Bus Journey

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This is a story that happened to me when i was travelling in a bus in bangalore.

This was my first sexual experience, I was only 21 then. I had some work in the forum mall koramangala. I was waiting at the bus stop for local bus to come, but no bus came for almost half an hour. To my rescue a private local bus came at the bus stop. This was my luckiest day of my life till then. I tried to find myself a seat but, no seat was available for me to sit, so i decided to stand. After a stop, to my luck, i got a seat at the end of the seat. Generally bangalore has so many beautiful girls, but as it was a private bus i could see no one. The next stop came , many people got down and at the same time many people got on. This was when i saw two beautiful girls enter the bus… I had a smile on my face when they entered the bus… They stood near the door for sometime, but looking at the crowd they decided to come in and to my luck they stood right next to where i was sitting. They were so beautiful, I looked at them and praised their beauty.

Both the girls were wearing chudidar, which is a casual dress which indian girls wear. People think chudidars are casual and not revealing but i completely disagree with that. The chudidars reveal a lot and you have to observe clearly to get to see so many beautiful and sexy things. Both the girls were wearing perfect fit chudidars to show the exact shape of their bodies. I was the luckiest one because they were standing so close to me that I could clearly see and enjoy a lot of things. Of the two girls, The girl standing next to me was wearing white chudidar with white leggings, The best part about white leggings is if you observe closely, you can clearly see the panties that they are wearing. I started to check them out, I started to see her from the bottom, She was wearing tight leggings so i was able to see her panties from the side and she was wearing white floral panties with small Onwin red flowers.

Now i was checking her pussy area, as she was wearing a tight chudidar, I could see her pussy mould from up close, then i raised my head to see her flat tummy and then the perfect boobs. I could tell that she was wearing a white bra. Thank god that she wore a white bra otherwise people would have got a good view of her bra and the boobs. The dress was a little transparent when seen from up close but from far it is not because of print present on the dress and the other girl was wearing the light pink chudidar and white leggings. I couldn’t get a good view of her because she was wearing a pink chudidar and because she wasn’t so close to me. Even from that distance I could tell that she was wearing floral white panties of different color pattern.

I was checking both their ass, boobs and flat tummies. They were both so sexy that they turned me on.

I was checking them out and i started to get a boner in the bus. I smiled and then continued to do. The next stop came and more people entered so these two beautiful girls had to move in and they moved a lot closer to me and were both only few inches from my face. As the bus was packed and the driving skills of the driver were worse i was holding on to the rod present right next to me. The two beautiful girls were standing around the pole. I Didn’t want to touch them and take advantage. I was just checking them out from even up close as they moved closer to me. Now I could clearly see the other girl too. She was also sexy like the girl in white but she had bigger boobs and they were so close to me that it turned me a lot.

The movement of the bus has made white girl ass fall on my hand. She immediately apologized. I told it was okay and continued checking them out. I couldn’t understand what they were talking as it was in kannada and my mother tongue was telugu. The journey went Onwin Giriş on like that, The movement of the bus made the girl body touch my hand and i didn’t remove my hand, Neither she bothered to move away. I was touching this girls ass and the best part was the movement made her chudidar reveal a lot of her leggings and panty than it used to. I was getting high even more. Then she fell on my hand hard because of sudden stopping of the bus that is when i felt her ass, it was so soft and perky. She apologized to me and she thought she might have hurt me. So she moved to the other side of the pole and now my hand was only few inches from her pussy.

The journey continued and the best time of her and mine started. The movement of the bus made her body touch my hand but this time it was the area between her pussy and stomach. The movement continued like that and she was checking me out if i was bothering and i was acting as if i didn’t mind. So she continued to be like that without moving away. Seeing that she was enjoying the touch caused with the movement of the bus. I adjusted myself in the seat and moved my hand a little down still holding the pole. without making the movement obvious. Even when She realized that my hand is now close to her pussy lips, she didn’t move away from the pole. I raised my head and our eyes connected and we both looked at each other as if nothing was happening. I checked her boobs as I looking away from her, that is when i realized two little black projections on her dress. She was high and because of that her nipples were erect. I stared at them for sometime but didn’t want her to catch me so I was seeing her pussy mould and how it was pressing to my hand because of the movement of the hand.

Suddenly the bus came to a halt and now her mould was touching my hand and it stayed there for sometime. She didn’t at all. I was so high and wanted to touch her pussy lips, so i moved Onwin Güncel Giriş my hand a little down and now my hand was touching her pussy lips and she understood that but didn’t move at all. She continued to talk to her friend as her pussy was touching my hand with the movement of the bus. I knew she was having fun and so was I. I Knew she wouldn’t mind if i move my hand a little. So I started to move my hand with the motion of the bus, My knuckles were rubbing her pussy up and down and i could feel that she was all wet and continued the motion. I fingered her over her clothes and i could clearly see her cameltoe now and continued to finger her seeing her cameltoe. It was so hot We both had fun and after sometime she understood that it was getting so far. so she moved far away from my hand. I understood that and Even I removed my hand from the pole.

I couldn’t believe what happened. I was so hard that if people see me they can see my boner clearly. I was there sitting still and wondering if what had happened actually happened. To add to what happened, later the other girl wanted to check till where we reached, so she bent a little and was checking out of the window, That is when i got a good view of her huge breasts and bra. She was wearing a black mesh bra. I was staring like that for the whole time but she caught me and gave me a look that i could never forget. I was so embarrassed.

I realized that my stop was the next but didn’t want to get down because of my boner. I sat there and checked both the girls, their hot tight boobs, ass for a while and got down at the next stop, where even those girls got down. At last after i got down the white girl eyes made contact with mine and we both walked in the opposite directions. I never had the courage to talk to her after what happened. I tried so hard to remember her face so that next time i see her i can talk to her., but i couldn’t recall.

I never took advantage of her and I will never take any advantage of any girl. It happened out of coincidence and we both happened to enjoy the coincidence.


This is not a work of fiction…Thanks for reading… any suggestions are welcome.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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