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This is my first story — hope you’ll enjoy it…


A little about myself – Here I am a bit on in years (just recently received my invitation to join AARP) and still not sure what I really want from life… Decided I needed to investigate what my options might be since I’m tired of being alone. I’ve lived alone for decades and haven’t had any excitement in the sexual relationship department for quite some time. Work has taken over to the point that I don’t have much of a social life.

I’ve always had a lot of curiosity about being intimate with another man — but never acted on it. Homosexuality wasn’t accepted in my family — and my family has been one of the most important things in my life. The closest I’ve ever ventured was fooling around with some of the guys during puberty. Although I’ve had a few gay friends through life — they are just that — friends… And we’ve never really talked about what turns us on.

I’ve had a number of great massages from various masseurs over the years, but they were all to help with aches and pains that have resulted from some nasty car accidents. After watching some pretty erotic massages on gay porn, my interest was peaked. I did a bit of searching and I stumbled upon some great websites for male masseurs who offered various types of massages. Living in the northeast near some major cities, it seems like most of the available options would be found in or near a city. I read quite a few reviews that the sites provided and wanted to find out more.

So, I decided this would be a great option to experience some sensual male intimacy while possibly also getting a great massage. The masseur that intrigued me the most was a gentleman who was 20 years my senior — but his ad description just made me more interested than most of the others had. He mentioned feeling very young for his age and his pictures seemed to back that up so I wasn’t too concerned.

Cam was a transplant to our area from the west coast where he had been a licensed therapist who was also trained in Body Electric. A short search about that revealed that the focus was men being intimate with each other and celebrating their bodies and sexual energy. In his description, he mentioned mutual touch and that we would both be nude during the massage as part of his massage description. All of that made me feel like this would be a great opportunity to explore my increasing curiosity via a safer setting.

I first attempted to reach out to him via email available on the website to ask some questions. When a few days had passed with no answers, I decided to phone the number listed on the site to try scheduling a visit. Cam answered and we chatted and he explained a bit more about what I could expect since this was my first experience. The visit was scheduled for the coming weekend.

As the next few days passed, I could think of little else. I was really in need of a massage, but was more excited and anxious with sexual tension about what might occur. The day arrived — I trimmed up the pubes, cleaned myself up very thoroughly, and I drove a bit more than an hour to join him in his studio. I entered his office and was greeted by a very well tanned gentleman who was up there in years, but you could just sense that he was very young at heart and super friendly.

As I was walking past his desk into the massage room, I happened to notice Cam had been watching some gay porn while he was waiting for me. I thought to myself that this was going to be an interesting experience. The massage room was quite inviting and well furnished.

We talked for a few minutes about any specific areas that needed to be addressed along with any health concerns that should be noted. I explained the various types Onwin of massage I’ve had in the past and that some tended to be somewhat painful while the therapists were trying to eliminate knots and adhesions that have accumulated in my body. I also told him I had been advised that something more sensual would really help to eliminate some of the stress that I carried around with me which might help lesson any related pain too. Can’t think of many folks out there that wouldn’t benefit from some real stress release… He again stated that nothing about our session would ever be shared — he prided himself on his discretion and had been a masseur for over 15 years. The massage would be more of a Swedish massage with many sensual aspects.

Cam began by drawing the curtains over the french doors in the room for more privacy and instructed me to strip and get comfortable face down on his table while he excused himself to warm up the massage lotion. I shed my jacket and clothes a bit nervously and placed them on the couch. My heart rate was up with my thoughts of anticipation. The table was super comfortable and pleasantly warm considering it was the dead of winter outside. He quickly returned and made some adjustments to the table to make me even more comfortable and asked if I was warm enough since there would be no draping. He also promised he would be warming me up throughout the massage.

Before proceeding any further, Cam dropped his sweat pants and removed his bulky shirt. As I was checking him out, I couldn’t get over how tan he was all over. Had the body of a much younger man with a great piece of meat and loosely hanging balls which were all surrounded by a leather cock ring. He was a good 5-6 inches shorter than I was and quite slim. I guess I would consider myself to be a bear cub — quite tall, chunky, with a good bit of fuzz all over.

Most of my issues relate to tension in my neck and shoulders along with lower back pain. Cam began his efforts with my shoulders and upper back. His touch and strokes were much lighter than what I’m use to, but pretty vigorous, and they helped me start to relax. As he saw me beginning to settle in, he said that he wanted to also begin heightening my other senses. He lightly, sensuously massaged my ass while reaching a bit further between my legs. He then came to my side and stretched his torso across my leg. He found his target and began to gently suck on my cock which he had pulled down between my spread legs to give him greater access. After all of my sexual excitement leading up to the visit I began to shoot from all of the attention, but quickly held onto the rest of my load.

I reminded him that this was my first experience like this and my senses were a bit overloaded. I didn’t want the excitement to end in the first 15 minutes of the 90 minutes that we had scheduled. He went back to working on my upper back while mentioning that I was also welcome to return the touch. Cam said that he definitely appreciated the interaction and felt that it helped to improve the overall experience.

While I tuned into the music that was playing softly and continued trying to slow my mind down a bit, Cam continued to relax me further. He said that one of his biggest compliments was that he made guys feel like they were melting into his table and I would have to agree. I felt his body quite close to mine as he began working alongside me. In his next attempt to keep some sexual energy flowing, he placed his dick in the palm of my hand which was resting on the table as he worked his way down my side. This was another first for me since my childhood adventures.

It was quite warm and semi-erect and filled my hand. I gently massaged it and played with his balls Onwin Giriş wondering how much bigger it might grow while he kept working on me. Cam mentioned that it felt good. He would continue to briefly work on my butt and perineum to keep the energy moving as the massage was focused on other areas. A short time later his dick slipped from my hand as he moved to the foot of the table.

He began applying more cream to my lower legs and feet. My calves were so sore, but the work felt like it was quickly helping and I enjoyed the massage on my feet. As he began working further up my leg, I felt that he had my foot caught in his groin and I could feel the warmth of his dick against my sole. He repeated with the other leg and then went back to working more intently on my feet. He commented about what nice shape my feet were in and finished each one off by sucking my toes and running his tongue between them. It was like a wave of electric shot right to my cock and I almost exploded. I moaned with pleasure. He appreciated seeing that I was enjoying it so much.

As he came back up alongside me, his package was again within reach. He was sensually stroking my thighs, fondling me a bit and focusing on my hole while I played with his junk. He said that he usually includes a prostate massage if I was willing to give that a shot. I agreed — nothing ventured, nothing gained. He lubed me up more and told me to let him know if it became uncomfortable. There was some explanation and advice to tell me what to expect and to make it as enjoyable as possible. He talked about how sensitive the nerves can be in your butt while working his finger in slowly and stretching the hole so he could move around easier and get to the prostate. There was again some electricity as he began focusing on it and I could feel myself leaking. Soon he added another finger and I could feel myself moving to try to accommodate him more while enjoying the sensations which were great. He ended by telling me that my prostate felt very average in size — no enlargement to worry about. Just an unexpected added plus for someone my age…

Now it was time to flip over… I found that I was leaking pretty heavily from all of his attention. We began to chat more now that I was face up and we could see each other and talk more easily. I explained to Cam that I was not really satisfied with the last female relationships that I had and was becoming more curious about being with a guy. He told me that he was gay and had been married for a number of years and had kids. His story intrigued me and I asked if he minded me being a bit nosy. That was fine with him and he explained that he married his wife while he was quite young. They soon had kids and stayed together to raise them until the kids were in their 20’s. He had his first m4m experience shortly before they married, but never experienced much more until after the kids came along. As life progressed and he had more random m4m experiences while traveling for work — he realized that he had to pursue his life as a gay man. He also shared with me that all types of men from various age groups and sexual backgrounds came to him for the experience he provides. That was part of what he enjoyed about his work.

It was obvious that Cam was trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible with everything while giving me a taste of what might turn me on and help with my curiosity. He again began at the shoulders and my upper arms keeping his body as close to the table as possible. In his next attempt to stir up the energy, he leaned over me and began to slurp my stiffening cock while teasing my balls. I reached for his dick and balls and began to play with them a bit more as well. Once I was completely Onwin Güncel Giriş hard again, he began working on my chest and stomach. He played with my nipples a bit, but found out they aren’t as wired as my toes apparently were.

Cam then surprised me and climbed on the table and sat on my crotch so he could massage my torso more easily. He caressed my nipples some more until they too were hard. He then leaned down closely and began tonguing them along with my pits and neck. When he sat back up, he slid back a bit further and attempted to jack both of our dicks together. It proved to be quite the handful so he grasped both of his hands together and continued pumping the two of us for a bit. It felt amazing as our cock and balls slid against each other.

The massage moved on as he got off the table and began working down the front side of my legs. He also did a few stretches with my legs to loosen them up. He worked on my inner thighs and continued to stoke my cock and balls keeping me on the edge while I played with his. He then moved to the top of the table and again climbed back on above my head. This time he was in a 69 position and proceeded to suck my cock more. His dick was dangling right above my face and I decided it was now or never… I took the head of his cock in my mouth and began rolling it around with my tongue while he let out a soft moan. I popped it back out and told him that this was a first for me and he should let me know if I should be doing something differently. I returned to sucking, stretching my neck up to try to take more of him. He continued to moan and said that it felt great while he continued to give me the same pleasure although he was certainly more of the expert. It felt incredible as he swallowed all of me and I could feel my load building. I told him that I was getting close.

Cam then got off the table, moved around to the other end and crawled back on between my spread legs. He then leaned over my torso and began to drag his cock against my balls and up my crotch repeatedly before lying completely on top of me and massaging my shoulders. When he sat back up, he began jacking me off and inserted a finger in my hole again. That put me over the edge and I blew all over his hand and onto my stomach. He continued to play with my package massaging my cream into it.

After getting back off the table, he grabbed a towel and cleaned me up while taking the excess cream off my body. He also lifted my legs and wiped up my crack to remove the lingering lube. But he wasn’t done yet… I was still semi erect and he took me back into his mouth to enjoy the last drops of my load.

Before completely finishing, he massaged my scalp and temples a bit. Cam then walked back over to his supplies and pumped another cream into his hands. It was a foot lotion that he rubbed into each foot. He said that the massage was now done since the cream contained some menthol and neither of us would appreciate the feeling of it on the more sensitive parts of our bodies.

He told me to take my time and slowly sit up for a few minutes since I had now been lying on the table for 90 minutes. He went to the bathroom and washed his hands and then offered me a tall glass of ice water. He unsnapped and removed his cock ring and we chatted some more while we both dressed. I was his last visit for the day, so there was no rush to leave. Cam suggested that because there was so much tightness in my upper body, I would probably benefit from his 2 hour massage where he would also introduce some hot stone therapy. Since I’ve never tried them before, I told him that I would give it a shot when I returned next time. He was glad to hear that I had enjoyed the experience so much that I was already speaking of returning.

I thanked Cam for the massage, all of the extras, and for his willingness to talk with me about his own life experiences. It definitely left me feeling like I wanted to explore more. Hope you’ve enjoyed the story — newer adventures to share later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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