Hometown Reunion

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I was invited over to my buddy, Billy’s house to celebrate my 42nd birthday. Billy and I grew up together and were best friends throughout high school. I married Gemma, my high school sweetheart before either one of us turned twenty. I took a job as an over-the-road truck driver and managed to get me and Gem out of the backwoods, trailer trash and speed freaky small town we were from. Over the past twenty years, Billy and I, kept in touch through social media and such, but pretty much lost touch with each other. Two years ago Gem was hit by a drunk driver on her way home from the grocery store. Unfortunately, her small sedan was no match for his full size pick up, and, well we lost her that same night in the ambulance.

Gem and I never had any children and when she was taken from me, it didn’t really leave me any reason to stay in the city. Everyone I knew still lived in Baxter, my friends, my family and I decided to come home after being gone over twenty years. I managed to attain an old two bedroom house in downtown Baxter. Downtown Baxter, kind of a joke really, Main St is maybe two blocks long. At least Billy was still alive and kickin, I knew I could still count on him

I had been back home for about two weeks when Billy called to welcome me back and invite me over for a little catch up and cheer. I hadn’t seen him in about ten years, I came home when my pops passed away. Last I knew he was still married and they had an 8 year old girl at the time. We hadn’t spoke much in the past few years so I wasn’t positive on his personal life. That being said, I was excited as hell to go to Billy’s house.

I pulled into Billy’s trailer park around 3P.M. There were only about 10 old beat up trailers on a dusty gravel road, fairly normal neighborhood in Baxter, if you will. I parked my pickup on his dirt driveway and sat there for a minute. I took a big breath of relief, I’m home again I thought, and immediately had to crack a smile; it seems like yesterday I was fighting to get out of this town.

I got out of my truck and grabbed the 12 pack I brought with me. Walking to the front door I noticed how beat up and dingy Billy’s trailer was. I try not to judge, but I had a feeling that over the years Billy, became a true Baxter-onian. I knocked on the front door by reaching through the screen-less, screen door. It took a minute for someone to answer, “Uhh, Hi! I assume you are Mick?”

Smiling I replied, “Hello, yes, yes, I’m Mick.”

“Ohhh, it’s so nice to finally meet you. I’m Tina, Billy’s ol’ lady.”

“Well it’s great to meet you too.” I said.

Tina looked to be in her upper thirties, she was slender with long dirty blonde unkempt hair. She was wearing holy blue jeans and a tight pink tank top. She had the look of a woman who was once a knockout, but as the saying goes, road hard and put away wet.

She smiled at me without showing her teeth, “Please come in honey, Billy has been talking about you coming over for weeks now.”

She stood in the doorway as I entered, forcing me to brush by her breasts, her nipples so prominent it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. I paused after I entered to allow her to take the lead. As she walked me towards the kitchen, she gave me a perfect view of her ass. It wasn’t bad, she had a lovely sway to her walk, but she was so skinny she didn’t have an ass. When we entered the kitchen I saw Billy stand up.

“Holy Shit!” he shouted, “How the fuck have you been brother,” he asked while walking toward me. We greeted each other with a handshake and a hug.

“I am so glad you’re back Mick. We have a lot to catch up on.” He nodded to Tina and she took the twelve pack out of my hand and brought it the fridge. “Soooo, Mick. How the hell are ya man?”

As I began to answer, a young man and young woman entered the kitchen from down the hall. They looked very similar to each other.

Tina smiled and said, “Mick, This is Tommy and Tia, my twin son and daughter.”

I walked over to shake Tommy’s hand, as are hands came together I noticed how remarkably soft his hand was. Tommy was about 5’8, athletic build, toned but not bulky. He had black hair and deep green eyes. His handshake was less than manly but he was still young.

“Pleasure to meet you Tommy,” I said.

Tia was an inch or two shorter with long wavy hair pulled over her shoulder. She was also in great shape, she had a pleasantly revealing pair of home-made daisy dukes on and a loose fitting pink spaghetti strap shirt on. I reached for her small delicate hand next; her hand met mine, she was smiling big and bright and her sparkling green eyes were mesmerizing. “Pleasure to meet you too, Tia.”

She continued smiling and nodded, “You too sir.” she shyly said.

Then I turned when I saw little Anna casino oyna in my peripheral. As I pulled focus however, I realized Anna wasn’t a little girl anymore. “Wow! Hi Anna! Don’t know if you remember me, we met once when you were 8. My have you grown,” I said grinning. Of course I knew she had gotten older since I’ve been gone but I wasn’t expecting what I saw. She stood there leaning against the kitchen counter, wearing an exceptionally form fitting pair of Levi’s. She had on a red, white and blue tank top that was cut low. Feeling like an old perv, I noticed how perky her young breasts were, how they filled out that tank top and offered a enticing cleavage shot. Straight, long golden, blonde hair ran down her back. Her skin, also golden, sun kissed. Light blue eyes staring back at me, she walked to me and gave me a big hug. I could feel her young firm breasts pressing against me as we embraced. I couldn’t help but notice how shapely and round her backside was during our hug.

She playfully giggled, “Well it has been what, ten years?” She arched her back so she could look up at me, still holding the embrace, her little hands on my waist. With big puppy dog eyes she said, “Mick, I was very sorry about, um, Gemma. I only have a couple of memories of her, but she was always nice to me.” She leaned back against me and tightened her hug.

It was easy for me to hold her beautiful body in my arms, soft and subtle. I looked up and saw Billy grinning at me. I suddenly felt awkward, staring at my best friend while holding his daughter like she was my girlfriend.

“Man, it’s great to have you back,” he said, patting me on the shoulder.

“It’s really good to see you guys too,” I said as I released Anna. With a small smile she turned and walked away.

I had to put myself in check again as I caught myself watching her sexy young hourglass figure walking away.

“How bout a beer, Mick?” Billy asked.

“Absolutely.:” I smiled.

For the next few hours we sat around the table sippin suds and shootin the shit. Tina sat with us, and despite my previous thoughts, she seemed pleasant enough. We sent Tommy and Tia to the Eazy Mart for some pizzas and continued to catch up. Tina caught me up on their family, how Billy and her had been living together for about four years now with Tina’s twins and Billy’s Anna.

A little bit after dinner Billy stood up and motioned me to follow him out back. He had a look I hadn’t seen in a decade. A devious, up to no good look. “C’mon Billy, what are you up to?”

Laughing he replied, “Damn bro, after all these yea…”

“Years I know your facial expressions, bud.” I said cutting him off.

Still chuckling, “Well, I went out on a limb here, figured your back after all this time, dude it’s so great to have you back, even without Gem, rest in peace. Well, uh, I scored us some ice bro, let’s sit around for a few days a tweak our balls off like the good ol’ days. What do ya say?”

“Ahhh, mannn, seriously? Ha-ha, wow…Where did you get it from?

Laughing more, “Fucking Alice brush.”

“What? I mean, how is she even still goin?” I asked.

“I dunno man, but she is, she’s like 57 or some shit, but she mastered her craft dude, no joke.!” Said Billy. “Not to mention, I told her you were back, and now she said she’s coming by tonight to say hi.”

“Its been awhile since the last time I tweaked, B, not even sure I could handle it.”

“Don’t worry about that sir, you’re in good hands,” he said with a genuine smile.

I paced the yard a couple times, thinking. “Fuck it man, why not?”

We walked back to the house and sat at the table. Billy proceeded to pull a fair amount of dope from his pocket, “Tina? Grab the foil baby and get in here.”

It only took a couple of minutes for Billy to get the foileys set up. He nodded me over, :”It’s your birthday bro, you’re up first.” Billy said smiling.

I took the foil from him, grabbed my straw and waited for Billy to heat the foil. Of course, as soon as I started to inhale that thick milky smoke, in walks Anna. I froze, shocked a bit, not wanting to look like a fiend. Apparently everyone in the room noticed my expression, and thought it was funny. Then to my great surprise Anna sat down right next me, “Alright, my hit!” she said smiling, “Great timing.” Again to my surprise, Billy leaned over the table to light the foil for Anna. The buzz was instant, and intense. My leg hairs stood up, goosebumps on my arms and an energy burst out of this world. I couldn’t help but to intently watch Anna inhale her hit, and then exhale so much smoke I was in awe. “Damn, little girl, that was a big hit.”

I could see the buzz affecting her also, her eyes widened then her body twitched, as she sat back in her chair you could slot oyna see the outline of her nipples, hard as rocks, reacting to the smoke. The foil made its way around the table back to me, I emptied my lungs and waited for my hit. Anna in stride was eagerly waiting for her next hit. Watching her partake, I felt the rush of the speed taking over my body. By this time the energetic conversation had started. Billy and Tina were feeling the effects as well. I sat back for a moment watching Billy and his family partying together. I can’t say I was surprised, Billy was always extreme and Anna definitely wasn’t a little girl anymore. As we all sat around the table talking and laughing the night slipped away from us. Hours later we were all startled by the thump on the door at 2A.M. Suppose we forgot Alice was stopping by, and you know she didn’t show up empty handed.

“Heyyy, little Mickey, ohhh come her baby, give me some love.” Alice exclaimed.

We walked to each other and hugged, “It’s great to see you Alice, you’re looking good.”

She huffed, “Well thank you but you’re a liar.”

In all honesty though, she didn’t look that bad for 57. She had always been slender, and still was. She always wore a tighter T-shirt, maybe to try and flaunt her small tits. Not bad small, they fit nicely on her slim frame. You could see her age in the face, even though she had a rougher look, like I said, it fit her. Just then I realized how high I really was, I had forgotten how horny this shit made me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was thinking about pushing her to her knees and shoving my cock in her mouth when I suddenly felt a squeeze on my knee under the table. At first I played dumb, as if I didn’t notice. In my head I was flipping out, did little Anna just squeeze my knee? I looked at her and smiled. She returned the gesture with an innocent lip bite and half smile. I’ve always known the side effects of ice were different for everyone, but Anna’s one small gesture had me feeling like a teenager. My knee was still tingling a half an hour later. We all continued to smoke and talk and laugh. I felt that Anna kept scooting closer to me, but I was vexed, I didn’t know if it was the speed. In the past, ice would bring out the pervy freak in me, but I had a beautiful girlfriend who enjoyed the drug and loved the sex, epic sex, epic orgasms. Then out of nowhere, Billy stands up, “Hey, it’s a really warm night out, let’s all head down to the pond and take a dip.”

My immediate reaction was hesitation, Billy obviously didn’t know how I was feeling, or thinking about his daughter. Tina had already gotten up and went down the hall for towels. Then to my surprise again, I felt another knee squeeze. “C’mon Mick, it’ll be fun.” she said smiling. She stood up and arched her back again stretching, offering a terrific outline of her ample breasts. “I’m gonna grab my suit, BRB,” she said as she walked off. Billy had already got up and was opening the back door to wait outside for us. I felt the lust shooting through me while I watched Anna walk down the hall. No way she always walks like that, is she really shaking her ass for me I thought?

I went to use the bathroom, while walking down the hall I noticed Anna’s door was slightly cracked. Another wave of lust shot through my loins. Focusing on Anna’s opened door I neglected to make sure no one was on the toilet. Much to my surprise I walked in on Tina, sitting on the pot, panties around her ankles and no shirt on. “Oh, shit!” I exclaimed, “So, sorry Tina.” I pivoted and spun around to leave when I felt Tina’s hand grab my ass.

“Hey bucko, no fair. How you gonna barge in here on me and get a full frontal, then just walk out?”

I turned back around, surprised to see Tina had made no attempt to cover herself. Seeing her naked on the toilet was causing my cock to stir, I could feel it swelling in my pants. Tina eyeballed my crotch, obviously noticing my bulge.

“I won’t be able to let this go unless you show me what that is in there.”

“But Tina, you’re my best friends lady, I can’t…”

“Oh, but you can, and unless you want Billy to know about this, then you will. I’m not looking fuck you, but you’re gonna show me that cock.”

She had me blackmailed, even if it was playfully.

“C’mon, show this lady that meaty cock. Please?” she asked gleaming.

I made sure the door was shut then went for my zipper. She pursed her lips in anticipation.

I felt so crazy, speeding my ass off, I’ve had a semi since watching Anna go to her room. I went for my top pants button and jumped to the knock on the door.

“See you in the water Mick.” Anna said.

I could her the playfulness in her tone, I think maybe Tina did too, but she was also waiting to see my package.

Tina let canlı casino siteleri out an impatient sigh, “Waiting…”

I unbuttoned my pants and folded down my pants, my cock was trying to rip through my boxers. My hand on my dick and my eyes on her face. She looked like a child about receive an ice cream cone. I half smiled, looked her in the eyes and pulled my cock out. I never though of my dick as being enormous, but it was big enough to please, at minimum, nothing to be embarrassed about. As my cock flopped out of my boxers, it pointed straight out, semi erect and twitching. I studied her face as she studied my engorged member, not but an inch away from her lips, she let out a little gasp. “Are we even? Are you satisfied?” I asked.

“Mmm, I suppose we’re even, but I’m far from satisfied. Looks like you could use some satisfaction too.” she said as she wrapped her fingers around my meat. She gave it a gentle squeeze, my cock flexed in immediate response.

She raised her other hand and cupped my balls, her hands were warm and felt nice on my sac. She started finger juggling my balls while continuously squeezing my excited cock.

“Tina, we shouldn’t be doin this.” I pleaded.

“Well no, we shouldn’t, but, I don’t know Mick, I feel the line has already been crossed. Besides, you don’t know this but Billy and I have a rather liberal, er, open relationship. C’mon baby,” she cooed, “you might enjoy it, when was the last time you had your cock sucked?

The last woman to blow me was my wife. I hadn’t been with a woman in any manner since Gem died. “Longer than I deserve,” I lustfully responded.

She smiled gleefully and started stroking my cock, she continued rubbing my balls and then I gasped. I reached up, almost by instinct and grabbed her head. She sinfully snickered and flashed a smile. I winked back at her, “Okay Tina,” I said while pushing her head down further, “I really need you to tongue tickle my balls.”

She said nothing, then gently pushed back against the wall, she slid of the toilet unto her knees and brought her mouth to my balls. She gently flicked her tongue all around my balls, starting at the bottom of my sac she stuck her toughen out completely and pressed her open mouth against my ball sack. She then slowly licked in-between my nuts, her tongue warm and wet, darting back and forth, slowly working up to the base of my cock. She continued that tongue stroke up the entire bottom side of my cock. She reached the head, then skipped over the head and ran her toughen down the top side of my cock. She continued to fondle my balls while teasingly licking my cock everywhere but the head. My cock had reached it’s full potential and was hard as iron. Tina grabbed my cock in her hand and began stroking it with some passion. My cock was pulsating and flexing while she was stroking and licking. She was driving me crazy, I wanted to explode, but wasn’t ready yet, it had been so long since I felt these sensations. Sensing my need to be fully stimulated she opened her mouth wide and slowly began to swallow my cock. As she slowly worked my cock into the back of her throat her toughen never stopped darting back and forth. She kept me in her throat as much as she could, mashing my cock head into the back of her throat. I could see the struggle in her eyes as my cock continued to swell and pulsate.

Ahh, Tina…do you like that? Are you a thirsty girl? Ahh, urghh, oh my god Tina.

“Oh yeah Mick…mm..hmoh..gak..let me taste your cum…mmm.”

“Ahhhhhhrrrr, I haven’t came in years, ahh shit, I hope your ready.”

She was ready and he knew it, she had mastered the art of cock-sucking a long time ago.

I had reached the point of no return, my swollen member could take no more. I could feel my seed working its way up from my balls to my shaft, my cock tensed to its max. Tina could read the signs and pulled off my cock about an inch. My cock was soaked in saliva, providing the lube she needed to frantically stroke me into her mouth, with a suppressed moan I tensed every muscle in my body, holding back my load as long as possible. When I finally exploded into her mouth I could feel my seed gushing into her throat like a fire hose. She stroked me with vigor as load after load continuously sprayed in her mouth, it proved to much as I watched my thick goo spill out of her mouth, roll down her chin and drip to her thighs. I was still moaning in extesy as she continued to suck the head of my cock. She slowly eased up when the cum subsided. With a gentle squeeze she stroked me one more time, milking the remaining goo out, she lowered her mouth on it and lapped up the remaining cum. She looked like she just got face fucked hard, and she did. Yet she got what she wanted, what she asked for and was happy. She looked gratified. “Ohhh, Mick, you have an amazing cock, thank you for letting me taste it.” She giggled then said, “Boy are you in for a long weekend.”

I looked at her curiously, then thought, well I’ve got a lot more to offer.

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