It’s Just Not Cricket Pt. 03

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AUTHOR’S WARNING: This story contains incest, watersports and unprotected sexual activities.


December rolled around again and I was looking forward to our 3rd year of “special” backyard cricket. Dad had promised things would be a bit different this year, as if the last two years had been boring.

If you’re only just joining in now, let me explain. A couple of years ago I played a game of backyard cricket with my dad, the blokes living on either side of him, and their sons. Me and the sons busted our old men getting into a bit of bloke-on-bloke action in the shed, and since then the backyard cricket game has turned into an all-guy orgy. We get the wives and kids away for the day and give in to our man lust once a year.

The usual group is me (Tim), tall and thin and a little on the fair side; my dad, Ross, an ex-fire fighter and body builder; dad’s neighbour, Charlie, a gruff bearded redhead who’s going silver fast; his son, Andy, who looks more like my dad from hitting all the weights; Glenn, the neighbour on the other side, and his boy Noel, both equipped with a marathon runner’s body and a shock of blonde hair.

There was talk last year of a few extra players this season- Charlie’s brother and his twin sons and a couple of blokes from Glenn’s work. Last I heard the blokes from work had pulled out but dad said he had some replacements.

Like last year, I dropped the wife and our kid at the train station to give them the day away. Everyone else had got their better halves off already but my missis dragged the chain sometimes. So by the time I made it to dad’s place at the end of the cul-de-sac everyone was already assembled.

I made my way round the back and saw the group. There was my old man, standing in front of the group like he was the coach, naked except for the red bucket hat. The hat had been with us since the start and it went to the winner for the year. I wondered if my dad had washed the cum out of it.

Everyone turned to see me and introductions were made. I recognised the usual suspects, and once I laid eyes on Charlie’s brother I finally understood where Andy got his look from. Cliff was a huge bloke, more muscular than even Andy, with a shock of red hair and a beard just like Charlie. Eyeing him off I saw he was also packing the biggest cock in the group. I tried not to drool as I stripped off.

Next to Cliff were his twin sons, Tony and Jack. At 22 years of age they were the youngest blokes here and their slender frames stood out in contrast to their muscular dad. They were sporting giant, identical hard-ons and looked ready to blow at a moment’s notice.

The other two newcomers were a surprise, because I recognised them. Not by name, but they had moved in to the house next to Glenn a few years back. These guys were two of the four tradies who were renting the house. The older one, Kyle, looked like a grizzled action star with his stubble and heavy black eyebrows, not to mention his killer body. Next to him was Ben, still jacked but a little less defined, with red/brown hair and a little goatee-looking thing. I found out later that the two of them had caught Glenn having some “personal time” out the back of his place during the year and were keen to play.

With my greedy little scan of the group concluded, I turned my attention back to my old man and his introduction speech.

“Now most years we play two teams. Each innings you pair up with someone on the opposite team, and one side bats and the other bowls. The batsman steps up to an opposing team member and gets to put whatever he wants wherever he wants.” Explained the old man, giving his half-mast cock a waggle to emphasize his point.

This was met with general approval. The twins looked like they might cum there and then from excitement.

“We’d normally play a few innings, with the last innings being a free for deneme bonusu veren siteler all orgy. Last man to come wins the red bucket hat of glory here and then we count up the points.” He continued.

“BUT. Seeing as how there’s so many of us this year, and an odd number of players too, me and the council-” he gestured towards Charlie and Glenn.

“-have decided this year is going to be a lot less formal. One big round, no teams, last man to blow his load is the winner. We’ll sort out a more formal structure next year. Any questions?” he asked, taking a generous dollop of lube from the bottle on the table and applying it to his ring.

Everyone shook their heads. Some of the lads followed suit with the lube.

“Ok, great. Everyone over to the pitch.”

The “pitch” was still just the worn stretch of grass we used to play on, with a few lawn chairs around if we needed them. We all formed a circle, hard dicks pointing in towards my dad standing in the centre.

“Alright…GO!” he shouted, and off we went.

I surveyed the action to see what to do. Glenn and his son Noel each had a twin bent over already and were giving them a good pounding. My dad and Charlie were locked in a passionate embrace, making out and rubbing their cocks together. Andy was bent over sucking off Kyle while Ben crouched behind him giving his arsehole a good tongue-lashing. Guess that left Cliff, who had already sat down on the lawn chair and was eyeing me off as he stroked his considerable meat.

I made my way over to him and his giant schlong. As I stood in front of him he quickly lunged forward and picked me up, pulling my legs apart and pulling me towards him at the same time. I felt his giant cockhead poised against my rear end. I slowly lowered myself, feeling the pain of having my back passage stretched wider than it had ever been before. Eventually I got the monster inside me and started bouncing up and down on it, watching Cliff’s face, eyes half-closed, gasping and moaning in pleasure.

I rode Cliff for what felt like forever. Each bounce from me, each thrust from him, still made me see stars as I tried to adjust for his massive knob. I leaned forward to work the end of the shaft and the head with my arsehole and looked around at the sights.

As expected, the twins were already out, sitting on the grass near the edge of the pitch nursing a beer. Glenn and Noel had turned to each other, Noel kneeling as his dad unleashed a sea of piss over his chest. Watersports was definitely the go over at the Stone household.

My dad was taking it up the arse from Charlie, who was at the same time sucking face with Kyle. The older tradie was also inside Andy’s eager arse. Funnily enough, Andy hadn’t really changed position- still bent forward slightly, hands resting on his knees- but now he had an arse full of Kyle instead of a mouthful, and instead of Ben being behind him he was now in front, giving my muscle-bound mate a proper cock-whipping.

All these sights only furthered my lust and I started riding Cliff extra hard. Pretty quickly the big man took over, grasping my hips and pushing me up and down with such force I thought I might pass out. Instead, he hit his moment and I felt his cock swell and spew forth into my guts. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I gave him a wink and he held his hand up for a high five. As I slapped his open palm I shakily got free of his giant member, still huge as it deflated inside my arsehole.

As I wandered away from Kyle I grabbed a beer from the esky and eyed up my next target. The whole big mass of my dad and the others looked too big to penetrate (no pun intended) so I focused on the Stone boys.

I sidled up alongside Noel, beer still in my hand, and regarded him. Father and son had swaped places and Noel was now hosing down his old man with a steady stream of urine.

“This looks like fun. Mind if I join you?” I asked him, putting a friendly arm around Noel’s shoulder.

“Go for it, the old man loves it, don’t you dad?” Noel said.

“Besides, I’m running out of the fluid refreshments.” Noel laughed.

“Best make the most of it then…” I replied, unleashing a torrent of piss from my still-hard knob.

Glenn was on his knees, bathing in the stuff, pulling his long one as hard as he could. I reached out and guided his head towards my snake. He hesitated, then opened his mouth, swallowing down my piss.

“Fuck that’s good…” I purred.

“Get in this Noel, you’ll love it mate.” I said. Noel, almost running dry, didn’t hesitate and forced himself into his dad’s mouth alongside me.

Glenn’s mouth was stretched wide with our two cocks inside, and my piss was spilling out of his mouth and splashing over his body. His strokes grew even more intense and he quickly spilled his seed over the grass, my toes and his son’s feet.

He pulled himself away from our snakes and got to his feet.

“Bloody hell you too. Good game.” He winked and wandered off to sit with the twins.

As Noel and I finished pissing on the grass I looked back at the rest of the orgy match.

Dad and Charlie were no longer bumming, with Charlie instead lying on the ground as Ben squatted onto his considerable knob. My old man had switched from the father to the son, and had Andy on one of the chairs with his legs up, tenderly stroking the hair off his face as he eased himself in and out of the younger man’s muscled arse.

That left Kyle standing between the two pairs, stroking his cock and trying to decide what to do next. I nudged Noel in the ribs and pointed him out.

“Divide and conquer?” I smirked.

“Sounds like a plan.” He replied, shaking the last drops of piss from his rapidly-hardening dick.

Noel strode up to Kyle and, without a word, dropped to his knees and started hastily sucking his schlong.

I made my way to the back of Kyle and knelt behind him, fondling his hairy globes and marvelling at his deep tradie tan. Kyle’s white arse stood out in contrast to his dark, sinewed thighs and calves. He looked back at me over his shoulder.

“Nah mate, nothing goes in my backside.” He said, reaching behind to move my hand.

“Come on, how about just the tongue?” I said, not budging.

“Well…alright…but I don’t usually-” Kyle’s sentence was cut short as I hungrily pulled his cheeks apart and spied his pink hole nestled in amongst a thick cover of hair.

I lunged forward with my tongue pointed, pushing in deep and fast. If Kyle didn’t like it he certainly kept that hidden, arching himself back to impale his ring on my tongue. Me and Noel worked the poor bastard from both ends until he was a whimpering, pleading mess.

Seeing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I stood up and placed my throbbing cockhead against his tight, spit-coated sphincter.

“Hey, hey…” he started, but I felt him back up onto me.

“Deep breaths big fella.” I said, slowly penetrating his virgin hole.

He grunted and groaned and puffed and strained with each inch. He quickly tapped Noel on the shoulder. I hadn’t even realised Noel was still hard at work giving the blowie.

“Mate, ya gotta stop that, I can’t relax enough, sorry…” Kyle said to him, guiding the young blonde’s head away from his dong.

“Totally understood champion, don’t worry.” Noel said, standing up and winking at me.

“You’re in good hands.” He informed Kyle with a pat on the shoulder. Noel wandered off to the rest of the fray and left us to it.

Kyle took some time to open up. Every extra inch, every slight thrust, I thought he was gonna call it off. But he kept breathing deep, told me when he could and couldn’t, until finally he stopped wincing and started to enjoy the full length of me. His arse was the tightest, hottest thing I’d ever fucked and I wanted to pound him forever. He was soon on his hands and knees and I was perched behind him giving it to him doggy style with complete raw passion.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes mate! Oh god-” he moaned, until suddenly his ring clamped tight so hard I thought he was gonna pinch my cock off. I didn’t need to see his knob to know what was going on, I recognised the full body tremble. I rapidly pulled out of him, causing him to gasp, as he collapsed onto the grass and onto the fresh load of jizz he had just released.

“That was incredible. My arse is so sore but that was amazing.” He mumbled.

Ben wandered over to us and regarded his flatmate.

“Damn, I’ve been wanting to do that for months ya bastard.” He said to us.

I immediately rolled onto my side and raised one leg, presenting him my opening.

“Next best thing here.” I laughed.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’ll take it!” Ben said, kneeling at my ring and plunging himself straight in. I was mostly recovered from Cliff’s monster, but still stretched enough that Ben caused more pleasure than pain with his sudden intrusion.

As Kyle left the pitch I saw Andy and Noel walk off as well. I’d been so preoccupied with taking Kyle’s cherry I didn’t even see what had happened to those two, but Charlie and my dad approached me and Ben and I saw both their faces were coated in cum, so I had some idea.

The two men stood watching me get fucked by Ben. Charlie turned and licked some jism off my dad’s cheek before whispering something in his ear. My dad looked at me, then turned to face Charlie.

“Might as well ask him.” He said, taking off his red bucket hat to wipe the cum off Charlie’s beard before putting it back on his head. Charlie crouched down beside me and Ben.

“Room for one more?” he asked, running his thick fingers around my sphincter and Ben’s throbber.

I hesitated. Two at once was new for me. Still, it was a day of firsts…

“Yeah alright, give it a go…” I said in as brave a voice as I could.

Gotta hand it to Charlie, he was tender about it. Ben pulled out and the two of them held their cocks together, gently stretching me out even further than Cliff had. The whole time Charlie had his hand on my shoulder, rubbing it and giving me soothing encouragement. After a while I told him it was alright, I was used to it, they could really get started now.

And boy did they get started.

Andy and Charlie took turns thrusting and pulling back, so that I was always having at least one of them pushing up towards my prostate. While I adjusted to the sensations, my old man knelt by my head and brushed his cock against my lips. Didn’t take any more invitation than that for me to start sucking on his big beef sausage, and he responded by absolutely hammering my throat.

All of it was getting too much for us. Charlie pulled all the way out and spurted across my body. Ben rotated me on my back and almost immediately afterwards began to fill my guts with his seed, pulling out so that the last few spurts hit my cock and stomach. My father only increased his tempo now that he could get deeper down my throat, and he leaned forward, grasping my cock in his hand and fingering my sore and stretched hole with the other. Three seconds of that and I was a goner, adding my cream to the mix coating my body.

Upon seeing me blow my father withdrew his hands and focused on fucking my mouth even harder. I soon felt the first few spurts of semen, but then he pulled out and shot all over my torso as well.

As the four of us knelt there, breathing hard, my old man took off the red bucket hat and mopped up the four different spunks that had collected all over me.

“It was close…” he said, raising the sodden, dripping red hat above his head.

“…but I’m still the winner around here.” He concluded, placing the jizz-soaked hat onto his head in triumph.

“Better luck next year lads.”

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