Holiday Mischief

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I wanted to try this challenge out, but it seems quite a too warm when I tried it before where I live. So recently, a few weeks ago I went on a holiday to the UK with some of my friends. We shared hotel rooms together, 3 rooms of 2 people. This gave me some freedom to hide this challenge from them.

This was quite early in the morning, we were all awake around 7 am and chatting together in the adjacent room. I told them I was going to get ready and change as we planned to take a tour bus to go skiing. While alone in the room, I quickly got all my layers out and laid them on the bed. I took off my pajamas and put on a pair of pantyhose and bodysuit. I then put on another pair of underwear, pantyhose, a back zipped bodysuit and a sports bra to prevent access to the zipper. Similarly as previously, I put on another pair of underwear, tights and a long sleeved bodysuit.

I was quite worried about being found out inside all these layers while on holiday with my friends. However, it just felt so naughty to do it with them so close yet oblivious of my predicament. I continued to put on a tight pairs of short jeans, long skinny jeans and short jumpsuit. The layers were getting quite thick and tight but I ignored it. I put on a pair of high waisted jeans with multiple buttons, deliberately to delay taking them off. Finally I wore my fravourite back zipped denim overalls and over that was a long sleeved denim jumpsuit to disguise it all.

I finally finished buttoning up the jumpsuit and stared into the mirror. It wasn’t obvious but if you stared a while, you might realize that something is up. I was wearing so many layers, it was skin tight, crazy comfortable and the warmth was unimaginable. After some time, we all finish changing and got ready for the ski trip. It was going to be 2 nights casino siteleri at the resort so we had to pack a small baggage. Anyways, our bus was at 9 and it was around a 2 hour trip. First thing we did as we were all super excited, we dropped out clothes off at the hotel and got changed into our snow gear.

We went and borrowed the skis and boards and began our warm up session. I was already around a 7/10 on the bladder scale as I had a few glasses and milk and water, plus an extra bottle during the bus ride. We practiced and slide down many times for a couple of hours until we decided for a lunch and toilet break. I skipped the toilet break thinking I could hold still, knowingly it was getting quite difficult to move and painful to hold. Also, for lunch I purposely drank extra coffee on the side which was quite a big mistake as we headed back up for more skiing.

After around two more hours of playing around, my body was so stiff from holding and wearing the hidden layers underneath. My bladder was about to explode from the amount of liquid I was holding back. Sadly I was on top of the slope with all of my friends, I told them lets finish off today and began my descent. I accidentally started to gain massive speed down as my legs were locked trying to hold my bladder. My body ache and I hunched forward trying to minimize the pain of the ocean inside me. I managed to get down safely without falling over and totally soaking myself.

I ran towards the bathroom, only to be discouraged by the extremely long line as people started to leave. We decided to return boards and skis, I was totally crunching over with my legs squeezed tightly trying not to pee as I was taking off my board and boots. We all went to the restroom line and waited. I was dancing, crossing my legs and all the other pee slot oyna holding maneuvers in front of my friends. I didn’t care about my dignity or being embarrassed as I was about to leak a tsunami into my layers. After an eternity, I made it into a cubicle. I took off my snow jacket and there I was wearing the most difficult layers and bursting to pee. I didn’t even know how to approach this challenge, I just stood still, crossed my legs as tightly as I can.

I hung the jacket and took my snow pants and put them on the hooks. I began to unbutton my jumpsuit but my hands were shaking so badly. Suddenly, my body froze as I squirted a few drops into my panties. I felt the small wetness spread against my skin as it followed my shapewear. My knees buckle from the shock and I completely lose my strength and collapse down on the toilet. I managed to regained control and slowly started to finish undoing the jumpsuit buttons. I try to stand up but another wave of desperation hit me and I squirted another shot into my underwear.

This time I felt it travel much further as it spreads underneath my panties and skin tight bodysuit. I quickly pull down my jumpsuit and tied the sleeves around my legs to prevent it touching the floor. I started trying to pull my back zipper on my overalls, it was very difficult but I managed to do it. I similarly pulled the straps down and tied it around my legs. I started to undo my high waisted buttons but they were so tightly clamped from my enormous bloated bladder. My shaking hands didn’t help unbuttoning. I had to push the material in to get enough leeway, but stupidly that made my bladder spasm a few more drops out.

I finally got the outer most 3 layers off, the clothes were all hanging around my knees and almost no room left. I started to become a little horny from canlı casino siteleri the wetness, I wanted to put my layers back on and wet them all. However, I knew I shouldn’t and I resisted that temptation. I continued to pull down my pants and started on the short jumpsuit which was just a zipper. I didn’t take it off, instead I slide my hands inside and undid my shorts. I started to rub myself hard through my bodysuits. My head was filled with ecstasy as massaged my pussy and rubbed my swollen bladder.

I pushed my overflowing balloon inwards and squirted some more juices out, lubricating my hair and underwear. I started to feel a giant urge to relax, but I resisted and kept rubbing through my clothes. I was near climax as I began squirting a little every time I moved my fingers through the smooth spandex of the bodysuit. I ignored the warnings of totally pissing myself and my underwear and continued to caress through my clothes. My body started convulse from the pleasure and my bladder started to contract.

I climax straight into my underwear. My whole body started to relax, my bladder muscles slowly lose their strength as I uncontrollably squirt and soak myself. I shuddered in relief as I laid back on the toilet still enjoying the rest of my orgasm. I still was empting my giant hold and decided to force it out, the layers of underwear and bodysuit trapped its way out so the wetness climbed upwards. I felt it soak up to my belly button and my butt crack. After around 30 seconds I slowly entered reality again. I quickly realized how much time I wasted having fun I started putting on my jeans. I didn’t even bother wiping them and just wore them all over the wet clothes. Finally, I put over the ski suit over the jumpsuit and exited the bathroom. My friends didn’t expect anything which made me relieved

Stupidly, the clothes I wet in were meant to wear normally on other days of the trip lol, So I just secretly showered to wash them and wore the wet clothes underneath until we had a proper washing.

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