Stuck in the Parking Lot

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Paul was so anxious to see Maria. She had been away for more than a week on a business trip. Although she found time for some phone sex with him, Maria was too busy in meetings and late dinners. Paul could only imagine what trouble Maria had been up to with the others from the meeting. He knew Maria all to well and she would never go a week with getting into some hot, passionate romance or at least taking care of business herself.

Paul made sure to shower and put those pair of jeans on that Maria just adored on him. She would stare at him in a certain way, as if she could devour him with her eyes alone. Then, a nice crisp, white shirt and a good amount of body spray and Paul was off to the airport. Maria’s flight would be arriving on time so he would meet her by the baggage claim area.

Maria was no fool and knew that Paul would be a horny bastard by the time they got home. She was feeling pretty bothered herself. Before the flight could even land, she had thoughts of how they would go at each other as soon as they walked in the door. Her imagination was vivid and Maria started getting that warm, wonderful feeling in her pussy. Too bad Maria was wearing tight jeans or she would have taken care of herself right there in the seat on the plane.

As soon as the plane landed, Maria was in motion. She grabbed her bag and quickly exited the plane before the other passengers. She couldn’t wait to get to the baggage area. As soon as she descended down the escalator, she spotted Paul.

“Damn, he’s so hot.” Maria thought to herself. “And he is wearing my favorite pair of jeans.”

“Hello gorgeous!” Paul said as he quickly wrapped his arm around the small of her back.

“Hello yourself.” Maria replied.

She then passionately kissed Paul right in front of the crowd. Everyone had noticed them and the energy coming off of them. They went at each other as their tongues moved rapidly and Maria moaned softly.

“Welcome home, Maria. I missed you.” Paul whispered in her ear.

“I missed you too,” replied Maria. “And I was a very good girl on my trip this time. There wasn’t anyone worth fucking. So forgive me if I seem a bit ravenous.”

Paul laughed and grabbed Maria’s bag as they slowly walked to the parking lot. Maria hanging onto Paul’s arm as they strolled down the lane of cars. Maria was so excited by now. What had started in her mind on the flight, was now a hot, wet problem needing attention. Paul could sense Maria’s desires growing as they walked up to his SUV. He placed the bag in the truck and turned to face his Maria.

“I’m not going to make it home. You need to finger fuck me here.” said Maria.

She unzipped her jeans, spread her legs a bit, and turned to put erotik film izle her two hands on the window of Paul’s car. He stepped up behind her and his cock was right behind her round ass. Paul reached into her jeans and down toward her pussy. Maria was so juicy that Paul almost couldn’t believe it. He began to rub her pussy slowly.

“You really were a good girl on your trip,” teased Paul.

Paul knew exactly how Maria liked it. He circled around her clit just getting close enough to make her tremble. She was already on the edge. Maria starts moaning and bucking her ass against cock. He was starting to get hard from the attention. Paul continues to rub Maria’s pussy but now is heavily assaulting her clit. Paul starts to stick his fingers deep inside of Maria pussy. He is moving as fast as he can while his thumb continues to rub her clit. He feels the energy rising up in Maria while she trembles and moans loudly. Maria throws her head back toward Paul and lets it out.

“Oh, fuck yes. Keep going. Don’t stop fingering me.” moans Maria so loudly the entire lot could hear her.

Paul is holding her tightly and continues to massage her clit and pussy. He feels the intensity from her over and over again. Maria continues to buck against his now hard cock.

“Ah, ah, yes, yes!” screams Maria, as she continues to cum.

Maria’s breathing finally starts to slow down. Paul begins to slow his pace down. He kisses Maria’s neck and slowly removes his hand from her pants.

“Give me your hand'” says Maria.

She puts his fingers in her mouth and sensuously cleans all the juice from them. Licking and sucking each of them clean. This immediately turns Paul on. He knows he won’t be able to wait to get home either. They know each other too well.

“Can I help you now, Paul?” asked Maria coyly.

“You know you have to, Maria.” replies Paul.

“Get in the back seat and take off your pants. I don’t want them in my way.” demands Maria.

Paul is so hot by now he doesn’t even care. He removes his pants and sits in the back seat with his legs by the door opening. Maria leans over and a starts going down on Paul. She still has her pants unzippered and legs slightly separated. Her ass sticking out into the empty parking space next to them. Maria goes at Paul deep taking his whole shaft down her throat. Up and down, sucking hard on his cock. Maria stops for a bit to massage his balls gently.

“Lean back, baby, and put your knees up so I can reach you better.” says Maria.

Paul knew what to expect. Maria loved to have her fingers up his ass. Maria started to slowly suck on his cock again. She reaches into her pants and wets her fingers. Slowly, Maria finds the opening of film izle Paul’s ass. Maria gently massages her own juices on Paul’s hole. It’s tight right now from the position Paul is in. But, she knows what to do. Maria holds both of his ass checks open with her hands and with her tongue wets his hole. She twirls her tongue around the puckered opening and slips her tongue inside him. Then, Maria starts sucking on his hole. She reaches down to her pussy again to get her fingers wet and slowly sticks her two fingers inside Paul’s ass.

“Oh, yes baby. That feels so good.” moans Paul.

Now, Maria starts her assault on Paul. She passionately starts sucking his cock while her fingers go in and out of his ass. Paul can’t believe the tremendous feeling. He has always heard of how good a prostate rub was. Maria was incredible at it. She was sucking him hard and moving up and down on his cock again. Her fingers going in and out, deeper every time. Maria was concentrating on the tip of Paul’s cock now. Sucking it and licking it with her tongue.

“Yes, yes!” screamed Paul.

To Maria’s surprise, a car pulled in right next to them. The driver steps out and is quite close to Maria ass now.

“Can I offer you any assistance?” says the security guard.

“You sure can.” replies Maria.

“Get my pants down and see how useful you can make yourself with my asshole,” demanded Maria.

The guy was a bit startled but complied with Maria’s request. He pulled down her jeans and underwear so Maria could step out of them. He spread her ass checks as wide as he could and exposed her beautiful hole. Maria began moaning. She couldn’t wait for him to penetrate her.

“Let’s go back there. No looking, just get to work.” stated Maria.

The guy unzippered his own pants and took a few yanks at his own cock. It was already getting hard. While Maria was still sucking on Paul and assaulting his ass with her fingers, the guy knelt behind Maria and starting fucking her ass with his tongue. She had such a delicious hole he couldn’t help himself. He sucked it and wet it good. Maria loved the attention. Then, it was time. He stood up and positioned himself right behind Maria. His cock was hard and straight now. He teased her for a minute at the opening to her hole with the tip of his cock. Then, with one hard push, Maria’s ass swallowed him up.

“Oh shit, that hurt. Easy back there,” gasped Maria.

But the security guard was not listening now. He went at her fast and hard. Maria was getting pounded while he continued to spread her checks as far as they would go. Maria almost couldn’t finish up Paul. “Oh, yes, yes. That’s so good back there.” panted Maria.

But, she still continued to suck Paul as seks filmi izle hard as she could in between gasps for air. Finally, Paul couldn’t hold it any longer. He was so turned on by the assault on Maria by a stranger. Paul’s intensity rose up and he pulled Maria’s head down hard onto his cock. She still had her fingers in his ass going in and out with the rhythm of her mouth on his cock.

“Oh, shit Maria. Yes, yes, suck me hard!” Paul yelled loudly.

Paul started to cum inside her mouth. Maria could feel his throbbing cock with her mouth releasing streams and streams of his hot sticky juice. She didn’t waste a drop. Maria swallowed what she could and licked up anything that came out of her mouth. She slowly removed her fingers from his ass.

“Ohh, baby, that was incredible,” said Paul looking in Maria’s eyes.

Paul was now watching his Maria get pounded up the ass. He told her to move back a bit. Paul wanted to get his mouth on Maria’s pussy. She sat up a bit and the stranger stepped back to oblige them. Paul knelt in front of her and found her pussy soaking wet with her juice. “Yes, Maria. Just the way I like you,” stated Paul.

Paul sucked on her pussy. His tongue clicking around her clit. Maria was so wet his face became juicy immediately. Maria was enjoying the pounding and fullness in her ass. The Security guard had a long, full cock that filled her perfectly. Maria moaned and held the back of Paul’s head with one hand. All three of them moving in a rhythm back and forth. Paul sucked on Maria’s pussy and then began spreading her open and licking her swollen clit with his tongue. He stuck his fingers quickly in and out of her pussy. He could feel the guard’s cock through the walls of Maria’s pussy. With his fingers lunging inside of her, Paul started sucking hard on her clit. Maria couldn’t last much longer. She felt the warmth of the stranger in her ass as he began to moan and cum. He shot several streams of his juice deep into her ass. That was enough for Maria. She put pressure on the back of Paul’s head with her hand and braced herself. Maria’s body shook with delight as she trembled and bucked at Paul’s mouth.

“Fuck me, yes baby. Don’t stop, don’t stop!” screamed Maria in a loud voice,

“Oh, oh yes,” again she said loudly.

Maria came hard and long. Her body screaming with intensity. She came over and over until the trembling and shaking slowed down and Maria began to breathe normally. Paul stood up and she fell into his strong arms. Maria licked her juices from his face and threw her arms around his neck.

“Thank you, you’re so incredible,” said Maria softly in Paul’s ear.

“Right back at you, baby.” replied Paul.

Paul stood there with his hands caressing Maria’s naked ass checks as they embraced in a passionate kiss. Neither of them had noticed that the security guard had zip up his pants, got in his car and left the area. They weren’t too concerned about it either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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