How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 02

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Part 2: Kristen, Catherine and Dave

When I woke up that morning, I knew Kristen was already awake because I couldn’t feel her next to me in our bed. But never would I have imagined what I was going to see when I woke up….

I left the room, stretching my arms and yawning , then went straight to the kitchen to prepare breakfast like I usually do every morning without realizing what was going on in the living room.

It was when I was about to sit down at the table to eat my cereals that I saw my girlfriend kissing a brown-haired young girl. She was sitting on the sofa kissing the girl to her left and stroking Dave’s cock with her left hand.

I suddenly felt jealous and angry that I wasn’t taking part of this. I was excited to see Kristen kissing another girl for the first time. I always fantasized about watching my girlfriend experimenting sex with another girl.

Kristen always dreamed about having a “everything goes” gangbang, where everyone would fuck the shit out of everyone no matter what their gender or orientation is. She is willing to try new things, and having sex with a girl is something she always wanted to do.

When she noticed I was staring at them, she looked at me while she was still kissing the girl and made a “come here” sign with her finger.

“Sit on the floor and watch us. You are not allowed to talk and you are not going to touch your penis at all,” Kristen told me. “You will do whatever we ask you, or you will not be allowed to watch us”

I did what she told me and sat on the floor. I wasn’t wearing anything else than my black boxers. I was already having a hard-on and it was actually very hard not to caress my penis while watching them.

The brown-haired girl was named Catherine and she was 19 years old, just like Kristen. She was actually a co-worker of hers. She was about the same height and weight as my girlfriend. She had shoulder length brown hairs and brown eyes. illegal bahis She had a very nice body… Small boobs (around 34B). She was cute as hell and I couldn’t stop imagining her taking my hard cock down her throat. I wanted to taste her juice and make my wife jealous. But I couldn’t do anything at all…

She was one of the most beautiful young girls I had ever seen, pretty much the girl you fantasize on in high school.

When she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and smiled, I felt my heart squeeze for a second, just like if I had found love.

When she saw me smile back at her, she blinked her right eye and took off her shirt. Kristen was now deeptroating and gagging on Dave’s cock. Catherine took off Kristen’s top and started licking her tits and kissing her belly.

My cock was so hard I could feel my heart beat on the tip of my glans, and the feeling was so good I thought I was going to cum. But I never did…. Still, the feeling was awesome.

Put yourself in my place for a second… Get naked, turn on one of your favorite porno and watch it until the end without ever touching your penis. You will see how hard it is, but how god damn good it feels.

They both took turns sucking his cock and his balls, they even did the sandwich thing, where both of their lips were around his 9 inch stick at the same time. Dave had both his hands behind his head and was sitting on the couch like if he was just relaxing. He looked at me and said:

“Your girlfriend is doing good! She’s a good little slut. And you will not touch her today. In fact, you are not going to be touching anyone at all for now, not even your small white cock!.”

Both girls looked at me and laughed. I felt humiliated, but I enjoyed it.

Dave stood up and bent over in front of Kristen who understood what Dave wanted her to do. She bent over and started licking his asshole and Catherine was licking his balls illegal bahis siteleri at the same time.

After a while, Catherine went behind Kristen and started licking her asshole real fast. She made circles with her tongue, she kissed it and tongue-fucked her anus.. That made me even hornier and started feeling inside my boxers some pre-cum spitting out from my cock

The girls were now kissing passionately, having a taste of each other’s ass and also Dave’s.

Dave then pushed Catherine away from Kristen like the dominant male he is and forced her doggy style and was now getting her ass ready to meet his huge cock by spitting on it and fingering it slowly. He played with her ass inserting up to 3 fingers at a time. Catherine was eating Kristen’s vagina and playing with her clit. Kristen was massaging her co-worker’s hairs.

After a few minutes of ass stretching, Catherine asked me to come spit in her asshole and told me to come kiss her afterwards so I stood up and did as she asked. Catherine grabbed my head and started kissing me passionately.

“That’s it baby, kiss her like if she was me and taste her ass,” Kristen said.

Boy did that turn me on. I was about to start masturbating my rock-hard cock but Catherine took my hand and put it on Dave’s cock instead.

“If you have a penis to stroke, it’s going to be Dave’s,” she told me.

I took his penis with my hand and started stroking his cock while kissing Catherine. Kristen stood up, took my head and had me lick Catherine’s wet pussy. Then, I saw Catherine spreading her asshole so I lift my eyes to see what was going on, and saw Dave’s penis slide into her hole. He was fucking her asshole while I was licking her pussy, so most of the times, I was licking both his shaft and her pussy.

I could hear Catherine moan like crazy, like if she was going to explode in pleasure. I was still licking her pussy when I felt a few drops of her squirt canlı bahis siteleri and his pre-cum drop into my mouth, but I was so excited that I didn’t care. Kristen was watching and rubbing her clit, saying things like “don’t you like that big black cock inside your ass you little slut” or “that’s it, fuck her ass harder”.

Dave was fucking Catherine’s ass violently. It looked like he had absolutely no respect for her and was just using her ass as a cum emptying tunnel and spanking her. But Catherine was enjoying every bit of it.

He then spread her ass and took his cock out, revealing a huge pink gap. He then forced my mouth open and started fucking my mouth and I could taste Catherine’s ass out of his black cock. He then took turns between her ass and my mouth, like you see in porn movies. I enjoyed it very much so I pulled his cock out of her ass and started licking the inside of her anus.

“I am going to cum!” Catherine yelled. A few seconds later, I could see her pussy squirt juice all over the sofa. She looked at Kristen and said:

“This feels so good! It’s your turn now!”

Catherine switched position with Kristen, and Dave started fucking her pussy real fast. He took some lube out, applied some on his cock and her ass, and slid his penis inside her ass. It got in easier this time, and he fucked her ass passionately as I was licking Catherine’s asshole like if it was ice cream.

Then Dave let out a huge moan and came inside Kristen’s ass. Her hole was covered with his cum and Catherine immediately came to her and ate his cum out of her ass. Then, Kristen and Catherine kissed and they all laughed at me.

“Poor little boy! You can cum in my mouth now, ” Catherine said. I stood up, looked at her pretty eyes, took my boxers off and started jerking off.

It didn’t take more than 10 seconds before I exploded all over her face, hair and eyes. They all looked surprised to the amount of cum that came out of me, but Kristen came to me and cleaned her friend’s face by licking all the cum that was covering her.

I put my clothes back on and left for work, leaving both girls with Dave behind who were just going to have sex all day long….

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