Amy’s Kissing Cousin

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Amy’s Kissing Cousin

We had been having sex with Kya for a few months now, four FFM threesomes so far. It came about with Kya not being happy with her partners sex performance, who happened to be Amy’s cousin. Kya had cornered me at his birthday party a few months ago. She had come to me, and in a quiet corner, told me of her unhappiness in their relationship, as far as sex went.

Then she made an offer that was hard to refuse for me, but obviously Amy had the final decision. Kya wanted to know if we were interested in whether she could join us having sex together and also admitted she might like women and wanted to experiment. She said she’d recently picked up a vibe from us that we might be interested in including other people occasionally. Not sure where that came from, but she’s a smart girl.

She added that she was happy to experiment on Amy, but of course only if Amy was interested. She said Amy was amazing and beautiful. She’s right. The good thing was, Amy does want other women do things to her without having to reciprocate. I told Kya that, and she said that would be fine. She’d been wanting to try with another woman for some time.

Her excuse for joining us was that we could teach her what is nice in relationship sex and learn a bit more so she could try and teach him to be more responsive and sensual toward her. If not, she might end up separating from him if he didn’t make her happy.

Amy had said yes, she really liked Kya, and the thought of Kya licking her pussy was the clincher.

Today, when Kya came over for some more lessons, haha, more like just to have sex with her favourite couple, she spoke to us after having a shower, particularly to Amy.

“I need to tell you something. I’m not sure you’ll like it, he is your cousin,” Kya said to Amy.

“Okay, what is it,” Amy replied in a worried tone.

“I finally got around to telling him that I am not happy with his attitude about having sex with me and if he didn’t change, I’d leave him. I told him I was not happy, and needed more affection and attention.”

“Oh wow, what was his reaction to that,” Amy sparked up.

“Well after all the fantastic things you guys have been doing with me, I told him a few things I wanted him to try, like licking my pussy, licking my arse, making me cum and so on. He was a little upset and sorry that he was not the sort of person I wanted and apologised. He said he would like do all that to me, but was not sure how, and said he was a little embarrassed about doing anything like that. After chatting for a while, I asked him if, as a couple, we could get help from another couple would he be interested. He looked at me really strange, but I could see in his eyes that my comment had sparked something in his mind. I felt like I had hit on one of his fantasies without him or me realising. Luckily, he didn’t go off the deep end, and just quietly looked at me, so I continued. I told him I knew a couple that would be willing to help show us what to do.”

“Did you mean us,” Amy asked, and based on Amy’s comment after the first time we had sex with Kya, she wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what Kya meant. I had mentioned to Amy the first time Kya joined us, that she might end up asking him to join us. Amy did not reject the idea.

“Yes, I meant you two, but, the thing is, I haven’t asked you yet. So, I guess I’m now asking. Would you two guys like have sex with us two guys.” Kya then looked directly at Amy and added, “would you let him fuck you?

After some thought, half a second, Amy replied fairly calmly “yes, I think I would, he’s a nice young man, and if I can be of help, sure,” then looking at me, added “would that bother you?”

When Amy says ‘maybe I will’ or ‘I think I would’, it really means yes, so I said “Not at all, I’ve been fucking your nearly cousin in-law, and she’s been fucking you in a way, so why shouldn’t you fuck your cousin. It would be more than just kissing cousins then, but it would be fun, just another male.”

“Oh, that’s so good of you guys,” Kya happily replied, then reached up and kissed us both on the cheek.

“Okay, we’ve sorted that out, so what did he say,” I chimed in.

“Yes, sorry. Who’s the couple, he asked me. I wasn’t sure how to tell him so I just said it straight out. I said it’s Amy, your cousin. He just looked at me, then slowly he started smiling, then said, sure, that would be really nice.”

“Wow,” said Amy, “he wasn’t upset that it was me, or the fact that I’m 20 years older than him”.

“No, he was happy about it and agreed that you two could probably help us. In fact, he said he has always liked you, admired you for many reasons including the way you’ve kept slim and beautiful. I actually think he’s looking forward to fucking you,” Kya said shamelessly.

I could tell that Amy was thinking about it. I could also tell that she had just gotten a little horny, so now was the right time. So, I grabbed Amy’s arms and turned her to me. We kissed passionately, long, hard, tongues searching. I reached out for Kya and brought her into the şişli escort huddle. While we were standing in the kitchen, I started undoing Amy’s buttons on her top and kissed and sucked her nipples as they popped out, they were excited now, full, erect and gorgeous.

So Kya wasn’t left out, I pushed her to Amy’s tits so she could take over while I undid and pulled Amy’s shorts off. Kya sucked one of Amy’s nipples into her mouth immediately as Amy panted. After I had got her shorts off, Kya moved a little so I lifted Amy onto the kitchen bench top. I went around to the other side and let Amy lean back on me for a kiss. Kya took the initiative; she slid Amy’s satin knickers off and lifted Amy’s feet up onto the benchtop. Amy wanted some attention right now, and it didn’t matter from who, she opened her legs revealing her wet and wild pussy to Kya. This allowed me to suck one of her swollen nipples while Kya was going for her pussy.

Kya moved in and started kissing Amy’s pussy, which was clearly excited, it was probably thinking about her cousin doing this to it one day soon, and then fucking it.

After Amy got into Kya’s pussy licking, which didn’t take long, never does, and making herself comfortable laying back, I went around behind Kya. I undid her shorts and let them drop to the floor. I then removed her tiny black G string as she pushed and wriggled her cute little gold toned bum out toward me. She had a cute bum hole as well, so I kissed and licked it. Her actions showed me that she liked it, so I slid my finger into her wet pussy for some juice, withdrew it and moistened her bum hole. After a few times of doing that, which she didn’t mind, I thought I would try some extra bum activity. So, I slowly pushed my finger into her moist bum up to my first knuckle. I was soon passed the tight part and in. With her bum hole gripped tightly around it, I pushed a little further. She was enjoying Amy’s sweet pussy so much that my finger didn’t seem to be a problem, in fact I think she was enjoying it, pushing her bum at me occasionally, urging my finger to be more active.

I looked at Amy, she was in heaven with her pussy being licked, Kya was getting better, but she managed to slightly open her eyes and look at what I was doing, and smiled. Then she mouthed to me the words, “try to fuck her bum”.

I smiled, she was thinking what I was thinking, so I dropped my shorts and soggy jocks. I moved the head of my hard oozing cock to Kya’s arse, pressing against it, letting her know it was there. Amy was now looking with both eyes open, with Kya fully engrossed in her yummy pussy. Kya pushed her bum at me again, then reached behind with one hand and pulled her bum cheek aside, indicating I think, to fuck her arse.

I leaned forward a little, allowing the pressure of my slippery dick to build slowly on her tight arse hole. The head of my dick was easing itself inwards, slowly, slowly, until finally the head broke through the tight rim and was inside her bum. I waited for a moment, with just the head of my dick inside her arse, to see if there was a reaction. There wasn’t, other than Kya pushing her bum slightly at me, making my dick slide in a bit more, it was tight. I took this action as the go ahead, and eased my dick slowly in, all the way, then gently started fucking her tight arse while Amy watched and held Kya’s head against her pussy. It wasn’t long before I needed to cum. I was trying to hold back but I couldn’t hold it any longer and erupted with cum deep inside her arse. Amy knew I had, and suddenly her orgasm reached boiling point and she cum as well.

Before Kya left, we arranged that she and Toby meet us at our favourite hotel, just so it was in neutral territory where he would feel more comfortable. We could have lunch, chat and then all go back to the room when and if ready.

Later that night we licked, sucked, fucked and cum while talking about what was going to happen when we meet them next week.

We got to the hotel room about 10:30am. We had asked them to meet us at the hotel restaurant at 11:45. Amy was excited but I could also tell she was nervous. We went to the restaurant for a coffee and sat looking at the pool and the people.

“Are you okay,” I asked.

“Yes, I’m good. It’s just that this is a little different than other men fucking me who are not related. I like that of course, and maybe I’ll like this as well, he’s just another man, really. I think it’s the taboo factor, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue these days. If I didn’t know he was related I’d be fine with him fucking me. That’s how I’m looking at it.”

“Good girl, that’s a positive outlook, and I agree, he’s just another man,” I replied, kissing her. Amy got herself ready when we got back to the room with a shower and a little make up, and put on her sexy satin knickers, my favourites I like removing, and we headed to the restaurant. She also put other clothes on.

They were already there, Toby stood up and welcomed us. We sat all, and to calm the nerves for all of us we started looking at the menu and ordered drinks. I asked mecidiyeköy escort Toby if he found the place easy enough and we talked about how nice the day was outside. Western Australia has some of the best all-round weather in the world.

Amy had a Moscato with lunch, which will help, but she will be horny enough later anyway. The conversation seemed comfortable so I spoke to Kya.

“So, you guys have obviously talked about this and agreed, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

“Yes, we talked about it quite a few times and it has all been positive,” looking at Toby who nodded. “We are both willing to do as you ask and direct. Toby is very keen to learn, and as much as it hurts his pride, he wants us to both be happy in our relationship, in more ways than one,” Kya said, looking at Toby again, as we all did.

He nodded shyly. “Yes, I want to learn, I’ve been a bit selfish and I want us to stay together. I know Kya has told you she was not happy and almost left me, but I don’t want that to happen. So, here I am,” Toby said, looking at Amy.

After a bit more chatter, I finally said “shall we go,” and got up to pay the bill when Toby stood and said, “My shout.”

In the room, I knew it would be awkward, we needed to get him and Amy involved quickly so, I turned Amy to face me and kissed her. She responded very well and let me undo her shorts, which dropped to the floor. While kissing Amy, I pulled Toby over and got him to lift Amy’s T shirt over her head. Kya, was smart enough to get his shirt and shorts off.

I turned her around, they were facing each other, Amy in her bra and satin knickers, him in just his jocks. Bravely, he then took the initiative. He took a step forward and moved into Amy’s space, pulled her to him and they started kissing. It didn’t take long before their hips were gently grinding against each other, Amy would be feeling the hardness of his excited cock against her warm lower belly, and he would feel the softness of her pussy against his thigh, which she managed to orchestrate.

I was behind her, so I unclipped her bra. His hands immediately shifted up and under to cup and caress her small breasts, feeling her firm swollen sumptuous nipples under his palms, he had yet to see and enjoy them.

As they were enjoying that moment, I squatted down behind Amy, put my fingers in the elastic of her knickers and slowly moved them downwards. Amy thrust her bum at me to make a small gap between them so they could come off easily. I kissed and nipped her cute little arse as I continued to remove them, and slid a finger between her pussy lips and felt a very silky moist pussy, it was oozing with bad girl juices. While I was doing that, she had slid her bra off her arms and his mouth had now covered one of her tits, his lips were spread across and engulfing one of her gorgeous sumptuous nipples. Amy had her head back, holding his head against her, not wanting him to stop yet, she loves that.

It had started, she was no longer nervous or embarrassed about him being her cousin. The lust to enjoy forbidden sex had taken over. Soon they will be fucking each other.

I stood back up and kissed her neck. She moved her mouth around to mine and we kissed passionately while he was sucking nipples. My hand drifted between her legs from behind again and my fingers slipped between her slippery succulent pussy lips, helped by her opening her legs a little. I slid one finger slightly inside her hot waiting pussy. She was ready for him or both of us, to use her body and fuck her. She was ours now, but no doubt she was going to make sure she got what she wanted, both of us and probably some of Kya as well.

I moved them to the bed. They separated as Amy lay on the bed, on her tummy, spreading and raising her legs at the knees, and showing Toby her cute arse and bum hole. Time to teach. I moved Amy’s legs further apart, showing him her gorgeous naughty wet open pussy from behind. He watched as I leaned down, kissed Amy’s bum cheeks, got my tongue down far enough to spread her pussy lips with my tongue and taste her sweet flowing juice. I drifted back up once her pink softness could be seen between her dark lips and began licking her cute puckered dark bum hole. After a few times, enough for me to enjoy, I stood up and looked at him. He got the hint and whether he wanted to or not, he leaned down and licked Amy’s bum as well. I heard Amy let out a extra horny little whimper, knowing this time it was him. She reached behind and held him. He was enjoying it as much as Amy. That’s something that Kya can expect in the future.

After a moment I rolled her over, her cute little boobs jiggled a little and her gorgeous sumptuous nipples rose above them, waiting for some attention. At the same time, she pulled her knees back and apart, showing us the full sight of her gorgeous treasure between her golden thighs. She desperately wanted any of us to use it, lick it, suck it, fuck it for as long as we wanted, so long as we make it cum. That will not be hard, Amy cum’s very quickly, she gets very excited once it starts. escort istanbul Toby was just looking at Amy’s pussy, like I love doing sometimes. He seemed entranced. He knew he could have it, but probably just couldn’t believe it. Kya had told us she was his first sex partner, so Amy would be his second pussy.

I had Kya lying next to Amy, in the same position. Although Kya had not had any attention yet, she was soaking wet between her legs from just watching what had been going on already. I got between her thighs and nuzzled my face into her open dark soft lips, smothering her pussy with kisses. I sucked her pussy lips and clit, slid my tongue up and down her inner pink soft flesh as Toby watched. Kya and Toby looked at each other and smiled, I think he was enjoying watching someone using his girlfriend’s pussy.

Amy was playing with her wet lips waiting, then thought he’d had enough looking and pulled his face into her pussy. He started kissing and licking it. He moved away slightly and quietly said to himself, this tastes so nice, so soft and sweet, then went back to licking it. Kya looked at me with a smile, as if to say, that’s a good start.

I could see that Toby’s engorged young cock inside his jocks was dying to get loose. While licking Amy’s pussy, he reached in and pulled it out. Amy saw it and pulled him away from her pussy and up closer to her face. She grabbed his dick and kissed the tip. Toby got his jocks off quickly as Amy slid her mouth over the head of his cock. With her lips she pushed it back out then sucked it back in. Toby was dying with pleasure while she did that a few times then slowly swallowed his cock almost completely. She then slowly withdrew her mouth backwards, keeping the head of his cock inside her mouth, no doubt playing with it, with her tongue. Amy is great at sucking cock. I thought Toby was going to cum, he was shaking with excitement.

Amy then pushed him down between her legs, pulled them up, and with her hand guided his cock between her pussy lips, but did not let him in. She rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her soft pink slippery inner pussy, using his slippery tip to rub her clit occasionally. It seemed to me that Toby does not let Kya do any of this to him, but he was loving it.

Finally, Amy let go of his cock while he was between her silky wet lips, as the head of his cock had begun to invade her pussy, and let him plunge his hard young cock inside her. Amy groaned as he entered and continued to, as he thrust back and forward too fast. Amy slowed him down and whispered to him, to relax and enjoy the ride, there’s more later.

Kya and I had been watching all this happen, and now that he was fucking my girl, Kya pulled my cock to her pussy as well. Amy knew I was about to fuck Kya, so she alerted Toby. He watched as my dick found its way between her lips and slid gently into his girlfriend’s wet horny pussy, disappearing out of sight. He looked at me, then looked at Kya and smiled at her while his cock was moving in and out, deep inside my wife.

I looked across and could see Amy’s juices, milking up around the base of his cock as he continued to fuck her. She was very wet. Soon he was showing signs of cumming but tried to hold off. Again, Amy told him to relax, not worry and enjoy the moment. He did, and with loud gasps, blew his hot load inside her pussy, and collapsed on top of her. I was not far behind him as I cum inside Kya.

After a few minutes, Amy manoeuvred him back between her legs to make her cum. Toby began licking again with Amy guiding his head and tongue against her horny excited clit. However, Toby could not seem to get it right so Amy reached out to me and I swapped places. I slid two fingers inside her recently fucked oozing pussy and started licking her. She groaned all the way to a pleasurable orgasm, knowing she had just been fucked by her cousin and then licked to cum by me.

While I was doing this Kya had pulled Toby’s face into her pussy and got him to start licking her, but again, he was unable to make her cum. He then suggested I do it, which I did. Kya also moaned to a pleasurable cum, knowing her boyfriend had just fucked another woman in front of her and she was fucked and licked to cum while her boyfriend watched.

We all had about 10 minutes of winding down after our sex. I got up and made us all a coffee while the girls had a quick shower. We all sat at the room coffee table in our knickers and jocks, with the girls putting on one of my Bali T shirts I’d brought. I could see Amy’s beautiful large nipples making cute bumps in my T shirt, so yummy.

We chatted about what had just happened. Kya did most of the talking, asking Toby what he thought, how he felt and whether they as a couple could do any of that. He said he wanted to practice every night now, we all laughed.

I began getting horny again. I was thinking about watching Toby and Kya fucking in front of me, while I was fucking Amy, and as I found out later, Amy had the same thought, which maybe I had picked up on. So, I pulled Amy up from the sofa and whispered if she’d like to do it again but without the swap. She said yes, so we started a beautiful passionate kiss, while I slid my hand up and under the T shirt to fondle her gorgeous nipples. They got the urge as well and Toby did the same to Kya, her nipples were nice but nothing like Amy’s.

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