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Bbc Sucking

My carpool drops me off at home after work and I walk up sidewalk fumbling in my purse to find my keys. Standing at the door I reach for the knob and insert the key into the lock. I walk in and am about to throw my purse on the side table kick off my shoes and relax before going to class when I see the candles and wine glasses on the table. I’m confused because you said you were supposed to be working tonight. My back is to the stairs and I’m so caught off guard that I don’t hear your steps behind me. Suddenly I feel your presence and before I can react your body is pressed against mine from behind.

Your left hand snakes up my throat and holds my chin pulling my head to the side. Your right hand claims my breast and tugs at the nipple. Instantly my core turns molten. You nuzzle my neck slowly, teasingly and I know what’s coming. I hear the growl and then feel the teeth in my skin. My knees buckle but you hold me up by my throat and my breast. I hang there, helpless with desire, aching for you to take me. I feel your hardness poking against my ass. I struggle to turn wanting to taste your lips but you hold firm and the struggle only serves to pull my nipple harder and poke your cock further into the crack of my ass. I swear I am about to come just from this. Suddenly you release me, spin me around and yank off my coat. You frantically tear at my pants, tugging them down along with my panties. The slacks pool around my feet. I stand there, head swimming, confused, aroused, not sure what to do. Your hands trace my legs from ankle to knee to thigh. I’m sure you can see me quivering.

You pause for a second and then reach behind me grabbing me by the ass and forcing my dripping pussy to your lips. You thrust your tongue between the slit of my cunt and lick frantically at my hard little clit. I grab your head and moan as I feel an orgasm rushing up at me. Your hands massage and grope my ass pulling my cheeks apart and probing at my hole. One finger finds my center and another finds my ass. You begin to finger fuck me while I ride your face. Suddenly the orgasm erupts and I come violently. You feel my cunt and my ass squeezing your fingers and a little trickle of pussy juice squirts out and dribbles down your chin. This drives you over the edge. You stand, yank off my sweater, tear at my shirt and bra as I desperately try to undo your shirt. Clothes go flying and suddenly I’m face down on the couch with you shoving your massive cock into my swollen little pussy. You grab my hips and pump into me hard. I reach between my legs and start to play with myself. I come again almost instantly from your dick stretching my pussy so tight. I feel you start to come but you suddenly pull out. You grab a fist full of my hair and turn my head just as you come. By the time you’re done my face, neck and tits are covered and you’re kneeling over me looking very satisfied.

You lean down grabbing me by the back of the neck and whisper, “That was for forgetting who you belong to my little slut. Now go wash off and get your ass back here- we’re not even close to being done.”

I quickly run upstairs feeling your warm cum getting colder on my skin. Nothing makes me feel dirtier, sluttier, sexier or more owned than being covered in your cum. I head into the bathroom to wash off, planning to use my lavender scented face wash, knowing how much you hate the smell of semen. When I walk into the bathroom I see a collar and my favorite butt plug on the counter. There’s also a note.

“Put on the collar, lube your ass and bring the plug downstairs with you. You will insert the plug in your ass for me while I watch.”

Reading this makes my pussy twinge even though I’ve just come twice. I’m a little hesitant about the collar, though. Things have been a bit strained with us lately and it’s very hard for me to show this side of myself without feeling totally secure in our relationship. I love playing and I love how dirty and utterly satisfied this type of sex makes me feel but it also makes me feel very vulnerable and the collar is very symbolic for both of us. I think about all this as I wash up and lube my ass. I decide I won’t put the collar on, I can’t put it on yet. I hope you’ll understand. Instead I bring it and the plug downstairs. I see you sitting on the couch naked with a glass of prosecco in your hand and one for me on the coffee table. You see the collar in my hand and raise an eyebrow at me. You look a little disapproving but not angry.

I walk over and kneel between your legs nuzzling your cock and balls with my face. You smell like sex, like us. I feel your dick stir from Betturkey the attention I’m giving it and you gently twine your fingers in my hair. You tug up, indicating you want me to look at you. I pull my face from your beautiful cock and look in your eyes. I see concern and also love and behind that a smoldering desire I haven’t seen in a while. I climb into your lap and wrap myself around you, burying my face in your neck. You hold me tight gently rubbing my back and stroking my hair.

“Why didn’t you put the collar on like I asked?” you whisper into my ear.

I pull back to look at you. “I…don’t…I couldn’t, I just didn’t feel right.” I stammer.

For some reason I feel ashamed and I look down, not able to meet your gaze. You pull my chin up forcing me to look you in the eye.

“What didn’t feel right? Answer me.” You say when I hesitate.

“This. Us. It’s been a while and there’s been so much distance.” I try to explain. “I can’t just open up like this, let myself be so vulnerable, I’m scared, I’m hurt, I feel alone.”

The words come rushing out and I feel tears start to stream down my cheeks.

“Shh-shh” You say. “It’s ok. It’s ok. I know. It’s been hard on both of us but you need this. I need this. That’s why I’m doing my job and taking charge of my little slut again. You have to know you have always been and will always be mine, my slut, my doll, my grace. I know things haven’t been right between us lately so I’m trying to fix that. I haven’t been a very good Dom and you have been a very bad little slut. You’ve come without permission dozens of times, and you didn’t put on your collar like I told you to. You know you will have to be punished.”

“NO!” I wail, my bottom lip pouting out. I hate the way I sound- like an obstinate willful little girl. A punishment is the last thing I need I think to myself. I need care and soft slow love making. I’m about to tell you this when you suddenly suck that pouting bottom lip into your mouth and begin to kiss me like you haven’t kissed me in a long time. I feel your body respond the same way mine has started to do. We both groan breathing into one another’s mouth.

“Yes.” You say and I’m not sure if you’re saying yes to the feelings rushing through you or reaffirming your plan to punish me but at this point I don’t care. Your hardening cock is caught between my thighs and I begin to wriggle on it trying my damndest to get it inside me. You’re grabbing my ass and rubbing me back and forth along your length, using me to masturbate yourself. I groan in frustration wanting you inside me. I slide up and try to grab your dick to put it in my hot dripping cunt but you catch my hands.

“No.” you say, “Not until you accept your punishment.” I pout again. “In fact, you will not come again until you accept your punishment like a good little slut.”

I laugh. I don’t mean to, it just comes out. Instantly I know this was a mistake. Before I know it I’m face down over your lap with my bottom perched up vulnerably. Your hand is pinning me at the back of my neck and your other arm is holding my flailing legs down. I struggle and curse at you but quickly realize you are stronger and I don’t stand much of a chance so I switch to reason.

“I have to go class, let me go.” I say. “They’ll wonder where I am.”

“I already called and explained that you’re not feeling well. You have no excuses and nothing to think about except you and me and how you are going to sit at work tomorrow once I’m done with this ass of yours.”

“No. I’m serious I can’t do this right now.” I plead.

“Yes you can.” You reply and smack my ass with your hand.

Despite myself I feel that familiar tingle and spreading warmth in my pussy. I protest again and again it’s met with a swat to my bottom. We continue this way until you notice that along with my objections my hips are starting to grind against your legs. You roughly slide two fingers into my pussy and find it drenched.

“Your cunt is soaked!” you hiss “Don’t try to tell me you don’t want this, slut!”

You jam your fingers in and out of my pussy while rubbing your thumb along my clit until you feel the tell tale signs that I’m close to coming. You rip your fingers from inside me and land a sharp blow on my bottom.

“Don’t you DARE!” you warn me. “You will not come until I say so and you will not come until you have begged me to put your collar on you. Do you understand?”

“NO!” I scream.

My head is spinning out of control. So many emotions are tumbling around in my Betturkey Giriş body I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. I’m horny, so so incredibly horny and confused and scared and angry and embarassed. We worked so hard for me to get past my issues with my submissive self but the past months have been rough for us and we’ve drifted apart. Without that safety net of our intimacy I’ve had to hide that part of me again and now you’re bringing her out against my will into a relationship I’m not totally secure in. I hate you right now and I’ve never wanted you more. I can also maybe see what you’re trying to do by taking control from me and being that strong dominant man that I need. Though I’m certainly not going to admit it to you. I gave you myself willingly the last time. This time you are going to have to break me. We’re in for a long night.

“No what?” you ask. “No you don’t understand?”

“No. Just no.” I respond. “I’m not going to do this, I can’t.”

“You can and you will, slut.” You say as you resume your ministrations to my slick swollen pussy. “And you’ll do it with much more respect than you’ve shown me so far tonight. Are we clear?”

You say this in a strong, steady voice, with a confidence that you are right and you know I will, in the end, obey. I remain silent, slipping into the soft rolling waves of pleasure you’re causing with your talented hands. I squeeze your fingers as they probe deep inside me. Just a few more strokes and I think I can get off. Suddenly your fingers stop moving. I groan in frustration. I try to wiggle my hips to get the friction I need but you have me pinned tight.

“Do you want to come my little slut?” You ask with amusement in your voice.

“Yes.” I admit.

“Then you know what to do.” you say.

We both sit there stubbornly not moving. I refuse to beg tonight.

“I see we’re going to have to do this the hard way.” You say. You sigh and gently push me off your lap. “This could be so much easier and so much more fun for both of us if you just give in.” you tell me.

I glare at you, the words “Fuck you” struggling to burst through my lips. But I know that would be deadly and I wisely keep my mouth closed. You sigh again.

“Upstairs.” You order.

I look at you and shake my head. I know what’s going to happen up there and while I want it, I also want nothing less. It’s always been that way, that love/hate relationship with my dark sexual needs. I shake my head again, no. You lean towards me and I flinch. I know you can make me if you really want. But instead you lean in and gently take my head in your hands. Softly you kiss my jaw line, locked tight in defiance, up my cheek to my temple, my nose and then my mouth. You part my lips with your tongue and make me melt.

“Please little one, let’s go upstairs.” You whisper.

You take my hand and stand up. With a light tug I’m on my feet following you up the stairs and into the bedroom. You sit at the edge of the bed and pull me to you. You gaze at me, drinking in all of my body with your eyes.

“God you are beautiful.” you say, “Even when you are acting like a spoiled little brat.”

I scowl and you grin. You grab my ass with both hands and sink your teeth into a nipple. My pussy instantly gushes and I freeze. You fingers pry apart my cheeks and penetrate my ass. I feel my pussy clenching in pre-orgasmic anticipation. You have me right at the edge and you know it. You release my nipple.

“Do you want to come slut?” you ask.

I nod.

“Then beg for it.” you say.

I consider it. I admit for a second I consider begging- I’m so close. But instead I shake my head.

“Suit yourself.” you say standing up.

Your cock slides between my lips as you stand briefly knocking against my clit. Ooooh fuck that feels good. I shiver at the contact as you move around behind me. Gently but forcefully you push me over and onto the bed. Before I realize what’s happening a vibrator is shoved deep into my cunt. Oh yes, yes, yes! My body screams and then suddenly my arms are lashed together and held tight against the head of the bed. As I’m assessing my predicament my left leg is spread and attached to the foot of the bed quickly followed by my right. Well, I did know this was going to happen I think to myself. I may as well resign myself to the caning that I know is coming too. At least you were nice enough to use a vibrator.

“And a butt plug!” you say, as if reading my mind.

“You did at least lube your ass I assume?” you ask. “If not I’m guessing this will be a little uncomfortable for you.” you say as you roughly shove the plug home.

I squeak. You aren’t usually so rough but I guess I’ve tested your limits tonight. Lying on my stomach with my pussy and ass filled I’m overwhelmed with the need to come. The anticipation of the caning is just heightening my desire. I’m such a submissive little slut. This turns me on so much. You know it, I know it, why can’t I just admit it to you and be done with it? Because it’s been too long, I answer myself. We’ve let it go, we’ve drifted and I just don’t feel secure. That’s why. He’s got to prove himself to me just like I have to prove myself to him. That’s what this is about.

I feel you behind me grabbing at the vibrator. Slowly you begin to thrust it in and out of my sopping cunt. Soft little moans and squeaks escape me as you build my passion even higher.

“Don’t you come slut.” you say over and over, “Don’t even think about coming yet.”

Oh but I’m thinking about it. I’m so damn close…and you stop. That’s when I feel the first strike of the cane. It’s hard. Harder than I think you’ve ever hit me. I yowl and my body jerks off the bed. It feels like fire racing across the middle of my bottom.

“That’s 1.” you say. “You’ve got 19 more. It’s really an arbitrary number considering you’ve disobeyed too many times to count recently. But I figured I needed a stopping point. You can stop it any time by begging me to let you come. Ok?”

This is not our ordinary caning session. This is not the nice light pleasureable strokes you usually administer. These are punishment strokes. I can tell the difference and I don’t think I can last for 19 more. You bring the cane down again. I scream and curse.

“That’s 2” you say. You place the cane down on the bed next to my head where I can see it and then you grab the vibrator which has slipped out of my pussy from the convulsions of my body during the caning. You shove it inside me and begin to masturbate me, bringing me higher and higher on that sensual plane, making me hornier than I ever thought possible. My hips pump lewdly against the vibe in your hand. I pant and groan and almost…almost…and you stop. You pick up the cane and another white hot lash lands across my ass.

Again you put the cane down and fuck me with the vibe. Just as I’m reaching the peak again you pick up the cane.

This time, you stop and ask, “Do you want to come slut?”

I don’t answer. I just glare at you. The cane comes down again. I howl in pain- my ass is on fire, I swear it’s litterally burst into flames. Then the pleasure. That intense amazing pleasure. Pleasure that can only be felt in contrast to that beautiful pain. You continue like this alternating blistering swats of the cane with fucking me with the vibrator. You ask me each time if I want to come and each time I refuse to answer. By the 9th stroke of the cane I’m sobbing, by the 13th I’m barely comprehensible, by the 18th I’ve reached a state of semi-consciousness and when we reach 20 we’re both breathing hard, sweating and aroused beyond all imagining.

I see your dick sticking straight out, hard and purple, dripping pre-cum. I made it. I made it through the 20 strokes and I didn’t break. I’m a mess with snot dripping out of my nose, hair clinging to my neck and face in sweaty strands and my ass on fire. You glare at me and I glare back. There’s only one thing to do now.

You climb onto the bed and mount me from behind. Grabbing my red welted ass in your hands you shove yourself into me and pound me like an animal. Wild inhuman noises escape you as you violently claim my body. The pain from you pounding against my beaten bottom only seems to arouse me further.

“Yes! Yesyesyesfuck me fuck me fuck me take me!” I scream. I’m so close, so close to coming I think I might pass out.

I feel you stiffen, your cock swells inside me and you growl, “Come for me slut, come now!” And we both explode. I feel you pulsing into me as I tighten and contract around you. We come hard, our bodies responding to one another and I burst into tears. I’m sobbing, big heaving sobs of fear and anger and stress as I continue to come around your cock. We’ve finally found release. The both of us, together. All those months of anger and resentment that had built up between us are gone, broken down and beaten out of us.

You lay down on top of me and I feel your tears mix with mine. Our sweaty beaten bodies and souls mingle together in the little twisted oasis we’ve created. You gently untie my hands and feet and pull me into you. Face to face you breathe my breath. I continue crying as you stroke and hold me tight. As I begin to finally calm down, little hiccuping sniffles escaping from me, I feel your cock start to harden against my stomach. You kiss my eyes, the tears on my cheeks and slide into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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