Size Matters Ch. 01

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Brenda and her two BFF’S Eve and Maricela stood primping in front of the mirror in the girl’s bathroom getting ready for an afternoon of fun at the mall. They planned to get dresses for the annual Valentine’s Day dance and have a girl’s day getting their hair and nails done.

“Does your mom really expect us to take your cousin with us Bren?” Eve was working on her eyelashes while Maricela was applying makeup to Brenda’s prominent cheek bones. All three of the girls were of Latin descent with similar petite bodies and very attractive. The girls were used to having everything given to them on a silver platter, used to getting their way without question and full of pride and hubris.

“Angela’s just gonna bring us down, nobody’s gonna want to hang out with us if you bring her fat dopey looking ass.”

“Yeah, you’ll put us into immediate wing man status if chunky shows up to the mall with us.” Maricela added laughing at the thought.

“She’s my cousin guys and my mom says we have to hang out together okay?!!”

“Yeah we know, but doesn’t your mom want you to have a social life?” Eve had finished her friend’s makeup and was touching up her own face with a compact.

Look, my mom is like that fuckin Mother Teresa or some shit. She’s always trying to make my cousin Angela feel better cause her family dumped her chunky ass on our doorstep when she was twelve. So now she tells me that I have to be nice to her and treat her like my sister.” Brenda explained as her friends jeered.

“Man, that’s gotta suck having that lonely bitch always hanging around.”

“You have no idea how bad my friend. She even crowds me and my boyfriend Juan.”

“Maybe she’s looking for a pity fuck.” The girl’s all laughed.

“There’s no way my man would ever touch that cow.” The laughter continued as the girls congregated in the school bathroom.

“Speaking of Jose, you guys still fighting?”

“Fuck yeah, he keeps asking me to suck his dick.” Brenda chaffed at the thought.

“EEW GROSS!!” The girls all laughed together knowing full well they were closet sluts. Brenda had played the “good girl” role so well with her straight laced boyfriend that she’d worked herself into a corner. She planned to acquiesce to his wishes after the homecoming dance and give him a night to remember.

“Alright fuck it guys, let’s just cut class and hit the mall for the rest of the day.”

“What about your cousin?”

“Fuck that pig. She can take the bus home for all I care.” Brenda laughed and the girls ran out of the high school restroom into the noisy hallways their chatter lost in the audio blend commonly found in public schools.

Long after the trio had exited the restroom, a single stall door opened at the end of the restroom and one chubby Latina emerged. The girl was cute with a cherubic nature to her round swollen face which was framed by long shoulder length silky hair. She was a little over five foot six and had an exaggerated pear shape similar to a fertility symbol which was tightly packed into a knee length flower print cotton dress that appeared to be something an elderly woman would wear. She wore simple sandals on her small plump feet because she hated the feel of enclosed shoes noting that something about them just didn’t feel right.

Angela Delgado

There was a lit joint in her chubby little hand. The nineteen year old had been held back a grade after being sent from Bakersville to live with her aunt. She’d been abandoned by her biker mother and left with her religious zealot grandmother. Angie as she liked to be called had proven to be too much for her grandmother to handle.

So now here she was in Los Angeles living with her aunt and cousin in what was supposed to be a new start for the troubled girl. She wasn’t much of a talker preferring her own company and many family members mistook her demeanor as her being extremely shy and withdrawn. She did nothing to show them otherwise feeling that her “act” helped her figure out who was being real with her or not.

She’d copped a joint from a thug in exchange for letting him grope her rather huge ass. Her original clothing had been tossed out and donated to goodwill by her grandmother as punishment for staying out too late on a Friday night. She’d then been outfitted with her grandmother’s old dresses, assortments of baby socks and Mary Jane type shoes. This did nothing to obscure her voluptuous figure which was her grandmother’s real plan. Having a teen in her home that was bigger than her and built like a woman made the old bitter woman uneasy and in the end she’d shamed her younger daughter into taking the nineteen year old into her home after she’d been held back a year for cutting class.

Angie had actually looked forward to seeing her aunt and cousin having fond memories of a great Christmas holiday with their family from the distant past. Her cousin Brenda was her attractive polar opposite with a slender build, pert tits and a small somewhat flat ass. She’d thought they were erotik film izle cool with each other even sharing a cigarette the teen had filched from her mother’s boyfriend Louis. Brenda hated the way Louis looked at her sometimes and had even confided that he’d walked in on her in the past while she was dressing.

She’d noticed the chubby Mexican guy looking in her direction a couple of times and shrugged it off with a laugh. “Let the old guy get his jollies.” She knew if he ever went beyond looking she could handle him easily. Her real mom had a succession of really bad biker boyfriends and she’d learned a few things about how to hit a person for maximum effect. Her practiced “shy girl” act and a devastating sucker punch had served her well in her old haunts making her someone to be left alone.

Angie took a few last drags on the joint before putting it out and hitting the crowded hallways of Belmont High. The chubby girl was on a mission and she would not be denied.

She ducked the school cop and bolted out of the school through the cafeteria kitchen while one of the cooks was distracted. In little under thirty minutes Angie was on a bus to a park near Santa Monica Boulevard, a place she knew well. She liked to hang out at the small inner city park when the pressures of her muted existence got to her. The other reason she preferred this park was that it was where she could always find Jose playing a game of football with his friends.

Angie had somewhat of a crush on her cousin’s boyfriend from the first moment she’d laid eyes on him but had always kept her distance out of respect. She loved his slender, yet muscular features and boyish features. He usually went bald, but had recently let his hair grow to shoulder length and this new look had been driving her wild recently. It had been a chore not to jump the young heart throb’s bones and she’d placated herself with a medium sized dildo she’s snuck into her aunt’s house while they were at church.

Now all bets were off as she found the object of her desire playing a game with a group of unsavory looking characters. She’d scored a free treat from a street vendor and sat in the nearby bleachers snacking while she watched the game progress. Angie thought about all the times she’d watched Brenda get her man all hot and bothered only to send him home with blue balls which she thought was pretty shitty. Brenda had gone out with other guys behind Jose’s back on several occasions and she’d even once walked in on her having anal sex with some Cholo in the living room of their house. Brenda had sworn her to secrecy promising to get her some new clothes to replace her embarrassing wardrobe.

Brenda had met Jose at their local church and had immediately latched on enticing him with her beauty and giving little glimpses of the slut she really was. Jose had fucked everything up by going public in the church with their relationship during a Valentine’s Day sermon. She’d been planning to fuck his brains out that very afternoon, but had decided to wait to troll the overzealous teen. Angie chaffed at the memory of Brenda and her cunt friends laughing as she told them how she’d started jacking Jose off only to quit before he came pretending that someone was coming into the house.

“Fuckin tease.” Angie thought as she watched the friendly soccer game come to a close and watched the guys separate and go off on their separate ways. She licked her lips as she watched her cousin’s boyfriend go into the Fieldhouse to clean up.


Jose had opened his locker and stripped off his shirt preparing to lose his soccer shorts and hit the showers when he heard the locker room door slam shut.

“Jose.” He was shocked to hear someone calling his name and jumped as he turned to find his girlfriend’s cousin staring at him.

“Angie what the FUCK are you doing in here?!!”

“I came in here to suck your dick Jose.” She answered plainly while trying her best not to giggle. She’d heard him begging Brenda to suck his cock on more than one occasion and the frustrated groans as her bitch cousin watched him finish himself lying about how she was a good girl and couldn’t do those types of things.

“What are you talking about?”

“Jose, I want to suck your dick.” He watched noticing that she was fondling one of her breasts through the material of her simple cotton frock. He always noticed the chubby teen staring in his direction from time to time but thought nothing of it chalking it up to an innocent crush. Jose was looking at the curvy teen in a new light as she stood in front of him rolling what appeared to be a very large nipple.

“But Brenda’s your cousin.” She didn’t answer as she quickly cupped his package and began slowly rolling his balls between her fingers. She was so good that it almost felt like he wasn’t wearing pants. He looked down as her short chubby fingers slipped into his shorts and pushed his underwear aside to grasp his cock. He moaned as she slowly and softly began running her fingers film izle lightly along his shaft as he quickly became rock hard. She closed her plump fingers around his engorged cock and began jacking him in long measured strokes which teased the head of his penis as well.

“I said, I want to suck your dick Jose. Do you have a problem with that?” she quickened the pace of her actions against his package as precum flowed freely from the reddened head of his dick.

“No.” He was completely shocked only knowing Angie to be the shy, chunky cousin of his girlfriend Brenda, not the self-assured woman before him today. Jose watched with baited breath as she pulled her simple cotton dress up past her thunderous thighs slightly exposing the simple white cotton panties she wore as the chubby teen knelt before him drawing his soccer shorts and underwear down his thighs and completely off of his body.

“But somebody might come in here and catch us.” He whispered even as he assisted her by kicking his shorts to the side. She enclosed his manhood with both of her small hands kneading the area very softly as she looked intermittently up into his eyes and back at his strained blood engorged cock.

“You deserve this bonito.” Angie leaned forward and took the entire length of his cock into her mouth while she was staring deep into his eyes. His moans became louder as she pursed her lips around his dick and began to suck as hard as she could while moving her head back and forth. She began loudly slurping on his meat and drooling heavily sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body forcing him to grab the sides of her head.

“Oh, fuck baby, you’re soooo fucking good.” He found himself pumping in and out of her mouth as she lowered her palms to his thighs kneading them in time with the slight movements of her head. He was starting to feel the veins seize up in his thighs and his balls started to contract as he started fucking her mouth marveling at the amount of drool and precum that had bubbled up on her full lips and chin.

“This feels so fucking good Angie!” He was lost in euphoria as he began fully humping her mouth. Angie leaned her head back slightly and opened her mouth wider so that he could see his cock pumping in and out of her throat. Throughout the entire ordeal she never broke eye contact with him sharing in the sensual experience of giving herself to him orally.

“Shit, I think I’m gonna cum.” He warned not sure if she would take his seed in her throat. She suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned for him to lie down on a nearby bench. Once he was on his back, she pushed his legs up into his chest and slathered saliva and precum all over his balls taking them into her mouth while she continued playing with his cock. Once or twice he’d even felt her tongue licking his asshole before she completely buried him up to the hilt in her throat.

“FUUUUUCCK!! I’M CUMMING!!” His cock exploded in her mouth as he shot three huge bursts of cum directly down her throat. Angie being the expert cock sucker that she was had timed his climax swallowing the first bursts from his reddened cock and continuing to jack him off as he sprayed her face with his cum. The chubby teen continued to jerk his cock until nothing else would come out before simply discarding the limp organ to rest against his thigh.

Jose lay on the bench completely dazed as he watched her clean her face and dab a few drops of his cum off of her cotton dress. She didn’t say a word to him as she casually walked towards the door.

“Hey!” He called after her causing her to look over her shoulder at him.


“Why’d you, uh give me a blowjob.”

“Because you deserve it after all you’ve been through.” She replied.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m just saying, you can’t get a blowjob from my cousin and she’s fucking some Cholo.”

“FUCK YOU TALKING ABOUT?!!” His anger was palpable as he jumped up from the bench forgetting that he was essentially bottomless.

“You don’t have to believe me, she’s not even at school right now.” Angie turned on her heel and walked out of the locker room. He’d attempted to go after her but realized his pants-less situation.

He quickly dressed and ran after Angie, but she was gone. He found the a chain across the entrance to the Fieldhouse with a maintenance sign on it revealing why no one disturbed him while he was getting a toe curling blowjob from his girlfriend’s fat cousin. He flipped out his cell phone and dialed up Brenda.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” She answered after the maximum number of rings.

“Where are you?!!” He yelled barely able to contain himself.

“What the fuck crawled up your ass and died?!!” She was shocked at his tone of voice.

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU BRENDA?!!” He demanded once more scaring his girlfriend solely with the sound of his voice.

“I’m uh, at the mall with my friends.”

“Sure you are…BITCH!!” He immediately hung up on her.


Angie seks filmi izle was in her small room near the back of the house listening to some music when she heard Brenda come running into the house sobbing. She listened at her door as her cousin told her mother how Jose had dumped her for no reason and called her a bitch. Angie chuckled at the sound of Brenda’s bawling letting the warm feeling of vengeance wash over her. She heard her aunt coming back towards her room and she jumped back on her bed pretending that she was still listening to her antiquated radio with the huge headsets attached.

Angie played it off as her aunt recounted the story of Brenda’s breakup and asked her to go out and sit with her cousin on the front porch. She’d almost laughed in the older woman’s face before going to the kitchen and pouring two glasses of horchata for herself and her broken hearted cousin.

“Auntie told me what happened. I’m sorry Brenda.”

“It’s none of your business, why’d she tell you?!” Brenda was in full bitch mode, but the chubby teen sat down beside her cousin placing the glass in front of her.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, I just thought I’d come out here and sit with my favorite cousin and have a drink.” She punctuated her statement by downing her glass of the milky substance and Brenda followed suite. Little did Brenda know that her chubby cousin had hocked a loogie of spit into her glass before coming out on the porch. Angie was happy to take her cousin’s glass back to the sink. When Brenda thought she was out of earshot, she flipped out her cellphone and dialed up a certain Cholo.

“Hey, what’s up? (Phone chatter)…I think you should come by tonight after my mom goes to work.” Angie smiled as she heard Brenda’s plans.


The rest of the evening was pretty much a downer for everyone in the house as Brenda’s mood and bitchy attitude made her a pain to even be around. Angie sequestered herself inside her room and continued listening to more music from her favorite radio station. She reached under her mattress and brought out a disposable cell phone which she’d acquired from a friend and dialed up Jose.


“How’s it going Jose?”

“Who is this?”

“Angie Delgado, wow you really forgot about me so soon?” She smiled knowing he hadn’t.

“How’d you get my number? And why are you calling me?!” He still sounded angry, but she wasn’t worried.

“Fine, I won’t ever fucking call you again. I just wanted to see how you’re dealing after what I just saw Brenda doing.”

“What was she doing?” She cupped her hand over her mouth to hide her giggling and knowing she had him hooked.

“She said you dumped her and called you a bunch of names, and then she called that Cholo guy again.”

“Oh, is that fucking right?!!” His anger was palpable over the phone.

“Yeah, and by the way I know you don’t have a little dick like she said.” She added fuel to the fire.

“SHE SAID THAT?!!” Angie couldn’t hold it in and openly laughed.

“Don’t worry about it man, you almost choked me to death with that thing today.”

“Angie, you sound like you’re full of shit, lose my fuckin number.” He hung up in her face before she could say another word. She wasn’t fazed as she went back to her music and thumbed through a novel on the small bookshelf situated under her window. Her room was across from another small room which her aunt used as a laundry room and she had a pile of clothing that needed washing. There was a small narrow mirror on the back of her door for grooming purposes.

Angie peeled off her well-worn cotton dress and tossed it into the pile on her floor. She really didn’t have a problem with her body; it just seemed that others did. She was tired of hearing from everyone else about her health and how her weight affected them. She got along just fine at her current size and didn’t have trouble picking up a guy or two on the down low. Hearing her cousin’s comments had sent her over the edge earlier.

She just stood there starring at her body for minutes. Her tits were probably a large C-Cup with large silver dollar sized areola and blocky nipples that seemed to be perpetually hard. She had a soft almost flat belly with a minor pouch of fat that sat right over her shaved camel toe. Angie was incredibly bottom heavy and it was the thing most people noticed about her when they saw her for the first time.

Her hips had been measure at a whopping fifty-six inches with strangely well-proportioned thighs that visually had very slight cellulite on them sitting over toned muscular calves. Angie’s ass was massive forming what some would call a shelf resting far out from the small of her back in dramatic fashion. She turned looking at what she considered her best “asset” taking pride in how smooth and unblemished her tan cinnamon colored cheeks were. Sometimes when she’d walk around her school, guys would run by and smack her on the ass. Most girls would get pissed, but she secretly loved the attention and apparent validation that she was sexy. Her simple white panties had ridden high into the crack of her butt taking on the appearance of a thong.

Yeah, she was cool with her status as a big, beautiful woman.

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