A Ride in the Country Ch. 1

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It’s a beautiful spring day, and we’ve decided to meet and spend the afternoon out in the country horseback riding together. It having been so long since we’ve seen each other, I can’t help but hope and anticipate more as I drive my truck along the dirt road to the stables.

I park to one side of the lot and step into the fresh air; there are more cars than I expected, and I hope that too many other people didn’t have the same idea today. Walking up the dusty path towards the door I catch my first glimpse of you, and am struck as always by your beauty… You’ve chosen a lovely outfit for the afternoon; a red and white checkerboard dress, cut low at the chest and high at the legs, with a bit of lace at all the edges. Your lovely legs, smoothly shaven and tanned, disappearing into a pair of boots. A straw hat completes the outfit, and I grin broadly as I realize you’ve remembered how much I love country girls…

We meet and draw each other close, my arms holding you tight as I enjoy the feeling of your body against mine once again; our lips joining in a heated kiss as we remember the passion between us. My hand caresses your back as you rub against me. Our tongues meeting with a spark.

Finally we break the kiss and our eyes meet as we both smile broadly. You tell me you’ve already been inside to take care of things, but they only had one horse left and we’ll have to share. That’s ok, baby, I reply; we’ll just have to make do. We walk over to the horse and I help you up into the saddle, taking a moment to admire the curve of your thighs and the way you move… that sweet sway that you throw into your hips without even realizing it.

I mount up behind you, taking the reins lightly into one hand. The other reaching around to lightly hold your waist as you wiggle yourself back to get comfortable. MMmmmmm… I’d forgotten how it felt when you do that… the way your butt cups into me so well. That little bit of contact is enough to make me twitch in my pants, but I control myself as I wait to enjoy our afternoon ahead.

We ride off at a eskort bayan gorukle nice easy pace, the horse moving onto the trail as we ascend into the hills. It seems as if we’re the only people on this particular trail as we move farther from the stable. Our bodies moving together slightly in rhythm with his as we make small talk, enjoying the lovely day. The air is fresh and clean, and I can smell the sweet, wonderful smell of you – skin warm from the sun, and the hint of perfume that you love to tease me with. I love the feeling of your body leaning against me, the way your back nestles so perfectly. And of course, the way it feels with my crotch rubbing against you…I find myself becoming more and more distracted as we travel further. Your body is rubbing just right against me with each bump, and it’s been so long since I’ve been this near to you… I try to adjust my position slightly to make it easier, but all it does is give me more room to start getting hard.

Then you turn your head to say something, just as I’m leaning forward to do the same. Before I even realize it, our lips have met again; the kiss hotter this time as I pull you into me. Tasting your mouth, breathing you in as my hand moves higher with a will of its own. You moan into my mouth as I cup your firm breast in my palm, my thumb teasing you through the fabric as your body pushes even closer into me. Now I can tell you’re doing it on purpose, grinding in slow circles against me. It’s my turn to moan as I get even harder, almost painfully so but there’s no chance of my pulling away. Through it all, the horse keeps moving slowly along…

I continue to caress you as we kiss. Rubbing your lovely breasts, feeling the nipples start to stiffen as I do. Your tongue dueling with mine. Your own hands reaching back, one holding my neck to pull me close, the other rubbing on my thigh, moving higher each time as we hold each other. My cock getting harder as well, tortured by being so near to you and yet so far.

Then I moan again, as your hand reaches me; rubbing my crotch mudanya escort firmly as you find what you want as well. Pulling my head back briefly to gasp at your touch, seeing the mischief in your eyes as you enjoy yourself. Time for me to enjoy as well… I move my own hand up just a bit to loosen the ties on the top of your dress, finally letting me in to touch your bare skin. The nipples of your breast firm and hot beneath my fingers. Your gasp in reply lets me know that I’m not the only one excited.

My other hand drops the reins, leaving the horse to find his own path as my fingers slide lower… touching your wonderful thigh and the hem of your dress. Feeling your leg spread slightly in response I slide it higher… the skin warm and silky beneath my touch. Moving higher beneath the dress… already feeling the heat of your crotch as I get closer. At the same time, I feel your hand sliding the zipper to my jeans down… fingers starting to find their way inside. My own fingers moving in as well, between your willing thighs as I finally reach that hot center. I always love that first touch of your pussy, especially when you’re wet like this. So smooth and slick and hot beneath my touch. And from the lack of panties, I know you’ve planned something like this. You lift your hips slightly to improve my touch as I start to glide along… feeling the hot, swollen lips… the hard nub of your clit… the wetness seeping from inside. Fingertips spreading that wetness as you open to my touch. Your own hand in my pants now, hot on my swollen prick. Stroking it firmly as you tug it free from my pants. It feels so good as your hand moves up and down on it.

Both of us are too hot to waste much time. You lean forward slightly as you raise more, and I know what you want, what we both want. My hand moves back, lifting your dress in back as you line me up. Both of us coming together as one – me forward and you back – as you sink down, taking all of my cock in one smooth stroke.

GOD! I’ve forgotten how incredibly wonderful bursa evi olan escort it feels to be buried deep in your hot pussy. Your muscles clenching at me, as if it was custom made. We grind together, still moving beneath the sky. Our crotches so hot as they join. Your hips bouncing slightly in time with the horse’s steps. Both of us moaning at the feeling.

I reach forward with one hand to pull your hips close, not wanting to lose one bit of this. Buried to my balls in you as you push back to meet my thrusts. It feels so incredible… and I can hear every sexy bit – your moans of pleasure as you hold tight to the saddle, the wet sounds of your body taking me in, my own moans as I feel your heat around my shaft. My other hand back to your wonderful breasts, teasing the nipples as they now ride free, loving the way you respond to my touch. My mouth and lips hot on the back of your neck as I hold you as close as I can.

The horse seems to sense our excitement, and picks up his pace slightly – and our bodies respond in time. You bouncing faster on me, taking my cock deep each time, then rising up just that perfect bit. God I love fucking you baby, feeling the way you ride me; how hot and incredible you can be, knowing how turned on you are. And I’m thrusting back, burying myself in that tight pussy and only wishing I could get more. Faster and harder together, your wet lips meeting my swollen, heavy balls with each stroke.

I’m holding you tighter now, rubbing at that stiff clit with one hand wrapped at your waist, the other hand cupping and teasing your breast. Your thighs on mine as you concentrate on the stiffness filling you. Oh yes, that’s it my love… ride me… take me all, you feel so incredible… Your moans in response… whispered words of your own passion as you want the same…

That’s it… I can feel the spasms fill your body as you climax… the wonderful sense of knowing, and feeling as your pussy holds me even tighter, soaking me… it’s enough to finish me as well, my cum joining yours as I shoot hot spurts deep inside… filling you with my seed as I gasp and shake with the pleasure.

The world finally comes back into focus as you pull forward slightly, easing off me as we reach the top of the hill. I see the blanket and picnic basket already laid out, as I wonder what more you could have planned…

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