The Wedding

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As I crawled down the aisle to where the priest and my soon-to-be wife, Samantha, waited for me, I grinned. It was my wedding day, and I was ecstatic.

The wedding itself was a traditional one. Samantha wore a tight black dress, which showed her off beautifully. The color of the dress complemented her dark skin and lovely brown eyes, and it wrapped tightly around her voluptuous curves. Like all traditional wedding dresses, it extended from Samantha’s neck to her midriff, leaving her elegant legs, inviting pussy and round ass visible to all.

I, as the groom, was stark naked. I had been prepared for the day, shaved and oiled to perfection, my skin gleaming. As I crawled towards the altar I made no effort to hide my rock-hard cock, which waved side from side as I made my way forwards. I enjoyed the feeling of my throbbing erection, for I knew it would be the last time my dick would be free for a very long time. I could hear the giggles of a few women in the audience as I passed by, but spare for blushing a little I ignored them. I only had eyes for Samantha.

Finally, I crawled up onto the altar and knelt across from Samantha, the two of us separated by the priest, who began to speak.

“Friends, family, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Jeremy Smith and Samantha Jennings. The union between cuckold and wife is a special one, where the wife takes charge of the marriage in all aspects, and where the cuckold, in recognition of his inferiority, gives up his right to reproduce and to orgasm. A cuckold obeys his istanbul travesti wife in all affairs, supports her and her lovers, and serves his wife however she wishes. A wife, a cuckoldress, must ensure her cuckold is humiliated and subservient.” There were nods and murmurs from the crowd. Most of the married people in the audience were in a marriage like ours, so the priest’s speech brought back fond memories for many.

“You may now state your vows,” the priest said.

“Samantha,” I began, looking up at my fiance, who looked down at me with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. “You are the love of my life, and I thank the Goddess everyday for having our paths collide. I swear to love and obey you as your husband and cuckold. I swear to support you as you find lovers who give you the pleasure I cannot. I promise to love your children as my own, and to serve you in all ways.”

Samantha smiled, nodded, and as per tradition repeated my thanks to the Goddess, before beginning her vows.

“I swear to love and guide you as your wife and mistress. I swear to keep you in chastity and to deny you the pleasure of orgasm. I swear to cuckold you with superior men and to build a family where you will have a place.”

The priest nodded approvingly, and then from his pockets took out a small box. My penis throbbed in excitement, for in that box was the prison in which it would spend the rest of its days.

Samantha took the box and opened it, revealing a chastity cage and a key on a necklace. As we had rehearsed, I crawled to travesti istanbul the priest and then laid down on my back, my face positioned underneath him. Samantha walked over and knelt. With deft fingers, she fitted the cage over my aching cock, and with a turn of the key, I was locked away. She then handed the necklace and key to me. To signal my enthusiastic consent in all of this, I raised the necklace in the air, and Samantha slipped her head into its loop. I let go and the necklace dropped onto her shoulders. The key was clearly visible and anyone she met would know the nature of our relationship.

Now began the part of the ceremony I had been most excited for. Samantha turned around and knelt, so that her ass faced me. She then scooted backwards until her pussy was just above my face. I wanted nothing more in that moment than to kiss and lick away, but I held back. The ceremony had to be completed first.

The priest knelt as well, unzipping his pants as he did so, and let his cock flop out. It smacked me in the face and in response, my caged cock moved weakly in its prison.

“The cuckold will now praise the cock which will claim his bride,” the priest said.

I swallowed, and spoke loudly so all could hear. “I find this cock to be far superior to mine, in terms of both length and girth. It deserves to be free to fuck a woman, while my cock deserves to be locked away and forgotten, so I can focus on pleasing my wife in the ways I am capable of.”

“I shall now consummate this marriage between woman and cuckold,” the istanbul travestileri priest announced, as he guided his erect cock into Samantha’s wet and ready slit.

Samantha hissed in pleasure, and then began to move back and forward slightly. I watched with rapt attention as for the first time, my bride was taken by a superior man in front of my eyes. With a grunt, the priest began to fuck her. His member slid back and forth, in and out of Samantha’s pussy as the two moved above me. Each time his thrusts met her, his balls came to rest on my face. I did my part too, kissing the priest’s balls every time they landed on my face. That was the way a cuckold like me was expected to thank the men who would satisfy my wife in my place.

The priest was an efficient man, and soon, with a particularly hard thrust that had Samantha moaning in pleasure, came. He withdrew from her and as he did so, a string of semen landed on my face. I reveled in the feeling of the hot cum, but did not move.

“You may now kiss the bride,” he announced, and Samantha lowered herself onto my face.

I licked away with wild abandon, gleefully tasting the mixture of my wife’s juices and the priest’s cum. The taste, the feeling of Samantha’s weight resting on my face, the warm darkness in which she had trapped me–it was all wonderful. My cage ached so painfully and tightly that I could have screamed in bliss. Instead I let out a moan into Samantha’s well used pussy, and with a final lick and kiss, signaled that the job of cleaning her was done.

Samantha rose to her feet and I rose to my knees at her side, and together we faced the audience.

“I present to you Mrs. and Mr. Jennings!” The priest announced with a smile.

A cheer and applause rose up from our friends and family.

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