Our definition of swinging.

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This story is absolutely true as written.

My wife Eva and I have been playing around in the swinger world for many years, but we do not consider ourselves all-knowing about swinging. From our experience there are all different types of couples and people who call themselves swingers.

First there are fake swingers and by this, I mean they are most often couples who enjoy engaging in the swinger social scene and identifying themselves as swingers. However, they ultimately never participate in sex outside their relationship. These folks enjoy parties and the social scene mostly.

Then there are couples who call themselves swingers whose purpose is to enjoy the exhibitionist side of swinging. They only ever share sex with each other, but the juice for them is knowing that other people are watching them. We see these folks often in swinger clubs and sometimes parties.

Then there are what I will term the original swingers and I say that because I think their model is what most non-swinger types imagine when they hear the term swinger. These couples have terms such as same room, different room, full swap, partial swap, off premise etc. etc. These terms describe the boundaries within which they will agree to participate, meaning they will only have sex in the same room as their partner, different room etc. etc. There are all different reasons for these boundaries depending on the couple. Some have more rules and requirements than the US Penal code. For example, no kissing, no penetration, certain words are out of bounds and so on.

Then there are those couples or singles who have few rules or requirements, and they prefer group sex environments. This is the category that Eva and I identify with.

None of these groups are right or wrong in our opinion, rather they do what is comfortable for them and what gives them the most pleasure.

Eva and I began our swinging experience with another couple who we came in contact with on a Mexican website called Fantasiasmotel, which no longer exists. We found that most members of this site (singles and couples) were rather hardcore and they were there for real casual sex hookups. Seldom did we run across no-shows which is common these days.

Our friends live in a different city from us and once or twice a year we travel to their city and rent a hotel suite where they join us for an evening of sexy fun. They are Roberto and Martina.

Over the past seven years or so our evenings with Roberto and Martina have evolved into small swinger parties. Each year we invite Betturkey approximately a dozen people and ultimately around eight will show up. Some couples are our friends from previous parties, and others are invited by one of our participating guests. This formula keeps a certain freshness among the group, and at the same time there is also a level of familiarity which helps new guests to be comfortable with each other.

As I mentioned, we hold our parties in a city about a one-hour drive away from our city which is where Roberto and Martina live. Eva and I rent the largest suite that we can find in the best upscale hotels. In this area we have Marriott, Quinta Real, Fiesta Americana and other luxury hotel chains. We rotate hotels from year to year to keep things fresh.

The important aspects of the suite are, it needs to be large enough for comfortable seating for up to a dozen guests, it needs two bathrooms, it must have a wet bar, a king bed and comfortable couches. As you can imagine a king bed gets pretty crowded if eight or more people want to play and so there needs to be the potential for two groups to play.

Typically, we stock our bar with whisky, vodka, tequila and rum plus a cooler of cold beer on ice, sometimes wine and some snacks. Our experience is that most swingers don’t drink a lot for various reasons. It helps though to be able to offer drinks to take the edge off for new participants.

Over the years we have had only two not so nice experiences. In both cases two of our male participants invited female acquaintances without explaining to them that this was a swinger party where people were naked and enjoying sex all evening. Of course, it wasn’t fair at all to the ladies. In the first case a couple of the guys seduced the lady and then she actively enjoyed sex with all the men and women. Then she had a fit of remorse or guilty conscience, then she got drunk and then she spent the remainder of her evening in the bathroom being sick and crying.

The other situation actually took place at someone else’s home. The lady in question put up a fuss as one might expect, and she took her boyfriend into his bedroom to argue, and as a result we never saw them again that night. Other than these two experiences all others were great fun and well worth remembering.

Eva is a wonderful hostess which she learned from her mom. Everything is spotless, everything is well organized and ready before our guests to arrive. She places condoms everywhere and turns on some nice background music. I Betturkey Giriş could not ask for a classier wife and she makes us both very proud.

Typically, what we do is prepare the suite with music and get the bar all set, and adjust the lights so as to present a romantic environment, before we go to meet our friends. We always ask our guests to meet us in the hotel bar where we run an open tab. The point of doing this is to ensure that we have the full group together, and they are introduced to each other and relaxed before we head to our suite. We find that this approach reduces awkwardness among our new guests, and it eliminates for the most part, people coming to the door while everyone is naked and enjoying themselves.

Quite often there is flirting going on in the hotel bar as people become acquainted. The ladies usually are dressed provocatively which I enjoy a lot, being a voyeur. A couple of drinks later, a few swinging stories behind us and we are off as a group to our suite. Once inside and everyone is comfortably seated, we serve our guests a drink and tell them that from then on, it is serve yourself at the bar.

Often Eva is the first to begin the action by sitting on someone’s lap or one of her friends undresses her and performs oral sex. Once someone begins then it is only a few minutes until everyone is naked and horny. From this point on anything goes.

My wife is a very beautiful, horny woman who absolutely loves casual sex. She enjoys loving sex at home too, but in the swinging environment she is definitely like a kid in a candy store. As I have written in other stories, if she feels safe and comfortable in her environment, then she goes into what I have termed as orgasmic disorientation. In this state she often has her eyes closed, or maybe they are glassed over, but she is unaware of where she is or who she is playing with. Many times, I have later described some of her very sexy activities to her and she has no recollection of who she was with, she remembers only what she did and how good it felt. Therefore, I see it as my responsibility to do whatever is necessary for Eva to feel safe and comfortable so that she can let herself go completely.

Most of our group enjoys group sex and it is common to see Eva on the bed with a cock in her mouth, a cock in her hand and one in her beautiful pussy fucking her hard. At the same time one or two ladies might be sucking her nipples.

I think anyone who has ever fucked my wife will agree that she never gets cheated out of pleasure. She fucks every cock or pussy as if it were her last. She orgasms and squirts over and over again until she is completely spent of energy. She gives as much pleasure as she receives, and she is open to almost any type of sexual activity except serious pain. Of course, our friends know this, and they all pursue sex with her.

Usually the party will go for a couple of hours while everyone enjoys whatever their pleasure is. Sometimes there will be two groups of people fucking and maybe two people off to the side, and sometimes everyone is in one big group on the bed. I often take photos for those who want them which can be difficult because many people do not want to be in sexy photos. Everyone’s wishes must be respected.

After about two hours mostly everyone is ready for a rest and so we gather in a circle and enjoy a drink or two together. Here we discuss what we liked during the first two hours and some people make requests for anything special they might want to experience after the break. It is interesting how comfortable people become with each other over the two hours. When we begin people are a little shy getting undressed and some ladies will cross their legs so as not to have their pussy in full view, and things like that. At the halfway break everyone is nude, and no one pays any attention to what they are showing. By this time people are sharing their most secret fantasies and sex stories.

After maybe half an hour break it is back into action and everyone is even more adventurous than before. Sometimes there will be a new female guest who has never experienced sex with another woman, and so the rest of the ladies take her to the bed, and they all participate in giving her a great orgasm. This happens at almost every party. Of course, this sight of a bunch of ladies together having orgasms makes all us men horny (I think this is part of the reason the ladies do this) and our cocks become hard and wrestles. It is usually not too long then before these cocks find a wet horny pussy to fill and the game is on again.

After a couples of hours people begin to run out of energy and one by one or couple by couple they head back to the circle for a nightcap. And of course, true to form my wife is the last one to give up.

Eventually people get dressed and leave over the period of half an hour which is usually around one AM. Eva and I clean up a bit, shower, and head into bed where we replay the evening. If she has the energy, we enjoy sex together.

We really enjoy our annual swinger party as do our guests. Eva and I look forward to it all year and a couple of months before the date we begin inviting our guests.

This is our definition of swinging and maybe one day you will join us.

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