Planck Tech Ch. 01: Intial Human Testing

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Planck Tech

Initial Human Testing


Melissa Roda gently pushed a door open and walked into the unremarkable office space being rented by PlanckTech industries. Her backpack dragged at her shoulders, and she carefully unswung it as she called out in the empty reception area.

A moment later, a familiar young woman hurried around the corner from deeper in. she was a bit taller than Melissa, long dark hair tied back in a messy ponytail, breasts pressing out the front of her labcoat and bouncing a bit as she came to a halt, her legs bare under it.

“Hey Ester.” she said quietly, blushing a little at the movement in the other woman’s chest.

“Hey, Missy, glad you could join us. C’mon, let me take that.” she grunted as she lifted the pack. “Whadaya got in here, bricks?” she asked, giggling. She hefted it around the counter and set it behind the front desk.

“Just some textbooks and study materials.”

“C’mon, summer break started, didn’t class end? I never heard of Uni offering summer homework.” Ester said.

“Just, trying to get ahead.” Missy said, as Ester gently took her arm and drew her back towards the office area she’d come from.

“You’re too studious girl. You’ll burn yourself out, working that hard.”

Her pleasant, deep voice presaged Doctor Elizabeth Moroh, and Missy found herself momentarily tongue-tied. She was taller than her, and maybe a little bit taller than her assistant, with gorgeous red hair and curves that kept drawing Missy’s eye despite herself.

She shook the feeling off and glanced up at the Doctor, only to get caught in her sharp green eyes. “um, y-yeah.” she said finally.

“C’mon, maybe we can help with that.” Doctor Moroh said, gesturing. Her assistant, Ester drew Missy into the lab space.

On the one side, a workbench covered in electronics and mechanical tools sat. to the other, a square of thicker grey carpet was laid over the thin carpet of the rented office space, and in front of it, a tripod with a camera pointed at the carpet square, and a table with a machine set on it.

It was a cube with a lens one the side facing the square, a case made of 3-d printed plastic open to reveal a bunch of electronics that Missy couldn’t make heads or tails of. Cables ran to the wall, and two a pair of laptops laid on the table next to it, and tools were scattered around the assembly.

A pair of cheap desks were laid in the middle of the room, a pile of books, notebooks, another pair of laptops on them and two mismatched, and honestly pretty ratty office chairs set near them.

“um…” Missy said, staring first at the odd machine on the desk before glancing back at Elizabeth breifly then down at her hands, which were gripped together.

Elizabeth noticed, smiling indulgently as she sauntered back with a bit of a deliberate sway in her step, catching Missy’s eye despite herself before reaching out and raising the young woman’s chin with a finger.


“I saw in the documentation something about a Planck-field device, but I couldn’t work out what exactly it was. What um… what am I helping test?”

Elizabeth smiled. “The long-term effects of Planck-Field effects on a person. You’ll see what that means shortly. istanbul travesti Maybe you can help with it, even. C’mon.”

The doctor took her other arm. “Ester, set up and load program file 4.8?”

“You got it boss.” Ester said, saluting smartly and turning around. Her ass actually bounced once as she started marching facetiously towards the desk with the machine on, before stopping, smacking her forehead, and hurrying more normally to the desks and grabbing a flash drive from one of them, and returning to the machine.

Missy watched Ester’s breasts jiggle a bit as she moved. “Nice view huh?” Elizabeth asked. Missy blushed, realizing that she had been caught staring.

The doctor chuckled and drew her over to one of the office chairs, setting her in it. She leaned over, her warm breath brushing over Missy’s ear as she loomed over her. The warm, wet air made her shiver.

“I watch too you know.” Elizabeth whispered. “I hired her for her brain, but her looks are pretty nice to have around too.”

Missy squirmed as the doctor found a thermos and handed it to her.

“You’ve been taking the pills as instructed?” she asked.


“Good. Drink this, then we’ll start the test.”

Missy gulped down the chalky fluid in the bottle, nerves rattling in her stomach, watching as the beautiful doctor walked over to lean over her assistant’s shoulder to look at the laptop she was working on.


Elizabeth Moroh grinned, feeling her assistant’s toned back under her breast as she leaned over her shoulder, ostensibly checking her work but actually pressing her hips and her hard penis, strapped to her leg currently against the toned ass of her assistant, and feeling a thrill along her skin and in her penis as she felt that Ester was only wearing the lab coat.

Ester pressed her toned butt back against her. “Got it.” she said, as the laptop pinged.

“How do you address me, assistant?” Lizzy asked quietly, pinching Ester’s arm.

She yelped. “Got it, boss.” she said quickly.

“Better.” Lizzy whispered in her ear, feeling her assistant shiver. Ester moaned quietly. she grinned.

“C’mon, lets do this.” Lizzy said finally, and turned to face their test subject.

She felt her dick jump a little staring at the short, mousy brunette and her blue hoodie which partially concealed her curves, and feeling the thrill of anticipation at what she was about to do.

She walked over, extending a hand. “Come on girl, it’s time.”

“Ok.” Missy said, taking her hand and following Lizzy around the table to the square of carpet and positioning her in front of the machine.

“Here, let me get your coat.” Lizzy said, gently tugging on Missy’s hoodie until she shucked it and handed it to her, leaving her in a green blouse and grey skirt, standing with her feet together and arms at her sides.

“Now I need you to hold still for this bit please, ok sweetie?” Lizzy asked.

Missy nodded. Lizzy put the hoodie on a chair then turned to the machine and began poking at the laptops.


“Five foot four.” Ester said quietly.

Missy stared at the lens on the business side of the machine, wondering what would happen. Lizzy called over to her assistant, istanbul travestileri who joined her. “Ester, please keep an eye on this for me, thanks.” she said then moved to the other laptop. The machine began to hum quietly. A set of fans hooked up to it began to whirr.

Missy felt a tingle run through her, like an electric current but weaker and more comfortable. She squirmed.

It buzzed in her skin, flickering across her fingers and toes, her eyelids, her scalp, and she blushed as she felt it thrum in her nipples and her pussy.

She squirmed, and felt her blouse shift a little.

She tried to hold still.

“Good girl, your doing very well.” Lizzy said, and Missy felt her body buzz with arousal thanks to the affirmation from Lizzy’s voice and the tingling from the machine.

She felt her clothing slip, fabric brushing a little over her skin, her bra felt a little looser, and she became faintly aware that her panties were slipping.

Something was building in her abdomen, a warmth sort-of connected to the tingle running through her.

Lizzy and Ester were muttering to each other, but Lizzy looked at her, and said “Good girl, that’s it, keep still.”

Was she taller somehow? Missy couldn’t tell.

She felt something slip at her hips, and shifted because her shoes were a little loose.

The tingling and the hum continued, and she felt something leak from her pussy.

Her panties and skirt slipped a little more, the brush of soft cotton sending a tingle up her spine.

She panted a little, and squirmed. She panted, her clothes felt hot, and her nipples were tense. She felt her bra shift, and her shirt.

She looked up, and realized that Lizzy and Ester were definitely taller. Lizzy glanced over to her. “Good girl, you’re doing very well.” she said. Ester squirmed.

“four feet.” Ester said quietly.

She squirmed a bit more looking ahead at the machine. The bass hum the machine was making, the whirr of the fans, and the warm air in the office all conspiring to make her feel drowsy. It didn’t help that she hadn’t gotten much sleep recently and just standing here felt like the most restful thing she’d done.

On the other hand, the tingling and the Doctor’s affirmations were winding her up, building up in her pussy and tummy and making her more and more horny, and the faint shock filtering through her lethargy at the realization she was getting smaller was doing weird things to her pussy.

She was so tired, but she was so horny…

“Why don’t you take a step back and move your shoes over, sweetie?” Lizzy asked. Missy discovered she could slip her feet out, and her socks felt a bit looser as she carefully kicked her shoes to the side and stood up straight again, arms at her sides, legs together.

“three six.” Ester said quietly.

Missy’s panties finally slipped down her legs, hanging, caught by the gusset between her legs until she squirmed, and they slid out from under her skirt, down her legs to pool over her feet.

“Good girl, keep holding still please.” Lizzy said, smiling at her. She was definitely taller. She was closer to eye-level with the machine now.

“three feet.” Ester said, her voice catching a little, travesti istanbul as she stared fixedly at Missy, her lips drooling a little. Lizzy reached over and ran a finger over her lips. “Stop drooling Ester, it’s unprofessional.” Ester gulped and rubbed her mouth.

Missy looked down to see that her breasts were now very visible, because her shirt and bra were slipping down slowly as she shrank. She should be worried. She absently thought, but it’s so warm and I’m so tired and Doctor Lizzy has got this under control…

her shirt hung limply over her shoulders, then she squirmed, rubbing her naked thighs together, and the blouse slipped over her shoulders, taking her bra with it as it slid down to her waist, temporarily holding her wrists against her hips.

Her skirt slipped now, taking the blouse and bra with it and leaving Missy naked, standing in a pile of her clothes in front of Ester and the Doctor. She squirmed, a full-body blush washing over her, turning her pale skin pink.

“two five.” Ester said, quietly. Ester was squirming, and Missy was now eye-level with the top of the desk.

She had to make an effort to not touch her hungry, warm, tingling pussy and fight the urge to cover up at the same time. Her socks slid down her now very slim ankles, piling up around her feet.

The desk, ever so slowly seemed to rise, and Missy could now see that the Doctor and Ester were huge, though she could only see their legs under the cheap desk.

The whole thing made her squirm helplessly, but she’d agreed to hold still and Doctor Moroh kept calling her a good girl.

“one foot.” Ester said, swallowing thickly.

Missy felt a sense of vertigo now as she felt almost like she was falling into her puddle of clothing. She shifted again, and found herself standing on her panties as she dropped to eight inches.

She could feel a wet spot under her feet, and as she dropped to five inches, she could smell herself, the faint scent of sweat and her arousal clinging to her clothes.

Four inches, and she couldn’t see over the pile of clothes anymore, a vast open space made of her blouse piled up on everything else…

Three inches, and she felt vertigo staring up at the ceiling now very far away, before she fell backwards onto her panties. A puff of her own smell rose up to her nose with the feeling of the cotton on her butt, and she lost the struggle to hold still and began frantically rubbing herself.

Two inches. The tingling and the humming stopped, and Missy was desperately trying to rub herself off.

Then a shadow darkened the air and she looked up.

A vast form, legs like skyscrapers loomed over her.

She saw up an enormous white labcoat to see pale skin, a bare pussy, and trimmed dark hair.

Hands the size of cars reached down, gently and carefully gathering up her clothes and lifting them.

Missy squeaked, vertigo causing her to cringe away as the now immense pile of cloth flew over her head. Ester stepped to the side, laying the pile of clothing aside, and leaving Missy lying on her panties.

She knelt down, immense legs like mountains on either side of tiny little Missy.

She could smell Ester’s musky arousal, and see it dripping down her thighs, and she accelerated her pace, squirming desperately as she rubbed herself.

“Good girl.” Ester whispered. Her voice was still plenty loud to Missy, but her words caused her to moan, and an orgasm shot through her, causing her to tense up.

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