A Night Full of Play

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Glass Butt

**This is my first story so I would love any help anyone is willing to give me, but please be nice. hope you all enjoy**


It was a Friday night, and just like every Friday night my whole family gets together, gets all dressed up and goes out to a nice dinner.

Sense me and Brendan have been going out he has been to a couple of these family dinners and I told him he should bring his family this time so everyone could meet.

Brendan was the hottest guy I knew, he had rock hard abs, a chiseled chine, biceps that where basically the size of my head and on top of all of I dont think I had ever seen a dick as big as his.

I had just gotten home from work and went right up to my room to get ready for the night. I peeled off my work clothes, I took my bra off letting my DD boobs hang and stripped myself of my thong. I jumped into the shower and let the hot water fall on my fit body.

This week had been such a long week, work had been crazy and Brendan had been working crazy long hours so I hadn’t seen him all week, and not seeing Brendan for a who week meant a whole week without sex, and I was extremely horny.

So being in the shower naked with the water running down my body I couldnt help but think about Brendan there with me, kissing me, his hands squeezing my boobs and plump ass, kissing and biting my neck, slowly sliding his fingers in and out of my tight pussy. Thinking of all this made things even worse for me and I couldnt help myself. So I leaned back against the wall of my shower and slowly start rubbing my clit and rolling my fingers over eskort bursa my nipples making them hard. standing there thinking about how big Brendan’s cock was and how good he would feel inside of me, and how I would love to have his mouth on the breast. I then slid two and then three fingers into me. going faster and moaning finally making myself cum, I stand there breathy heavy, but still not fully sexually satisfied.

So I jump out of the shower do my hair and make-up, then put on the shortest and tightest dress I have, not putting on any underwear knowing that tonight I would finally get what I have been wanting.


Me and my family set off for dinner meeting Brendan and his family there. When we get there we all meet up and I went over to Brendan give him a light kiss and lean in for a hug, I feel him lightly squeeze my ass so I then whisper in his ear and let him know I’m not wearing anything underneath, I then leaned away, smiled at him and walk away. he fallowed me. We went in for dinner and the game begging. We all go to sit down and I put my hand right over Brendan’s crotch and slowly start rubbing his dick, he looks over at me and gives me a little smile.

I keep doing things during the night, bending over in-front of him so he can see down my dress, kissing his neck, brushing my ass up against him. To the point where he is finally tired of getting teased and grabs my hand and says its time to go. He lets our family’s know we are leaving to go to a movie and we take off.

We get into his truck and before I know it he has his dick out bursa yabancı escort of his pants, his head behind my neck pushing my head down to his cock. ” Do you think its funny to tease me like that in front of my family knowing I cant do anything??” before I can even answer his dick is in my mouth and sliding down my throat. He is being so rough, pulling my hair slamming his cock into my mouth and I cant help but be turned on and I can feel myself getting wet. I take over and start bobbing my head up and down, swirling my tongue over the tip and choking myself on his dick. I can hear him moaning and grunting so I know I’m doing a good job.

Then all of a sudden he pulls me off of him and grabs my face with his hands. “You teasing my like that is not okay Alexis.” Brendan says “I’m sorry, Its just..” before I could finish he kisses me, its a deep and slow kiss, I can feel his tongue exploring my mouth and as he pulls away he bits my lip. “I don’t want your excuses, your finally gonna get what you have been asking for.”

He drives his car to the far dark end of the parking turns his car off leans over and starts to kiss my neck and puts his hand up my dress and starts to rub my clit, I moan and put my head back enjoying everything he is doing to me, “does that feel good?” he whispers in my ear “yes” I moan back. then he stops, I feel my stomach drop and look at him wondering why he stopped.

He commanded I get in back seat so I did. He takes his clothes of and crawls in the back with me. His cock is rock hard and all I wanted was bursa merkez escort for him to be inside of me.

He rips my dress open and dangles his dick above my head and then lowers his dick between my boobs, he makes me hold my boobs together around his dick and he starts to fuck my boobs. He is moaning and groaning and I swear he is going to exploded all over my face. Then in one swift movement he pops his dick back into my mouth and slams it down my throat, I gag and try and move away but he holds me there, “Don’t you move! take it!” he groans at me, he keeps fucking my mouth making me gag over and over again.

He then moves away and climes out of the truck taking me with him. He takes off the rest on my dress and bend me over the hood of his truck. He smacks my ass hard enough to make me cringe, then he slides his figure along my pussy and leans over me, “do you want me to fuck your little pussy baby?” Brendan whispers to me. Finally. “yes” I moan, he then presses his thumb against my clit and teases my pussy hole, “I’m sorry what do you want” he says “Fuck me Brendan!! I want you to fuck my raw! I want your big dick..” before I could finish he puts his hand over my mouth and slams his cock right into my wet pussy.

He starts fucking me hard, fast and deep. destroying my pussy rubbing my clit. I couldn’t help myself I start moaning and screaming. He is grunting telling me how tight I am and how good I feel, but I couldn’t focus on his words I could only focuses on his dick going in and out of mean.

I came at least four times before he finally finished and came all over my back.

He left and grabbed a towel from his truck, while i was still holding on to the front of the truck scared I wouldnt be able to hold myself up. He wiped of my back and wrapped it around me. gave me a sweet and long kiss and helped my inside the truck took me home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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