I Asked My Wife to Cage Me, Ch. 01

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“Hailey,” I said, after finally working up the courage.

We had dimmed the lights in the dining room and, after putting the boys to bed, were in the middle of a late weeknight dinner.

Pork chops and fries. Hailey had undercooked the chops and the fries were bland, but the wine was good. She put the fork and knife down and glared at me inquisitively. “Yeah, hon?” she said.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” I said in a flat tone.

I held the wine glass and swirled the red liquid around. I took a sip for courage. I’d been rehashing how the conversation would go in my head for days, and I still wasn’t ready for it. At least it had to go somewhere now. I was past the point of no return.

“Sounds serious, Jack. What is it?” she asked, unsure of what to expect.

For a moment or two, I hesitated as I thought about how to say it. The silence made Hailey nervous.

“Spill the beans, Jack. What’s wrong?”

“I think I’m addicted to porn, Hailey.”

Fuck me!

That was so much harder to say out loud than I thought. It took everything in me to admit it. My face turned red and my heart began to race.

Hailey clenched her fists, closed her eyes, and sighed. “YES!” she exclaimed, still with a piece bread in her mouth.

“Yes?!” I questioned.

“Gosh, John, I’m so relieved you brought it up. I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring it up to you FOR WEEKS.”

I felt ashamed and had the chills. They started with tingles running through my arms and legs and ended with the feeling of my balls sinking. This whole time, I thought I had kept my porn-watching addiction a secret.

“W-wait…,” I replied, “Hails, you knew?”

Hailey responded, annoyed. “I’m a woman, John. And I’m your wife. I mean, I’m not stupid. Of course I knew. I can hear you jacking off when you go to the bathroom with your phone. You’ve been doing it so much lately! And your dick gets soft too quickly in bed. I put two and two together.”

I sank into the chair. “I don’t know what to say, Hailey.”

“I’m so relieved I don’t have to bring it up! I mean, I’m so angry that you didn’t tell me! But I couldn’t figure out how to talk to you about it without stirring up a fight. Oh, gosh, finally…”

“I’m sorry, Hailey, I’ve been so stressed at work…”

“Well,” she interrupted, partly to skip my excuses and partly to reason with herself that everything was all right, “at least you’re doing the right thing — telling your wife about it. So what are you going to do now?”

“I don’t think I can just stop.”

“John, is it really that bad?!” She looked freaked out.

“I need your help, Hailey.”

“Well, what can I do to help?”

I don’t know how she does it. She looked mad, confused, and empathetic at the same time. She wanted to help me. But she also felt like killing me.

“I read about this thing…”

“Something in church?”

“No… It’s a… It’s called… Oh, screw it. A chastity device…”

“Wait…,” she interrupted me again, her eyes wide, her mouth open, “A COCK CAGE?”

She laughed neurotically.

“Hailey, keep your voice down! The boys are upstairs. And there’s more than one name for…”

“My husband!” she got sarcastic and talked even louder, “My husband, who can’t keep his dick in his pants because he’s addicted to watching other women get fucked, wants me to LOCK HIS COCK UP IN A CAGE? Nooo way!”

“Come on, Hailey, don’t make this any harder on me than it already is.”

“Hon, I’m sorry, but I want to make sure I heard you right: You want ME to lock YOU up in a COCK CAGE? A COCK CAGE?”

She kept chuckling, but the nervousness in her chuckles turned to sarcasm, then sadism. I could tell she wanted to embarrass me for not saving my sexual energy for her.

“Damn it, Hailey! Yes. I want you to lock up my cock in a cage. And I’m asking you to keep me locked so I don’t have a choice and there’s no way I can jerk off. There. Are you happy now?”

“Well, what kind of porn do you jerk off to?”

“It’s porn, Hailey. Porn… How do you mean ‘what kind?'”

“Tell me, John! BDSM? Shemale? Gay? Why is our sex not enough for you? Do I bore you in bed?” Hailey’s question threw me off. “Fuck no, Hailey! Porn. Just porn. Men, women, a lot of screaming, banging, cumming.”

“Why did you put men first?”

“Now you’re just reading into my wo…”

“I AM NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU JOHN?” Her eyes filled with tears. “Don’t I exercise and take care of my body enough for you? No other mom at the PTA is as fit as I am, John! Not a single fucking one!”

“Come on, Hailey, you know it’s not that. You’re the sexiest woman I’ve met, how many times do I have to tell you that. I explained to you already, I’m under a lot of stress at work, and…”

“And? And? And YOU, mister, decide to jerk off to some sluts in the bathroom instead of making love to your wife! Is that it?!”

I breathed in, then out, slowly.

“Hailey, please. This is harder for me than you think it is.”

“Oh, I’ll lock your cock up, all right! I’ll lock you up and keep you locked up. Don’t you istanbul travesti worry about it. You’ll beg me to let you out of that cage when I’m done with you.”

Did I make a mistake?

Getting Hailey mad was one thing. Giving up power over my erections to her was another. Did I really think the implications of what I asked her to do through?

“Now you’re making ME nervous, Hailey.”

“You should be nervous!” she said with the same tone she uses when she’s angry with the boys. “Have you picked a cage?”

“No, but I found this website.”

“You know what? Don’t tell me. I’ll pick one for you. And I’ll buy it. With your credit card. And I’ll put it on.”

“Really? Are you… serious?”

“You bet I am. I get to pick your cock cage. You can’t see it until I put it on, do you understand?”

“But what if it’s too…”

“Too what? Too tight? Too painful? It’s a god damn cock cage, John. It’s supposed to keep you from yanking out your cock whenever you feel like it, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but…”

“But? But? You asked me to do this, remember? And it won’t be tight or painful UNLESS YOU WATCH PORN, will it? It serves you right for watching other women instead of fucking your wife is what it is.”

“Well, when are you going to…”

“Oh, you won’t know when. Jack off while you can, you pervert. I’m still in my period.”


“Shut up! I’m so angry with you right now. Wash the dishes after you’re done!”

She got up, rushed to the hallway, pulled the pack of cigarettes and lighter from my jacket with trembling hands, and left — slamming the door shut.

Well, that went great…

At least I hadn’t pictured it that differently.

– – –

Four days had passed since I confessed to Hailey about my porn addiction.

She was still mad at me. Colder, more distant than usual. She had been looking at her phone a lot and spending more time in the kitchen, or playing in the yard with the kids.

I knew she had ordered a cage because I saw the charge on the notifications on my phone. It was $79.99 and said, “C-CAGE,” so no way was it something else. And I think it had already arrived because I saw Hailey bringing something into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, my porn addiction was getting worse.

I was like a dog without a leash. I’d pull out my phone and my dick every free moment I could find, jerking off to porn, photos of actresses, the Instagram pics of Hailey’s sister, Brie, on the beach…

I’d jerk in the house, garage, car, office parking lot, toilet, conference rooms.

I tried smoking more, drinking more, driving faster, but nothing could compare to the high of ejaculating. I masturbated five, six, seven times a day. I’d no longer have cum to shoot and my dick would get soft, but it still felt so good in my brain. I wanted Hailey to cage me so I’d stop.

What was she waiting for?

That night, after we put the kids to sleep, she walked out of the bathroom with a grin on her face and made a “come here” gesture.

I gulped.

I knew I was about to get caged. I had asked for it… Was it finally happening? Was she about to lock my cock up? Was I about to be left with no choice but to deal with myself? I felt uneasy.

I finished getting out of my clothes and entered the bathroom, naked.

Hailey held a small, shiny cock cage made of what looked to me like stainless steel.

“It’s so small. Will it fit me?”

“Oh, I’ll make it fit,” she warned. “Don’t you worry about that.”

The cage wasn’t like the cages I had looked at. A long, translucent tube ran from the tip down the base and extended to twice the cage’s length. The tube’s end had a long and blunt metal tip.

Hailey wiggled the tube with her long, feminine fingers, and looked me in the eyes.

“See this, John?”

“I do.”

“It goes inside your urethra.” Her eyes sparkled. “I bought surgical tube and put it in the cabinet. The other wives in the forums said you’re going to need it.”

“Hailey, can we do without the…”

“Without the tube? Huh?”

“Uh huh.”

“No, John. We can’t. The tube’s why I bought it in the first place. It hurts when you get hard, see? And it lets you pee without making a mess.”

“I’m not sure how safe this is if…”

“If? If what, John? Don’t you trust me to pick the right cage for you?”

“I do, Hailey. But this is too…”

“You know what’s TOO, John? What’s ‘TOO’ is you being pretentious about your cock cage. I told you I’d pick it, and I did. Now you live up to your end of the deal and wear it like you promised.”

Hailey was angry at me. But she was right. I had asked her to cage me, and agreed to let her pick the cage. And she would never put my health at risk.

I took a couple of steps and stood in front of her. She kneeled down, picked up a leaflet she had left on the floor, and flipped through it a few times. It had drawings of limp cocks with Chinese scribblings under them.

“First the tube, then the cage,” she murmured. “Okay, then. On the Internet they said I have to get you hard first so travesti istanbul the tube goes in easier. Just don’t get any ideas, John. I’m still mad at you and you’re NOT getting any action before I cage you.”

She cupped my sack in her hand and fondled my balls the way she tests tomatoes for ripeness in the produce section at the store.

Hailey squished my balls and played with them like a pair of dice. As my dick grew bigger and harder, she caressed the shaft with her fingers and said, “Savor the feeling, John.” She was grinning. “You won’t be able to get an erection soon again. And your balls will do you no good.”

Leaning in, she licked her lips and took my cock’s head in her mouth.

I closed my eyes and groaned as she flicked the tip of her tongue around it. “That’s all you get. You’re hard now. Pass me the lube from the cabinet, will you?”

I reached for the blue and white tube and looked it over. It said, “Surgical Lube: Sterile | Water Soluble | Greaseless | Unscented.”

Hailey seemed eager to cage me. She snatched it from my hands, unscrewed the cap, pierced the foil at the opening, and squirted out the goo along the translucent tube.

Then, with the same face she used to make in high school when she needed to focus, she detached the tube from the cage and angled the end to the urethral opening of my cock’s head.

I gasped, closed my eyes, and put my hands on my face.

The cold tip, slick with surgical lube, widened my cock’s hole and penetrated it like a pussy, forcing its way in. It was flexible but also stiff and thick. For the first time, I felt what it was like to get fucked. I felt helpless. Profoundly vulnerable.

“Look at how nicely it goes in,” Hailey prided, as she pushed the full length of the tube inside my cock. I stood there, twitching and gasping, speechless and open-mouthed and mind-fucked.

“John,” she said, “I think it can fit better. Let me try that again.”

I breathed out as Hailey retracted the stiff tube from my cock.

I felt its girth exiting my urethra slowly and leaving it gaping.

Hailey took it out and held the tip at the opening of my urethra. I just wanted this to be over, but she took her time. She wanted to get back at me. And was she enjoying fucking me?

“Are you ready for this, hon? Huh? Come on, tell me!”

“Hailey! Just insert this fucking thing in my prick like I asked you.”

“Like you asked me?” She pushed it in. “You mean like this?”

She took it out again, the way I used to tease her pussy with my boner when we were young and fooling around at her parents’ place. “You’re ashamed to admit you like it, aren’t you? It’s okay, you can tell your wife!”

“Push it in, Hails! Hails, come on!”

“You mean you want it in?”

“I do! I want it in!”

“Well, since you asked so politely…”

She slid the full length of the tube all the way into my cock again and I grunted out to the feeling of my urethra getting dilated. Its end touched me somewhere deep in my core and just stood there, pressing, poking at my body as it moved.

“The other wives in the forum said you’ll get used to it. Well, after a few days. They also said this will help make your dick limp again so I can put the cage on,” Hailey said.

She held my balls out with one hand until they stuck out, then started spanking them mercilessly with the other. The spanking echoed on the cream tiles in our bathroom.

I folded in two and tried to move away, but her grip on my sack was too tight. I kept squirming and trying not to scream like a little girl and wake up the boys as she flicked her hand and spank my balls over, and over, and over again, making them ache and leaving them purple.

I made me nuts. My dick aborted the erection and shrunk from the pain. As it did, the tube buried itself even deeper inside my urethra.

“Oh, gosh, it worked!”

“I’m glad you’re finding this entertaining, Hailey,” I whimpered, my voice high-pitched from the pain.

“I haven’t even started having fun, John!” Hailey made known.

She placed the cage around my cock, inspecting it, and attached the urethral tube to the fixture at the tip, squeezed my purple balls through the ring, making me twitch, and locked the cage with a tiny brass key.

Hailey looked up and flaunted it at me.

“See this little key, hubby? Huh? Be obedient and do as I say now. From today on, I decide when you get out. And if you don’t listen, I’ll keep you locked in your cage for as long as I please. No erection for you if you’re bad, got it?”

I didn’t like how she talked to me. I responded with, “Stop belittling me, Hailey!”

“What, hubby?”

“And I don’t like it when you call me hubby.”

“But you like it when you jerk off to other women in porn, don’t you? Huh? Do you know how bad it felt when I didn’t know if you were watching porn or texting another woman? Do you? When I thought you were fucking somebody else?”

“Hails, come on…”

“Don’t you ‘Hails’ me, John. You got what you deserved.” She took my caged cock in her hand and tugged on it. istanbul travestileri Then she raised herself up and kissed me forcefully. “Be a good hubby for me and I’ll be good wife to you, okay?”

“Okay, Hailey. You’re the boss.”

“Don’t you forget it.”

“Now what?”

She laughed.

“I don’t know. I’ll brush my teeth, go to bed, and read my book. And you find something else to do now that you can’t jerk off to porn in the bathroom. Try to piss with your new cage, maybe?”

Kick the dead horse, why don’t you…

I stepped into the shower and turned the tap to full force. I let the hot water run over my head.

The cage was tight. Tighter than I would have liked.

As I moved under the shower, I slowly became accustomed to the sensation of having a tube inside my penis, poking me in my core. I found it strangely arousing. As I started to get horny, I realized the cage Hailey had picked for me had small metal spikes angled at my cock.

I held my caged cock in my hand and shook it, letting the water run all over it. And then I realized just how much power over my manhood I had just given to Hailey.

Yes, we’d been together since high school and we had two boys…

But now she had a key to my penis… and I didn’t.

What was I now? A fool? A cuckold? A devoted husband?

My inability to get an erection without my wife’s approval made me feel hornier. I had never given that power to anybody.

I felt the pain as my dick tried to grow in its cage for the first time. I clenched my fists and moved my feet as my cock tried to expand but only managed to press against the metal bars, letting the spikes sink into the head and hurt it. Every twitch made the urethral tube move and poke me on the inside.

This damn cage had been on me for a few minutes and I already wanted it off. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself off, and tried to pee. Even peeing felt weird. Some pressure built up inside me as the tube only let this much piss through. Emptying my bladder took me forever.

Hailey put her book down and asked, “How was it?” as I walked out of the bathroom and went to my side of the bed.


“Okay, then. You have a good night. Take that in.”

She turned to her side and put out the light. I tried to make myself comfortable and fall asleep.

– – –

It was Saturday and I woke up late.

Hailey had already woken up and gotten out of bed.

We had sent the boys off to camp the day before, and the house was quieter than usual. The contractors who worked on the neighbors’ house were also away for the weekend.

I stretched in bed and felt the urethral tube move inside my body, with shivers of tamed arousal running up my spine. I’d been wearing the cage for seven days straight. I’d gotten accustomed to the tube, just like Hailey said I would, and its poking was the closest thing to sexual stimulation I got, so I learned to submit to it and enjoy it.

I was tired from a week of work and I really needed sleep.

I probably would have slept more if my cock hadn’t tried to grow in its cage. Morning wood turned into morning torment since Hailey turned the key on the cage. My balls were so big, they were about to burst. I tugged on the cage and squirmed to the bite of the spikes and the stiff tube’s movement inside me.

Splashing my face with cold water gave me some relief, and the mintiness of the toothpaste refreshed me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I wanted to whip out my dick and empty my load so bad.

I tried watching porn a few times. But all it did was make my dick hurt in its cage and ooze precum like a leaky hose. I was horny all the time and I couldn’t cum. I couldn’t even get my dick to grow, let alone stroke it. The urethral tube and the sharp spikes made every attempt of an erection uncomfortable. If I got really aroused, it became painful.

My only way out of this was to seduce Hailey so I could get her to unlock me, and that was going to be tough.

She was hurt — angrier with me than she had ever been before.

Hailey told me two days after she caged me that she knew I had subscribed to two cam girls. To her, it was no different from cheating. Suddenly, everything that happened over the past few days came together for me like a puzzle.

She was mad not because of my porn addiction, but because of the subscriptions. And she wanted to select the cage because picking the most restrictive one and locking me up personally was one of her ways of getting back at me. I could tell she wasn’t done though. By locking me up, it was like Hailey also unlocked a side of her I had never seen. A side she and I had never known possible. A sadistic, domineering side that urged her to act in new ways.

It changed the dynamic of our marriage.

I changed, too.

Somehow, I became politer. Humbler. I started to accept things as they were. Be nicer to Hailey, to the kids, to people in general. Say “please” and “thank you” more often.

My boss asked me, “What’s your secret?” when she saw how I tackled two high-stakes situations in a single day. What was I supposed to say to her? “I asked Hailey to restrain my penis in a chastity cage so I could deal with my addiction to porn and stop masturbating at home and in the office.” I blurted out something about feeling good that day.

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