Delilah’s Dilemma

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My wife Delilah is a proud woman.

First a little background; she’s gorgeous 5′ — 10″ with a proportionate and well-endowed figure for her medium frame, her hourglass figure accentuates her super sexy body. Second, Delilah is my best friend and our marriage of twenty one years wouldn’t be traded in for the world, despite her often casual or less then interest in sex. We can talk for hours about the silliest most mundane topics and change it around and cry and laugh together over more serious ones.

I believe my marriage is one of millions of many couples stuck in a sexless marriage syndrome. My wife thinks of sex as a ‘have to’, something she is obligated to in the rules of marriage. Sex is not a seemingly important activity for her, she doesn’t like to talk about sex, she is instantly tired when she sees the bed, she has a sore throat, a headache, an infection is brewing down there, not in the mood tonight, it’s her period, sex seems like some burden to be fulfilled. When we have sex it is nice, not usually mind blowing “Oh my fucking god,” sex, but nice. She’s more interested in me getting off so she can go to sleep. I’ve made suggestions until I’m blue in the face; erotic books, sexy lingerie, toys, go see a sex therapist together, have fun taking clothes off and express fantasies, all to no avail. In her defense she seems to enjoy flirting with me sexually by flashing her tits in the kitchen, laundry room, and some unusual places when our children are present, it shows her sense of humor. She also went to a nude beach with me while dating, so I know she’s not totally inhibited. I always thought my wife would eventually get more comfortable and excited about sex. As a matter of fact I’d bet a million dollars on it until the other day.

One three day weekend, I was scheduled to speak at a music convention for my work in the recording studio business. The same weekend my wife was scheduled to be at a business conference, she’s a sought after marketing specialist. When I got to the parking lot to leave, they told us our bus had mechanical troubles and a replacement bus wouldn’t be available for three hours. I went to the parking lot directly from the studio, so I decided to go home and kick back until I needed to get back. On my way home I noticed two cars in our driveway I’d never seen before, something told me to park on a cross street, I did.

We live in a rancher and if you are in one of the back bedrooms, you can’t hear someone enter the side door. As I came in, I immediately heard some loud voices.

“Hey fuck face, I’m going to erupt,” I heard my wife say.

“OK slut, don’t let me stop you,” came from an unknown male.

“Shut up bitch and suck my cock,” came from a second unknown male.

I was hurt, flabbergasted, confused, curious, angry and about to yell myself, but decided to keep calm and see what I could to evaluate first. Who the hell is occupying my wife’s body and mind?

Our bedroom door was wide open and the way the bed is angled, it is easier to look in as opposed to see out into the hallway. I saw my wife lying naked, except for her opened bra, next to her back. One man is kneeling between her legs, furiously shoving a finger in and out of her muff, presumably massaging her G spot, and saying what a beautiful pussy she has. My wife is moaning loudly, something she doesn’t do with me, so my mixed emotions are getting more heightened. I can hear her breathing through her nose, it’s that loud. The other man is thrusting his cock fully into her mouth while grabbing her hair. He’s calling her all sorts of names — bitch, slut, skank and Paris Hilton wannabe to name a few. All three are breathing heavy and are oblivious to the outside world. Delilah is pinching one breast and nipple and the man with his cock in her mouth is pinching her other breast and nipple. My dick is stretching my pants, as I’ve pushed down my slacks and placed two fingers and my thumb around my shaft. I’m rubbing myself very quickly and softly. I’m trying as hard as I can from having my involuntary sounds give me away.

The man who is driving his cock into my wife’s thick luscious salivating lips glances my way. My heart skips a beat and I pause from my own activities. I doubt he saw me. Just then Delilah pulls his dick out of her mouth to say.

“Thar she blows,” the man between her legs is subject to a torrent of slut cream. Are my eyes deceiving me? My wife can do that, any woman can do that? This man’s face and hair are matted down with this unusual deluge. He has a bewildered look on his face and says incomprehensible words, in another language.

The man with his ‘Johnson’ in my wife’s face starts laughing. “Holy fuck bitch, eat this.” He is now spewing his seed in her slurping, gulping opening; she can’t take it all in. His goo is in her left eye, cheek, hair, neck, left breast and nipple. I’m rubbing my cock franticly, watching the man’s load drip and glisten off her left breast; this has brought me to the edge. In Betturkey all this, the man with the sopping wet face has positioned himself on Delilah’s other side yanking off to splendtacularville. My wife is still nursing the man on the other side when he (goo face) starts discharging his load on her. I wish I had my video camera operating — Delilah with a softer dick in her mouth is now getting baby batter on the other side of her face. This goo face guy starts speaking so fast in Spanish, that I can only pick out a few words — caliente (horny), la casa chica (the house your mistress lives in), la leche (milk as in sperm), madre (as in MILF), coño (cunt), to many others to pick up. She is pinching both tits now and intermittently wiping some of the gooey juice off her nose to breathe. She seemed totally unprepared for this onslaught of new cream. Her face is totally covered and is glossed over with this outlandish facial. I can’t hold on any longer, I shudder with an orgasm I’d not previously experienced. My underwear is a fucking mess; I slowly pull my dripping hand out, and wipe the cum off.

I’m walking back to the kitchen, I’m light headed and my legs are wobbling. I don’t want to be here when they decide to move about. I decide to leave a clue with this saturated underwear on Delilah’s favorite kitchen chair; my dick needs some airing out as well.

My head is spinning with what I just experienced; outside the wind blowing feels refreshing. I head over to Pat’s house to cool down and put on a change of clothes, oh yes and a fresh pair of underwear as well.

This is the first time I became aware of Delilah going outside the marriage to satisfy her sexual needs. God is she hot, why not with me, I’m hurt! I’ve been uncomfortable with my wife’s lack of passion for a quite a while now. What has changed with her? Is that really her?

I drove back to the parking lot with Pat putting the previous event out of my mind for the time being; the recording convention weekend was magnificent. There were wall to wall activities of musical events, roundtables, social and athletic fun mixed in. When I got back home on Sunday Delilah was sitting on her kitchen chair.

“Hi, Russ how was the convention,” she asked to soften me up?

“Great Delilah, how was your weekend,” I already know part of that answer?

“Real ah….nice,” tears start welling in her eyes.

“Delilah, you’re crying,” she is no shrinking violet, but she does get emotional.

“I…uh didn’t want you to find out and THIS,” she’s holding up my soiled underwear.

“Delilah, what’d you think, I walk into our home and you’re fucking two strange guys on the bed we sleep in?” Now she is balling like a child.

“Ple…plea…please don’t…be…be…up…up…upset.” She says struggling to get the words out. The tears are rolling down her cheeks and dripping on the glass kitchen table. I get her a tissue box.

“Don’t be upset? Delilah what’s happening with you?” I’m ready to hear what I think I know and her tears are even more now. It takes my wife a few minutes to calm down before she is able to string her thoughts together. She’s always been a straight shooter, so I’ve no concerns there.

“I have come to a decision recently.” My ears are ready for the D word. “Because our sexual desires are so inversely proportionate, I’ve decided that I can pursue as much sexual activity as I want.” My jaw drops to the floor. “You can be as active as you want as well.” I’m still having trouble pulling my jaw up from the floor. “I was getting excited with your explicit fantasies, almost back to being able to perform again, until two months ago.” This is a lot more information than I ever expected; however I’m not stopping her. “Last month I decided it would be a good idea if you watched me having sex.” My head is now spinning. “So I video taped the event on Friday afternoon, in which you became an unwitting participant.” I’m speechless.

“Delilah, I need to lie down, I’m feeling woozy and queasy.” Delilah just happened to have a small trash can with plastic a liner. No sooner had I got hold of the couch with Delilah’s aid, I reached for the trash can. She brings a wet wash cloth to put on my forehead and holds my hand. I must have become sick and fallen asleep from that onslaught of information and the three hour bumpy bus ride back to town.

After I woke up I started in with…”What the hell has gotten into you? You’re now a sex starved slut sucking, squirting starlet and you decided not to tell me? You made a video, who made the video, how’d you make a video, how am I in that video?” I’m blurting out whatever comes into my head at the time. My head is filled with questions, lots of questions and unaccustomed feelings.

“Honey, I never expected you to be here then. I discovered your underwear and then talked to Pat’s wife Cindy, she told me about the bus problem. John lent me the equipment for the video and showed me how it’s done remotely with Betturkey Giriş tiny cameras and microphones; we had equipment in the hallway as well. I’ll erase the recording.” Delilah was caught off guard by the situation and trying to calm me down now.

“At least let me see what you recorded first before you delete it.” I couldn’t believe that was coming out of my mouth.

“Really?” Delilah asked incredulously.

“Really!” I said emphatically, but feeling more curious then sure.

“OK, we’ll take a look after a few days.” Delilah suggested.

“Delilah, let me see it by myself; have you seen it?”

“Good idea for you to look first; I’ve not seen it — didn’t think it would be right”

“Delilah, you don’t have to answer this, how did you meet these two men?”

“Russ, at this point I need to disclose everything. I met these men at a conference, Nick, with the sandy hair color (the one she was sucking), is a software designer of marketing applications.” Miguel is a personal trainer, who specializes in brain/body adaptations of physiological relationships in the corporate world. Both are PhD’s in their respective fields. Both are separated from their wives and have been married for 8 — 12 years. Both are really hot”

“Yeah Delilah, I got the last part.” They’re all hot. “Is there a connection between the state of our (sexless) marriage and the separation issues of these guys?” I decided not to ask why she chose these guys.

“Absolutely honey, we have needs to be filled.”

“You have needs to be filled? Am I missing something here? Am I chopped liver, a door mat, are you a skank? Delilah, I need some time to digest all of this, we’ll talk more in the near future.”

“Sure honey,” she says while licking her lips.

I spend the next few evenings over at John’s house in total bewilderment and pure confusion.

John has a studio in his basement that puts some commercial studios to shame. Most of the equipment he has picked up at auctions of closed or closing facilities in the area — smart purchasing. He says the only time he pays retail is for computers and the related software. Some of the remote controlled thermal imaging surveillance cameras are so cool; maybe that’ll be my next project recording a music video. On Wednesday when I got to his place we sat down and chatted for a bit about nothing particular. I got up and went downstairs to the studio; John had no problem letting me use the equipment on my own.

I pull together enough courage to watch the video, during which I noticed Nick and Miguel arriving at noon for lunch and talk. They are avid followers of the marketing business and want to hear about all the details and business people Delilah has worked with. The conversation eventually shifted to Delilah’s regular spa treatments; part of her stress relief regimen and the guys offered to give her a wonderful massage. She was wearing an exercise outfit, a tight fitting wick away top and shorts. They started the massage, Miguel by her side working on her neck, shoulder area and Nick working her lower extremities. Delilah kept cooing and saying how wonderful it all felt. Both of the men are knowledgeable about the art of massage. Nick had started with Delilah’s feet, stretching, kneading, and intertwining his fingers through her toes. Miguel was an expert at fully working one muscle group at a time before moving on to the next. “Wow.” Delilah would say repeatedly. Miguel suggested Delilah take off her top so as to get the full benefit of the experience. No hesitation on her part, what drugs was she on? Delilah had now stripped down to her front closure bra and exercise shorts. The guys winking at each other said they’d be more comfortable in their skivvies.

The guys traded places doing their massaging; Nick was kneeling now by Delilah’s head with a huge bulge in his Speedo type underwear. His dick was alternately touching her head as he rubbed her shoulders and mid back. Miguel was now working her calf and thigh muscles above the knees. Delilah was enjoying this to the hilt and slightly opening her legs. Miguel was wearing boxer shorts; his cock was like a tent pole and would often pop out and he would make feeble attempts to put it back in.

The guys had now taken off their tee shirts. Miguel was rubbing the back of Delilah’s thighs modestly touching her butt. Nick was working Delilah’s bra, he had moved the straps off her shoulders and arms. Nick was occupying her mid back area, going underneath the bra to more effectively work the muscle groupings. I’m sure he wished she had a traditional back clasping bra, but he only showed pleasure on his face. Miguel had noticed a wet spot on Delilah’s shorts and the aroma must have been intoxicating. He started to rub her butt, crack and inner thighs, Delilah’s moans and breathing had become louder and more labored. Miguel, being the bolder one slipped both hands on the waist band of her shorts, summarily pulling them off like magic. I’ve never seen Delilah like this video action or in real life until Friday afternoon, my head is spinning again. I’m determined to see my wife enjoy the full benefits of sex — I still wonder why it’s never like this with me? Why inhibited with me, but not inhibited with these other strange guys? I decide not to focus on these questions now.

Miguel is now fully massaging her butt, lots of quivering on Delilah’s part. Nick takes notice of Miguel’s bold move and asks Delilah to do a push up, she is looking at his huge boner as she does the push up and he immediately unhooks the bra. She’s only slightly embarrassed by this as her voluptuous breasts spill out. Nick moves the bra to the side and the massage moves up a notch. Nick starts rubbing the side of her breasts and Delilah is moaning with delight. Miguel has now removed his shorts; his extensive schlong is aimed at her pussy. Miguel starts ripping her panties to shreds from one little hole on the side near the waistband. In one swift move Nick and Miguel pick Delilah up and flip her over on her back.

“Ready for the fuck of your life, slut?” They ask in unison.

“Oh god yes,” she whimpers. Nick removes his puny underwear.

Miguel puts the tip of his penis next to her sloppy wet vagina. She yells “fuck me you wet back.” Those are fighting words to a Mexican. The words coming out of Miguel’s mouth are a hail storm of Spanish words I’ve no knowledge of. “Aprieta coño” he says vehemently and many times over is the only phrase I’m able to get. Delilah is delighted she got him showing some of that Latino fire. Miguel is determined to make her beg for sex. He inserts just the tip of his cock head in and pulls it out just as quick. He does this for several minutes. Delilah is red faced now, “you fucking wet back, what’s the matter, you only fuck Mexican Whores.” That was all Miguel needed as he pushes his massive cock in to the hilt. Delilah’s breathing is ragged and Miguel’s Spanish vocabulary is added magnificence, but not understood. Miguel and Delilah are fucking like rabbits, both are sweaty and cursing like drunken sailors, at least I think Miguel is.

While all of this is going on Nick is lightly stoking his woody and putting it a pussy hair from Delilah’s lips. She finally looks up to see his stunning banana shaped cock, a dick she’s probable always dreamed about being fucked with. Delilah is whimpering with anticipation of having this tool drive her to ecstasy. Miguel is no slouch in the love making arena, as we’ve learned. Nick’s squeezing one tit and holding her hair, this seems like a favorite technique of his, as I saw this on Friday. The only difference is he’s not letting her suck his cock now. Both guys are teasing her to an orgasm. Then Miguel says something fascinating.

“You my dear have the most exquisite, tight pulsating pussy this side of the Milky Way! Thar she blows,” he announces. With that I hear grunts, moans, and a repeated oh fuck, lots of labored breathing and other laughing. Miguel pulled out, rolled over and the amount of goo gushing out of Delilah’s pussy was abundant.

Nick wasted no time getting on top of Delilah and started thrusting even faster then Miguel.

“You can’t be serious,” she said now squealing at a higher pitch.

“Absolutely slut.” Nick has a determined look.

These guys were not giving her a break, Delilah was in a state of bliss. Nick was making comments at how tight her pussy was, how fast her contracting cunt wall was and that she’d remember this for a long, long time. Nick was picking Delilah up at the hips like a ragdoll and fucking her like a wild man. She was in heaven with his tool massaging her G spot.

“Bitch, ready or not, here I cum!” Nick said after about five minutes of animalistic mating ritual.

More grunts, moans, and a repeated oh fuck, lots of labored breathing and other laughing. Her pussy is covered in baby batter.

Miguel and Nick each took one more turn having their way like this with Delilah. When Nick rolled off of her for the second time the pond underneath her poontang was about a half a cup of cream. All three took a break for twenty minutes or so before resuming, that is the part were I came into the house.

Watching this extravaganza with Delilah, who I now think has a titanium pussy that she’s been hiding from me. She must put herself on a rigorous cunt exercise program of Kegel exercises; I’m guessing 100x every morning and night.

My body is soaked my head is spinning; I’m sweating profusely, feeling nauseous and wondering if I’m heading for a divorce. I think I’m about to puke…

“Russ…Russ, are you OK,” I hear Delilah saying to me. What is she doing here and now? “Russ…Russ, are you OK,” I hear Delilah saying again. “Russ, you’re cursing and sweating, please talk to me.” She says kindly.

I open my eyes. Delilah offers me some water after I sit up in bed. I’m looking at Delilah with confusion, I’m soaked with cum and sweat and do feel queasy; Feeling very disoriented, I don’t believe I’m in our bed. I really can’t believe that was a dream.

I need to ask her sometime what her fantasies are and think about mine.

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