Denise Dances

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The music was steadily beating, and on the stage my girlfriend, Denise, was performing. By this time she was naked as a jaybird…not a stitch of clothing on. She looked gorgeous and the cheering crowd thought so too. They hooted and hollered out their approval of her gorgeous naked body and her sexy moves.

Denise is 5’10” tall with curly dark blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beaming smile. The curly mop of hair, the mischievous twinkle in her blue eyes, and the knowing smile on Denise’s face gives the impression of a beautiful but playful imp. She is always plotting something that would cause you to laugh out loud or shock you. Whether it’s grinning one minute and then suddenly pulling her top off to feel the cool air against her bare breasts while driving in the country, or taking all of her clothes off and sucking my cock while her parents were sleeping just down the hallway from us, she always surprises me.

When I first met Denise she was a senior in high school who loved to party, loved to dance, loved to play sports like field hockey and basketball, and loved to fool around in the bed. I was a sophomore in college. Although as a young Catholic girl she wouldn’t go all the way, saving herself for her future husband, but she would engage in just about everything else.

I remember one time when we were dating back then, we parked in River Rouge Park, a favorite necking spot in my hometown. She was naked and I was fingerfucking her but good. She loved to be fingered. Even though she wouldn’t let herself engage in intercourse, she loved the feeling of something moving up inside of her vagina. She would get positively sopping wet with arousal. And whenever she got sexually aroused she would soon get naked. She might start out with her clothes all on but as she got excited Denise would soon be peeling her own clothing off. She liked to be naked so she could run her hands over her own body while I pleasured her. So invariably that’s how she wound up no matter where we were at the time: her folks’ house, parked in my car, at a party, or even in a dark booth at a club.

So we parked in the parking lot at this park, and all of a sudden a flashlight taps on the fogged up windows of our car. It’s the police. Denise didn’t even pause. She rolled down the window, held my hand in place so I didn’t pull out, and leaning her pretty smiling face out the window said, “We’re sorry if we’re not supposed to be here, but as soon as I get dressed we’ll leave immediately,” and she leaned her head back so the officer could shine his light on her naked body with my fingers still slid up inside of her blond haired pussy.

The young officer just had to laugh at Denise’s boldness and the view she had just given him.

“Alright, finish up and get the hell out of here before someone else catches you and really gives you hell for what you’re doing. You hear me, honey?”

“Denise,” she corrected the officer with a little giggle, part from her sense of humor and part from the sensations I was still causing in her belly.

“Denise,” the officer responded and, quickly shining his light again on her arching naked belly, laughed. That’s what Denise was like. She made folks laugh and got away with a lot.

Back then Denise’s body was buff from the sports she played. As a high school senior she had small but noticeable breasts; they filled out her clothes and her swimwear quite nicely. Her waist was narrow and her hips flared out like many a woman’s. Her butt was muscular, rounded and cute to see either in a bikini or in nothing at all. Her legs were perfectly shaped and muscular from all the sports. She was definitely a cute beauty. She wasn’t a sensuous or erotic beauty, but rather a cute beauty. She aroused men and made everyone laugh with her cuteness and her flash. Goodness knows why I broke up with her in the second year of our relationship. She was preparing to go to college at University of Michigan — Dearborn, and I wanted someone who would go all the way. I kept incessantly pressuring her. This led to fights. We both wanted someone with whom we didn’t fight. Near the end we seemed to be disagreeing about almost everything, mostly because of the tension surrounding sex. So we ended it.

Travel a few years forward. Now Denise is 22 and I’m 24. I had just ended a relationship with a divorcee. Yes, I had gotten my wish of losing my virginity…almost every day. But I hadn’t been ready for a woman with a seven-year-old son and who wanted to get married again. At my age I wasn’t interested in such a commitment.

After breaking up I had decided to call up some old girlfriends, and when I called Denise she was positively ecstatic that I had called her. She said that she had been thinking about us recently. We set up a date for me to come to Ypsilanti where she lived at Eastern Michigan University and made plans to spend a four day weekend catching up and having fun.

So as I pull up to her house there is Denise standing on the steps. Damn, she looks gorgeous!! Betturkey Her hair is still a curly, blond mop on her head; her body is still shapely and muscular. She has clearly been staying in shape. And her clothes or lack thereof, show her body off well. She’s wearing a tiny cut off t-shirt and skimpy cut off jeans shorts. Her t-shirt is a colorful blue-green with glitter that is cut off just below her breasts; in fact the twin curves of the bottoms of each of her breasts are visible from where I’ve parked. Her breasts are clearly larger and Denise is happily showing off her assets. With her breasts partially visible I can only assume she’s not wearing a bra. Her shorts are just as daring, cut just millimeters south of her booty and low and open on her tummy. She’s looking great!!

As she sees me Denise runs down the stairs and as I step out of the car, she gives me a great big hug at first and then looking up at me she kisses me on the mouth. There’s a big smile on her beautiful face.

“I was so excited about seeing you again after I got your phone call,” she says and then kisses me again, this time sliding her tongue inside my mouth. My hands wrap around her firm booty and pressing myself hard against her we kiss passionately.

As we break apart I say, “Denise, I had trepidation when you called that you would still be pissed at me for how I treated you three years ago. But, right now, it feels just right…again. You’re even more beautiful than you were before.” Denise blushed and we kissed passionately again.

As we headed inside and up the stairs to Denise’s room I got a fantastic view of the bottom of her butt cheeks as she walked ahead of me. At the landing she turned around to look back at me and grinned. She fucking knew what she was doing: giving me a great view and trying to get me aroused and riled up. In this way Denise had not changed. She was older, more beautiful, but still as devilish as before.

Her room was a nice large bedroom. Each floor of the house had a bathroom, which in Denise’s case she shared with Janice and Rodney, her neighbors on the top floor. The kitchen was shared by all the eight residents of the house.

After stashing my overnight bag in a corner of the room, Denise walked right up to me and said, “We need you to get out of these stuffy clothes and get comfortable.” I’m thinking that I was just going to change into shorts and a t-shirt from the office clothes I had been wearing on my drive to her place; I had left straight from work. Clearly I was wrong. Denise approached me pulling her t-shirt over her head so that those gorgeous firm breasts of hers were now bare. She again drew my head down to kiss her and I felt the warmth and fullness of her breasts pressed against my chest. Her hands didn’t rest long on my head and neck, however.

With a deft use of her fingers the belt to my pants was undone and my pants and briefs were pushed off my hips and down to the floor. Aroused and excited I took this opportunity to free Denise of her short shorts and was pleased to feel her bare bottom in my hands. I palmed her butt cheeks and pressed her to me. My cock, getting stiffer by the minute, was soon comfortably nestled between her legs and against her naked belly. The last things to go were my shirt and undershirt.

Now the bare skin of my chest was against her soft but firm breasts and my hairy belly was pressed against the smooth soft skin of hers. We devoured each others’ tongues and our hands pressed our bodies tightly against each other. A whimper came from Denise as she shuddered ever so slightly from pleasure.

Pulling me towards her bed we soon fell into it and were soon making fantastic love. The warmth and wetness of Denise’s vagina as it took my unprotected girth and length inside of her was incredible. We soon were in a delicious rhythm of thrusting and withdrawing while I watched her blue eyes gaze up at mine. A smile, a tender, not impish smile this time, graced Denise’s cheeks and lips, and then with a sudden pained look and a moan she came. I felt the girl whom I had been in love with years before spasm and grab at my penis now lodged deeply inside of her. I pressed deeply into her so that none of my penis was visible. Where our hips joined was only a tangle of my brownish pubic hair and her blond pubic hair, both damp with the heat of sex and our resulting perspiration.

I rested a little, still hard inside of her, and caressed her shoulders and her face with my hands. I placed gentle kisses on her forehead and then trailed them slowly down to her lips where once again we sought out each others’ tongues. After kissing for a few minutes still deliciously joined belly to belly, I heard Denise murmur “MMM-hhhhmm,” and she began to move her hips once again causing the shaft of my penis to slide against the wet, warm walls of her vagina. I knew she was ready for more and again began a steady thrusting in and out of her. This time my moves varied and ensured that every Betturkey Giriş part of her was touched by my manhood. I carefully ran my thumb down to the top of the split in her belly and finding the round firmness of her aroused clitoris through the blond curls of damp pubic hair I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger and rapidly flicked it back and forth.

This drew little cries from Denise’s dry lips. Her panting from her increasing sexual arousal as her body began to crest towards yet a second orgasm had dried her lips out but they were still pink and full as when she had kissed me. I dampened a finger with my saliva and ran it tenderly over her lips while never breaking stride down below. She took the tip of my finger between her lips and sucked on it.

Soon Denise closed her eyes, arched her back and came once again. This time her vagina became extremely slippery with her flow. Her body was bathing my penis in the slippery juices of her vagina as it alternately squeezed and released with each wave of her climax. Her outer labia softened and deep inside her vagina softened and opened so millions of my sperm could potentially swim up into her cervix and then into her uterus. I inched deeper inside of her and watched my groin press her thick outer labia outwards from her tender vagina. Her clitoris was now visible, poking out through the damp hairs of her mons veneris now lying damp against her tanned white skin. I slipped my thumb across it and this intensified one of the multiple waves of her climax such that she cried out helplessly.

Again we did not part, but instead stayed joined at the hips and played with each others’ bodies in tender ways: Denise running a finger through the hairs on my chest, slipping a finger between my lips so I could suck on the tip; me flicking first one and then the other of her stiff nipples so beautifully tipping the twin full cones of her tanned white breasts, me running my hands through her hair, over her ears, cupping her face and tracing a path between her beautiful breasts, down across her indented navel, and then down to where my groin pressed against hers.

Denise nodded and soundlessly mouthed the words, “Now…please.”

I knew instinctively what she wanted. I began to move with quicker thrusts that brought incredible pleasure to my penis. I felt Denise’s vaginal muscles mold themselves to my shaft and grasp at the head of my penis. Our pace quickened and we were both soon panting. Denise ran her fingers from the base of my neck, down my spine and over my bared butt cheeks. She traced her fingers down the crack of my butt and wriggled a single finger against my anus. Teasing my anus with slight penetrations my hips and my torso were soon literally humming with sexual pleasure. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, but I wanted Denise and me to climax together.

Soon I got my answer. Denise cried out, “Oh, god, yes. Now Mark. Now!!” I quickened my pace and thrust a little deeper and soon I was tensing up as ejaculation after ejaculation filled Denise’s tender vagina with millions of sperm and the warm gush of semen. She cried out again, pulled herself tight against my chest and, moaning and quivering, climaxed again. Running my hands down her damp back I pressed her butt up so she was more tightly held against me and I more deeply penetrated her and ejaculated deeper inside of her.

Like that we stayed for many minutes clinched around each other, my penis still throbbing and squirting semen and sperm inside of Denise, her vagina opening and closing around my penis. As we were able to unclench our muscles we looked at each others’ faces and then kissed passionately for minutes. I let her body down onto the bed and moved myself over her, protecting her as her lover. I felt her face against my chest and felt the pants of hot air against my chest and neck. I kissed the top of her head and held her firmly. I had an instinct to protect this beautiful woman. We had made love and we were each others’ mates.

Soon we calmed down enough that I began to shrink inside of her and words returned to our lips. “Wow,” Denise said. “That was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Me neither,” I responded. Although my lovemaking with Barbara, the divorcee I had recently dated, had come pretty close in pure animal passion, this was different. Yes, the intensity had come from having never done it with each other, but there was an almost instantaneous and incredible connection and tenderness too.

I laughed. “What,” Denise inquired.

I looked at her lying beneath me and said, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. When you were younger you were cute, but now there is a lusciousness and beauty in every part of you.” Denise blushed in embarrassment, but then laughed and kissed me hard.

“God, what a line of BS,” I heard from slightly behind me. It was a female voice. I was startled and started to move off of Denise to pull the covers over our naked bodies, but Denise stopped me.

“Mark, this is Janice. Janice, this is Mark.” A black girl with a great body was standing now next to Denise’s bed. As she reached out her hand to shake mine I checked out her looks. She had her jet black hair done in a short natural, her eyes were hazel, and her skin was a dark chocolate color and was unblemished. She had large, firm breasts that were much larger than Denise’s and that were barely contained and covered by the yellow sleeveless t-shirt and no bra she was wearing. Each one of her large nipples was clearly visible through the thin cotton of her t-shirt. And as she shook my hand it was as if each of her breasts moved with a sexy mind of its own, swaying and jiggling. Her midriff was bare and flat and she was wearing a pair of yellow low slung knit shorts that clung to her proportions. The seam of the shorts was nestled tightly between a thick pair of labia and there was the darkness of pubic hair visible through the sheer yellow material running in a landing strip down the front of her groin to the top of her camel toe. Again apparently no underwear!!

Noting how I was checking her out, Janice said, “Here, check out the whole package, Mark.” She turned around and I could see that her booty was a very round African booty that did not jiggle like her full breasts. Ending her pirouette I felt her cool hand run over my bare behind and squeeze it and then felt her hand work its way between my legs and grab my testicles.

“These boys must be empty about now after seeing how many times you came into my friend, Denise.” Turning to Denise, she asked, “You OK, girl. He fucked you good. You gonna be ready for tonight?”

Denise responded, “I’ll be ready. Don’t you worry!” And with that Denise wriggled out from underneath me and taking my hand guided me to the shower. There we cleaned up and toweled down.

Before going back to her room though, Denise led me over to another open bedroom door and inside was Rodney. He was also in good shape and was also African American. He was in the middle of doing exercises and was stark naked. His skin was all shiny with perspiration. He was doing squat thrusts and was in such good shape that he didn’t have to stop to talk to us. Denise standing there in the nude with her bath towel over her shoulder introduced me and then introduced Rodney. Realizing I was curious whether she and Rodney had ever done it, Denise moved around so Rodney could clearly see her naked body, opened her legs slightly so that the folds of her pussy were clearly visible and asked him, “Rodney, does this do it for you?”

Rodney tumbled to the floor laughing saying, “Denise, you are so bad. You’re going to upset your friend here. Tell you what, you let me see what your friend has and I might not take you over my knee and smack your bare bottom for interrupting my workout.”

I didn’t know what the heck was going on but Denise walked back to my side and tugged off my towel which had been folded and tucked around me waist. It came off, Rodney clearly checked out my junk, and as he clearly started getting an erection, he asked Denise, “Can you turn him around?” She shoved me around so Rodney could check out my backside.

As I turned back to face him he was right there and I felt his fingers slide up and down the shaft of my penis as he said to Denise, staring her in the face, “Girl, your boyfriend feels pretty damn good. I might want him to visit me over the next coupla nights.” He stopped and released my penis, which embarrassingly for me was getting stiff from his manipulation.

“Rodney’s gay, Mark. Rodney’s studying dance, Janice is studying physical therapy, and I’m studying sports education. The house refers to us as the “naked but athletic” floor. The others aren’t like us. We all met elsewhere and just got lucky finding the three rooms on the floor of this house empty. We’re all athletic and all don’t mind being seen in the buff.”

Rodney interrupted Denise and grasping my penis again said, “Mark, we will have our way with you yet this weekend. I know this girl and you are good. I know ’cause I just heard you and her about half an hour ago giving it up to each other. (I hadn’t realized we had been that noisy.) But you ain’t nailed until you’ve nailed a male.” With that he slapped his own butt and then returning to his exercises said, “Denise, I know why this man loves you so much. ‘Cause you are fine, fine, fine.” Denise laughing pulled me out of the room and we headed back to her room down the hall.

Upon entering Denise’s room there was Janice lying on a quilt which she had spread over Denise’s bed. She was now naked and was lying with her legs wide open such that the pink and black folds of her crotch were clearly visible. She must have been playing with herself because there was the hint of a white creamy substance at the opening to her vagina. Unlike Denise Janice was shaved. Her labia were hairless and she had an inch wide landing strip of jet black kinky hair which ran down the middle of her belly and ended just north of her folds. Without any covering hair and obviously having been masturbating while we were in the shower, Janice’s dark clitoris was quite visible.

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