Carol’s Fateful Decision Ch. 04

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When we left our trio, they were in discussion of a place to eat:

“Let’s go to the Texas Roadhouse.” Walter said, all agreed, so Jon motored to the restaurant. Carol who was extremely horny, put on a show for the two men and was a few minutes away from a self-induced orgasm.

Carol, sat with her leg on the seat, dress opened, to expose all her mature charms. The excited woman rested against the passenger door; her fingers rubbed her engorged pussy lips together. She was in a position for both men to watch her, as she manipulated her pussy lips. “I would never have thought of doing this a few weeks ago,” The nude women thought as she neared an orgasm.

“Oh, my gad that feels so good!” The excited woman groaned as she pumped two fingers into her box and twisted her nipples with the other hand. “The exam practice was so exciting. I had the chance to touch another woman intimately, in front of other people and it was wonderful. Emma knows how to excite a woman.” Carol moaned in thought on the verge of an orgasm. The Car smelled of her excitement, both men had boners. “Ahahaha, I needed that!” Carol said just before she passed out for a few seconds with a smile on her face.

“Jon did you see that! Your wife is unbelievable. I have never seen a woman bring herself off in person, in such a fashion before.”

“Walt, that was a first for me also. Carol, has never done anything like that before in such a public setting.” Jon admitted with amazement.

By this time Jon pulled into the parking lot of The Texas Roadhouse and parked.

‘I will call for ‘call ahead seating.’ Carol stated oblivious to the fact she was still totally exposed in the parking lot where anyone could observe her nudity. She made all the arrangements for their dinner. “They have room for us now. We can go right in.” Jon’s wife said as she buttoned up to a minimally decent state. “I am having fun with my nipple slip and pussy lip slip, all accidental of course!” She giggled as the lucky men helped her out of the car.

Two young men walked by as she twisted in her seat, and they looked at Carol in disbelief. She caught their eye and smiled at them, after she was sure her box was on show along with one of her nipples. “Look at that the two young men almost twisted their heads off their shoulders when the saw what I had on show.” Carol giggled as the two men helped her out of the car.

As Jon came around the car, he saw the double takes by the two young me. “Carol are you being naughty! I saw the looks on the two young guys faces. It looked like they saw a beaver!” He admonished his wife playfully.

“I think they got a shot of a rigid nipple also my dear.” Carol explained to her husband.

“Boy-O-Boy, I am so glad you invited me to help you become a good medical model because before we are done, I will probably need some medical treatments so I can close my eyes, Carol.” Walter admitted.

“I thought you said you were bored Walter. Did we cure the boredom for you?” Carol asked.

“You cured the boredom for us, but we will probably need Viagra to keep it up for you? Walter, I am glad you’re here to help me hose down Carol.” Jon admitted with a laugh.

“What are friends for Jon.” Walter laughed.

“To airtight the lady.” Carol answered with glee. As the group proceeded to the hostess stand arm in arm to await their table assignment.

The young hostess watched in amazement, when the scantily clad older woman entered the dining establishment with a man on each side their arms intertwined. Both men were older also. “My you have some escorts mam. I have never had the privilege to have a man on each arm. It looks like they are your protectors.”

“That they are. I feel very safe with my men at my side. Jon on my right side is my husband and on my left side is Walter, our friend of many years.”

“Do you live together?” The Hostess asked curiosity, as she escorted to trio to their table.

“Not yet, but there could be a possibility of that happening in the future. As we are all retired, and we could pool our income. You know that a double deposit in my piggy bank is much better than to have just one deposit. I have found out recently.” Carol explained to the young hostess. She did this ‘with a play on words’, to the total astonishment of the two men.

“I though older people were so boring!” The hostess blurted out in shock, just before she left.

The trio were sat at a half round bench unit. One man on each side of Carol. They slid in so the group was facing the room. Carol covertly took each man’s hand and put their hands between her legs as she spread them for easy access to her box. She was eager to have both men dip their fingers into her moist box together.

The men didn’t resist, they let Carol lead their hands to her honey pot. She was extremely wet from her recent orgasm. If you listened closely, istanbul travesti you could hear the squishing sound her pussy made as the two men pushed their fingers in and then pulled them out as they worked in unison. The extreme heat of her pussy intrigued the men. They wanted to pleasure the mature woman whose box was on fire. The scent of her pussy was evident within three feet of their table and the wait person picked up on the delectable scent as he took the mature trio’s order.

Both men kept their hand on Carol’s pussy as they ordered. On her part she didn’t cover her legs at all. From his vantage point the young waitperson could see where the scent originated, from the loins of the woman as he could see both men had their hands on her box. “Boy are the two guys’ lucky to have a beautiful woman that enjoys being played with in a restaurant. If I did that to my girlfriend she would scream and call me a pervert.” He thought as he took their order.

While the group waited for their meals the two men brought Carol off twice. She put her face into Jon’s arm to muffle her moans of pleasure. The area around their table caused any male who walked by to become aroused as the mature woman gave off the erotic scent of her pheromones. When the meal finally arrived, they wasted no time to consume their dinner. Walter paid, Carol buttoned up, and they hurried out arm in arm to go to the Hopkin’s residence to continue their adventure.

Walter opened the door for Carol, as she faced him, she opened her dress and pulled it out for under her bottom. She gave him a beaver shot as she twisted into the car. He shut her door and she stripped nude in broad daylight in the parking lot. “I am becoming bold!” Carol thought with a smile as she threw the dress in the back seat. Walter got into the back seat and folded the garment for the naked lady.

“What do you want to do when we get home Carol?” Jon asked.

“I think we could have a discussion about the first things that pop-up guys.” She answered as she looked from one guy to the other. Carol paid close attention to the men’s midsections, and it confirmed her suspicions, both men have popped boners. “Well I see I will have to take care of you guy’s hard problems, or you won’t have enough skin left to close your eyes.” She told the two excited men with a chuckle.

“I have no problem with that.” Walter answered with glee as an afterthought said. “That is with Jon’s approval.”

“Walter, I need your help, or she will kill me she has become so needy since she’s consented to help Dr. Benson.”

“I’m here for you buddy.” Walter responded with a happy smile and a hardon.

By this time the Hopkin’s were near their home and Jon drove their car into the garage when they arrived. Without any thought of her nudity, Carol jumped out the car with the garage door open and went to the den, when the men entered the den, they found Carol on the lounger with her legs spread as she rubbed her pussy.

“Anyone see anything they would like?” Carol asked in a passionate whisper.

“Well, I don’t know about Jon, but I didn’t have dessert.” Walter said has he knelt in front of the lounger between Carols legs and proceeded to tongue fuck her.

She squeezed Walter’s head with her thighs. “Hold it guys, I want, both you guys naked, so you won’t wrinkle your clothes.” The passionate woman informed the two men, in an excited husky whisper.

The two men were out of their clothes in a flash, Walter back in position between Carols legs, started to strum her clit with his tongue and Jon stood beside his wife he wanted to watch Walter lick his wife’s manhole, while he got his knob stroked by Carol. She pulled her legs closer to her breasts, this cause her honey pot to gap open, her vaginal lips were engorged, her pheromones were rampant. Carol was on sexual overload, the hand she used to pleasure her husband was on autopilot, her arm piston’s up and down his shaft in a blur as she climbed to her orgasm.

“I’m going to cummmm!” Jon warned his wife and she put her mouth over her husband’s member as he blasted off into his orgasm.

Carol squirted all over Walter’s face when she went off her orgasmic cliff with a muffled “OHOHOHO SOOO GOOOD!

Walter was left high, dry and horny as hell. When the couple came down from their mutual orgasms, they took pity on their friend.

Jon helped Carol up after her orgasm, which ran out of her pussy and down her legs. “Carol, you need to service our guest, or he won’t want to come over here anymore if he leaves with blue balls.” Jon gave his wife permission to give Walter a see-in too. He continued. “Good thing we have vinyl loungers and a vinyl strip floor in our den, or we would have to call ‘Stanley Steamer’ to clean up ‘the act’ after your orgasm, Carol. Walter really gets your juices to run all the way down your legs to the floor.”

Jon on one side of the satisfied woman and Walter on the other his hardon bounced comically, as he walked with his arm around Carol. This brought travesti istanbul laughter from all three, as they placed Carol on the bed on her back and Jon watched Walter as he slowly entered his wife’s pussy, eventually going balls deep and then out slowly.

Jon played with Carol’s pooper. He reached under his wife as Walter plowed her. Her husband used the abundance of cum that acuminated in her crack to lubricate her back door. He had three fingers in her butt.

“Walter I won’t break. I need cock put your hips in overdrive. I need to cummmmmm!” Carol whined.

“Your request is my command me lady!” Walter answered as he went into overdrive to the top of the cliff and over with a grunt “Uoof Ahaha!”

“That’s it I am almost there———-AhAH.” Carol had another fabulous orgasm.

By this time, it was late at night. When Carol came back from orgasm land she asked. “Walt, you want to stay the night?”

“Yes Walt, you will just be back here tomorrow morning to help me with my project anyway. Why waste the gas and sleep alone when you can stay here with us.” Jon agreed with his wife.

“Okay but I don’t have anything to wear tomorrow, or my bed clothes also.” Walt stated.

“We’ll just have to sleep in the nude!” Carol answered with a twinkle in her eyes.

Jon set Walter up with personal items and Walter went into the master bath to brush his teeth. Carol walked in and sat on the toilet. “I hope you don’t mind but I have to pee.”

To Jon and Walter’s amazement she conversed with both men as they heard the splash of piss in the bowl as she relieved herself! Carol wiped her genitals, and was the first in bed. She lay in the middle of the bed. Walter was next on one side. She reached for his pecker it was soft. She didn’t do anything but hold his manhood. When Jon got into bed on her other side she took his member in her other hand and held his manhood also. She kissed both men and Jon shut the lights.

In the dark:

“This has got to be a dream!” Walter mumbled.

“Thank you for a great day, guys.” Carol expressed her feelings.

“Carol, I love you.” Jon stated.

Both men fell asleep with their fingers in Carol’s pussy. Life is good!

Sometime that night Carol awoke she needed a bathroom break. It took her a minute to realize she had two men in bed with her. She spooned with Walter and Jon had his pecker in her pussy, it was half hard. Both men were asleep. She crawled out of bed; she didn’t wake either man. She voided and covertly got back into bed between her two men.

Carol reflected. “I never realized that the well-woman exam turned me on. To have a stranger tell me to remove my clothes, he rubs my breasts and has me slide down spread my legs, puts his fingers in all my holes. I am wet as I think about it.” Carol thought with astonishment as she reached for the two men’s members. “I have a fascination with dick.” She thought as she went back to sleep.

The next morning she dreamt that a man was fucking her from behind, another man was sucking on her nipples, and she had a cock in her hand, as she lay on her side. It wasn’t a dream it was a fantasy come true to awake with, two men as they pleasured her. The orgasms came swiftly. Carol positioned herself so she could suck Walter’s cock and Jon fucked her. The three orgasmed simultaneously. There was sounds of pleasure vocalized by all!

“I need a shower. I have been exposed to so much cum it’s running out of my nose.” Carol snorted in laughter.

“I need a shower also.” Jon and Walter added.

“The shower is large enough, we can all shower at once.” Carol stated.

With that the trio showered and dried each other off the men paid close attention to Carols privates and she theirs. The men put on tees and shorts. Carol remained nude. The men cooked and Carol sat on a bar stool her legs spread for balance. Life was good.

The trio had breakfast, the men went out to Jon’s shop, and Carol clean up the kitchen and the house. She tried to prepare herself to call her sons. She went to the phone a dozen times in the morning but couldn’t bring herself to call them. She thought. “Hi this is mom I am just calling you to ask you to come over so you can examine my pussy and asshole! Oh, my gad how will I be able to do this!”

It was noon time when Jon came into the house with Walter. “Carol let’s go down to the family room we have something to show you.” Jon told his wife excitedly.

The Trio went to the basement and in the corner was a new piece of furniture. Carol thought it looked like a large portable chair with footrests and then it hit her. “Jon, you made a portable exam chair for me how sweet.” She said with ambivalence. “Will he bring this around to show me off to everyone he knows? I can see the headlines cum one cum all, on Carol’s pussy, on display!” She thought with a worried shiver.

Carol was brought out of her reverie but the phone, She, answered it.

“Mom, ah-ah this is Tommy.” Her son stated nervously.

“Hi Tommy, what’s istanbul travestileri up?”

“Can Eric, JJ, Bill and me come see you this afternoon say at about three after work?”

“Sure, you know that you’re welcome here anytime my dear.” Carol answered in a pleasant voice.

“Okay see you then mom.” Tommy acknowledged, and they disconnected.

“The boys are coming over tonight. I am going to get dressed before they get here.” Carol explained, she was excited to see all her sons at one time.

“Where were we before we were interrupted.” Jon stated with frustration. “The kids call, and Carol puts everything on hold.” Jon thought.

“You showed me the exam chair.” Carol said as she walked over and sat in it to make her husband happy. Carol said. “This is very comfortable, and it is portable also. You did a great job my dear and thanks for helping with the project Walt.” Carol stated with as much enthusiasm as she could muster.

“So, you like it, Carol?” Jon asked with excitement.

“My dear anything you make for me I love, but not as much as diamonds.” Carol hinted with glee.

“Did you say the boys will be over?”

“Yes, at three after work they said they all will come over.”

“Good we will get your new profession out in the open. I want you to stay nude Carol.”

“Jon I think I should at least put on a dress, they are too young to have a coronary.”

“I think I am going home, so you can deal with the family.” Walt stated as he doesn’t want to be part of the uncomfortable situation.

Jon disagreed. “I think you should stay here Walter. Do you think Carol should remain nude?”

“I think it should be up to Carol what she wants to do. She is the one who has to get naked let her decide when it is the best time to do that.” Walter the voice of compromise voiced his opinion.

“Thank you, Walt.”

“I guess you’re right. Walt. Sorry Carol you can do this the way you want to.” Jon compromised.

Carol picked out a button front dress and put it on a chair in the kitchen by the usual entrance used. She made brownies and defrosted burgers for the grille. Walter cleaned the grille for the noontime lunch, and Jon set up on the patio for the trio to sit. Carol made a list of needed items and the two men went to get them. Walter wouldn’t let Jon pay for the items.

When they arrived back at the house Carol had donned her dress but only buttoned a few buttons to gain minimal modesty.

“I don’t like to be dressed anymore I like the freedom nudity brings you.” Carol whined.

“It’s up to you, take off the dress if you feel better?” Jon told his wife in frustration. “She thinks things through too much. She is going to be nude in front of them so get it over with.” He thought as he listened to his wife complain.

Walt came to the patio and started the grille. Within a half hour they ate and they cleaned up.

It was a little after three thirty that the boys arrived. “Hi mon.” They greeted Carol with a hug and they all noted her only garment was the dress and it wasn’t buttoned modestly.

“What’s up guys?” Jon asked his sons as he hugged each of them.

“Well, ahah we want to talk to both of you in private.” JJ Hedged.

“You boys’ aren’t pregnant are you. You could make millions if you are.” Carol joked.

“I will be out in the shop, Jon” Walt took the hint.

“Let’s go out onto the patio and talk.” Carol directed.

The group sat and Tommy started. “Well, ah-ah we were called by a Doctor Benson, what is that all about Mom?”

Carol explained to her son’s how it came about her being a medical model and then she blurted out. “I want all of you to help me with my new profession.”

“What, you mean we will see you nude!” Tommy exclaimed he wouldn’t have been more surprised if he woke up one morning with his lip stitched to the pillow.

“What’s the matter! I am so ugly that you wouldn’t want to see me nude?” Carol asked broken hearted.

“Hell no Mom, you were voted the MILF four years in a row at the high school.” Billy explained to his mother before his mind caught up with his mouth.

All the men looked at Billy in a panic when Carol asked. What’s an MILF?”

JJ caught the rebound and threw out. “The best looking mother of the high school.” He fibbed in embarrassment.

“Eric, go get Walt please he is in the shop.” Jon directed.

“Mom Walt knows what you do?”

“Yes, he has been helping me, JJ.” Carol said and loved the surprised look on her son’s faces.

“Let’s go downstairs, we have a video to show you.” Carol nervously stated.

“What is this?” Eric asked when he saw the new homemade odd looking chair in the corner of the room.

“Walt and I built it for your mother, it’s a portable exam chair.” Jon explained with excitement.

The boys looked at the chair with expectation, before they sat to view the video. Jon rolled the video and the boys sat transfixed to their seats as they watched the half hour video with the proper procedure for a GYN exam fascinated the young men.

As they watched the video:

Carol considered internally. “Will my sons think I am losing it because I want them to examine me?”

Jon and Walter had shit eating grins on their faces as they watched the video for the tenth time.

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