‘Just’ Jane Ch. 06

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Chapter 6

Monday I was back at work like usual. Poole and Max were also there and soon enough we fell back into old routines. Some of the drama must have filtered back to the girls in our office as it seemed all eyes were on Poole and I throughout the day. When Max came and asked me to stay after, the buzz was now audible.

“Jane please come sit with me.” Poole said as I handed Max my tablet.

Poole got up from his desk and moved to the padded chairs we use when clients came to do business. Poole moved two chairs side by side then put another a couple of feet away. Lastly Poole placed one chair, a chair unlike the others facing the three he organized earlier. This chair looked like a chair form the cafeteria, cold and hard.

“Please take off your top and put this on.” Poole handed me a sheer cover up we wear when the office gets chilly. At first I wanted to protest but like a good little slut I took my bikini top off in front of Poole and Max. Slipping on the lightweight top with short sleeves I started to button it up from the bottom.

“Just two will be enough.” Poole looked at me and smiled.

My tits were covered but just barely. I knew whoever was coming would be able to see my nipples through the gauze like material. If I was to bend over they would definitely be in full view. Knowing this excited me in a perverse way. Taking a seat beside Poole I waited patiently, my pussy becoming wetter every minute.

“He’s here.” Max told us as he hung up his phone.

So it’s a man I thought to myself. Why would Poole want me to expose myself to client I thought? Maybe it was another test with one of his friends. You can imagine my surprise when Max walked to the door and opened it and Donald walked in.

“Donald please join us.” Poole said as he and I stood.

Donald appeared at the door in only a bathing suit, his discomfort was quite evident. Max, dressed as always, guided my husband to the lone chair and took the empty one beside me. Donald looked at me and was clearly not happy with my state of undress. I expected him to fly off the handle at any minute but instead he looked at Poole seething.

“Thank you for coming.” Poole greeted Donald politely.

“Why am I here?” Donald snarled his embarrassment of being half dressed quickly turning to contempt.

“Max will explain that in a minute but before that I think you owe Jane an apology.” Poole suggested.

“An apology for what?” Donald protested.

“The other night you suggested we were being intimate when you barged in my trailer.” Poole reminded him. “When you realized that was not true you suggested she was intimate with Max’s sister Lela.”

“She was in bed with her.” Donald spat back.

“She was, but I can assure you they were clothed the entire time and certainly not engage in any sexual acts.” Poole explained. “Apologize now and that part will be over.”

Donald looked at me dressed like a slut, a look we both knew he despised. My guess is Poole knew how Donald felt as well.

“I’m sorry.” Donald said in a barely audible tone.

“Now that is done we move onto Lela. Donald your mouth has gotten you in trouble in the past and yet you still have not learned.” Poole sighed. “I am not going to put Lela in situation that may only make matters worse. Instead you will apologize to Max for insulting his sister.”

“I’m sorry Max, I was drunk and didn’t know what I was saying.” Donald looked at Max in fear.

“I will let Lela know what you said and assure her you will never talk like that to her again.” Max replied. “Apology accepted.”

“Great now let’s get down to business.” Poole said in relief. “Max has found a job for you Donald.”

“You did?” Donald now perked up.

“He did, but first how about a beer?” Poole smiled broadly. “Jane would you be so kind?”

I knew now what Poole’s plan was. I sauntered over to the refrigerator Max keeps the beverages in. I pulled out three beers and poured myself a glass of wine Max had provided just for me. Returning I handed Donald the first beer making sure to bend at the waist exposing my tits. Next I served Max whose eyes never left mine before serving Poole.

In a show of dominance Poole purposely gawked at my tits the whole time. He smiled broadly then watched as I took my seat beside him. We all took a drink then Poole motioned to Max to start.

“It isn’t much but it should get you back on your feet.” Max started to izmir escort bayan explain.

“Is it in sales?” Donald interrupted.

The same old Donald, never knowing when to just shut up and listen. Just had his ass handed to him and already he’s back to old habits.

“Not really, more of a management position.” Max tried to clarify.

“Great so I’ll have my own staff?” You could almost see the wheels turning in his feeble brain.

“Not exactly.” Max exhaled in frustration. “Donald, the job is night manager at a sports bar.”

You could almost see Donald deflate as he heard the words come out.

“I don’t understand.” Donald reeled in disappointment.

“Take it or leave it.” Poole replied taking over for Max. “If you pass on this Donald you’re on your own.”

“How much does it pay?” Donald sunk in the chair.

“Thirty five, benefits and a car.” Poole said bluntly.

“Thirty five? But that’s less than a fourth of what I was making before.” Donald sulked.

“A third.” Max corrected him.

Poor Donald, did he really think he could bullshit Max?

“Donald, this is the offer. Six nights a week, you start at eight, the bar closes at two, you and the staff clean the bar for the next day’s opening.” Poole explained. “No drinking on the premises, working or not, not even a beer.”

“Is this at least a family business?” Donald asked knowing the benefits of profit sharing.

“No Donald. As we discussed before, you are no longer eligible to work in any family business.” Max reminded him.

After that Poole and Max continued to explain in detail the job and what it would entail. I thought for sure Poole had pushed Donald too far this time. But in spite of my state of undress, being reprimanded, me sitting beside Poole, and the lowly position being offered Donald accepted without further complaint. The last indignity was when Poole explained Donald would be getting the old car I was driving and I would be getting a brand new one.

I knew Poole’s method of setting the stage to take advantage of every situation, still I found no pleasure watching Donald squirm in front of us. Donald is my husband and in many ways a good man. My love for him died years ago, now my respect for him has been lost as well.

I realized this meeting was as much for me as Donald. What husband would allow his wife to expose herself like I was? How could a business man with years of experience give in so easily and accept such a menial job he wasn’t even qualified for? Most of all Max and Poole reminded me in spite of Donald’s recent blunders at work he really hasn’t changed at all.

Donald left and shortly after Max left too. Poole had that look of a job well done. I knew it well from my time working with him. He was satisfied but would never gloat. Still I had a feeling we were alone for a reason.

“How about a swim?” Poole started to unbutton my top.

“Just a swim?” I teased.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Poole pulled my top off.

I stood and slipped my bikini bottoms off and headed to the pool and jumped in. When I turned Poole was headed my way with a semi hard cock. I hoped it would be maybe not.

We actually did swim, well at least Poole did. I just kind of floated around until he came up behind me. Poole wrapped me in his arms and nibbled on my neck.

“Are you ok with this?” he whispered.

“Why are you helping him?” I dared to ask.

“Because I can.” Poole replied without further explanation.

“Is it to keep Donald and me apart? Is it so I can be with you?” I pushed back.

“Jane, Donald has been at home all this time, day and night.” Poole pointed out. “Has that kept us apart?”

My heart soared as I knew he was right. I turned to face Poole and kissed him passionately.

“Take me home.” I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Not tonight.” Pooled kissed my nose. “Tina and I have an appointment.”

“Ok.” I pouted.

“Well I guess I could be a few minutes late.” Poole teased me. “Let’s go to your room.”

Poole and I made our way to my changing room. After a bit of frisky petting I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. The taste of chlorine from the pool quickly faded and I started to enjoy his cock.

Too big to swallow I worked the head with my mouth and his shaft with my hands. Soon enough Poole thrust gently in my direction letting me know he was getting excited.

“On the table.” Poole pulled me from his cock.

I jumped up on the padded bench and with my legs spread wide leaned back offering him my pussy. We both watched in awe as his massive cock split my swollen lips and worked deeper in my body.

“Where does it all go?” I looked up at Poole and smiled.

“Heaven, that’s where.” He replied grinning.

I sat up and watched as Poole’s cock worked in and out of me. I leaned a bit further and looked on as my clit glided over his greasy prick. Each time he pulled out my pussy contracted, each time Poole pushed in my cunt I shuddered.

I never watched anyone izmir escort fuck, not like this, focusing on just a cock going in and out of a pussy. But here I was with all the lights on doing just that. The sights, the sounds, the smells, all that and the incredible feelings were becoming too much.

“I want to see it cum.” I said hoarsely.

“What?” Poole gasped.

“When you cum pull it out I want to see it spurt.” I moaned.

“Are you sure?” Poole groaned.

“In my pussy, shoot it in my pussy.” I giggled.

“Ready?” Poole hissed.

I leaned back just slightly and opened my legs wider.


“Oooohhh ffuucckkkkkkk.” Poole cried out.

Reaching down Poole gripped his cock and pulled it from my cunt. I saw the shaft swell in his hand then the dark purple head appear to burst. Just and inch form my gaping cunt I watched as Poole’s cream shot with amazing force into the opening of my pussy.

I could feel the heat and then before I could savor the feeling another blast erupted my way. My pussy contracted and then without warning my orgasm hit hard.

“Fuck me Poole! Fuck me hard!” I screamed.

Just then another volley hit my pussy lips. I was just about to protest when I felt Poole’s cock slam into my pussy against my cervix.

“Fuck your slut!” I groaned. “Show her who owns her pussy.” I babbled.

“Take it slut, take it all.” Poole pounded me hard.

“Always.” I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Always.”

Poole took me in his arms, my head rested on his shoulder, as we each rode out our orgasms. Poole held me for almost five minutes before he released me.

“Tomorrow night you stay with us.” Poole whispered. “Promise.”

I let him go and watched his semi hard cock slip from my cunt. Cum dripped out onto the bench and then the floor.

“We should take a shower.” Poole suggested.

Together we went into my bathroom and washed each other. When we came out the cum had been cleaned up and fresh towels laid out. Lela had been here while we were in the shower.

I arrived home shortly after Donald. He was waiting for me none too happy.

“Were have you been?” He paced around the living room.

“Donald you know I was at work, you just left there yourself.” I said bluntly.

“I waited and you didn’t come right out. In fact Poole came out just before you.” Donald pointed his finger at me.

“So? If you must know, I talked to Max and Poole, swam a few laps, took a shower and came straight home.” I explained heading for the kitchen. “Now I am going to make dinner, are you joining me?”

Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to explain myself but I realize it has been a tough day for Donald.

“I think we should move.” Donald headed me off at the counter.

“Ok.” I replied agreeable.

“Really?” Donald was stopped in his tracks.

“Yes, this house is too big and with both of us now working we could use something a bit smaller. Besides it’s time for the girls to get out on their own again.” I explained.

“No Jane.” Donald replied all flustered. “I meant move away from here.”

“Such as quit our jobs and move to another state?” I tilted my head in a questioned look.

“Yes…….exactly.” Donald sighed.

“Ok.” I walked past him and looked in the fridge.

“Really?” Donald asked knowing that was too easy.

“Sure, as soon as you can get a job that pays as much as you and I both make, and you pay for Cody graduating college.” I grabbed the bottle of wine.

“What?” Donald protested.

“You heard me.” I sat down and stared at my husband. “I’m happy here, the girls are happy here. But if you’re not happy here, I will go wherever you can afford to take us. I might not be happy there but at least we won’t be broke like the last place we lived.”

“That’s bullshit.” Donald wined like he always does when things don’t go his way.

“As long as I’m paying the bills, and ‘I’ am paying the bills, we live where ‘I’ want.” I pointed to Donald. “When you’re paying the bills I’ll agree to live where you want.”

Donald knew he had already lost this argument and like always went away sulking. I ate alone and slept alone again.


Tuesday just after lunch Max asked me to come see him. I finished my project and headed up to his desk.

“You need to get changed, Tina is on her way to pick you up.” Max explained taking my tablet.

“Oh, ok. Is something wrong?” I asked a bit concerned.

“Nothing’s wrong, just get ready.” Max insisted.

When I came out Tina was waiting for me dressed very nicely.

“Are you ready?” Tina asked smiling.

“I guess? But I’m not sure why your here.”

“I’ll follow you to your house.” Tina offered no explanation.

We walked out to the parking lot where I got in my car and started home. Pulling in the garage escort izmir I shut off the car. Tina approached after exiting her car.

“Show me your closet.” Tina brushed past me to open the door from the garage into the house.

I’m not the best house keeper but generally everything is neat and tidy. Even then I’m not sure I would pass the white glove test however. Tina followed me into the master bedroom and my walk in closet. Less than half of the rack had clothes hanging on it. I knew the moment she entered how disappointed she was.

“This is all of it?” Tina turned to face me.

“I’m afraid so.” I cast my eyes down.

“This is much worse than I feared.” Tina whispered.

“Money has been tight, any extra goes to Cody’s college fund.” I stared at the floor.

Tina’s hand moved under my chin and tilted it up. There was sadness in her eyes as she looked in mine.

“I’m sorry Jane I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” Tina leaned in and kissed me softly. “I just thought with the cars Donald drove, the suits he wears, and all the golfing he does…….”

A tear started to roll down my cheek. Tina pulled me against her and held me tight. “It’s alright baby.” Tina whispered.

“I’ve always tried to support him.” I confessed.

“Enough of this……….” Tina kissed my cheek. “………..you’re so beautiful…………..we’ll find something here for you to wear.”

Tina has this innate ability to do and say things to turn situations like this into an encouraging moment. She rifled through my closet and picked out an outfit that was sexy but practical. Pulling off my top Tina reached for my bra removing that as well.

“I love perky.” Tina tweaked one nipple.

She let me wear the panties I had on then handed me the skirt she picked out.

“Perfect.” Tina gushed. “Now hurry we don’t have all day.

I locked up the house and eased in beside Tina in her car.

“Where are we going?” I finally asked.

“Shopping.” Tina replied happily. “Now no more questions.” She looked at me and smiled.

It wasn’t until we pulled into a car dealership I remembered Poole told Donald I would be getting a new car. I assumed he meant a newer car not a brand new car. Tina led me into the showroom where she asked for Silvia. A stunning redhead soon appeared inviting us into her office.

“You must be Jane?” Sylvia offered me her well manicured hand.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Poole called and said Tina would be bringing you by.” Sylvia shook Tina’s hand.

“Did he tell you what he’s looking for?” Tina asked Sylvia.

“I laid out some options, Poole said Jane could pick out the one she wanted.” Sylvia explained. “They’re out front, the four on the left. Take your time the keys are in them if you want to take a test drive.”

We stood and Sylvia led us to the vehicles Poole pre-approved. I looked at them each, a truck and three SUV’s all quite large.

“I don’t need anything this large.” I said to Tina after Sylvia returned to her office.

“But Poole will my love.” Tina took my hand and walked me around each one.

When Tina spoke those words a chill went down my back. I knew Poole preferred not to drive, Tina’s suggestion was I would be driving him in the future. We walked around each vehicle and sat inside. I slipped behind the wheel of the mid-sized SUV and felt the leather wrapped steering wheel.

“This one.” I smiled at Tina.

“Good choice.” She agreed. “Come let’s go tell Sylvia.”

The red head smiled warmly as we entered her office. Tall and well built her conservative clothes downplayed her voluptuous body. Sylvia’s green eyes pierced mine as we sat down. She was sizing me up, I wondered if she knew I was Poole’s slut?

“So have you made a decision?” Sylvia looked at Tina then me.

“The maroon one.” I said matter of factually.

“Splendid, it’s pretty well loaded, would you prefer a different color?” She smiled.

I looked at Tina who gave me a supportive nod.

“Silver or white would reflect more sun.” I suggested.

“We have a silver one equipped the same.” Sylvia replied jotting down a note.

“Can you have it delivered?” Tina asked. “Jane and I have some more shopping to do.”

Sylvia looked at her watch. “I’ll have it there before Poole gets home. Let me get you the spare key.”

“Thank you Sylvia.” Tina said standing up.

“Nice to meet you.” I held out my hand.

Sylvia took my hand and shook it. “Pleasure to meet you as well, Jane.”

The whole experience took just over thirty minutes. Price was never mentioned, financing not even discussed. It wasn’t the most expensive of the choices but it was still a lot of money. Back in Tina’s car we headed into town to go shopping.

I felt embarrassed as Tina helped me shop for some nicer clothes. I tried to explain she didn’t have to do this but she insisted. We headed home with just a few items but they were expensive by my standards just the same. Sitting in the drive was my new car.

“Poole will love that. Let’s get it in the garage and surprise him.” Tina said happily.

Tina opened the door as I reached in my purse for the spare key. There were two empty spots now, I pulled in one and turned off the car.

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