A Professor of Two Minds Ch. 03

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Chapter 03: A Taste for Sharing

When I was a junior professor, I had many unexpected adventures.

It is a difficult job, the professor’s. Surrounded by attractive young people, he must pretend to be indifferent, even as they fantasize about him, and he about them. He must pretend not to notice when young women use the same tools to tease him as they do their fellow students: the low-cut top, the tight sweat pants, the pen twisting in the mouth during lecture.

The professor must deliver information, in a correct, interesting, and concise way, even as he exerts all the strength he has not to cast his eyes on the cleavage of a pretty junior. You think it’s easy? Just try it.

So when Melissa Angelo locked eyes with me in class and began touching herself [See “A Professor of Two Minds, Chapter 1]; or when Anna Santana confessed to me in my office that she fantasized at night about me as she lay in bed [See a Professor of Two Minds, Chapter 2;] it was, in the end, more than I could take.

And as I sat in my office, belt on the floor, pants open, catching my breath on my couch, gazing at Anna’s flushed face, skirt pulled up high to her waist, pink thong at her ankles, blouse half-unbuttoned—well, I realized I had gone over the line.

I had always prided myself on my self-control around female students. Yes, I thought about them; yes I daydreamed, just as I knew some of my students did, bored in class, watching me lecture. Sure, I stole a glance sometimes, at their legs, their chests…

But now I had twice crossed the line with students. Was it a crime to watch Melissa, sitting in lecture, as her hand snuck inside the waistband of her field hockey shorts? How could I have stopped her?

How could I have kept her from doing what she wanted to do? I was lecturing, standing there in front of 50 students. There was nothing I could have done as her fingers moved inside her shorts, as her face got redder, as she locked her eyes on mine, or as she brushed her other hand over her chest, teasing a nipple.

And Anna—she wanted a letter of recommendation… I told her I couldn’t do that, but somehow she ended up confessing that she thought I was sexy, and one thing led to another… Even though she was angry at me, she opened her mouth and fulfilled her fantasy. And I should have stopped right there. I should have asked her to leave.

But I knew that she wanted just what I did.
And now, sitting on the couch in my office, the phone rang and my secretary told me that Melissa was there to see me, even as Anna and I were still recovering from playing just minutes before.

I told Anna to cover up—to pull her panties up and button up, quickly! She looked at me with a horrified look in her eyes. “Someone is coming?!”
“Yes,” I said, “It’s Melissa. I think she wants me to write her a letter of recommendation for law school.”

“What?? Tell her to get lost! Are you crazy?”

And I should have asked to Melissa to leave. I should have stepped outside the office, pulled myself together and told her to come back the next day because I was just called to an unexpected meeting. She would have smiled, turned on her heel, and been on her merry way.


But I couldn’t.

And I didn’t.

Because somewhere in the darkest part of my mind, I wanted Melissa to smell the aroma of sex in my office.

I wanted Melissa to look at her roommate sitting on my couch and know instantly that Anna had just taken me in her mouth. I wanted Melissa to know that just a few minutes earlier, Anna had been moaning as I pushed myself eskort bayan bursa back and forth, across her tongue, just a bit deeper with each thrust.

And that Anna loved it.

I wanted Melissa to imagine the sounds, the squealing that had just come from her roommate’s pretty mouth.

I wanted Melissa to understand that Anna had begged me to do this, and, in her imagination, I wanted Melissa to hear those desperate words, to hear Anna pleading for her Professor to “please… please…use…my…mouth.”

I wanted Melissa to know that only 10 minutes earlier, I had been throbbing with intense pleasure, filling Anna’s warm, beautiful mouth.

And that a few drops had spilled from the corner’s of Anna’s mouth onto her pretty white breasts, covered in goose bumps and capped by hard pink nipples.

And that Anna had loved it so much that she had an orgasm, as she touched herself while her professor used her mouth for his pleasure, her head moving rhythmically to thrusts, her fingers moving rhythmically to her own desperate grinding.

In the back of my mind, I wanted Melissa to know this. And to be excited by this…

So I invited Melissa into the office.

It is fascinating to watch the face of a person, and try to read their mind as their expression changes. It is remarkable to see the courteous face they put forth to the world melt gradually first into surprise, then into recognition, and finally into complete understanding.

I kept my eyes on Melissa as she peeked into my office.

She saw her roommate sitting on my couch with her clothes just a little rumpled, her lipstick just a little smudged, her mascara just a little runny, her eyes just a little dazed, and her face just a little redder than it should have been on this lovely, cool day in October.

Stopping short in the doorway, Melissa looked a bit confused as soon as she saw Anna. “Oh! Anna!

What are you…..?” Melissa stammered, her eyes darting quickly from Anna to me, to Anna, and back to me. “What is….Am I…?”

She was thinking that she had interrupted a meeting, an appointment, a little professor-student chat. She started to excuse herself, apologize, and no doubt walk to take a seat in the reception area until our important meeting was over.

For her part, Anna blushed red as Melissa’s eyes lit upon her. I just smiled, watching Melissa’s beautiful, expressive face, as it moved from a little bit of confusion to….. to something else.

Melissa is a very smart young woman. I have great respect for her mind. She has a 3.85 GPA as a senior, and she is in scads of honors societies.

True to her smarts, I would estimate that within a mere 5 to 6 seconds of her first step into my office and her first glance at Anna she understood exactly what had happened. That’s pretty quick. I made a mental note of her sharpness.

Melissa turned and looked at me, blankly.

She stammered, “You… I… You both… You didn’t…” She looked at Anna. “Did you?….” We said nothing, both of us avoiding her eyes for a moment.

Then Melissa looked back to Anna, and I saw a little spark of recognition, a little silent communication between the two of them. Melissa turned around and headed for the door. For a second, I thought she was going to stomp out.

Instead she pulled the door closed.

And Melissa, sweet, gorgeous Melissa, she locked that door.

And I’ll be damned if Melissa didn’t look at both of us and smile.

She went over the couch, and she sat next to Anna.

“Are you OK?” she asked altıparmak escort sweetly, looking into her eyes, putting her hand on Anna’s arm.

Anna looked embarrassed and nodded.

Melissa looked at her unbuttoned blouse and the unkempt skirt raised a little too high on her thighs.

“Did he…? Did you…?”

Anna looked for a moment at Melissa, then lowered her eyes. “Yes,” she said quietly.

Then the most remarkable thing happened.

Melissa whispered urgently, “Do you remember that you swore you’d share with me if it ever happened, if we ever had the chance? You said you’d tell me everything.”

“Yea, it just happened so quickly.”

“What did he do?” Melissa asked, herself smiling a bit, biting her lip, and seeming to get excited.

“Melissa….He….You know….in my mouth…” Anna’s voice trailed off, and she blushed an ever deeper shade of red. She looked so sexy when she blushed.

“Oh my God,” Melissa muttered. She reached over and brushed the hair out of Anna’s face, lightly moving her bangs out of her eyes. Her hand lingered, cupping Anna’s face.

This was getting very interesting…

Melissa was breathing more heavily. “Anna, can I taste it? Please, you have to let me taste it in your mouth.”

Anna nodded.

Melissa leaned over and kissed Anna, slowly at first. Melissa moved away slightly after a moment, passing her tongue over her lower lip.

“I can taste him,” she murmured to Anna.

“Baby, taste him some more. It’s so good,” Anna breathed, leaning over and pushing her tongue a little deeper into Melissa’s mouth as they kissed more passionately. I could see their tongues moving together. “Oh babe, I can taste him in your mouth,” Melissa said, and began breathing more heavily.

Anna’s hand moved absentmindedly over Melissa’s chest, now, cupping and squeezing Melissa through her blue top.

“It tastes so sexy in your mouth.” “Yea,” moaned Anna. “Do you want to taste more of the Professor?”

“Oh god yea,” said Melissa. “So do I,” said Anna.

“Some of it dripped down here, on my breasts.”

Anna pointed down to her chest.

Melissa unbuttoned a couple more buttons on Anna’s blouse, and kissed her there, slowly savoring every drop, ever bit of my leftover seed. Anna leaned forward, quickly took off her blouse, then reached behind her back, unhooked her bra, and leaned back in the couch. Melissa moved her mouth to Anna’s nipple, kissing and teasing it.

Anna’s legs opened a bit. She had managed to pull up her skirt before Melissa arrived, but not her panties, which she had lost somewhere in the cushions of the couch.

Melissa whispered, barely audibly. “Baby, I can
taste him on your nipples….salty and a little sweet.” She continued to taste and lick Anna’s breasts. More and more turned on, Anna pulled Melissa’s head down.

Melissa moved her hand across Anna’s thighs, trailing slowly. Her hand slid between Anna’s legs, and Anna spread her legs a bit wider. I couldn’t see what was happening under Anna’s skirt. But suddenly Anna let out a soft moan.
Melissa lifted her mouth from Anna’s breast, and said, “Oh my god babe, you are sooo wet!”

Melissa looked at me and smiled. “Professor, you must have given her exactly what she wanted…. She’s shaking!”

“Melissa, I think that you’re giving her what she wanted…”

As Melissa’s fingers were busy under Anna’s skirt, she asked Anna, “Tell me what he did to you baby… Tell me…”

Anna let out a little whimper and started talking, bursa türbanlı escort half in a whisper that got louder and louder as she went on.

“Melissa, you wouldn’t believe it. He somehow knew that I dreamed of him, you know, taking my mouth. He knew I wanted to suck him, baby. He said he knew what I fantasized about. It was so hot that he knew! He ordered me to take his pants down. He, like, ordered me to ….to…. open my mouth and take him inside. He made me lick and suck it!”

“Oh my god, how did that feel, baby?” She leaned over and licked and teased Anna’s nipples as she played with Anna under her skirt.

“Oh my god, it was so hot, so sexy. Professor Jim has such a nice cock, just like we knew he would. He rubbed the head all over my mouth, on my lips. He teased me. It was so hot… Melissa, he made me beg for it! He made me look him in the eyes and beg!”

“Oh babe….oh god.” Melissa’s hand was moving more quickly under Anna’s skirt. She herself was getting more and more turned on. “Tell me more, Anna…” she whispered.

“He took my hair in his hand! And he just pushed it into my mouth, as deep as he could! Melissa, he pushed into my mouth! So hard! Just how I wanted it! He used my mouth like he owned me, Melissa. It felt so good, baby.”

Anna began moaning…”Suddenly he started to cum! His cum…was spurting in my mouth….Professor filled up my mouth with hot cum… it got on my lips….on my tits!…. He was shouting… He was fucking my mouth, baby!”

Her voice got higher and higher, as Melissa’s hand moved more quickly under her skirt.

“Melissa, I came while he was coming in my mouth!”
The memory of our encounter, together with the feel of Melissa’s fingers inside her, were too much for Anna.

Anna started to whimper and push her hips hard against Melissa’s hand. Within seconds she started coming, her hips shaking wildly, as Melissa kissed her harder, her warm tongue deeper in her mouth.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was one of the sexiest things I had ever experienced, and I wasn’t even physically involved.

After a minute, Melissa pulled her hand out from under Anna’s skirt and brought it to her mouth, gently, slowly licking her fingers clean of Anna’s flavor. Melissa cast a look at me to see if I was watching her suck on her fingers.

And of course I was. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Melissa leaned over to Anna. “You taste good too! So sexy….First I taste the Professor, and now you…. you taste so fucking hot together.”

Anna, still panting, pulled Melissa to her and kissed her. They again shared the taste of Anna’s pussy.

After they’d kissed for a while, Melissa turned and looked at me, sitting in my chair at the desk. I had been watching appreciatively, and now

I was incredibly turned on, as you can imagine…

She smiled. “Professor, you are a bad, bad boy. Taking advantage of a cute, vulnerable student like Anna in such a forceful, dirty way… And right here in your office, too!”

Then she got more serious as she lowered her eyes.

“And thank you… Anna and I have been talking about a moment like this since we both started taking your classes last semester.”

She kneeled on the floor in front of me, still fully clothed, and started rubbing me through my pants… One hand went under her own skirt, rubbing herself through her panties.

“God, I’m wet,” she whispered to no one in particular, looking me straight in the eyes. She brought her fingers to her mouth, again tasting them and smiling.

“Sir, I think that you know that I will need you to do much more than simply violate my mouth, like you did to sweet Anna…” She gave me a wicked grin.

From the couch, I heard Anna giggle, as Melissa reached up and unbuttoned my khakhis…

TO BE CONTINUED… (if there is popular demand 🙂 )

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