Amanda-Christina’s Misadventures Ch. 14

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After Christina experienced an earth-shaking orgasm in the girls’ shower room of the Los Cufrado Police Station, she was left standing in the shower stall with her wrists handcuffed above her head as a crowd of over thirty people stared at her naked body. Then two male cops came into the shower room and unlocked her handcuffs. They cuffed Christina’s wrists behind her back and then they lead her out into the lobby amongst the crowd of onlookers. This was quite embarrassing for Christina since she was still totally nude as she was paraded through the crowd.

Two other cops cleared a path for the naked girl as the cops escorted Christina into the Chief’s office. Christina’s eyes were closed because she couldn’t bare to face the people that had just witnessed her public orgasm. It was truly the most humiliating moment of her life, yet it was also the most intense and satisfying orgasm she’d ever experienced.

When they finally reached the Chief’s office, Christina was permitted to sit in a chair. Her wrists were handcuffed behind the chair, which was bolted to the floor, so there was no way for Christina to escape. Although the door to the office remained open, Christina felt like she had more privacy now than she’d had all day. Christina was finally able to relax so she made herself as comfortable as she possibly could under the circumstances.

Christina sat back with her bare breasts right out in the open for everyone to see. Her pretty pink nipples were poking out and there was nothing she could do to hide them from the people in the lobby. Also, Christina’s legs were spread far enough apart to give anyone that peered into the Chief’s Office a clear view of her soft dark pussy hair. Normally the kindergarten teacher would be screaming from sheer panic over this kind of treatment, but Christina was exhausted so she just sat there quietly and closed her eyes.

Amanda was not so fortunate. She was still waiting for her shower to begin. Unlike Christina, Amanda was brought to an incredible orgasm on the way to the police station, so she was afraid it would take longer for her to reach fulfillment again. Amanda was worried that the sadistic female cop would keep Amanda in the shower until she had another orgasm so Amanda was prepared to fake it if she had to.

The Chief was in the lobby and standing next to Alex when he mentioned to another cop, “I guess we’ll have to lock these girls up for a few days until the attorney decides what to do with them.”

The cop responded, “We really don’t have separate facilities for women here. Do you plan to just throw them in with the male population?”

The Chief replied, “We can put them in their own cell, but they’ll still have to put up with all the men leering at them.”

The other cop chuckled and added, “Yeah, especially since the girls will be naked!”

The Chief said, “Well, they brought it on themselves.”

After Alex heard the conversation, he realized that Amanda and Christina were truly just victims here and he decided to have a little talk with the Chief. The Chief motioned for Alex to step over to the other side of the counter so that they could talk privately yet still be able to see inside the girls’ shower room. The other side of the counter was a restricted area for police officers uzun konulu porno only so the Chief was surprised to find Deanna on that side of the room. He saw that Deanna was clad in just a bikini so he figured that one of the cops allowed her on that side of the counter to protect her from the crowd.

Alex said, “I just want you to know that these girls really are innocent. They were on a fishing charter with my wife and another couple.”

The Chief interrupted as he pointed at Deanna and asked, “Is that your wife?”

Alex said, “No, that’s my buddy’s wife, but she’s a real cutie, isn’t she?”

The Chief smiled and said, “Yes she is!”

As the female cop washed Amanda’s hair in the shower, she made sure that she bounced Amanda’s bare boobies a few times for the crowd’s enjoyment. Deanna appeared to be getting excited from watching the treatment that Amanda was receiving and she casually slipped her fingers into her bikini top so that she could caress her own nipples. At the end of the counter, it was more like a four and a half foot partition dividing the room. Deanna ducked down below the short wall so that no one could see her playing with her own nipples.

The Chief motioned for Alex to step back behind a large pillar that held up the roof. From their position, it was difficult for Alex and the Chief to see inside the shower room, but it offered a clear view of Deanna. As Deanna rubbed her breasts, she casually looked around to make sure nobody was watching her, and then she turned her attention back to Amanda.

Alex said to the Chief, “As I was saying, these girls are innocent. They made the mistake of leaving their bikinis near the bait and some seagulls really did fly off with their suits. That’s why they were naked.”

The Chief asked, “And why did they take their suits off in the first place?”

Alex replied, “It is permissible to be naked on the ocean, is it not?”

The Chief said, “I suppose so.”

Alex said, “Then the girls were not breaking any public nudity laws.”

The Chief began to speak, but Deanna was moving her hands around so much under her bikini top that the clasp in back accidentally came apart. At first she put her hands over her bare breasts and looked around to see if anyone was watching her. The Chief quickly pulled Alex behind the pillar to make sure that Deanna couldn’t see them. After assuring herself that the partition blocked her from everyone’s view, Deanna began massaging her bare breasts without re-fastening her top. Deanna simply allowed her bikini top to hang loosely from her neck as she pulled and teased her round rosy nipples.

The Chief was highly distracted by Deanna, but he continued the conversation with Alex by asking, “Again, why were the girls naked?”

Alex didn’t know what to say so the Chief said, “You were having fun at the girls’ expense and it got out of hand, didn’t it?”

Alex nodded yes, so the Chief said, “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to release the girls, but I’m going to make you pay the fine.”

Alex said, “Okay, that seems fair enough. By the way, how much is the fine?”

At that moment, Alex and the Chief heard the female cop call out from the shower room, “This girl’s got xhamster porno a great ass, doesn’t she guys?”

The guys yelled, “Hell yes,” and then the female cop turned her attention to Amanda and said, “You love it when I touch your butt crack, don’t you? You love it when I tickle your cute little ass like this, don’t you? Yep guys, this girl loves having her butt crack tickled. Just look at her squirm around. It’s so cute the way she squirms around, isn’t it guys?”

The guys applauded as the female cop said, “Tell the guys how much you like it.”

When there was no answer from Amanda, Alex and the Chief heard a smack followed by a cry of “Ouch” from Amanda.

Then the female cop again asked, “You love it when I caress your bare butt, don’t you? You love it when I tickle your butt crack, don’t you little girl?”

Amanda replied, “Yes…yes I do,” hoping to avoid another spanking.

Alex and the Chief noticed that Deanna was now sticking her fingers into the back of her panties. She apparently wanted to tickle her own ass the way that the female cop was tickling Amanda’s ass. With her hands in the back of her panties and her bikini top hanging free, Deanna was no longer blocking the view of her beautiful breasts. Although he only had a side view, the Chief was thrilled by what he could see. Deanna’s boobs were not particularly big, but they were firm and her nipples were as cute as they could be.

As the Chief stared at Deanna, Alex said, “Um…the fine?”

The Chief replied, “Oh, yes. I haven’t decided on an amount yet.”

Then the Chief added, “You don’t mind that we’re having a little harmless fun with the girls, do you?”

Alex replied, “Of course not. Besides, they really did smell like fish.”

The Chief said, “Then you won’t mind if we toy with them a little longer. After all, you had your fun with them today.”

Alex said, “By all means. Do whatever you want. A little public humiliation would be good for them. Besides, we’re in no hurry.”

The Chief said, “I’m sorry, but Carla, our resident female cop…”

Alex interrupted, “And a cute one, too.”

The Chief said, “Yeah, she is. Anyway, Carla is a bit of a dominatrix with other women. She rules the roost here and we don’t get to see this too often. Besides, it’s kind of fun watching a girl get humiliated in front of a roomful of men, isn’t it?”

Alex smiled and said, “It sure is!”

Then Alex and the Chief looked over at Deanna and saw that she was pushing her hands deeper into the back of her panties. With each push of her hands, Deanna worked her bikini bottoms further and further down her backside. Soon almost her entire butt crack was on display. Of course Deanna thought no one could see her, but the Chief was mesmerized by Deanna’s beautiful bare bottom.

Alex asked, “I wonder how far she’ll go?”

The Chief responded, “I was wondering the same thing,” and then he lifted his pocket radio to call another officer.

He radioed, “Get a message into the shower room. Tell Carla to keep that little redhead in the shower until I say she can come out.”

There was a “Yes sir Chief” reply over the radio, and then the Chief looked over at Alex and said, “I’ll bet your friend over there xnxx porno will continue touching herself as long as that redhead is in the shower. That’s why I made sure Carla keeps her in the shower until I say she’s done.”

Alex chuckled and said, “Great plan. I guess that’s why you’re the Chief!”

The Chief asked, “How much tequila did that girl have?”

Alex replied, “Deanna? Um, a lot I guess. All the girls drank a lot. Why?”

The Chief said, “Tequila is a powerful drink. It makes girls lose there inhibitions. In my estimation, more girls end up naked after drinking tequila than any other drink.”

Then, in a startled voice, the Chief said, “Oh wow, look at that! Your friend is working hard to prove my point.”

Deanna pushed her panties all the way down to her knees because she thought no one could see her. With all of Deanna’s attention directed into the shower room, she had no idea that Alex and the Chief were staring at her bare ass. Then the guys heard Carla call out that she loved Amanda’s boobies. Apparently Carla was playing with Amanda’s titties in the shower, which prompted Deanna to reach up and play with her own breasts. However, her loose bikini top was getting in Deanna’s way and it seemed to be annoying her.

As they watched, Alex heard the Chief say under his breath, “That tops in your way. You don’t want that nasty ole top on. Go ahead…take it off. Come on, you can do it…take the top off!”

Alex was amazed. As if she was under the Chief’s spell, Deanna lifted the top over her head and dropped it on the floor. Then she quickly scanned the perimeter of the room to see if anyone was looking at her. Again Deanna believed that no one could see her so she directed her attention back into the shower room.

Alex couldn’t believe it. Deanna was topless in a police station with her panties down around her knees and they were threatening to fall off. Alex and the Chief didn’t have a clear view of Deanna’s breasts, but they could easily see her bare butt, and it was truly a sight to behold. Deanna was really going to town on her bare titties as she massaged them before stopping to tweak and twist her nipples, and Alex and the Chief were able to see everything!

Alex got up on a chair so he could see inside the shower room, yet still remain hidden from Deanna behind the pillar.

The Chief looked up and asked, “What’s going on inside the shower room now?”

Alex replied, “Carla is making Amanda spread her legs apart as wide as she can and Amanda doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight. Now Carla is reaching down between Amanda’s legs and shampooing her pussy hair. This is really hot!”

The Chief watched as Deanna reached down to touch her own pussy. Unfortunately, she couldn’t spread her legs with her panties down around her knees so Deanna carefully looked around to see if anyone was watching her. Then Deanna put her legs closer together allowing her bikini bottoms to drop on the floor.

Deanna’s panties were still hooked to her ankle so she kicked her leg to make them fall off. When she did, her toe caught the top of her bikini, which was already lying on the floor. As her panties shook free, the bottoms of Deanna’s bikini went sliding across the floor along with her bikini top. Both the top and bottom of Deanna’s bikini were a good five feet away from her, but she didn’t bother to retrieve it. She was too interested in satisfying her desires to worry about her only source of clothing, much to the delight of Alex and the Chief who couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do next!

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