Lion’s Den Ch. 01

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Max looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was as neat as it was going to be, clothes was fitting right, oh yeah she looked good. Even though she was not feeling 100% she promised Laney she would take her to Chinatown on her first day up from Texas. She was ready, she wondered if Laney was also.

“Laney babes, you ready?”

“Yeah, I am so excited,” Laney squealed in glee hugging her friend.

The girls were polar opposites, but that did not stop them from forming a great friendship. Laney was a petite size 6 with long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Max was tall, brown skinned, with a mass of long brown curls on her head, plus sized and known for laugher and mischievousness in her grey eyes. In the four years they’ve known each other in college; they have been each others confidants, critics, stylists, study buddies, and alibis. Laney was the only sister to six brothers and Max was an only child, so they really valued their sisterhood. They even had nicknames for each other. Laney called Max, Blue because she used to be addicted to jeans, light blue, navy blue, and all shades in between. Max called Laney, Red due to her having red hair the day they met. The girls had years and secrets between them that made their bond stronger.

They hit Chinatown and worked their way up and down the long shopping avenue. Laney was goo-goo eyed at all the sights and sounds, she had seen New York in movies and heard of how bustling it was, but her senses were on overload. For Max, despite feeling terrible at the beginning of the day she was having a great time. She was in her element in New York. All the jostling and noise gave her an intense serenity. She missed New York when she was at college; she only came home for summer and Christmas. She had taken to spending Thanksgiving with Laney’s family, since her parents had started spending their Thanksgivings in Tobago, couples retreat they called it. Right now they are in the South of France, living la vida country.

As a natural course to the day, Max took Laney to Little Italy. She loved Little Italy, when she was younger her father would bring her to the San Gennaro Street Festival. She would have a blast trying to win prizes and getting her fill on sausage and peppers.

They found a restaurant that sounded appetizing, and sat down to chow. The girls chatted about everything and anything, Laney gave Max a list of things she wanted to do while up North.

“Whoa Laney, slow down, you are going to be here for six weeks, we have time. Well actually you have time. Remind me to pick you up a subway map, and reload you metro card.”

“Dude you aren’t gonna going to hit the city with me?

“Not all the time, you know I have that internship, part time, but nevertheless it is going to be demanding. And plus I don’t want you cooped up in the house all day waiting for me to get home. By the end of you vaca you will be a seasoned New Yorker, or at least the best tourist ever.”

Laney laughed, “Girl you know my parents will disown my red-neck ass, if I return to them all citified.”

Max’s body rocked with laughter, thinking of Laney doing a Paris Hilton on the ranch. “Let’s get out of here, before they put us out.”


“Oh shoot!” Max exclaimed as she tripped on her shoe lacings. She wore sneakers for the comfort of a walking marathon day like today, but she hated having to retie in public. Luckily she was by an alley and could stoop down without having her ass in the way.

“Laney pause for bit gotta tie my sneakers.”

Max stooped down to tie her laces, wishing that she had invested in sneakers with Velcro, a little too late. As she gave the knot a tight tug she heard a whistle, a low drawn out sound causing her to turn her head slowly. She would have whipped around quickly, but she did not want to show that she was startled. Her eyes connected with a pair of dark ones, smirking and dangerous. Max stood slowly, patting off imaginary dust off her jeans, never breaking the staring the contest. She broke into a broad smile, picked up her bags and began to walk away with Laney in tow.

Just put one foot infront of the other, she thought, walk walk walk walk. Who ever that sweet piece of man was made her stomach dance a bit. She felt like prey, an unusual feeling for her.

“Excuse me miss?” Leo called out to her hoping she would stop, but she kept walking as if she had not heard him. Oh jeez, look at that ass, I could spend all night just smacking that,

“Blue is he calling you?” Laney asked. Max just shook her head never breaking stride, until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Excuse me miss?” Leo said touching her shoulder. She turned around with the biggest smile on her face. Is that real or fake? He could not decide, so he continued. “It is not very ladylike of you to be bending down in alleys like that. Didn’t your mother teach you better?”

Laney gasped, disbelieving that someone could be so rude. But after all this is New York. She glanced up to Max Betturkey wondering what was her friend going to do. On campus, Max had a reputation for being smart, tough, sweet, and crazy. She did not like to get into fights, but she made it clear she was not to be crossed. In the same vein she would do some outlandish things like go skinny dipping, or prank a professor. She was unpredictable, and Laney loved that about her. Life with Max was never boring.

“Sir, and it is not gentlemanly for you to be staring at my ass, and then whistling as if it was on display for you. Didn’t your mother teach you any better?” Oh what an ass. Hmm look at that mouth, luscious and inviting. And those grey eyes, sensual and piercing. This close he could see the rise and fall of her chest as she spoke, and what was that, Oh snap did her nipples just get hard? Leo liked what he saw, she was something different; a black girl with grey eyes, and he thought he picked up a faint accent when she spoke.

“Touché, madame. Let me make it up to you and your friend. Come join me for a drink.” He stared into her eyes trying to get a read on her. She was smiling but her eyes said nothing. She’d make a great poker player. His inability to read her had him intrigued.

“No, thank you.” Max started to walk away again. She knew danger miles off, and she had no idea what this Italian boy wanted with her, but it made her uncomfortable and very cautious. She had already assessed him the moment she had turned her head, and gorgeous seemed a limited description. He was breathtaking: tall, black hair, black eyes, a mouth that could only seduce, broad shoulders, well muscled, and the slight bulge in his crotch area told her all she needed to know.

Leo was scrambling in his head for words to say to slow her down again as he took in the sight before him. Her body was insane. She was big, curvaceous, and the way her hips swayed had him mesmerized. Her skin was a rich chocolate, and she wore her hair natural and in two long braids. He felt his cock getting hard watching her make her escape, but he couldn’t allow her to get away so easily. “Please, bellas, how can I face my mother when I have disrespected a beautiful lady like you, huh?”

At that line, both Laney and Max stopped and laughed. Leo liked where this was going, if he could get them to laugh he had them.

Max winked at Laney and turned to Leo, “Sure we ladies would fancy a cold drink.”

“Follow me.” They retraced their steps back down to alley to the door, labeled Absinthe, Leo had exited from. They walked through a very immaculate but empty restaurant kitchen, into a plush nightclub.

“Come ladies take a seat at the bar. By the way my name is Leo, and you are?”

“Max and Laney,” Laney responded feeling rather giddy. This man was hot, but she could see he only had eyes for Max.

Leo noticed that they did not give last names, and smiled. Getting information from these girls was going to be like pulling teeth.

They watched Leo make their Long Island Ice Teas, while he continued to make small talk. Max kept a keen eye out for any suspicious ingredients, and decided to mess with him a bit.

“You know you have one of the sexiest mouths I have ever seen.” she said casually.

Leo looked up, only to see her flashing that unreadable smile, but her eyes were all mischief.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, your lips are inviting, but I see wickedness in them.”


“Yep, wi-cked-nessss.”

What the fuck? Is she flirting me? He still couldn’t tell.

As they continued to stare at each other with amused looks on their faces. They heard someone enter the club.

“Yo, Leo you in here?” shouted the intruder.

“Yeah, I’m here and I got company.” Leo shouted back. Max made a mental note of the tone of Leo’s response, she had heard that tone many times before.

“Aye, double company. I like. I like a lot,” commented a buoyant guy that could almost be Leo’s twin, except for the blue eyes and low hair cut.

“Ladies, this is my cousin Pauley.”

What the hell, thought Laney, is New York the breeding stable for fine ass men?

“Hello Pauley,” they said in unison, causing them to laugh.

“Ladies the pleasure is all mine,” he charmed while kissing their hands.

As Leo served the drinks, he motioned for Pauley to meet him in the kitchen.

When they were alone Laney blurted out, “Blue are you baiting him?” Her friend never ceased to amaze her. One moment she was walking away from him, next she was flirting.

“Of course, babes, this is the first and last time I will ever see this guy why not have a little harmless flirtatious fun, huh?” She had decided to have a bit of fun, although all of Leo’s energy screamed “DANGER!” But she won’t be in his company long so what could it hurt.

“Ok, I just hope you know what you are doing because you may not have noticed it, but Leo looks like he wants to devour you.”

“Oh please, no body is devouring anybody,” Max said sounding confident, Betturkey Giriş but in that short space of time of meeting Leo her mind had already conjured scenes of him taking her rough and hard. Oh frig I gotta get out of here. This was a bad idea. “Ready when you are, Red.” she said downing her drink in one.


Laney and Max collected their bags and walked into the kitchen to leave. The boys were in a heated discussion in Italian. Leo looked up at them and waved them over with a smile.

“Leo thank you for your hospitality, consider all forgiven and Pauley it was nice to meet you.”

“You don’t have to leave so soon,” Leo suggested

But Max insisted politely staring right into his eyes, “Yes we do, those clothes aren’t going to buy themselves. Like I said it was a pleasure.”

He wondered why she stared at him like that as if she was trying to enter his soul.

“If you girls ever want to come and party here is a card for the club and your names will be on the list.”

Max took the card intending to throw it in a bin as soon as they got back onto Canal Street, but Laney knowing her friend snatched it out of her hand, “No worries, I’ll keep it safe.” Laney had all intentions of wearing Max down until she came to the club at least one night.


Leo watched the girls leave the club wondering if he would ever cross paths with Max again. He tried to ensure that by inviting them to the club, but she did not seem interested. Fuck what am I thinking? Am I trying to chase her? Oh hell no I get chased. She’ll come. Leo ran his fingers thorough his hair, with a deep sigh. He did not have time for this. His work kept him busy enough: clubs and restaurants to run, soldiers to keep in line, parents to please, and money to make. The time spent with Max and Laney was the most relaxing half hour he had in a long time. But here he was back again with his thoughts swirling about her. He was curious about her, she never asked about the club, did he own it? Did he just work here? Did she secretly guess what he did? Did she care? Why would she care? She seemed rather content to just be in that moment enjoying that experience. She was not like most women. What he was able to gather from their conversation was that she was on summer break from college, she was a local, and Laney was not.

Pauley watched his cousin. His face seemed relaxed, he wasn’t wearing that scowl he loved to sport. Yep a pretty lady could do that to you. He preferred his women thinner, but he could definitely see the appeal of Max to his cousin. She was just his type. He’s been telling him since puberty that it took a real man to handle a woman like that, but Pauley could never be swayed, to each his own. I guess it is back to business, Pauley mused as he saw the rigidity return to his cousin’s face. Gosh he needed to get him laid.


“Absinthe, sounds like it might be fun Max.” Laney had begun her plan to wear Max down.

“I’m sure it is but I am not going, and neither are you.”

“Yes, mama.”

“Don’t yes mama me, we are not going. Those boys are dangerous. We had a nice mini adventure, let’s just leave it like that please.”

Five nights later Laney won the battle, smiling triumphantly as she applied Max’s make-up.

“Red you so owe me.”

“I owe you? You know you will not object to seeing that fine ass Italian man again. So keep it quiet while I sexy you up.”

“I don’t need any help thank you,” she said snatching the brush out of Laney’s hand with a smile on her face. Despite her serious misgivings she would not mind taking a look at Leo again. I should just take a picture. Plus she did want to make Laney’s stay awesome, and nothing says New York living like getting into a post nightclub on a crowded Saturday night.


The girls approached the bouncer with the clip-board, “Laney and Max. We’re on the list.”

The bouncer didn’t even look down he just unhooked the velvet barrier.

Joe B. smiled to himself, so this was the famous Laney and Max the cousins put on the list. He had received strict instructions to let them know the moment they came, any day they came.

As the girls walked down the ocean blue tube corridor to get to the dance and lounge area, they were greeted by a tall striking blond hostess.

“Hello, I am Marie. Mr. Carbone would like for you to join him in his VIP booth. Please follow me.”

Laney could feel Max tense up. She knew Max only came because of her, but something was out of sync, she seemed hyper vigilant. Laney on the other hand was eager to put her eyes on Pauley again.

When they entered the VIP lounge Leo rose to meet them, his face smiling, and his eyes absorbing Max. Her red strapless dress hugged every inch of her and caused her breasts to almost spill from the heart shaped neckline. Her make up was not over done, and her hair was hanging wild and curly, but that dress was sending his thoughts crazy. He wanted to take her right then and there. When he brought his eyes back to her face, her eyes were ablaze watching him.

Did he just eye fuck me? He friggin did. Oh two can play that game mister. So in retaliation, Max’s openly perused Leo. From head to toe she drank him in, taking a good pause at his crotch area then flicking her eyes to his with a smile on her face.

Oh this girl was too much. Did she see how she made my cock jump? Is that while she is smiling? One hot blooded vixen.

Laney maneuvered so Max was sitting by Leo. She could feel tension building between Max and Leo, and was willing her friend to relax and behave, but with Max you can never tell, especially when mischievous thoughts get into her mind.

Leo ordered champagne, and made as much small talk as he could, with Laney being the only one answering his questions. When the champagne arrived Max had one glass and excused herself. She went onto the dance floor to release some of the sexual tension building inside of her sitting next to Leo. Some Black Eyed Peas song came on that got her grooving. A man came up and asked for a dance but she declined.

Laney could see Leo’s eyes zero in on her friend, and groaned. The last guy she saw look at Max this way caused a lot of problems, until he just stopped. Oh freak here we go again.

Leo watched Max sway to the music. She was definitely in her own world. He was glad when he saw her brush off the guy that tried to get too close. Would she do that to me if I approached her? With that thought he got down to the dance floor focused on claiming her. He walked right up to her back and pulled her to him.

Max spun around with a, “What the hell!” ready on her lips, but broke into a smile when she saw it was Leo. Oh he wants to get burned.

She leaned into him and felt his erection on her ass, like it was trying to bore a hole into her dress. He dipped down and began kissing on her neck, soft nips at first, and then it got savage. She felt her pussy getting wetter, cascading down her legs. Ok I’m losing, I gotta get out of here, but how with his fingers digging into my hips.

She figured she could make him lose his concentration, so she tilted her head back and kissed him on his neck. Running her tongue down as far as it could go. This has gone on long enough, Leo thought. He growled, and yanked her off the dance floor. He took her down a long corridor and up a flight of stairs into a dark office that only source of light was a blue glow coming from a glass window that looked onto the club.


Pauley had watched his cousin from the security booth. He had never seen Leo lose it like that before. That was more his style. Leo was usually cool and calm, but that girl sure got his engine revved up. He knew he took her to his office to fuck her brains out, and this was perfect because they left sweet little Laney unattended.

Laney saw Leo pull Max off the dance floor, and knew what was going to happen. The looks he was giving Max told her Laney intended to claim her, and Max seemed to be into it tonight, although that was not her friends usual M.O. She cast her eyes around the club wondering where Pauley was.


Before Max could even think, he spun her around pressing her front against the door so he could unzip her dress and unhook her bra. She gasped and clawed at the wall as he assaulted her neck and back. Her breasts were pressed against the cold door, sending a thrill to her pussy. He almost lost it when he realized she had on no panties, and spanked her ass calling her his dirty girl.

Leo dropped to his knees, “Spread ’em.” he commanded. She was more than happy to oblige. He drove his tongue straight into her creaming center causing her to tremble and moan. Max was losing her mind from the way he manipulated her body. He introduced fingers to the play, plunging in and out of her at a pace that caused her to cry out his name and pound the door as her body shook. She released more of her nectar on his tongue. She tasted so good, Leo lapped at her pussy until Max came again, he could not get enough. She became so still he became concerned. Leo knew he was a great lover, but the way her body responded to him made him feel like he could fly. Max slid down to the floor to join Leo. He was sporting a big ass grin like he had conquered the world, but Max was already plotting to wipe that smile off his face.

“Was my mouth just as wicked as you imagined?” he asked remembering her comment from when they first met.


She swung her leg over his and straddled him, doing a slight bounce on the tip of his exposed penis. It was a large thing but she felt she could handle it. He leaned down to take one of her nipples in his mouth but she dipped back. Leo caught on quickly to what she was planning, but was not going to let that happen. He brought her wrist behind her back holding her rigid against him. Using this leverage he lifted her up and set her down squarely on his cock. Max cried out in pain and pleasure, as all the air left her body. His penis was giving her pussy a stretching, that was blowing her mind. Leo looked into her face, “Open your eyes,” he commanded. Even in the dark he could tell they were squeezed shut.

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