until he touched my clit, his arm reaching round me. His touch lit every spark inside me, the change in sensation halting my orgasm for a bit, but not for long.

He fucked me whilst his fingers started rubbing my clit. If I thought I was in heaven before it was nothing compared to this next assault. I groaned again and my dad’s hand tightened on my mouth.

I tried to tell him to keep going. I tried to tell him I was cumming. I tried to stop it, knowing that it was going to be noisy. I had zero chance. It felt like an explosion of pleasure as I climaxed.

I tried to cry out but his hand on my mouth tightened. I came hard, covering the cock inside me with my climax.

I shook against him and he held me tight. Still and hard inside my body. The slightest twitch of his cock sending more pleasure into me. I moaned into his hand, breathing heavily through my nose.

We stayed still as I rode my orgasm, savouring every second of what my dad had just done to me. It wasn’t enough though. As my ecstasy eased I knew I needed more.

I slipped off his cock and turned, throwing the covers off him. It was still cold but I was warmed up now. The warm glow of sex keeping me comfortable.

I got to see his penis in all its glory, knowing now why it filled me so completely. It wasn’t huge, but it was a good size. Long enough and thick. It was gorgeous, just as I had dreamed it would be.

He had been inside me. We had crossed the line and there was no going back. I could relax, take my time with him. He hadn’t cum yet so was still blinded by desire. Once he was done it might be another story.

I knelt between his legs, stroking him whilst he watched me lower my face closer to his hardness.

His cock was drenched in my orgasm. Hot, throbbing, and glistening with my fluids.

I took him in my mouth, tasting myself all over his shaft. I pushed him deep, letting my tongue feel the length of his shaft as I squeezed the head down my neck.

“Honey!” he moaned. I grinned stupidly. It was me making him so hard. He wanted me as I had always hoped he would. I swallowed him deep till I gagged.

I loved his throbbing dick in my mouth, exploring every contour, every vein down his shaft. I was determined to make this my cock now.

I worked his cock as best as I could. Listening to his moans and finding what he liked. I tried to keep the slurping noises to a minimum as I savoured the taste and feel of him in my mouth. I would slow down when I sensed he was getting closer. Teasing him at the brink. I wanted his cum somewhere else, not in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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