A Teen’s Will

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The characters, places, and buildings in this story are fictional and were by no means created to offend anyone. This story is a fictional making. I planned on taking it slow in this series, so it may take a while for the sex to occur, but it will be worthwhile. Please leave a comment!


Ryan Black inserted his dick into the woman beneath him. Her hair was tussled; she had a natural blush and was out of breath. Her hair stuck to her neck as sweat pearls formed.

‘Fuck she was tight’, Ryan thought as he continued to pester in and out of her at a quick space, long and deep. He leaned down and took one of her large nipples into his mouth, biting on it.

“AAHH BABY. Keep fucking meee. YES, YES, YEEES.” She shrieked.

Her body then tensed and she shook through her fourth orgasm.

He thrust through it while she shuddered making her squeal in pleasure. She arched her back, giving Ryan more access and he started to pump even faster than before, nearing his orgasm. He took one tit in his hand and the other travelled to her mound, flicking her clit.


He leaned down and sucked on her neck, biting down until he was certain that there was a bruise. He did the same on the other side and to her tits, making her scream in joy.

He took deep strokes into her and when she felt him nearing his orgasm, she trapped him even deeper into her by closing her legs around his ass.

Another two pumps and he released his entire squirt into her as she had another ear-filling orgasm. After two minutes he was still pumping sperm deep inside of her.

“Ohhh, you fuck me better than my husband ever will.” She whispered into his ear and started to doze off.

After he made sure there was none of his sperm left he entangled himself from her, leaving her on the bed naked, got dressed and left. He kept quiet about that being his first time. This was nothing more than a one-night stand, she was the first woman to deflower him, first one to flirt with him and he gave in. It was meaningless.

She was the mother of one of the boys who attended his school and had flirted with him while he was on the way home. He had seen her around the neighbourhood, not to his surprise, as the trailer community was quite small.

Ryan was pissed off at himself. He wasn’t really into meaningless sex and so hated himself for getting carried away so easily. Heck he didn’t even masturbate. He guessed that all the years without sexual interactions caught up to him.

He checked his watch and it was late. He went straight home, sneaking in from the front and slowly walked to the living room, which was considered his bedroom, and fell asleep on the sofa.

His family was poor. His dad was unemployed and his mother was the only one working as a clerk at a supermarket down the road from his house. He was pretty sure that she only had gotten that job cause she fucked the owner, but hey, as long as she had a steady income she was okay being a part time ‘fucktoy’ too. Some of his classmate found out about it and frequent trips to the supermarket was the trend towards the end of his high school life. This led to him being known as the Whores son. He didn’t even think his status and life could get worse and more miserable, but apparently, it did.

His alcoholic of a father was always in a slumber, never sober enough to even walk, and when he was, he would beat the shit out of Ryan. The first time he went to school with bruises all over his face the teacher showed concern, which evaded slowly after the second, third and fourth time. Now it was just normal. Normal for the whore’s kid known as Ryan to show up looking all fucked up. Never the less, he never raised a hand against his own father, because at the end of the day, his father was his father. That wasn’t him. He didn’t want to be like his father. Besides, no one was stupid enough to challenge a big muscular guy like Ryan, yet he had no respect among his fellow classmates. He was just the son of a whore.

He was alone in this world, his family not caring that he existed.

As far as he was concerned, he was alone with nothing, nada. He was broke. No money whatsoever and no one wanted to hire trailer trash, so no money entered his bank account. He occasionally would con a few students at his school out of money by simple tricks and bets and his slight of hand helped him to “borrow” couple of bucks when he needed them.

These thoughts filled his mind until he heard the alarm go off.

The cold shower did wonders to his body and mind. He got out feeling much better. He looked at himself in the mirror. Ryan was definitely considered hot. His black hair brushed up, sides and back shorter than the top of his head. His eyes were special. They were light blue, almost grey from the outside, but as you go in further the color deepens and a light green emerges and depending on the lighting and his mood, sometimes even light brown. He had a strong jaw and red lips that would have eskort görükle girls in envy.

Yet he was an outcast.

He pulled his t-shirt over his head. It covered his hard pounded body, being two sizes too large for him. He then embarked on the long walk which he was forced to walk has no bus went remotely close to his area and because he had no car, he was forced to walk.

He arrived at his school and. stairs were leading him to the entrance of his school. Although he had no one, he was used to it by now and he didn’t hate his high school as badly anymore. In fact, he found a liking to it. It was quite the good state school, holding its place right next to most of the private schools among the country. Besides that, all his teachers were female and fucking hot. The principle had outdone himself as a principle and as a man, hiring only female staff. Ryan was surprised he didn’t get caught, being so sexist. Probably why he hired that old fucker Crigg, who taught history, no wonder, considering how old he was, Ryan was certain he lived through World War I and II.

Ryan’s lips curved into a smile remembering his lessons with the old man, he always fell asleep and Crigg was always on his throat for it. He threatened to bring his parents down there and have a serious talk with them about Ryan. Ryan’s response was giving him the green light to go forward and do that. He even promised Crigg that if he were able to even get them to a parent-teacher meeting, Ryan would never fall asleep in class again. This bet is still going on.

Ryan went to the library and returned one of the books he borrowed. It was a book written by Stephen hawking, talking about the universe. Ryan was fascinated with it, always thinking about the life out there and what life meant to him. He always appreciated what he had, always thinking of the countless others who had it much worse than him. True, a crack whore as a mother and an alcoholic father were pretty bad, but at least he had all his limbs, was able to see, hear, speak, and walk. Meanwhile others were losing their lives in the war in the Middle East. So he began to put value into everything he had, even it was not much.

The librarian look up and smiled him her beautiful smile before taking the book from him and putting it in the box. Ryan guessed her to be early fifties. She turned around and Ryan’s gaze dropped to her ass. He was impressed with what he saw, pretty firm and shapely with that tight skirt, for a fifty-year-old lady, he’d tap her any day. Then he mentally scolded himself for such disgusting thoughts and averted his eyes back up.

That was pretty much his highlight of his day. He had a surprise test in Maths, which he found weird, as the questions weren’t related to the content they were taking in class. They were asking questions about algorithms, proving theories etc. Luckily Ryan read a book on the origin of Mathematics and algorithms when he was ten. That combined with his logic he was able to answer all questions. He looked around, and the other students in his class were clearly taken back by the difficulty of this test. Ryan had to admit, this was one off.

Halfway through his last class before lunch, the head teacher walked into his biology class. He was large man, who obviously took care his hygiene. Ryan found it funny how he always wore a suit. The class stopped their talking and the head teacher, whose name was Mr. Jamiko, whispered something towards Miss Rene, who nodded towards me.

“Mister Black. A few words please?” Demanded Jamiko.

He sighed and walked out, following Jamiko. They stayed quiet as they walked towards Jamiko’s office.

Ryan was in deep thought, going over why he was called out, before they stopped outside the headmaster’s office. Jamiko opened the door and ushered Ryan in. Inside was an elderly looking woman, Ryan guessing her to be mid-fifties, sitting on one of the couches across Mr. Jamiko’s desk, who was now seated behind it.

“Please take a seat Ryan.” Mr. Jamiko offered.

“Ryan, I am pretty sure you are wondering why we called you here.” The principle started.

“Well, let me begin by introducing this lady here. This is Anna-Marie Black. She comes from New York and has been in touch with this school over the years, helping out here and there. I believe she has a proposition she’d like to discuss with you.” He then turned his face to Anna and directed the conversation to her.

“Please feel free to use this room as I am sure that you have a few things to discuss.” With that, the principle stood up and shook hands with the elderly lady, leaving his own office.

The lady then took a seat diagonally on a chair. He studied her briefly; long-blond hair, large dark brown eyes. As she crossed her legs, he noticed the stockings she wore and he must say that she had knocking pair of legs.

Ryan felt a stir in his crotch area and breathing in slowly, trying to keep his to be erection at bay, at the same time hoping he kestel escort wasn’t obvious. He noticed her attire, an expensive looking watch matching the diamond necklace and earrings. She was definitely rich, and guessing from what she wore, she must be from the East.

The lady sat there for a couple of minutes and just starred at him.

“Hi Ryan. How are you?” She asked. She had a British accent, Londoner to be exact. A simple question, yet he didn’t fail to notice a slight concern in her voice. She was now distinctly looking at a cut right above his right eyebrow. He had gotten that a few years back when his dad hit him so hard, it split the skin and caused damage to his skull. He went to the hospital to get five stitches.

“Could be better Ma’am. ” He answered honestly.

“Please, call me Anna. So I’m guessing no one told you about who I am?”

Ryan shook his head, her surname Black was swirling in his mind. What were the chances? He wondered slightly.

“Darling, I am a paralegal at a big law firm in NYC. My husband is one of the managing partners there and every year we send national tests across all schools in the country. The tests differ yearly in subject. This year it was mathematics. You sat this test today if I not mistaken?” She asked, but it came across more like a statement.

Ryan’s mind travelled back to the Maths test he had today and the difficulty of it. He knew what she was talking about.

“That test wasn’t about how much you knew, it was about how you’d approach the questions in a period of stress, and applying your logical thinking to answer questions. It wasn’t something out of the world, but if you were clever enough with a rather high aptitude, you could pass.” Stated Ryan.

She nodded in approval.

“Me and my husband were waiting for one particular student to reach a relatively high marks and every year we’d be disappointed. Barley a couple of students would even pass it. That was…” She stopped and looked at him, “… until you did the test today.” You should’ve seen how surprised we were when you scored the full points.” She then brought out a file out of her bag and opened it. It read confidential and inside, Ryan saw a terrible mugshot of himself.

“Ryan Black, 18 years old. 185 cm tall, weight 89kg. Living at home with both parents, one unemployed and one working at Rowdy’s Supermarket.” At that she gave him a questioning look to which he simply shrugged.

She then continued. “Last year at West Liga High. Perfect grades, I believe you haven’t achieved a single B on any of your tests? That is quite an accomplishment. Where were we? Right, IQ…” she trailed off again and again gave him a look, but this time, an appraising one.

“…At 155. Black belt in Jiujutsu, you attend kickboxing classes since you were seven and I only hear praise from your Krav Maga instructor and you also mastered Muy Thai. ”

The only reason why Ryan was allowed to attend all those training sessions was because at one point, the gym’s owner’s son tried to corner Ryan with a couple of his friends and attempted to take some money. Ryan beat the shit out of them and put them in the hospital. His father saw potential in Ryan and was passionate to develop Ryan into a potential champion, and it was a sort of apology in order for Ryan to not raise charges.

Ryan was baffled. How did she know all this? Who was this lady? He was certain that a paralegal wasn’t high up in ranks to have access even get her hands on such a file, and where did that file even come from? The government?

“You aren’t really a paralegal? Right?” He asked as he nervously grudged in his seat. He felt as if he was in an interview to run for presidency. The sweat forming in his hands confirmed his nervousness.

“Ah, you’re incredible perception, another point I was about to mention. Ryan I believe that you are quite the gifted young man, physically and mentally, and we’d like you to move to New York and work for us. I believe that you’d feel quite comfortable there and we’d pay for all your expenses. We also have close relationships with universities there where you can enroll at any of your choosing, and we also take care of your tuition. ”

She said all of that with a poker face on.

‘What the fuck.’ Ryan thought.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“You’ll find out when you come with me.”

Ryan looked at her, observed her again. Truth be told, he didn’t have anything to lose. His life was miserable, he didn’t have enough money for college and if he even attained a scholarship, his dad would never allow him to go. He was stuck. But if he went with this strange lady, no one would even miss him. No one would even hesitate to forget him.

He followed his instincts on this one. He wanted to prove to the world that he wasn’t a ‘nobody’. He was going to prove that he had the will to become someone. Yes, he had the will.


Ryan didn’t have much to pack as Anna bursa sınırsız escort drove him to his trailer. He was slightly embarrassed showing an elegant lady the shady area he lived in, but she didn’t seem to be affected by it.

‘Probably knew where I lived anyways.’ He thought.

It took him two minutes to go in, grab his duffle bag, which contained all his life belongings and was about to leave when he remembered something. He went to the garden and went through the boxes when he found what he was looking for. A dark grey ring which, according to his mother, belonged to his grandfather and had given it to him when he was a young kid to look after. He hated his grandfather but he felt that this ring would give him strength and support oddly. He put it on and left the house he called his home since he was born, and didn’t look back.

Anna drove them to the airport. Ryan never dreamed of getting the chance to board a plane, but he was minutes away from it. His heart rate quickened and for once in his lifetime, Ryan felt joy, excitement and curiosity,

When they checked through security, Anna waved the security guy two passports, and Ryan didn’t even want to think about where she had gotten one for him. The man tall man was blatantly checking Anna out, which made Ryan angry, and jealous. Then he became confused as to why he would be even feeling this way.

She leaded him to the flight attendee who was patiently waiting for them. The attendee then boarded them to a private jet. Honestly, Ryan wasn’t even surprised anymore. This woman had more money and power than he ever imagined, so it didn’t come down to a private jet.

The flight was long and quiet. As soon as they boarded, Anna started working, making phone calls and emailing people. Ryan hoped to find out more about her, but had to wait. Ryan spent most of his time staring out the window, enjoying the scenery, until he fell asleep. He woke up when the attendee touched his shoulder telling him they are about to land. Ryan looked outside his window and saw skyscrapers and a busy city, much different from where he came from. He looked over at Anna who was now looking at him and smiled. He returned her smile and enjoyed the last couple of minutes of luxury.

Straight after landing, a car awaited them, with the chauffeur offering to take their bags. The drive was long due to traffic and Anna and him had small talk, him being more comfortable around her now. He found out that she used to live in London, hence her accent; she pretty much travelled the world. When Ryan pressed on her occupation she gave very vague answers and that he will know from her husband.

The car came to a stop and the chauffeur opened the doors for them. Ryan noticed that the destination wasn’t her house or his apartment, they were at a large building, its name suggested it was a bank. They walked into the foyer and she breezed the receptionist and security guard, who kept their eyes straight until they saw Ryan, then their eyes widened and curiosity over took them as they stared at him. That was the same for everyone they passed, workers, more receptionists, they all stared at Ryan, some females even smiled at him.

‘What the heck is going on here?’ Ryan thought. He wanted answers. He wasn’t used being kept in the dark.

They reached the highest floor and walked into a rather large conference room. As Anna told Ryan to take a seat, he noticed that everything in this building was made out of marble, expensive marble colored dark brown and white. The chairs were all leather of the finest and the view was just spectacular. One of the workers offered Ryan a coffee and he accepted, in need of getting rid of the jetlag. Anna left him there and said she’d meet him later.

After several minutes of nervousness and sipping of coffee, a large man entered the room. He must’ve been as tall as Ryan if not taller. He had thick grey hair styled richly. He sported a neat beard and his suit was of fine material, tightening around his obvious muscle build. Yet Ryan found himself staring at his eyes. It didn’t click until the large man closed the door behind him and sat across Ryan at the end of the large marble table. It hit him; they were the same as Ryan’s. He was looking at a reflection of himself. Then his brain did a 180 and memories flashed back of this man, at his third birthday, fourth and occasionally when his mom took little Ryan to visit her parents. That was him. He was Ryan’s grandfather.

Shock must have shown on his face as the man had a grin.

“What the fuck?” Ryan got out, anger slowly filling his body.

“What are you doing here?” Anger now evident in his voice. The man who calmly stared back at Ryan was the man who left his parents to die, who let them to become a whore and a drunk, he was the one who refused to accept Ryan’s phone calls when he pleaded him for help as life took turns and times got rough. His grandfather walked out on him and Ryan considered the man dead, after the betrayal he pulled off, leaving him and his family in poverty and hunger, in fear of not meeting ends and causing his parents to be who they are now. He had the money but chose not to help his own flesh, not even his grandson. Ryan hated this fucker with every second that passed.

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