Jessica Chapter Four

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Jessica Chapter Four
Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller
By Jax_Teller

The saga begins >

The Continuing Saga Of Jessica

Chapter Four

A Sunday morning of a three day week end was always interesting with people taking inventory of who ended up with who, who did what crazy thing, who would head out, who would say fuck it and stay another day. This morning was no different in that there was a lot of story telling and it seemed like with no fights or harsh interactions every one wanted to stay, So the party went on. Dana had ended up sleeping with Jessica and I in my bed and she seemed to be in no hurry to leave or leave us for that matter. After breakfast she talked with the couple she’d rode out with for a few minutes and then returned to us. The play area was getting well used and seemed to have a line of folks waiting their turn.

So the party picked back up after noon, people were acting like children skipping school, doing as much outrageous crap as possible. There were several times when an all out orgy broke out, just naked on naked fucking sucking getting fucked and sucked. It was interesting to me in that the all out orgies usually happen later evening around dusk at the peak of drunkenness. This crowd had managed to get along with no fighting or drama, and wasn’t sober by any means but wasn’t blotto either. I was keeping a watchful eye over the play area to make sure no one got hurt and that consent was maintained. Dana and Jessica stayed at my side and we had some good conversations about kink and sexuality.

It was rare on these party weekends to have real conversations about life and yet here we were relatively sober chatting kink. The conversation turned to Poly relations and how a threesome can turn into more. Jessica said she didn’t like the way current trends had taken polygamy and poly and rolled them together. She went on about how they are generally very different. The conversation flowed and Dana had input that mirrored Jessica’s point of view and it almost seemed as though they were working together. I had been mostly listening as I watched over the party but then there was an awkward moment of silence and the two of them looking to me, like it bursa eskort was my turn to say something.

I told them that as long as every one respects each other, all sorts of different relationships are viable. Dana mentioned that she was loosing her job at the Mushroom factory as soon as the current line finished up. She said she’d have to find some where to live because she wouldn’t be able to afford her apartment living on unemployment. I told her there was always room here at camp and Jessica smiled at her like they had achieved something. As the afternoon turned to evening the party wound down, and by dusk only a few remained. Jessica and Dana went about cleaning up and I noticed how well they were working together and a definite closeness.

With Freddy in camp and the girls helping out I took a moment to myself for a change and took off on my bike, riding into the setting sun. Dana and Jessica watched as I rode off not knowing what to think. Freddy saw their wondering looks, and told them I just needed a minute to myself, that I would be back some day. Freddy went about over seeing the camp, Jessica and Dana finished the base clean up. As it got dark people turned in for the night or left to go home. Jessica and Dana decided to go to bed and as they got to my bed, they looked each other over and Dana asked Jessica if she wanted to fool around. They were already naked and getting in bed and Jessica said sure, but that she’d never been just with a woman.

Dana took the lead as they met in the middle of the bed and started to kiss Jessica, fondling her breasts. They made love to each other, taking time to enjoy their respective bodies. They spent a lot of time kissing and feeling each other before Dana slid down between Jessica’s thighs still kissing and licking down to her honey pot. She took so much time to get there that it was like she was teasing Jessica. In reality it was just the speed she was comfortable.

I rolled in just after three am puttering to a stop and to my surprise, which I shouldn’t have been, everything was quiet. Freddy sat up from a chair by the fire pit and I walked over to where he sat. He said welcome back brother and gave me a hug. It was the same thing I’d said to him when he returned from being gone years. In a way to me, I had been away years in a mere few hours. He said liberating isn’t it? bursa escort bayan And I agreed,and that it had been too long since I felt the freedom of the road. We talked about his time on the road, time in lock up, and the good old days when we built this camp. As the sun came up Jessica brought us cups of coffee made the way we like. I said I had been back for hours and she said she had sensed my presence and heard the Harley come in quietly.

She asked if Dana could stay with us. Even though she had only moved in a week before I said sure. I had suspected this request was coming and thought about it some while I was riding, partly why I came back so soon. Play partners and lovers had come and gone over the years and maybe this poly arraingement would last for awhile. The two of them beside from being very sexually desirable and beautiful young women, were obedient and submissive to me. They both seemed to naturally take my lead and know their place and that their respective postions at my side had power also. The few left over folks from Sunday left out early with the exception of Mary, she had stayed with Freddy. I was interesting to see her when the party was over, walking around naked and sober.

I woke from a nap and wandered out of my room to find an empty house so I walked out to the fire pit and saw Freddy sitting back on a bench seat with Mary riding his cock. When they saw me approaching they both asked if I wanted to join them and being my cock was getting hard just looking at the two of them I said sure. I walked over to them, took a swipe of Vasoline from the bucket on the stand next to them and slathered my cock with it. I stepped behind Mary and ran my cock up and down a few times bumping into Freddy’s cock still impaled in Mary moved up slightly and pushed into her asshole. She said oh my god, I’ve never had two at once and we kept rocking our cocks in and out of her. Her asshole was tight and it didn’t take long before I dumped a load of come in her.

Freddy came a few seconds later and Mary slid off of him to suck his cock clean. I stood back watching the show and realized I had shit dick and walked away from them to get a rag on a near by table to wipe my dick. I said see ya as I headed over to the out door shower. The two of them said wait up and joined me in the shower. Freddy told görükle escort me the girls had to go to work referring to Jessica and Dana, and said they were a cute couple a girls. Mary said yeah they were sweet, and I joked that she had tasted them too, and we three laughed. It was strange to talk to Mary so much, usually she was just around long enough for some young buck to get drunk enough to want a piece of her and then she would drag them off somewhere, fuckem and leave them. It was very good to see Freddy around and happy. Darlene had fucked up his head so much he was doing crazy shit and now he was almost the same person he was before her, but with ten years under his belt.

Mary got dressed after the shower and said she was going home to check on her youngest, 17 yr old Dennis and gather some things. Dennis was a good kid and was close to graduation and going to college out of state so he was being extra careful not to get into trouble. After Mary left out, Freddy and I sat in the living room and I told him I was thinking about going to Sturgis in three weeks if he would be around to watch over camp. He said he wasn’t planning on going anywhere, and in fact he was thinking of fixing up the A-frame some. It was good to hear both in that I needed to reconnect with my inner biker, and that he was making plans to stay around. Dana was the first to get home and she had a load of stuff from her apartment because the line she was working at the mushroom factory had shut down on the previous shift. She had managed to get a few hours in this morning cleaning up the line for the down time, but was given her layoff notice at noon.

Jessica came in from work and as per our contract she went to our bed room and removed her clothes. She helped Dana move some of her things into our room and other stuff to the storage container. When they got back from the storage container they came to me and Dana asked if she could be my submissive like Jessica. I told her that we would need to do a contract similar to the one Jessica and I made. They were like two kittens all warm and fuzzy and I just had some very nasty ideas for the two of them. They made me a steak diner and all the fixings. I enjoyed the food and the girls efforts to please me so I told them to go to the bed room and wait there for me.

I frankly don’t know why Karma has been blessing me so recently, but I just can’t look a gift whore in the tits, I got to fuck them properly.

The End Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller

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