Hot Breakfast

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I feel the bed shift. I really hope it is in the middle of the night and you need a drink of water. I know that I am wrong when you walk over to the dresser and turn off the alarm. How you wake before the alarm is a mystery to me. If I’m first up the alarm and a couple of snoozes are required.

You walk around to my side of the bed and gently kiss my forehead as you head out of the room.I know that you are heading downstairs to turn on the coffee pot and then head out for your morning swim. I roll over and find the warm spot that you’ve left in the bed and turn my head to enjoy the scent that you’ve left in the hollow of your pillow. If I can just stay put a few more seconds, I know that I can find a few more moments of sleep but just as I start to drift I smell coffee.

Sliding reluctantly out of our warm bed I brush my teeth and head to the kitchen to get the first cup. We’ve slept without clothing, so I’m careful not to dawdle through the entry hall and living room should any neighbors already be up and about. The coffee is perking away and the paper is sitting next to two cups. I decide that since I’m up that I’ll award your diligence with a hot breakfast.

I sneak a cup out before the pot is completely finished, add sweetener and cream, and walk over to the kitchen window to check the weather.You must have found flowers to water because you aren’t in the pool yet. I watch as you walk over to the pool and drop the towel that was wrapped around your waist.

As always, I’m pleased to find the opportunity to enjoy looking at your body. Your years of work outs and careful food means that I’m looking at skin stretched taut over nicely defined muscles. Even in the early dawn light your broad shoulders, flat stomach, round bottom, and long legs are toned.

Your first step into the water brings you to ankle depth, the next covers your knees, and one more will barely touch the bottom of your balls. gaziantep escortları You hesitate on the second step and stretch out your arms, your back and your chest. You slide your hands over your chest, down your stomach, and carefully cup your balls. Your other hand wraps around the base of your semi-hard cock and slides along the length two or three times bringing your cock to life.

Do you know I’m watching and this show is for me- or are you simply enjoying how your body feels?

After a few more moments of self exploration, you dive into the water and begin your morning laps. The water slides over your shoulders, down your back, over your bottom, and ripples around your feet. Could it be the thrill of watching you or the early morning breeze coming in the open door that is causing my bare breasts to swell and my nipples hard?

I take my coffee and move to one of the bar stools that I strategically place for optimal viewing. I grab a kitchen towel to place on the chair to protect it from the moisture that is gathering between my legs. It is so erotic to watch you. I watch every move you make as you complete your morning workout. When you finish your laps and emerge from our pool, I’m captivated by the water running along your body.

The sun is just starting to brighten the sky so I can really enjoy looking at you. Your chest seems even broader in the weak sunlight, your abs and legs are well defined from your swim, and when the morning breeze hits your cock I can see it twitch. A moan escapes my lips as I begin to massage my breasts and tease my nipples.

You head to the bathroom off the deck but quickly return to the open door with a razor. You stand silhouetted by the light behind and begin the process of carefully shaving from the base of your balls all the way to the crack of your ass, run the razor over your balls, and remove any errant hair from the base of your cock. The halo around your cock that you started shaving a number of years ago has broadened to nearly half of an inch.

The breeze has dried your body so the electric trimmer is pulled out next and you trim any hair that you consider too long over your chest, your flat tummy, and inside your thighs. I love the feel of the crisp hair the covers your body but I adore that you keep my favorite play areas so smooth and clean!

By now my coffee has gone cold. As I’ve watched you, my hands have left my swollen breasts and I’ve been fingering my clit. The inner lips are swollen and I’m wet and hot.

You step back into the bathroom and close the door blocking my view. I’m too far gone to stop now – I close my eyes and picture you stepping into the pool and stroking yourself. I know what your body feels like when freshly shaved. I easily recall how your skin feels stretched over finely toned muscles. I carefully slide a finger between the puffy and swollen inner lips of my cunt.

I begin to fuck myself first with just one finger and then two – hoping to find a width that is similar to your amazing cock or one of the dildos that I’ve bought made just like you. My fingers are plunging in and out of my wet cunt pushing me to climax.

I’m nearly there when I realize that the back door is opening and you have a full view of what I’m doing. As I open my eyes to meet yours, you tilt your head, smile and very softly question “Am I’m interrupting something?” I smile, shake my head “no”.

You ask how long I’ve been watching and I confess that I began watching when you entered the pool. I confess that you put on such an erotic show I simply lost myself.You take a step closer and ask if I watched you feel your chest and stomach and I nod yes as your hands glide across your chest, over your stomach, and cup your balls.You take another step and ask if I watched you stroke your cock to full erection and I nod yes as you begin stroking yourself.

I’m mesmerized by the sight of you and can tell that when you aren’t looking for an answer on my face you’re looking at my hand buried in my snatch. You ask if I got wetter watching you shave knowing that I’d have a bald cock and balls to please after work and again I nod yes.

By now, you are standing right beside me now – the heat from your body reaches out to mine. You take my hand away from my cunt, and carefully lick each finger clean. You press your mouth to mine sliding your tongue over mine so that I can taste myself and you whisper “finish what you started – I want to watch you please yourself.”

I return to thumbing my clit and finger fucking my soaking wet pussy – wetter now with you watching every move. Of course never opposed to playing along, you continue to stroke yourself and I watch as drops of pre-cum are captured by your fingers and smoothed along your hardening cock.

Within just moments I know that my climax is imminent – and so do you. You just smile and nod and then state in a very husky voice “Now” and that is all it takes for me to find my release! You quickly move to stand in front of me, pull my hand from my spasming cunt, and guide them to my mouth.

As I lick my fingers clean, you place your mouth gently around my pussy and coax out every last drop. I beg you to trade me places so that I can finish you with my mouth but you firmly state “Not today”.

Since the bar stools are the perfect height, you step between my legs, pull me to the edge of the chair, and slide your cock into me. Just a few strokes later I feel your cum splashing into me. You gently but deeply kiss me and murmur “good morning” and then reluctantly pull me upstairs for shower and dressing for work.

Before leaving the kitchen I apologize for not fixing you a hot breakfast as planned. You put your arm around my waist, kiss me deeply, and state that there is no way that I could have offered you a hotter breakfast than what we had just enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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