Leslie: Her First Lover

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I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew before things started heating up that I should stop. I knew, but I didn’t stop. I couldn’t.

It could have been some deep down sub-conscious part of me was telling me to enjoy life while I could. Or it could have been pure lust. Or both.

Allow me to explain.

Several years ago, my girlfriend at the time, Julie, was in the hospital to have an operation. I was living out of state, so I had arranged to stay at one of the hotels near the medical center.

When I arrived at the hospital, one of my girlfriend’s friends, Leslie, was there visiting. We had met before I had moved out of state, so we all knew each other.

I stayed at the hospital until the nurses threw me out about an hour and a half after visiting hours. Leslie had stayed the entire day as well. When I was leaving, Leslie had asked for a ride home. She lived about 10 miles away. I had planned on staying near the medical center, and had not rented a car for this trip. When I told her I didn’t have a way to give her a lift, she asked if I’d wait with her for a cab. I agreed, after all it wasn’t a good idea to leave a pretty teenage female all alone outside this late at night.

While we were waiting, Leslie and I had a nice chat about what had been going on since I moved away. She was finished with school, graduating early, and was enjoying her free time. She had met a cute guy at the beach and was planning on going out with him the following weekend. She was nervous about the date. She had been raised by extremely conservative parents. Between her focus on school and her parents basically not letting her date, she was more than just a little apprehensive. She’d gone out in groups before, but not just as a couple.

After about 20 minutes, a taxi finally arrived. The driver, a rough looking man that needed to shave and looked like he lived in his car, honked the horn. When Leslie stood up, the driver yelled “did you call a cab?”

She nodded yes, and turned to tell me good-bye. I noticed an odd smile spread across the driver’s face that made me nervous. I thought about saying something to Leslie, but decided instead to share the cab to my hotel. I asked if she would mind and volunteered to pay her fare home from the hotel. She agreed, and when I started walking to the cab with her, I noticed the scowl on the drivers face.

I knew my hotel was only about 3 blocks away, and I figured I’d test the driver before letting Leslie ride with him alone. It also gave me a chance to get in the car and listen to him radio back to his dispatch that he had picked up his ride. Call me paranoid, but I figured if he was on the up-and-up he’d radio in he had a ride, and there would be a record of his picking up a passenger. I guess I’ve spent too much time in big cities.

The driver started the meter and pulled out of the hospital. I told him to head to the Doubletree Inn – Medical Center. Leslie started to tell him where she was going, but I quietly stopped her. She gave me a puzzled look, and fortunately didn’t continue.

Sure enough, the driver took a series of “one-way” streets that added several blocks to the trip, and also managed to hit every light “red.” When we finally got to the hotel, I had Leslie get out of the car and paid the driver what was on the meter, almost 3 times the cost when I went from the hotel to the hospital earlier that day.

Leslie was puzzled at first, and after the cab left I told her I didn’t trust the driver. I also told her about the look he gave her when he first thought she was alone. She seemed relieved I noticed that and stopped her from taking that cab.

Inside the hotel I contacted the concierge and asked about getting a car to take her home. At this point I wasn’t going to trust her to get home in a taxi. We were told that the hotel did have a shuttle, but it wasn’t going to be running until the morning. Normally the shuttle ran to the airport and to a couple of shopping malls nearby, but I was free to talk to the driver about making a side trip.

I asked Leslie if she would mind staying upstairs in my room for the night. I had a business suite, that meant I had an oversized single room, a king size bed, and a couch that pulled out to make another bed, and a small “kitchenette.”

The night started innocently enough. Reflecting on what happened, I still don’t know how events unfolded the way they did.

We stopped by the coffee shop in the hotel and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading upstairs to my room. When we got there, I asked her if she’d like some shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in, figuring her jeans would be a bit uncomfortable. She said yes so I gave her one my t-shirts and a pair of sweat-shorts. She went to the bathroom to change clothes.

I pulled out another t-shirt and shorts for myself. She must have needed to go to the bathroom, because I heard the toilet flush and then water running in the sink. She was in there for a while, and I asked her if everything was OK. She said she was washing her facet illegal bahis before going to bed, part of her normal routine at night. It sounded like she was going to be a while, so I told her not to come out until I told her it was OK. After changing in the main room area, I told her it was OK to come out whenever she was ready.

I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Not much on at that hour, mostly infomercials and news channels. I finally stopped on one of the news channels and was watching a current events piece when Leslie emerged from the bathroom wearing the shorts and shirt I had given her.

Up until this point everything had been purely platonic. She was very cute, and I admit she was quite sexy wearing my clothes, especially the way they hung off of her, a couple of sizes too big. I think she had to pull the string on the shorts all the way to tighten up the waist to keep them from falling down. Yet, I had managed to control myself.

She crawled up on the bed next to the couch and laid down on top of the covers to watch TV.

After a couple of minutes, she asked where she was going to sleep. I reminded her that the couch folded out and made a bed. I asked her if she wanted to go to bed right now, or if she could wait until the news was over, about 20 minutes. She said she was tired, but that she could wait.

We chatted a bit more, and then she surprised me by asking if I knew she had turned 18 a few weeks earlier. I told her I didn’t know. Her next response should have tipped me off about what she had planned. “I’m finally legal,” she said, and rolled onto her side facing away from me.

I was oblivious. Totally naive. How I missed the real meaning of that I don’t know.

After the news was over, I turned the TV off and got up to fix the couch. By then, Leslie had already drifted peacefully to sleep. Or so I thought. I started to wake her, but figured we had a king size bed, there was plenty of room. I got the extra blankets from the closet. I used one to cover Leslie, and I kept the other.

I crawled into the other side of bed, staying on top of the covers so I wouldn’t disturb her. I used the other blanket. I must have been more tired than I realized because I went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillows.

Suddenly something woke me up. Leslie was saying something about being sorry. I was still groggy and slowly coming to and didn’t know what was going on. I realized we were laying in bed facing each other just inches apart. As I woke up more fully, I became aware that my cock was standing at full attention and was partially out of my shorts. And we appeared to be under the same blanket.

I wish I would have been awake. Apparently she had been feeling my cock while I was asleep, and that is what woke me up. She figured I knew what she had done when I began to wake up and was begging me not to tell my girlfriend or anyone else.

At that point I saw Leslie for what she truly was — a beautiful young woman.

Her comments about turning 18 and being legal played through my mind.

That’s when I should have known what was happening. That is when I should have put a stop to it. Instead, I reach over and began combing my fingers through her hair.

“It’s alright Leslie. I won’t tell anyone. As long as you tell me why you were doing this.”

She had the softest red hair, not quite shoulder length. I was looking right into her green eyes. Her face illuminated from the bathroom light.

“I’m so sorry. When you sent the taxi away, I thought you were making excuses to try and get me to come up to your room.”

I continued stroking her hair, while she calmed down. She took a deep breath, sighed, and continued.

“I’m a virgin. And my parents wouldn’t let me go out dates. When I turned 16 they’d occasionally let me go out as part of a group, and as long as someone they knew and trusted was a chaperone. Once when I kissed a boy, the chaperone came up and separated us and then told my parents. I have been counting the days until I turned 18. I suppose I could have snuck out or made up excuses and found ways to sneak around, but I didn’t want to do that.”

“Next week I’ve got a date with that guy I met at the beach, the one I told you about earlier. This is a real date. Just the two of us. He’s taking me to a really nice restaurant for dinner and then a movie. And, if everything goes well, I won’t be virgin when I get home.”

“As much as I want to do this, I’m also scared. I don’t know what to do to make him want me. And if he did want me, I’m scared doing it will hurt and I’ll look like a fool. One of the reasons I was at the hospital today was to ask Julie some questions and talk about this. We got to talked about this most of the day before you got there.”

I was still running my fingers through her hair, and nodding, trying to absorb everything she was saying. Sometimes I’d stop and rest my hand on her shoulder.

“She told me I shouldn’t do it with that guy from the beach and that I should be happy illegal bahis siteleri to be a virgin and that my first time should be special, and with someone special, and not to throw my virginity away. She told me if I wasn’t careful I was going to end up pregnant, or worse, with some kind of sexually transmitted disease. And, if I didn’t find someone special to go easy on me for my first time, I was going to end up bleeding and in a lot of pain. I didn’t know what to do.” She started sobbing.

“Then, when you told me to get out of the taxi and then sent the car away, I thought you were going to try and seduce me. At first I was scared, but the more I thought about it, well… I’ve had a crush on you for a long time, and I thought if I looked pretty enough for you, you would take me to bed with you. I got so scared coming up the elevator, I had to go to the bathroom when we got here.”

She started sobbing again. “Then, when you went to bed and went to sleep, I thought you had changed your mind because I wasn’t pretty enough.” She let out a big sob, and I noticed tears running down her face into the pillow.

Here was a teenage girl that had blossomed into a beautiful young woman pouring her heart out to me, crying because she got herself ready to give her virginity to me, and thought I had rejected her because she wasn’t pretty enough.

“I’m just comforting her,” I told myself as I pulled her close and put my arms around her and held her tight.

“I’m sorry you thought that. Your very pretty. And whoever you give your virginity to is going to be the luckiest man in the world.” I started to run my hand through her hair again, “You have beautiful, soft red hair, gorgeous green eyes, and in really good shape. Your breasts are just the right size and you have all the right curves. You could probably get any guy you wanted.”

“But not you,” as more tears flowed from her eyes. The sexual tension in the room seemed almost overpowering.

I gave her a soft kiss on her forehead, and then I began to kiss the tears away.

I don’t know what happened next. I don’t know if I kissed her on the mouth, or if she moved her head up so our lips would meet. In an instant, everything changed.

Slowly, almost by accident, our lips met. And we kissed. Lightly at first. “Leslie..” I started to say, and she put her mouth back on mine. The intensity increasing with each kiss.

I felt her tongue against my lips. Gently touching them, almost as if knocking to see if I’d respond. My mouth opened and our tongues met. We each held the other firmly wrapped in our arms. Trying pull the other as close as we could, all the while our tongues dancing together, probing the other’s mouth.

I pulled my arm back, and slowly brought it up, caressing her stomach and chest over the shirt, until my hand felt her breast. Perfect, firm, teacup sized breasts, just the right size to hold or to suck. She let out a slight moan when I cupped her breast in my hand and gently squeezed.

When I pulled my hand away, she looked at me as if something were wrong, her eyes saying “Don’t stop.” I pulled the shirt up slightly and slide my hand under the shirt. Lightly touching her stomach and chest as I slowly moved my hand back to her breast.

I now had her breast directly in my hand. I could feel her nipples standing erect indicating her state of arousal. I started to alternate between gently pulling on and pinching her nipples.

We separated from each other’s arms and I pulled off my shirt. I leaned back over to kiss her some more. I started kissing her neck as I pulled her shirt up, stopping only as I pulled the shirt over head and dropped it on the floor.

She had the most beautiful, perky, firm breasts I had ever seen. I’d say she was between a B and C cup. Her breasts were kind of puffy, and her nipples were hard. I went back to massaging her breasts while I kissed her.

This time when I started to kiss down her neck, I kept going. To her shoulders and down to her chest, an inch at time, until I had my mouth on one of her nipples.

I don’t know if she had her first mini orgasm then, or if she was surprised when I gently nibbled on her nipple, but her whole body shuddered slightly and a low, almost guttural moan escaped from her mouth.

I switched to her other breast, using my fingers to tease her other breast, lightly tweaking the nipple.

She surprised me when she pulled away and pushed me down so I was laying on my back. Suddenly, she started to suck my nipples.

I’ve always loved suckling on breasts. And to this day, I still think Leslie had the most beautiful and perfect breasts of any girl that I’ve ever seen.

I’d never had a girl suck on my nipples. The sensation was almost electric. It tickled, without quite tickling.

As she went from one nipple to the other, leaning over on all fours just off to one side of me, I began exploring her body with my hand.

I started at the back of her leg near her feed and slowly moved my hand up canlı bahis siteleri her leg. The sweat shorts were too big and left me plenty of room to run my hands up her long along her smooth and sensual skin until I reach her bottom. To my surprise, she had not been wearing any panties. Only my shorts. I slowly moved my hand over to her inner thigh, and up between her legs.

I found the treasure that often drives men to madness. Between her legs, my hand found a perfectly smooth mound. No hair. Not even any stubble. I couldn’t tell if she was completely shaved at this point. Though, she was extremely wet. As I ran my fingers along her slit, my fingers became coated with her juices. She began to move her hips, trying to increase the pressure against my fingers.

Her hands began exploring my body. Her hands seemed to be everywhere. Slowly she moved her hands down. We were embraced in a passionate kiss, my fingers dancing across her bare pussy, teasing her clit, when she reached my hard shaft. Her small hands going under my shorts. Her touch making me jump as she tried to wrap her hand around my girth. Slowly she ran her fingers up my entire length, to the head, and back down the other side.

We untangled ourselves from each other, sat up, and looking into each other’s eyes, we took turns removing each other’s clothes. That was when I got to see her beautifully bald pussy for the first time.

She saw where my gaze was, “I heard that guys like girls with no hair down there, and when I was in the bathroom I saw your shaver and just did it. I hope that was OK.”

“Of course it’s OK,” I said, and kissed her before continuing. “You did a marvelous job. It looks just perfect. You look perfect.” Leslie beamed.

I told her to lie down and close her eyes. She did, and I leaned over and kissed her gently on the mouth. Then I began moving down as I was kissing her. When I reached her breasts, I sucked on one nipple and playfully bit the other. “Ooh,” she cried, “that kind of hurt.”

I ignored her, and continued down her stomach. The kind of flat stomach that only teenagers seem to have.

As I kissed her belly button, I noticed it was an innie. As I kept moving down, she realized where I was going. “Are you sure you want to do that? I mean that’s where I pee. I know it’s supposed to feel really good, but it seems kind of gross.”

“Trust me,” I replied, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t want to. You washed yourself in the bathroom after shaving, right?” She nodded. “There’s more down there than just where you pee. Do you trust me?” She nodded again.

I was soon kissing the top of her pussy, and spread her legs to give me better access. Her pussy lips where swollen and puffy. She was highly aroused. I got my first taste of her pussy and I was both lost and in heaven at the same time. She had the best tasting pussy, almost sweet. I don’t know if it is diet, or something else. I’ve yet to meet anyone who had a better tasting pussy. I could have feasted on her for hours!

I brought up a finger and slid it down her wet slit. She tensed as I began sucking and licking her clit. I don’t think she noticed when my index finger found the opening I was looking for. I didn’t stick it in very far, barely to the first knuckle. I slowly moved my finger in a little deeper while I continued to lap at her pussy and clit.

Suddenly she tensed up “Unngghhh!” she moaned. Her legs clamped close around my head, but I didn’t let the pressure slow me down. I could feel the muscles of her pussy clamping down around my finger – I barely had it in her, she was TIGHT. Her breathing was getting more intense and she was moaning and moving her arms. I kept going. I wasn’t going to stop. I had found the pattern and exact spot to push her over the edge and I kept at it. Changing the pace, but making sure I didn’t lose that spot. I was rewarded by a small flood from her pussy, all over my mouth and finger.

She started gasping for breath and pleading with me to stop so she could catch her breath. When it seemed like she couldn’t breath, I finally relented.

I got up and kissed her on the mouth.

When I pulled away she looked up at me — her eyes big with wonder and lust, “Oh my god that was incredible! I couldn’t breath! I thought I was going to pass out! It felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop, but I couldn’t stand it anymore. What did you do to me?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to make you feel good.”

“Now it’s your turn! You lay down.”

“OK,” and I plopped down on top of her. She started laughing. “Not on top of me silly, on your back.”

She pushed me off to the side and I laid there on my back, curious to see what she would do.

“Close your eyes for me, like I did for you”

As I closed my eyes, I felt her hands on my chest, and she started to move them down to my crotch. I had a raging hard on at the point, and felt like I was going to burst any minute. Her hands running up and down the length of my cock didn’t make it any easier to hold my eruption back.

She was sitting off to one side, so I moved my arms and began to move my hands to her pussy again. “No, this time it’s my turn to make _YOU_ feel good.” With that she playfully slapped my hands away and returned her attention to my cock.

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