Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 08

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The French Maid Gets to Work

I called up Glen from a payphone outside the metro station. I told him that I had a French maid’s uniform and that I wanted to drop it off at his house because I did not want Sandy to catch me with it.

He replied, “Sure come on over, I want to get you started on your new job as my slutty maid.”

Forty minutes later I entered Glen’s apartment and he told me to put my work clothes on without even looking up from the game that he was watching!

The humiliation of Glen’s nonchalance burned. I could feel my ass shrink and the butterflies in my stomach but yet I knew that it was right. I was just his maid. I was here to serve and not distract him.

I went about getting ready for my new job. I put on the stockings and garter belt hooking them together. I put my panties on over these, so that they could be removed without having to undo the garters. The new bra fit me much better than the one I had previously worn with Glen. I stuffed it with the pad that he had given me and pulled the maid outfit over my head. I quickly applied some lipstick and blush that I had taken from Sandy that morning. Since I was a metalhead my blond hair was already long. I put it into a ponytail leaving a strand loose. Looking into the mirror I was shocked at how hot I was. Even before meeting Glen I would have hit on the slutty French maid staring back at me!

When I went out to present myself to Glen, he did not ignore me this time. He jumped up and said, “Holy shit! Rhonda, you look more like Sandy than Ronald!” I swelled inside at the compliment and curtsied. Glen now said that I should get to work. There were cleaning materials in the closet and he Beşiktaş Escort wanted the apartment looking good for a friend who was to come over later in the evening. I was filled with jealousy at his mentioning a friend coming over and the shame washed over me in waves. It also made my dick rock solid.

As I went to work the friction of the lingerie and lacy uniform material worked wonders on me. It would continuously rub lightly against me skin in the most erotic way. It kept me totally hard throughout all of my chores. I went about gathering up dishes and dirty clothes, straitening up books and stuff on shelves. Next I dusted any exposed surfaces, swept the kitchen floor and vacuumed the living room and bedroom rugs. Glen said that I was so annoying bothering him during the game with the noisy vacuuming. I was so humiliated and aroused that I came in my panties right there!

I pretended to go to work on the bathroom. As soon as I was in, I took of my panties and sucked the globs of cum from the material. It was just the thing I needed and the salty metallic taste gave me a sense of contentment that complimented my humiliation. As I was putting my panties back on Glen called and asked for a beer. I quickly went to the fridge to get him one. The quick walk to the fridge created more skin lace friction which got me hard again.

I brought the beer to Glen and as I started pouring it I felt his hand possessively patting and rubbing my ass. Once I handed him the glass he took a large swig and motioned for me to sit on his lap. I felt like such a slut with her daddy as I sat on his lap, felt his hard on, and put my arms around his neck for balance. He told me that it was rude to Beşiktaş Escort Bayan vacuum when he was watching a game. He lectured me on good behavior for about five minute. The whole time he also ran his hands over my stockings, under my dress and over my panties. If I had a pussy I would have creamed all over his lap it was so arousing. My panties were all wet from precum.

Glen took another swig of beer and dismissed me telling me that I better do a great job. I went back to the bathroom and proceeded with my duties. I washed off all the shelves, polished the mirror, scrubbed the bathtub and toilet, rinsed off the shower curtain making sure that no mildew spots were left. After finishing the bathroom I went to do the dishes in the kitchen sink that I had collected earlier.

As I was doing the dishes Glen came and got a bag of Doritos out of the cupboard. I told him, “You didn’t have to get up.” “I would have been happy to fetch them for you.” He replied, “If I had wanted your sorry ass to fetch my Doritos I would have you here as a bitch and not a maid.”

I must have turned beet red with humiliation because Glen then told me, “Let me know if I am stepping out of line”. “I am getting vibes from you that crave humiliation but I don’t want to hurt you.”

I told him that he had not read me wrong and with that he slapped me hard on the ass and told me to finish the dishes.

I quickly finished the dishes. Next I swept and mopped the kitchen, bathroom and hallway floors. The whole time I kept getting aroused more and more from the frilly lacy material. I could not understand how women could concentrate on anything with the clothes they wore and envied them Escort Beşiktaş deeply for having the freedom to do so.

When I finished all the cleaning chores that I could think of, I asked Glen if he had anything else for me to do.

Without looking up from the game he replied, “Yeah, get your ass over here and suck me off.”

As I walked over to him, Glen removed his pants and underwear. I knelt down in front of him and began to nuzzle his crotch without touching his dick as he had taught me previously. I could not get enough of his musky scent and felt complete contentment when I finally took his cock in my mouth a few minutes later.

Glen told me that he needed to cum so that he could last longer when his friend William came over tonight. I was so envious that I even contemplated biting down on his dick. I could empathize with all the jealous women out there in the world. He told me told me that William was a real gay who was comfortable with his homosexuality and did not have to hide it in a sissified slut! Glen went on berating me while exalting William. I was completely humiliated and content as Glen shot his load into my mouth. I kept it in my mouth and gently sucked him dry as his dick went soft. Once it had shrunk back to normal size I let it out of my mouth showing him the load that I collected and swallowing it down.

“What a pathetic slut!” “William and I would never allow anyone to cum in our mouths!” Glen said with a disgusted look on his face. I asked him if I could cum too. He just replied, “Get out of here and have that whore you call your girlfriend get you off!”

I undressed quickly and felt heartbroken at removing all the lacy things I was wearing. I folded them up neatly putting them into the dresser drawer that Glen had given me. I got dressed, said goodbye to Glen, who did not even acknowledge my leaving and left for my apartment and Sandy, whom Glen had just called a whore, without me even defending her.

To be continued . . .

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