Alice Manipulated Ch. 05

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For first time readers, Alice is an adopted tiny 4-foot 10-inch innocent looking 21 year-old who simply doesn’t look her real age. She gained her first job in her 20th year as a local doctor’s receptionist after many knockbacks over two years from employers who thought she quit school early to get a job. She is very attractive but very naive and this weakness sets her on a life of erotic adventures. She is slim and curvy with immaculate complexion and an Asian type small build, but her breasts never sprouted beyond two-inch high puffy nipple mounds that often fool people into thinking she is entering her teens, not at the other end of them.

With her guardian uncle Bernie overseas for several months Alice feels compelled to follow the lecherous advice of an older adult business couple that seduced her in a back seat of a crowded café a week ago. Bernard and Lani quickly recognised opportunity to exploit her innocence when they saw it and seized the opportunity to convince Alice how she can quickly save a lot of money while her adopted father is overseas, therefore being able to surprise him with a new car and other things by the time his three-month trip is over.

To Alice, unwise that there are some people prepared to take advantage of someone so inexperienced as her, the opportunity to earn big money is like a gift from heaven. And all she has to do is be her self. That’s young, innocent and subservient. She believes that their Companion’s Corner is a proper service for people who miss the company of a young daughter for legitimate reasons and her role is make them happy again by pretending to be that daughter for the night. It all sounds so simple and easy, and to make it even better she is thrilled to know that Bernard and Lani pay for her to be pampered in preparation to meet the couple she will first meet as their club’s newest ‘model.’

Lani last week asked her if she could use $5000, the staggering fee she can get if she agrees to be their special new youngest age model. They convinced her it is a great opportunity to get a break from the humdrum of her boring day-to-day job as a poorly paid doctor’s receptionist, and for the big cash money she is only required to stay overnight on the Saturday so it does not interfere with her day job. Too easy!

What excites Alice especially is that she will be allowed to take home and keep the exotic outfits provided for her to wear in this particular Companion’s Corner assignment, but only if she does not reveal to her daddy where she got them. What the devious business operators Bernard and Lani didn’t tell Alice is that Companion’s Corner is just a front for erotic coupling match-up activities that sometimes attracts some odd customers. What Alice does know is that they must be wealthy to afford the high price since she’s getting paid so much, and they must be pretty desperate for this kind of company to pay out such money. Her upbringing was so strict that she doesn’t know what the words kinky or fetish mean.

Bernard and Lani received a description from their client of the kind of ‘daughter’they like to be with overnight and the sex-eccentric business operators put their beauticians to work on Alice to prepare her as close as possible to the perfect daughter. The real one is living with her mother now in another state and the daughter, having just left school, is trying for a university placement.

That girl’s divorced father 42, is the male partner of the client couple Alice is about to meet at the café where Bernard and Lani first bumped into Alice, and immediately recognised her sensual potential for their business activities.

NOW: Alice leaves the grooming salon not only feeling like a new person but also actually looking like one. She can’t believe the transformation at the hands of beauty experts. They were given a special brief: to make their model look younger than she really is; cheer girl style, only better and with an erotically sophisticated touch. Lani’s hand selected – repeat hand selected – never fail to provide.

When Alice entered the expensive salon for her free makeover, the French born manager Marcel told Bernard and Lani she will be his most difficult assignment for their Companion’s Corner introduction service as Alice already looks years younger than her age. Almost too young to be true. This is why Alice must take a certificate of her real age to the clients so there is no misunderstanding. Marcel argued that no one would otherwise believe she is not a young teen.

Alice feels she is in Utopia. After all, how often is a young woman her age – not that long out of school even and working just three months – been lavished such attention free of charge with more than four hours of non-stop pampering? Spa baths, body massage, nails, hair shampoo and new styling, all-over suntan, spunky new clothes. Alice was always cute, but Marcel and his team make her excitingly ravenous. That is their job.

Marcel shows Alice her new look in the mirror. She suddenly bursa escort bayan has fake freckles across the bridge of her nose and each side of her rosy red cheeks, a cute fringe that drops to her eyebrows, her natural blond hair is tied in into matching plaited pigtails that are tied tightly with matching hot pink ribbons behind her ears. The ribbons match the colour of her teenybopper type flat heel shoes and matching short socks and hot pink pullover type tank top that leaves her narrow shoulders bare and covers just a six-inch band across her chest.

Her navel is exposed on her perfectly flat tummy and her sexy coup de gras is the matching hot pink skin tight lycra shorts cut to a size that sits low on her pelvic bone, hardly covering her bare pubic area and with a mere half-inch leg length so that the thin tight material sweeps curvaceously and inwardly between her shapely thighs to more acutely outline the shape and size of her pussy with its blatant cameltoe ‘look at me’ effect. The design and size is to cover the area only from the top of the pussy to the tops of the legs, effectively to become a pussy only frontal appearance.

She is on her way now to the café where Lani and Bernard will introduce their client couple to Alice and the trio will then head off to the penthouse suite booked by Lani at the opulent Riches Resort Hotel. The body massage she received at the beauty parlour and the essentials oils in her perfect complexion make her skin seem to glow warmly. Lani sees her coming and steps forward to greet her. “Hi Alice, thanks for being on time, I’d like you to meet your overnight mom and pop Beverley and Bruce.

Beverley, who is 30, bi, and has shoulder length brown hair, looks smart in a navy business suit, stockings and high heels. She is excited to set eyes on their make believe daughter. “Oh isn’t she just beautiful; and so tiny as you told me she is Bruce; just look at those little hands and that lovely hot pink ensemble. Beautiful!”

He steps across and kisses Alice’s hand. “Hi junior? How’s it been kid? Glad you could make it back to see us folks again between semesters. Yeah Bev, she is still the same. Little but cute as ever.” Bernard chips in as he and Lani get set to go. “Guys, Alice has a copy of her proof of age ID in case you need to see it. It confirms she is not under 18.”

“Don’t need it Bernard,” we’ll take your word for it. From where I’m standing she sure looks younger than barely legal but if the paper says she’s legal that’s fine. We’re here to party with our daughter.” With that he pulls Alice into his side and hugs her. “Ready to rock and roll with your mom and daddy and forget about teachers, blackboards and exams for a while?” Alice looks up at him and nods. “Yes sir, I mean yes daddy, I’m in your hands for whatever comes.”

She has been lectured by Lani to make sure she obeys them and makes them happy as they have travelled a great distance for the occasion and at great expense. A big bonus awaits her if they put in a good report that she worked hard to please. Lani has given a few handy hints how to speak to them so everything goes off with a bang.

She doesn’t know that they have seen a copy of her earlier interview about qualifying to model for Companion’s Corner when she revealed among other things her greatest fantasy.

An innocent admission by her has given the deviant Bruce a great idea how to square up a gambling debt with a rough and seedy character known as Knuckles. Bruce is dangerously overdue on paying the considerable bill and Knuckles is threatening dire punishment.Bruce is now desperate and Alice will be his guinea pig to get him out of trouble. One thing he knows about Knuckles is that he is a dirty old man and would relish the opportunity of having access to a spunky young chick that can be tied up, gagged and blindfolded for his pleasure for one whole hour if he will agree to write off the debt.

It’s the main reason Bruce was desperate to get ahead in the queue and be first to receive Alice as their guest in Companion’s Corner once he found out her details. And for the sleazy conman, it’s one settlement idea he is happy to settle without the cash. But he knows he is not to go too far or in any way hurt their precious guest. The deal is sealed with some provisos Bruce puts to the well-connected hood he genuinely fears. He must shower first, arrive precisely at 9pm to be let in the penthouse and must not talk at any time during the entire hour he can enjoy his unexpected treat. Grunts and groans are allowed but no conversation, as the young lady must not know who is touching her. That suits the decrepit 60 year-old loan shark, who couldn’t get a girlfriend and who never married.

They walk across the street and get into a cab for the ride back to the resort hotel. Beverley can’t take her eyes off Alice’s cute form. In the cab she cuddles her close to her and gives her a soft kiss on the lips. “So good to have you back with us honey,” she whispers gorukle escort in the back seat. “We can play those games you liked so much after doing your school homework.” Alice nods affirmatively without a clue what she is talking about, but knowing she must do what she can to make them happy.

She feels the older woman’s warm hand placed flat against the inside of her shapely young thighs as she looks down at her skin tight micro mini hot pink shorts and is agape at how provocatively the full shape of her pussy stands out with its deep cameltoe cleavage. She wonders how many other people already see it.

Bernard and Lani sent ahead a wardrobe of outfits specially measured and designed for them to allow Alice to wear. The taxi driver is so smitten by the sight of Alice in her hot pink hot micro shorts he asks the couple if he can take a few pictures of their daughter to show his own daughter the kind of shorts he would like to get her to wear at home. When the cab arrives at the hotel Alice happily poses for the cabbie with a digital camera. He even got down beneath her knees for some close-ups between her thighs.

They take the elevator to the penthouse floor and the apartment is magnificently appointed and huge with sweeping views. Alice feels flattered to be in such splendour with huge baskets of fresh fruit and finger food laid out on a table. She did not notice at first there were huge bananas among the fruit as well as those popular long, but just the right thickness, cucumbers. Before morning Alice will be expected to devour one of each kind while Beverley and Bruce watch.

They brew some coffee to relax for a while and indulge in small talk so the atmosphere is relaxed for Alice, but every time Alice goes to sit down one of them finds a reason for her to stay on her feet so they can soak up the sight of her natural small frame beauty. Bruce knows they can’t waste too much time as they have paid out a packet on his credit card to get Alice for the overnight visit and one hour of that will be taken up by the sleaze conman Knuckles. Alice has already been told she may have to stay awake all night and can sleep all day Sunday to make up for it once she is back home. Lucky her guardian and adopted father Bernie is still overseas or she would never be allowed to even consider this kind of thing to earn money.

Bruce beckons Alice over to where he is sitting on the sofa. “Hey kid, before you get out of your cute mini hotpants come over here and stand in front of daddy and let him have a good look again at how the heck you fit into that tight tiny outfit.

“Wow, now that is one hot little ass you got there kiddo, shows up everything you know back and front. How do you get into those pants? Better still, how do you get out of them? Got anything on under them?”

“No sir, I mean no daddy. Just my bare skin.”

“Well thought so. I’m sure glad you remembered my favourite sexy colours on you – hot pink for a hot daughter.”

Beverley mockingly cuts in “Bruce that’s no way to talk to your daughter, even if she does look hot.” Alice is standing so close to him he runs his index finger up the cameltoe crevice of her shorts and back down again and quips, “I mean these shorts must be hot so I think we should let Alice get out of them and put something else on that’s a bit more flexible, huh?”

He puts his open palms of each hand either side of Alice’s tiny waist and gazes at her sexy navel. “You know, I think you are going to be a big kid all your life and one day some lucky guy is going to marry you and I will be real jealous that he will be sleeping with you all the time because you will always be daddy’s little girl I don’t care how old you get, you will be my little girl. Okay?”

“Yes sir, I mean yes daddy, of course. I won’t get married soon, don’t worry. You can always have me.”

“Yes, sweetie, I like the sound of that. I sure do”.

Bi-sexual Beverley, her eyes trained on the way the thin but strong lycra fabric clings to Alice’s crevices, agrees she should get into something less sporty and more relaxing. She wants to see Alice’s pussy uncovered after being suitably invigorated by the way the lycra material hugs it so tightly. “I’m taking this business suit off too, so come on Alice, let’s go find something you can put on and show to daddy.”

While they are gone Bruce grabs his duffle bag and pull out his favourite African loincloth and strips off into it, where he doesn’t need underpants. Beverley gets down to her nylon stockings, garter belt, black lace g-string panties and high heels and half cup bra holding up her 36-inch white pointers with deep pink nipples just showing above the line.

Alice looks at her enviably. “Gee momma, you look great in your nylon stockings. Please don’t take them off I like to look at you like that’

“You do? Really?”

“Yes momma, I just wish I had long legs like you. I am not used to seeing someone dressed bursa merkez escort bayan so…you know, different.”

“Don’t worry about being tiny and short Alice, you do real well in other ways,” she replies and Alice instantly feels justified. She wants to excel in something and the only thing that seems to work best for her is that she can readily attract men’s attention – and some women – because of the very fact she is smaller and younger looking. She suspects that the perception of her apparent vulnerability and natural naivety is a sexual turn-on to others.

To Beverley and Bruce her naïve outlook and aura of being submissive is a hot connection with their fetish for taking advantage of innocence and it’s even better when the opportunity is matched with a sensual young beauty and her virgin-like physical attributes. Alice’s pussy is smooth and bare and appears never to have grown any pubic hair around it, and its fat labia either side of her vagina and recessed inner lips give a virgin-like impression. Her clitoris hood is well formed and suggests it is hiding a surprising talent. Her pussy is short in length but is somewhat fat in shape.

Though small as it looks and small as she is, after Alice got her first job as the doctor’s receptionist she told him she worried that her pussy seem too little to take a grown man and could he give her his professional opinion. The doctor’s wonderful bedside manner soon removed those doubts by thoroughly road testing it with his generously sized shaft in a physical that left him with a big smile on his face and Alice quite flushed in ther face. Ever since then Alice is besotted with big cocks.

She loved seeing how wide her tiny twat – just three and a half inches long by three inches wide- stretched so easily to fit the doctor’s eight-inch erection without any trouble. So much for small pussies and big dicks, she shrugged. Despite that private examination and physical by her doctor, Alice remains shy and somewhat reluctant about things new to her. She knows that she will be expected to be cuddly and very affectionate with Beverley and Bruce and her big fee hangs on her doing as she is asked. She just hopes she doesn’t bungle it.

Beverley rummages through a pile of very exotic underwear designed specially for Alice to wear for her and Bruce and is smitten by the schoolgirl uniform, asking Alice to try it on first so she can engineer a fantasy to get sex going with her young charge. From the feet up it consists of black flat heel school shoes, white socks, a pleated navy coloured tunic sitting across the pubic bone and dropping a mere four and a half inches to its hemline and level with the bottom of Alice’s pussy which is covered in a g-string type panty that barely covers the crack of her vagina, leaving the outer fat labia exposed on both sides, a loose fitting school tie that drops down between her transparent bra designed merely to fit over her large puffy nipples, and topped with a felt designed narrow band school hat with a fake school emblem on the front.

She parades Alice out to Bruce who is now seated on the sofa in nothing else but his shallow loin cloth, stroking his eight and a half inch phallus to proudly show Alice how well endowed he is. “Bruce have a look at your little darling in her nschool clothes since the college changed its dress code to be in accord with modern attitudes.”

“Oh yeah, I see what you mean Bev, yeah that’s more like it now, I see they’ve finally girls to dress the way they want to and not like some fuddy duddy education board. Mmmm, got to admit Alice, your choice of panties is how it should be for girls all over. Chicks at school like to show off.”

His erection catches her eye immediately. Shy as she is, Alice loves the sight of a man’s erection. “Oh daddy, you are being naughty again you don’t have any pants on and I can see you must like my new school uniform,” she says cheekily to please him and get off to a good start with the couple.

“Alice you ain’t seen nothing yet. Now twirl around a bit and let me see you from behind as well. Oh yeah, you’ve got it kid, that little ass of yours gets me by the short and curlies every time.”

Beverley taps Alice on the shoulder. “Now you must tell daddy what you just told me when you just got back home. What you told me about getting into trouble again,” she says while waving a finger at the girl.

“I’m sorry daddy to be naughty but I was playing with myself under the desk and one of the girls who is jealous of me told the teacher who sent me to the principal.”

Bruce listens and suddenly sounds cranky. “Gee whiz, how many times do I have to tell you that you should only do that when you are at home? Surely you get enough pleasure from us here with the different games we play and goodness you sleep between us in the same bed so why be touching yourself?” She blinks and flutters her eyelashes, remembering how Lani taught her to respond for their fantasy.

“I’m sorry momma and daddy but I was thinking of how I watched you putting your big cock into momma last night and I just couldn’t help wanting to touch myself to just think about how hard you drove it into momma and the way she was jerking back and forth. I had to get out of the bed because you had momma sideways and I was in the way.”

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