Bill and Jeans Adventures

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“The adventures of a Sexual Anthropologist and his wife.”

Some backstory info, Bill Anderson is a 35 years old tenured professor of anthropology. At 6’3″ and 220lb he had been a college linebacker on the rise until a knee injury brought his athletic career to a close. He stands out amongst the academic crowd as they all refer to him as the ex-jock with a brain.

Bill’s wife Jean is a 30-year-old blond beauty that could pass for 25, at 5’8″ and 135lbs her 38 DD boobs always draw attention. Jean is often asked if she was a cheerleader in college.

She knows it is meant to be a compliment, but she always replies that she had no interest in showing her ass or bouncing her boobs for the entertainment of strange men.

Now she wants to enter into Bill’s world of Social Anthropology, which takes Bill on research trips all around the world studying various cultures and their sexual mores.

Some very big and exciting changes lay ahead for Bill and Jean, read along and follow their adventures.

It was a perfect fall day in Ames. I was relaxing with a beer on my deck overlooking the pool. I can hear my lovely wife Jean in the house cleaning and preparing for her first trip with me, which she insisted she go along. I have never taken my wife on a research trip before. This is because of my job as a Sexual Anthropologist. I had never been able to fully explain to her that I or any visitor, is often required to take part in the sexual customs of the tribe. And she knew I thought of her as old-fashioned when it came to things of a sexual nature.

I could see my wife Jean peering out the kitchen window while I enjoy a beer trying to relax. She knows I am not in favor of her going along on my trip. I had finally relented and said she could come on this trip to the arctic.

As I down my beer, I realize that this trip could open all sorts of horizons and perhaps make my wife’s outlook as sexual as her sexy body deserved. But I also knew I would need some help to get her to that point.

But how? Who do you call to help turn your straight-laced wife into a horny slut? Then it occurred to me; call another slut! Jean’s sister Jackie, according to my wife was the biggest slut I knew. Jean often referred to Jackie as that slut sister of mine. In fact, that was the exact phrase she also used to describe her stepmom, Marie. I pulled out my cell and gave Jackie a call. Jackie answered the phone with a sexy Hello.

“Hey Jackie, it’s Bill. I wondered if you had time to get together for some coffee tomorrow. I have a problem I am hoping you can help me out.” I said,

“Bill, if you have blue balls because of my prude sister and you are calling to see if you can fuck me, the answer is a definite Yes!” Jackie said, as she laughed.

“Umm, well, thanks for the offer, but actually, it is about Jean. But you might be closer than you think.” I said, not wanting to give away too much.

Jackie was now very intrigued. The thought of something sexual between her and Jean excited her; she would likely be easing a hand down to rub her clit as she talked to me.

“Well, Marie and I were going shopping tomorrow for some slutty clothes. Do you mind if Marie comes along?” She asked, with a giggle.

“No, not at all. She could be of help as well.” I said, leaving Jackie wondering what I had in mind.

“What’s going on Bill?” She asked as she pressed for more details.

“This is something we need to discuss in person. See you tomorrow, Jackie.” I answered, and hung up my phone, feeling some hope for my sexless marriage after all.

I popped the top on another beer to celebrate. A plan was now coming together, and if Jackie and Marie were as slutty as my wife thinks they are, this would be great!

As I drove to the coffee shop to meet Jackie and Marie, I felt a combination of excitement and fear. They might be slutty, but they were still Jean’s sister and stepmom. I did not know how they would react to my plan, that was still taking shape in my mind. How to bring out the slutty side of my wife before we left for the arctic? Unknown to her, she would be expected to have sex with complete strangers.

The offer or perhaps it was just a joke on Jackie’s part, to fuck me and cure my blue balls only added to my distraction. I couldn’t help but think, damn, if only Marie would make that same offer! Although Marie was also Jackie’s stepmom, they were very similar in appearance. Each was about 5’4″ tall with dark black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes with Mediterranean-like features. Both had an ass that would stop traffic. And they both knew it and dressed to show it off as much as possible.

Jean often said their idea of a skirt is either short or extremely short. Marie also looked younger than her age of 45, and Jackie had just turned 34. But what set them apart were Marie’s boobs. She was a 38F, and her cleavage was always on glorious display. She knew I was a boob man, so she didn’t seem to mind the way my gaze would linger on them. For her it was a compliment. She would often tease escort izmir me by asking if I married Jean because she was tall and blonde; or because she had huge 36 DD tits? I would still blush a bit when I answered, “Both!” On the other hand, Jackie had a nice set of B cups that moved closer to C cups as she moved into her mid 30’s.

As I pulled up to park, I saw Marie’s little red sports car and knew they were already here. Walking up to the door, it occurred to me that it had been about three months since I had seen either Jackie or Marie. The coffee shop was small and trendy and also crowded. At first glance, I did not see them. Then I heard, “Bill! Bill! We’re over here” as Jackie jumped up and down from across the room.

“Holy Fuck!” I muttered, a little louder than I realized as I caught a quick stare from an elderly couple.

“Umm, excuse me,” I said as I headed over towards Jackie and her bouncing boobs.

When I arrived at the table, Jackie jumped in my arms and kissed me on the lips. She obviously had a boob job and now rivaled Marie in size.

“It is so great to see you.” She said as I felt her press those huge new tits firmly against me.

When she pulled back from our kiss, I also could detect the aroma of rum and a hint of gin, and not a second later, Marie pounced on me. She apparently was trying to outdo her stepdaughter with her tight embrace. Then she wrapped her arms around me as she grabbed my ass hard. Marie now cleverly moved her hand around to my front and pressed it against my now rock-hard cock.

“Oh, poor baby, do you have a case of Blue Balls?” She asked, when she pulled back.

“MOM!!!! That was supposed to be a secret.” Jackie cried out, then they both broke out in gales of laughter on somewhat unsteady legs and sat back down in their seats. I pulled out my chair to sit down and join them.

“Have you ladies had a few drinks already? I asked, and the laughter started again as if I had said the funniest thing in the world. Yep, alcohol made these ladies very happy and even hornier than usual.

“Well, we stopped at the bar next door, and these nice college boys just kept buying us drinks. They kept coming one after another, and I don’t know why.” Jackie said, with a bit of slur.

“You know why, you said you would flash them your tits if they did, and she did it, Bill. She flashed these college boys her tits, and you know she never wears a bra.” Jackie said, and my eyes shot over to Marie’s boobs, and I could believe she did it.

“Oh, you lying slut. I do so have a bra on, here look!” Marie said, as she started to raise her top, but I stopped her.

“I believe you, Marie, I believe you, but we don’t want to get kicked out of here.” I said, with my hand only an inch from her big boob.

“You know Bill, Jackie flashed them too and told them if we had more time, we would stay and fuck them all.” Marie said, and Jackie was now looking mad as hell.

“I was joking!” Jackie shouted, “and I thought the one freshman was going to faint when I said that.” She continued.

Again, they laughed and I noticed the people at the tables around us were smiling at the two tipsy MILF hotties and the lucky guy with them.

“You see what kind of fun Jackie and I have? But Jean never wants to go out for drinks with us.” Marie said, as I looked around to see who might be listening.

“Marie, you know Jean thinks we are just sluts!” Jackie said, and Marie giggled at this.

“Well…. we kinda are…” She replied.

Just then, our waitress appeared and took our order. I opted for black coffee while Jackie and Marie ordered a Café Latte and whispered to ask our waitress if she could Irish it up a little bit? I had a feeling I was going to be a designated driver before we were done.

“So, Jackie tells me you are having a problem with Jean. How can we help?” Marie asked, trying to be a bit more serious for a change.

“Well, you know how you just said Jean thinks you guys are sluts? Well, honestly, she does. The problem is I would like for Jean to be more like you and Jackie because, you see, when Jean says slut what I hear is fun. I am trying to make Jean more sexually open, more sexually available, especially before visiting the Inuit in the arctic. They will expect an exchange of wives and likely more.” I answered, trying to keep my eyes off their boobs.

“So, let me get this straight, you want us to slutty up Jean so that some family of Eskimo’s can fuck her? That’s a BIG challenge, Bill.” Marie said,

“Well, they are the Inuit people, and yes, they will expect to have sex with Jean.” I said, looking at them hopefully.

“So, while Jean is getting snow plowed by the head of the family, you will be fucking his wife? This is why you do all this research, you have been getting laid all over the world, and unless you can slutty up Jean, it will come to an end?” Marie said, smiling at me over her Irish Coffee.

“Well, yes, that is about the size of it.” I said.

“If any two gals can do it, Jackie and I can. What’s izmir escort bayan the plan Bill?” Marie said, pushing her big boobs up and together to tease me.

I paused for a second, unsure if I should proceed, but Jackie and Marie had me so aroused I could not back out now.

“Well, my plan is if Jean could see you two having sex with a guy, she

would be so aroused that she would want to try it herself,” I said, as

Marie laughed while Jackie just giggled.

“Your plan is for Jackie and me to fuck you while Jean watches because you believe she is a voyeur just waiting to act out her fantasies? Bill, if you want to fuck me and Jackie, just ask. You don’t have to put on this charade.” Marie said, opening her top a little.

“It is not a charade!” I exclaimed loudly, then switching back to a whisper. “It is not a charade. Jean, would freak out if she saw me fucking you. Although I hope there will come a time she would not, it would have to be some stranger, a guy that Jean does not know. You see, we are remodeling a room next to our guest room.” I said, looking at them, hoping they could follow what I was saying.

“The room with two queen-sized beds in it?” Jackie asked.

“Yes, that one. And the wall of the closet has been removed, so a person could sneak into that closet and see everything going on. So next week, maybe next Tuesday, I will invite you guys over under the pretense of asking you to watch the house while we are out of town. I will order us all a pizza, and then I will fake a phone call and say I have to go into the office for a while. You can have some wine and relax, and then the doorbell rings. It is your stud for the evening, but Jean will just think it is just a regular delivery guy. You invite him in for a drink, and he reluctantly accepts. You then start to flirt with him, and as the wine flows, you tease him in an ever more provocative manner.” I replied, spelling out my ideas.

“Oh, I like the sound of this.” Jackie said, opening her top button too.

“Jackie, you jump up and say he needs to earn his tip, and you and Marie take him into the guest room. Then you offer Jean the chance to come along with you and Marie.” I continued.

“What if she says yes?” Jackie asked, after pausing.

“That would be great! But I think she will decline. I’m hoping she will run to the adjoining room and peak thru the closet door to watch the action.” I said as I had been so caught up in the outline of my plan I hadn’t noticed the effect it had on Jackie and Marie.

Jackie’s face was glowing with lust, and Marie was obviously fingering herself under the table as I described the plan.

“You want me and Jackie to fuck some stranger together while Jean secretly watches. OMG, that is so hot!” Marie said in a quivering voice.

“We have both fucked the same guy before and compared details later but never at the same time! So you then arrive home and find us in the room fucking this guy, and you join in?” Jackie asked, and I smiled a lusty smile at her.

“I thought of playing it that way, but I have to find out Jean’s state of mind first. I plan to go to the closet and then join in watching her and play it from there.” I said, my mind reeling from the possibilities.

“Yes, I see. She might be in there finger fucking herself, uncertain if she should join us or run from the house screaming.” Jackie said, giggled at the thought.

“My God, Bill, that sounds so hot!” Marie said, her wet fingers now returned to the table.

“You down for this adventure?” Marie asked, glanced at Jackie.

“Oh., Hell. Yes!” Jackie replied.

“But of course, we have one big problem to solve” I said, after this round of very horny giggling subsided.

“What is that, hun?” Marie said. I quickly realized she had never referred to me as hun before. I couldn’t help but thinking one way or another, I have got to fuck Marie and that big ass of hers soon, but I forced my mind to refocus.

“The pizza guy, the stud for the night, it is not just finding some guy; it is finding someone that can really fuck. We have to put on a show for Jean.” I said, thinking out loud.

“Oh, baby. We can put on a show.” Jackie said, pushing her new boobs together and smiling.

“I see what you’re saying Bill, we can put on a great display for the stud and show Jean what a woman can do, but the stud has to have endurance and range. And he has to have the ability to fuck us senseless so Jean will want to be fucked senseless as well. And he needs to be a real hunk. A guy that can fuck our brains out as we use to say back in the day.” Marie said, already squirming in her seat.

“Yes, someone like that.” I said as the table fell silent, the three of us now deep in thought.

“I GOT IT!!!!” Jackie shouted.

“Stan! Stan the Stud!” Jackie said as Marie’s eyes lit up. At that point the waitress appeared and looking a little embarrassed as she asked if we would like a private table in the back. I started to say, that’s ok; we will keep it down.

But Marie izmir escortlar cut me off, “YES!!! We would love that.”

“By chance, is Stan working today?” Jackie asked, the waitress.

“Stan?” the waitress replied, a bit puzzled. “Oh, you mean Stanford.”

“Yes, Stanford.” Marie replied.

“Umm, yes, I think he just arrived for his shift. Would you like to speak to him?” the waitress asked, but she had never noticed how many MILF’s asked for Stanford.

The giveaway may have been Marie jumping up and down, saying she forgot he worked here sometimes. The waitress led us to a back room with a few tables and a door that could be closed for privacy from the main room. It looked like a place where you could have small meetings.

We sit down at a table with four chairs as I took a sip of coffee.

“Ok, ladies, who in the world is Stanford?” I asked, although we were pretty obviously in a private room now, Marie still glanced around to make sure the coast was clear.

“Stanford is going to be our stud!” Marie answered very excitedly.

“Ok, I said that’s great, but who is he? I asked.

“Well, the story goes he got his name Stanford from his father, a Stanford professor visiting Africa on a research trip. There he met a lady who some say was the daughter of the local Chief. They got married, and Stanford was their first child. When he was three, they returned to the states, and Stanford was sent to the finest schools and is now a very refined and handsome young man.

His parents have since divorced, and Stanford and his father had a falling out, so although he comes from money, he is making his way thru college here in Ames on his own. I would not call him a gigolo but, he often is seen in the company of wealthy older women and fucks all the hot wives of the local professors. They say he is hung like a horse and can fuck all night. If you ever go to a spa for wealthy women in Ames, you will hear Stanford stories.” Jackie said, engrossed in her story.

“Umm, so his mother is African, was his father black or white? I asked, wondering.

“White, but Stanford has a dark brown complexion more than black.” Marie added.

“Some would say a nice shade of cocoa.” I heard a male voice say behind me.

Jackie and Marie had been so caught up telling the story they had not noticed Stanford approach.

“May I join you?” Stanford asked, even as he was in the process of sitting down.

I would not be surprised at all that his mother came from tribal royalty. He had a presence about himself of an Alpha Male and was used to being in charge of his surroundings, especially his women. At 6’2″, he had a trim athletic build and a complexion called cocoa or even a very dark tan.

“Oh, and by the way, yes. I can fuck all night.” he said, with a grin.

This time I was the one laughing as Jackie and Marie seemed suddenly shy.

“Oh, I’m so sorry you overheard us talking about you. You see, I was trying to explain to…” When Stanford cut her off.

“You were trying to explain to Bill, who I am, and unless I miss my guess, you are Marie, and this lovely shy young lady is Jackie.” He said, with a devilish smile.

To say the three of us looked stunned would be an understatement. Jackie started to speak, how in the world, but she was cut short, Stanford raised his hand, and she just stopped talking, Jackie NEVER just stops talking, Oh this guy is good, I thought.

He turned to me and said, “Bill would you like a beer? And ladies, what are you drinking?” Marie and Jackie looked at each other and said, “Well, how about a couple of cosmos.”

“Cosmos it is.” He said, with that knowing smile

“Do you ladies like them strong?” He asked.

“Oh God, yes.” They said in unison.

I knew Stanford could tell they were already looped, and he wanted that condition to remain as he left the table. While he was gone all the ladies could talk about was his charm and ponder how he knew who we were. As for me, I was undecided. I was sure he was a stud that could indeed fuck a woman’s brains out but was he too cool? Would he push too hard to fuck my Jean? Would I like to watch him fuck Jean, I suddenly wondered while still lost in my thoughts.

Stanford returned pushing a small cart. There were four Cosmo’s and several beers in a bucket of ice on the cart, a few pastries and saucers with at least a dozen pats of butter. He walked right past our table.

“Follow me.” He said, and we followed Stanford across the room to another door.

He pulled a key from his pocket and opened the door. Then pushed the cart into the room, we found ourselves in a well-decorated room, with a small table and off to the side, a king-sized bed with fluffy pillows.

“This is the owner’s private room, but he lets me use it from time to time. He likes to sit here and smoke a cigar while I fuck his hot wife over there.” He said, nodding towards the bed.

I could tell he had said this for effect, yet I was pretty sure it was true. The result was to make Marie and Jackie blush even more. I had no doubt he could fuck them both right then and there, but he was playing with them. This was verbal foreplay. He popped the cap on a beer and handed it to me. I took it with my left hand and extended my right hand.

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