Making My Stepsister Cum Twice

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Hunter watches as his mother leaves with his step dad, their sleek black Merc pulling out of the driveway of their two storey house. It’s date night Fridays and they won’t be back for a good few hours.

His phone buzzes immediately and a message pops up:

>One hour. Come up.

He feels a shock of excitement travel down his spine so he slicks his undearms with deodorant before pulling on an arm cut over his track pants and bounding up the stairs to his step sister’s room.

Bethany is 21 and a junior in college, she’s two years older and they met each other last year when his mother had introduced him to her future spouse, with an engagement ring on her finger.

Eighteen year old Hunter couldn’t concentrate or congratulate his mother on her new fiance because his eyes were glued to his future step sister.

He doesn’t think there’s anyone more beautiful than her.

So, high on emotions and champagne from the wedding, after their parents had left for their honeymoon, they fell into bed together and started fucking away the two weeks their parents had been away.

Hunter knew he was gorgeous. He graduated high school as the lead quarterback and prom king. He fucked the hottest cheerleaders on the squad and kissed the sexy nerds who came to watch his matches and took their virginities in the backseat of his car.

Seducing Bethany hadn’t been easy as all of that but her preppy boyfriend was a prick and Hunter had some moves up his sleeves that made girls fall for him all the time.

As he pushes open the door, it’s quiter than usual. Quiet except for the ragged breathing coming from the bed by the window. His breath almost gets knocked away when he realises it’s Bethany, with her hands somewhere between her legs and head back against the headboard, lush hair falling all over her pillows, masturbating.

‘I didn’t tell you to start, you little bitch.’

Bethany’s eyes open slightly and narrow, then her lips twist up in a smile.

‘You were getting late and Dora was getting a little impatient, down there.’

Dora, Bethany’s loyal vibrator he’s accustomed to. A common man feels inadequate in front of toys, a real man though, knows toys are his tools and the pussy is his playground.

So Hunter growls before pulling his shirt over his head, his tracks and pants down and discarding those to a side. Then he pulls the sickly pink duvet aside and snatches Dora away and switches it off.

‘Let’s use her when I’m already inside you.’

And he slips between her wanton legs, bunching up her soft pink slip on dress up her hips and waist.

Bethany sighs as their bodies press and she arches as Hunter wraps one arm around her and places the other on her velvet covered breasts. Her nipples peak to attention and strains against them and he can’t help şişli escort but take her left breast into his mouth, over her plunging dress.

Her breasts were one of the first things Hunter noticed. Perky and full, straining against the crop top she wore the first time they met. Spilling out of her bridesmaid dress from the sides as he ripped into the fabric the first time they had sex. He could write a thousand poems on the bathroom walls at College about them but it still wouldn’t be enough.

Bethany’s legs part more and pull him in close when he pulls her down the bed and pulls down the neckline of her dress, exposing her breasts to the cold air.

‘The prettiest breasts in College.’

Hunter affirms.

‘Then show them that’s what they are.’

Bethany commands in her soft yet demanding voice.

So that’s what Hunter does. He licks and bites the flesh, the round globes, takes as much as he can fit into his mouth and runs his tongue over her sensitive nipples. She arches right off the bed and knocks into him twice before he uses both his hands to hold her down by the waist.

Then he slips one hand underneath and grabs her perky ass and hears her softly moan and grab onto the headboard above her.

‘Best ass in town too, dear step sister.’

‘Damn right, you fucker.’

Hunter grabs her legs and places them over his shoulders as he slips down the bed and pushes the offensive fabric of her thong away and ripping it into two, away from her clit before dipping his head down and starting to lick and suck at it. Bethany screams his name out as she arches off the bed again and again as he assaults her pussy repeatedly and relentlessly.

‘Fuck, right there Hunter, so good…you’re so good, right there…ah, ah, ah-‘

Her words turn into single syllables as he pushes his tongue in and out of her entrance and then he spits onto his fingers and directly shoves up two fingers right into her pussy because she’s leaking so much, she’s so wet that she doesn’t need much before she’s taking in the two fingers fully.

‘More Hunter, more, fuck-‘

Hunter adds a third finger and laps at what he can get with his tongue. Bethany’s hands are in his hair and they push and pull his face against her clit, in a wanton rhythm.

‘Ah, ah, I’m going to come Hunter, ah, ah-‘

‘Come for me baby, come.’

Hunter blows against her pussy hole and crooks his fingers inside of her and scissors her just right, just right enough that she arches off the bed, her spine a beautiful semi circle and screams as she comes against his mouth.

Hunter uses her remission period to slick up his cock with lube before lining up against her entrance. He’s fully hard now and his cock nudges her entrance, impatient, yet he waits until her back has hit the bed again mecidiyeköy escort and her face is smooth and looking at his dick between her own legs.

‘Let me stroke your big cock, Hunter. Let me give it a lick.’

So he gives her that. He scoots up and kneels at her neck, holding himself steady by the headboard as she curls her lips around the head of his cock and takes him in, takes him in all the way to his root without gagging, while her hands find their way to his balls and fondle them, affectionately. He fucks into her mouth, up and down until he’s sure he’s going to come if he doesn’t move back down.

So he unlatches his dick from her sinful plump lips and stumbles his way back to where he was, between her parted legs and lines up and pushes in with a groan, against her clenched up muscles guarding her pelvic floor.

‘You’re so fucking tight, your pussy is always so tight.’

‘And your cock is just so huge, Hunter. James can never compare to you, oh…’

Bethany moans as Hunter pushes in some more and slides right home.

Bethany is warm, her tight heat is welcoming and familiar and Hunter wishes it was his to slide into whenever he wanted to. But alas, she is his sister and he is her brother and doing this in secret was enough for him.

‘Move, fuck, just move.’

So Hunter starts moving, slow guided strokes first, all the way out and all the way in as Bethany wraps her legs around his back and presses her feet against his ass.

Then, he starts pounding, relentlessly and unapologetically. Hips pumping and arms straining against the mattress as he fills her and impales her in short, sharp thrusts that rocks the bed.

He fucks her deep and hard into the mattress and she mewls and curls her toes against the softness of his ass and says his name likes it’s a prayer falling from her lips.

‘Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, ah, ah, ah-‘

Her moans are filthy as fuck. The little ah’s are music to his ears as he wrecks her from within. He feels her nipples graze against his hard chest and her pussy clamp against his cock, her walls clenching and meeting his every thrust with equal enthusiasm.

‘You’re such a slut for my cock, beautiful.’

‘Yes, yes I am a slut for your cock-ah-fuck me harder Hunter, ah, ah-‘

Hunter groans and loses his rhythm as his hips snap frantically. He’s close, so close but Bethany needs a little push, a little something more. So he grabs the previously abandoned Dora and sets her against Bethany’s clit and switches the thing on, and slows his strokes down. Just to watch the machine vibrate to life and Bethany scream as her eyes roll back and she starts coming again.

So Hunter lets go with no restrictions, as he pounds into her through her second orgasm of the night. She clings onto him with istanbul escort her arms and legs and shivers as the orgasm rips through her.

When she clenches one final time around his cock, he flies over the edge and sees a blinding white light before his hips snap into his orgasm, to completion.

‘Hunter, Hunter…’

Bethany moans as he collapses onto her, his cock still deep inside her, his cum starting to leak out of her now. He plunges a finger down there and hears Bethany moan out a half hearted protest before she shivers in pleasure.

Then her phone rings on the nightstand and a name pops up on it. James. She grabs the phone with one hand and holds it to her ear.

‘Yeah babe? Sure. Come in, you know the passcode for the front door, yeah 0621, I’ll be down in fifteen-‘

Hunter rocks into her, half flaccid. Her eyes roll back and she barely stops herself moaning.

‘Yeah, ah- I’ll be down baby, bye.’


Hunter mutters into her mouth as she throws her phone back onto the nightstand and rocks into him. Hunter’s cock stirs with interest, still inside of her, like a good soldier.

‘What is?’

Bethany is barely able to get the words out as he kisses her breath away.

‘I’m going to fuck you all over again, over your desk, while James waits for you downstairs. Sound good to you?’

Bethany throws back her head and laughs.

‘Atleast then he’ll know how to fuck a woman the real way.’

Hunter laughs with her and slides out of her and off the bed, pulling her up and into his arms with him. Then he places her infront of her ensuite and presses her face first, up against the door and pulls up her slip on that’s bunched around her waist to expose her ass. He grabs her cheeks and presses his fingers hard, right into them. Bethany groans and lays her head on the door as he leaves handprints behind on her ass cheeks. Then he drops to his knees and bites both of them, lovingly.

‘Since I’m not allowed to leave bite marks where he can see, here.’

Bethany shudders once more and turns around to face him as he gets back onto his feet, towering over her.

‘I’ll tell him I’m sick, just fuck me hard and good again, Hunter, just-‘

Hunter steps forward and tips her chin up.

‘Be a good girl and go on your date. I’ll treat you to a nice fuck, later, tonight.’

‘When dad’s here?’

Bethany’s eyes are wide. Maybe some people would mistake it for innocence but Hunter knows it’s mischief.

Hunter winks.

‘We haven’t had sex in the pool house in a long time, don’t you think?’

Bethany lets her dress fall to the floor as she opens the ensuite up, her ripped up panty still on her hips, a souvenir she will definitely leave on her nightstand for him.

‘My body’s yours tonight, Hunter. Now go tell James to wait for me for an hour cause he’s a half hour too early.’

Hunter steps back and picks up his clothes.

‘Right away, sissy. Enjoy your big date.’

Bethany laughs. And it’s sinful how Hunter’s cock starts to harden again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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