Straight Guys Need Money Ch. 02

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The next morning it was as if the experience at the old man’s house had never happened, and neither Lee nor I mentioned it at all. For the next couple of weeks we spent the days loafing around at the coast, learning to surf, and spending our $500 on accommodation and drinks at various bars. I guess we just lost track of how much we were spending, until we paid for another week’s accommodation at the hostel and realised we each only had a few dollars left.

“I guess we’d better start asking around for work at the employment agencies again?” I asked Lee.

“We haven’t got any other option,” he replied, the subtext clearly telling me that going back to the old man was not an option, not that I had considered it to be one either. And so the next day we didn’t go to the beach as usual, but trawled round all the agencies in the city with copies of our CVs, asking for any work available. However, the story was the same at each one: not interested in backpackers as we were a risk, too many had done a few days work and then moved on to another city or town. No matter how much we tried to convince them that we were serious about staying for a few months to earn some much needed cash, no-one seemed willing to take that chance. But we didn’t give up, and the next day we did the same thing, also asking in every hostel, bar, or shop we could find whether there was any work available. Unfortunately the response was always ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

By the third day of job hunting we found ourselves once again down to a few remaining coins in our pockets and no way of paying for food or a bus ticket to the next destination on our itinerary. We’d both been refusing to talk about the only option which we knew would get us some more money, but things had once again become too desperate to bury our heads in the sand any longer, so I broke the silence:

“Lee, I think we have to consider going back to the old man. We’ll hear him out first and then decide whether to go through with it again. What do you think?”

There was a long pause, and Lee wouldn’t make eye contact with me. Eventually he spoke:

“Doesn’t look like we have a choice, does it?” His tone was quite firm, as if I was responsible for the situation.

“Look, you’ve spent as much money as I have and if you can think of any other way of making some quick cash then speak up. Don’t blame me about this for fuck’s sake!” I replied; I wasn’t proud of what we’d been reduced to having to consider to make money but I certainly wasn’t going to be made to take the blame all on myself for it.

“Alright, let’s go.” Lee muttered, and we made our way back along the St. Kilda Road to the old man’s flat.

We pressed the buzzer several times, but there was no response. “Perhaps this is a good sign,” I said, and we turned to go. Just as we turned around the guy appeared from round the corner. I could tell that he didn’t recognise us immediately, and I didn’t want to have to explain who we were in order for him to remember us. I was also a bit pissed off that we hadn’t been that memorable, did he do this a lot?

“Ah, boys! Good to see you again. What can I help you with?” Oh God, he was going to make us ask, how humiliating.

“Um…we were wondering whether you had any more work for us…” grudgingly, and after a pause in which he did not speak, I continued: “…please.”

“Well, I’m not really looking for anyone at the moment. But, as you’re obviously in need of help I’m sure I can find something for you to do. I’ll pay $500 again, but that’s between you rather than for each of you this time.” His offer was half what he’d paid last time and I certainly wasn’t going to degrade myself for the equivalent of about 100 quid.

“No way,” I replied, and started to walk away, but Lee stopped me:

“Look mate, where else are we going to get any money from? At least this will give us enough to get a bus out of here and try to find work in Adelaide.” I could see the logic of his argument; and I really wanted to say goodbye to Melbourne, and its memories.

“Okay, we’ll do it.” I told the old man, grudgingly.

“Good, excellent. But you’ll both have to come back in a couple of hours I’m afraid. I’ll see you here at 7 o’clock.”

“Fine,” I said, and Lee and I wandered off to try and kill a couple of hours.

The wait was awful; at least last time we hadn’t been given time to think about it, we just went for it, did what we were told, and then forgot about it once we were done. Now, we had a couple of hours wandering around the city not talking to each-other and imagining all sorts of awful things he could make us do. Eventually we made our way back to his flat at 7 and were buzzed in to go straight up to his flat. He came out of the living room which sounded like he had the TV. blaring out, and led us through to his pokey little kitchen.

“Right boys, I’d like you to both strip off completely and leave your clothes here, then come into Betturkey the lounge. You can have your money when you’ve finished.” With that he left us alone and went back to the other room. There was an uncomfortable pause, and neither Lee nor I were making eye contact with each other as we stripped out of our t-shirts, board shorts, and flip-flops. I noticed that Lee’s time at the beach had evened out his tan and, like me, he was just left with a white patch where our shorts had covered us at the beach. Thankfully his cock was still flaccid like mine, so I knew, like me, that he wasn’t enjoying this. Being nervous about what was about to happen, my cock had started to shrink into my brown pubes, whereas Lee’s was still dangling proudly down over his hairy balls. As he led the way out of the kitchen towards the lounge, I gave mine a quick tug trying to make it get back to its natural size, but it wasn’t working.

We weren’t sure whether to knock on the door or not, but the television was making so much noise that he probably wouldn’t hear us anyway so I just said to Lee:

“Go on, let’s get in and get it over with.” We walked into the room and were instantly stopped in our tracks, finding that the noise was actually coming from the dozen or so fully clothed middle aged and elderly men all standing around chatting to each-other. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life, finding myself stark naked in front of a room full of people, it was like those nightmares everyone has about realising you’re at school naked and everyone is laughing. I felt utterly exposed , violated, and embarrassed and could sense everyone’s eyes looking me and Lee up and down like pieces of meat.

“Ah there you are boys. Everyone, these are my British lads who are here to entertain us for this evening. Come on lads, come and stand in the centre of the room so everyone can see you properly. don’t be shy.” I felt his sweaty palm on my back as he tried to guide Lee and I into the centre of the room. I tried to move my hands in front of my genitals in a natural instinct of modesty, and Lee did the same.

“Oh no you don’t,” said the old man when he saw us covering ourselves up. “I think we’ll have you standing back to back and holding each other’s hands, that should stop you trying to hide yourselves.” He then manoeuvred us so that Lee and I were back to back, pushing us so close together that our butt cheeks, calf muscles and shoulders were pressed together; I could feel the thick dark hairs from Lee’s legs brushing against mine and the heat from his body connecting with mine. We linked hands and I was relieved to find that we both had sweaty palms..

As we stood there, the guests took it in turns to inspect each of us , running their hands over my tanned chest and body, running their hands up my firm hairy legs, and then pulling on my little flaccid cock whilst making comments like ‘that’s the smallest one I’ve seen for a while…I hope it gets bigger than that…you’d expect a fit young lad like this to have one bigger than that…I see his friend’s much more of a man’. This level of humiliation was surely worth more than what I was getting paid. I just looked at the ceiling as this inspection took place, trying to pretend that I was somewhere else, and clinging more tightly to Lee’s strong hands as the guests prodded and probed us both.

“Well, before the bidding starts, I think it only fair that you all find out what they can do so line up please gents.” The old man was clearly going to auction us off for something and this was not part of our deal so I spoke up:

“Hey, this isn’t what we agreed, what exactly do you think you’re doing? We don’t need the money that much.”

“Ah, but I know you do nee d the money,” the old man replied., then continued: “But I tell you what, if you go through with it, you’ll each get 10% of what the winner’s pay me? Ok?”

This time Lee spoke up:

“What are we going to do for the winner?”

“Well, get fucked of course!”

“No way, they’re a bunch of old men.” Lee replied and looked at me as if to say, ‘let’s go’. I nodded in agreement back to him and we left the lounge, followed closely by the old man who was trying to persuade us to stay:

“I think I have a way of persuading you both to stay.”

“There’s no amount of money that will make us do that,” I told him, trying to be forceful, but feeling slightly silly as I was stark naked.

“But I don’t have to pay you any more money to convince you,” and he produced a CD Rom from his pocket before continuing: “you see I filmed you when you were here last time and Jon at the hostel has given me your full names and addresses so, unless you want copies of this disk to be sent back home for your families to watch, I think you should do as I tell you, don’t you? Of course, you have a choice, but you can’t be sure whether I’ll send this home or not can you?”

Lee and I stood, stunned by Betturkey Giriş what he’d said, feeling utterly stupid that we hadn’t been more careful, then hanging our heads in disappointment before walking back into the room resigned to our fate.

“Good boys, I knew you’d see sense.”

Back in the room the old men were all lined up and I could now count that there were nine of them; they’d each dropped their trousers and had their hard cocks standing to attention ready for us.

“Now boys,” said the old man who was now blackmailing us, “I want you each to start at a different end and suck each of my guests so that they can decide just how much to bid for you, and don’t forget you get 10% of whatever they pay so the better you are, the more they’ll pay, and the more you’ll get. Off you go.”

I couldn’t believe it, in my worst nightmare I couldn’t have imagined anything worse than having to suck off a group of old men. But I had no choice as I certainly didn’t want my family and girlfriend back home to see a film of me fucking my best friend and licking cum off his face! So I went despondently down one end of the line and Lee to the other; getting on my knees, I hesitantly lowered the first cock into my mouth and started to move my head back and forth. The cock was pretty small, so it wasn’t difficult to suck, but the guy was really hairy so I kept getting pubes in my mouth, and he was really overweight so my forehead kept slapping against his stomach as I moved back down his shaft. Whilst I should probably have tried harder to get a better price at auction, I just couldn’t bring myself to do any more than the basics.

We’d only been at the first ones for a few minutes, before the old man told us to move onto the next one, obviously hoping that in leaving the guys half blown they’d feel much hornier and willing to pay much higher. For the next fifteen minutes or so I carried on down the line of small cocks, thin cocks, fat cocks, and smelly cocks and was able to taste Lee’s saliva on the ones he’d already worked on. Once I’d reached the other end of the line the old men pulled up their pants and the bidding started for me first. I was made to stand on a small stool while the old man in charge started the bidding. I had hoped to get this over with quickly but bidding started pretty slow:

“$500? Anyone? OK, surely he’s worth $400? Come on, fellas he’s an athletic, twenty year old British stud. $400? No, alright then, what about $300? What are you all doing? I know his cock’s a bit small but it gets bigger. Lee, come over here and suck on your friend’s cock, try and show these people he’s worth $300.”

I was surprised that Lee hadn’t needed much persuasion, perhaps he thought he was doing me a favour, but he came straight over to the stool and placed my soft little cock between his lips, lapping at the tip with his tongue. Almost instantly I started to get hard as I felt his warm mouth taking more of my hardening cock.

“Ok, I think that’s enough Lee, go and sit down again,” the old man pushed Lee off my cock, leaving me with a throbbing 5 inches, and half way to an orgasm. “There you are guys, you see, a respectable sized cock after all, do I see $300 then?” There was a long pause, and no bids, so he continued to drop the price; “$250…$200…$150…$100…at last the fat man with the small cock bid , and I was declared as sold. Perhaps he’d taken sympathy on my small cock, or perhaps at $100 for a young, athletic guy, I was a real bargain. Whatever the reason, and although I know it is irrational, I was pretty gutted that I’d not been sold for a higher price. I had to go and sit on my ‘owner’s’ lap, with his fat arm around me as Lee took to the stool.

“Let’s hope we do better with this one, $400 anyone?” With that, almost every hand in the room went up; I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I looked at Lee again. I don’t know when it had happened but Lee was standing there with his huge cock now at full length, 7 or 8 inches pointing straight up in the air proudly. The bidding continued, but this time in the opposite direction to when I had been up there: “$500…$600…$700..$800…$900,” at this point it was down to two competing bidders and I had a smile on my face thinking to myself ‘I bet these others had wished they’d bought me now’. After a while longer, Lee was eventually sold to an elderly man for $1200, over ten times what I’d reached, hardly very good for my ego. The crowd dispersed pretty quickly, leaving the old man who owned the flat, me and Lee, and our two ‘owners’.

“Well, men, the boys are yours to do with as you please,” and the old man went to take a seat in one of the armchairs to watch our humiliation.

When he spoke for the first time , I realised that my ‘owner’ was British as well and that already made me feel more embarrassed, as if there was a chance he’d recognise me somewhere back in England. I don’t know whether he wasn’t really interested in me all that much, but he didn’t seem to be that bothered about the possibilities he had. He bent me forcefully over the arm of the sofa, unzipped his trousers, and then I felt the tip of his warm cock pushing against my arsehole. I wanted to get this over with as quickly as he did it seemed so I relaxed my body over the sofa and my arse gradually loosened to let his little cock enter me. I felt his fat stomach slap against my arse and lower back for a few thrusts, then his thrusts quickened and, within a coupe of minutes I felt his body spasm slightly and could sense the additional warmth of his cum in my anus and the wetness around my arsehole as he withdrew his already softening penis. As disgusting as the experience had been, I was glad it was over and tried to wipe it from my mind instantly.

As I straightened up, my attention was alerted as Lee screamed in agony from the other side of the room; I turned quickly and was horrified at the scene before me. Lee had been tied face down on the bed, spread eagle, and the little old man who’d bought him was whacking him across the arse with a paddle with as much force as he could muster. I could see that Lee’s arse was bright red already and I started to rush over to help him but the other two men grabbed my arms and pulled me back, pushing me onto the sofa,

“No you don’t,” one of them said, “you get to watch with us.” After a few strokes of the paddle, the little old man reached into a bag and pulled out the biggest dildo I’d ever seen, it must have been a good ten inches and jet black; he squirted some lube over the head and around the shaft before walking round the other side of the bed and showing it to Lee, who just looked at it in horror. I’m sure he’d have screamed if he hadn’t been left speechless. I was expecting the little old man to just shove it up Lee’s arse but instead he left it resting upright between Lee’s legs. He then started to untie Lee’s hands from the bed posts; as Lee leaned back, trying to straighten himself up and looking relieved, the old man rushed round, grabbed hold of the ropes still attached to Lee’s hands and tied them to the same bedposts as the one’s his legs were tied to.

I realised what was to come before Lee did and I could hardly bring myself to watch. The old man then stood in front of Lee on the bed and slowly pushed his shoulders back. At first Lee didn’t really know what was going on, but then he must have felt the tip of the dildo touch his arse cheeks and the penny dropped. Ever so slowly the little old man pushed down further and further and we could all see the dildo disappear slowly up Lee’s arse as he moaned in agony. Perhaps his moans were not agony, as I imagined, because I noticed his cock was still standing firmly to attention; if anything it had got larger. Watching this scene, my friend being impaled on a dildo, I started to get hard myself . I was suddenly ashamed that this was turning me on so much, and hoped no-one else had noticed, but I then felt my ‘owner’ reach over and start to masturbate me. I should probably have told him to stop, but I didn’t, I was too horny and ready to explode.

It didn’t take long before I shot my milky load all over my ‘owner’s’ hand, and up my chest; a few seconds later I was surprised to see cum shoot spontaneously from Lee’s cock even though he hadn’t touched it; he’d now taken almost the whole dildo and was leaning back so that his cum shot across his chest as well. As soon as he’d finished discharging his load, the little old man untied him, before thanking our host and making a quick exit, leaving Lee lying on his side with the 10 inch dildo still sticking out of his arse, and shame written across his face. My owner and our host hastened out after the other man, presumably to settle up the money, and Lee and I were left alone, not knowing what to do, each covered in our own cum, stark naked, and him with a giant dildo up his arse.

“Well, don’t just stand there, help me get this thing out,” he shouted over to me. I never imagined when I was on the plane coming out to Australia that I’d find myself in a random flat, naked, trying to extract a giant dildo from Lee’s arse; whilst I had wanted adventure, this wasn’t what I had in mind.

The dildo had obviously done some damage to Lee’s arse and I hurried off to the kitchen to get some tissues to help him clean up and to wipe the cum off ourselves, we certainly weren’t going to repeat what happened last time! I brought our clothes back and we got dressed, eager to get our money and leave. Lee was wincing in pain every time he tried to move, but we were keen to make a quick exit, so he didn’t complain to me. When the old man did return, he handed me my $260 and Lee his $850, but it wasn’t really sufficient compensation for either of us.

“Do come back again boys, I’m sure I’ll have some more work for you soon.”

“Not likely,” I replied. “Let’s get out of here, Lee.” As we walked down the stairs, the old man followed us:

“Don’t you want this, Lee…as a souvenir.” He was holding the dildo.

“Very funny,” Lee muttered as we stepped out onto the street and started to walk slowly back to the hostel.

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